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What Is 2018 Easter Date - the Date of Easter Sunday

In this year 2018, the Easter will fall on April 1 Sunday. It is a grand festival observed by all Christians around the worldwide to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. However, unlike other holidays which follow Solar Gregorian Calendar, Easter usually falls on different date according to the year. Just because it is so popular, let us learn more to get better know about the Easter history and the Easter date for a specific year and some Easter traditions.

The Origin and History of Easter

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Easter is an important day celebrated to observe the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, on the third day after his crucifixion. So that is also called as Easter Day, Easter Sunday, Resurrection Day or Resurrection Sunday that observes not only resurrection of the Savior but also life and death.

In the year 325 AD, the great Roman Emperor Constantine convened together the early Christian leaders from across Europe and the Middle East at the Council of Nicaea where they set some doctrines and dates of important Christian events, and Easter was originally decided there. Ever since then, Easter has been celebrated as the holiest festival by all Christians in all corners of the world.

When is Easter - Why Does the Easter Date Change Each Year?

As is widely known, Easter and its related holidays do not fall on fixed dates, because the Easter date follows the Jewish Lunar Calendar instead of the prevailing Solar Gregorian Calendar. Usually, the first Sunday after the full moon that falls on or just after Spring Equinox (March 21) is fixed as Easter, so that it occurs on any date between March 22nd and April 1st, and that is why Easter is a moveable feast. (Calculate when Easter date is online )It is worth mentioning that, West Christian Easter and Orthodox Easter are celebrated on different days.

Traditions of Easter

Despite of the difference in the Easter date, Easter is always a lively holiday for fasting, penitence, confession, carnivals, sending Easter gifts and being with loved ones. Most of the people observe this holiday traditionally by decorating colored Easter eggs, playing Easter egg hunts, going to church, making chocolate bunnies and hot cross buns, dancing etc Easter games.

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Author: Bertha Miller | Updated on Dec 3, 2018

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