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How to Rip and Copy DVD Divergent on Mac with No Tether

After watching many a Hollywood blockbuster about heroes like the latest red-hot Noah and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, wonder whether you fancy a change or not. How about a movie concerning heroines like Divergent?

Rip and Copy DVD Divergent

Plot Summary: This film set in a world divided by factions grounded on human virtues, the heroin named Tris is a divergent being excluded by any group. Unlike Noah and Steve Rogers saving the whole world from being destroyed, she undertakes the momentous mission to salvage her species-divergents after she discovers a conspiracy to eliminate all the divergents.

Be curious about Tris how to make the vigorous efforts to turn the situation? Go to cinema and bring it to light. Or you have another choice-watch DVD Divergent on your iPhone iPad while moving around as its DVD version has been on hot sale since Auguest 5. That sounds cool, right?

Could It Be Easy to Backup DVD Divergent to iPhone iPad

Assuming you prefer to watch DVD Divergent on iPhone, iPad on the go, it's downright terrific. Yet the question is how to copy DVD Divergent to iPhone iPad successfully as numurous forums reflect that there have been a wealth of problems with the title when people rip Divergent DVD using Handbrake and people are wondering what is Divergent's main title for ripping. Calm down! This Divergent DVD movie backup problem is seemingly trivial when it comes to the professional yet versatile MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which is capable to rip Divergent DVD to MOV, MP4, H.264 on Mac for playback on iPhone iPad with 1:1 lossless high quality thanks to its inherent High Quality Engine.

Beyond making a digital copy of DVD Divergent with no quality sacrificing, this top-rate DVD ripper for Mac can also amaze you at its powerful DVD decrypting tech that no matter the DVD encrypted by the latest Disney new protection, or the ordinary CSS, Sony ARccOS, UOPs and region code, it can easily bypass them and convert DVD Divergent for your personal legal use in a few mins.

How to Rip and Copy DVD Divergent on Mac Like 1-2-3

Rip and Copy DVD Divergent

Step 1: Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro and run it on Mac. Then click "DVD Disc" button to import DVD Divergent on Mac.

Step 2: Choose output video format. There are two ways to convert Divergent DVD to iPhone 5S, iPhone XS/XR/X, iPhone 8/7, Samsugn Galaxy, HTC, Huawei etc on Mac. You can simply hit Apple Device to directly choose the device as the output format or move the mouse to choose MP4 format from Mac General Video.

Tips: If you wanna backup DVD Divergent on Mac, this DVD ripper pro leaves the initiative upon you. You're free to copy DVD Divergent with main title content, or with full title. Moreover, you can even clone Divergent DVD to ISO image for later DVD burning and clone DVD Divergent full title to MKV.

Rip and Copy DVD Divergent

Tips: You are advised to copy Divergent DVD to MKV format as it is able to reserve audio, video andd the subtitles while getting the movie with high quality.

Step 3: Hit "Browse" button to choose the path where you want to save the output files in.

Step 4: Press the "RUN" button to start ripping and copying DVD Divergent on Mac.

Notes: Besides capable of backing up DVD Divergent on Mac, MacX DVD Ripper Pro also empowers you to touch up your video by fine-tuning video codec, bit rate, resolution, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, etc to reserve the maximum high quality.

  1. Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro
  2. Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows

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Note: Ripping and converting commercial DVDs are only for personal legal use. Please comply with your local DVD copyright law and apply the DVD contents for fair use.

Author: Bella Brown | Updated on Dec 3, 2018

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