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Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life: iPhone Battery Problems Solved

9to5Mac polled its recent survey about whether or not users were satisfied with the battery life provided by the iPhone 6/6s/6s plus. About 3,100 readers responded, but over 90 percent indicated that they wanted Apple to improve iPhone 7 battery life. Only 7 percent of respondents to the survey indicated that the "iPhone battery life and battery cases are good enough as-is". Notably, boosting the battery life for iPhone 7 reaches a consensus.

According to review on iPhone 7 pros, iPhone 7 improves the battery size to 3100mAh, which last 2 hours longer than iPhone 6S. But it still drains the battery quickly, in particular when it comes to online video playing. Why? This is because Wi-Fi or 4G/3G network connection, GPRS and CPU are the major factors to deal with online video watching, though, are the major catalysts to wreck battery, once they are enabled. So if you need to fix battery problem while playing videos on iPhone, check the solution here.

Users of iPhone 7 running on the latest iOS 11.1.1 on Twitter reported that the standalone app - YouTube is wrecking havoc on iPhone 7 battery life. Aggressive battery drain on the iPhone 7 is consumed when running YouTube app. So a remedy to avoid the issue is to download videos from YouTube for offline viewing and close the app at all times, or best of all, remove the YouTube app from iPhone 7, in a bid to get better battery life from your iPhone. Also see other YouTube problems and troubleshootings

How Can You Extend iPhone 7 Battery Life

Even though Apple gets better battery life from your iOS device to some extent, there are still chances battery life goes fast on iPhone 7. Here we provide the most common way to prolong the battery power for iPhone 7. In most cases, the battery life prolonging tips are almost the same. You can check here for thorough iPhone 8 battery improvement, cuz iPhone 8 users with only 2700 mAh battery still needs them.

1. Watch Video/Movie More Often on Computer (Not iPhone 7)

There is no doubt that video playback eats up your iPhone 7 power very fast. It's okay if you carry your power bank around or stay in a place with power charger. Or, if you wanna prolong the battery life of your iOS 10 iPhone 7, you'd better develop a positive habit to not download movies to iPhone 7/7 Plus for watching video/movie on iPhone 7 frequently. The effective method is to watch iPhone 7 videos or movies on computer or 4K TV.

To move videos or movies from iPhone 7 on iOS 10 to computer Mac/Windows, you can seek help from the high-end MacX MediaTrans, which is devoted to backup and transfer videos or movies from iPhone 7 to computer with 720p, 1080p, 4K Ultra HD quality and No.1 fast speed (No Wi-Fi needed). After iPhone 7 video to PC backup, you can eventually watch videos on bigger screen to save iPhone 7 battery and also protect your eyes from being myopia.

Secure Download
Secure Download

2. Remove some battery killing apps

All apps will use some battery but some of them will eat a lot more of battery on iPhone 7/Plus. If you want to save battery life, you can opt to install fewer apps that will drain battery heavily. Here we list some free apps for iPhone 7 that use battery most: Facebook, Google Chrome, Twitter, Google Maps, and Skype. Choose carefully if you really need those apps and remove some if you want to extend battery life on iPhone 7. This is also a good way to speed up iPhone.

3. Reduce Screen Brightness

Generally, the brighter your default setting for iPhone 7 screen, the more power it will require,. So you can lower the default brightness of your iPhone 7 screen with a slider to increase battery life on your iPhone 7. Alternatively, you can go settings > Display & Brightness > turn on Auto-Brightness to enable the auto brightness adjustment.

4. Disable Background App Refresh

iPhone 7 resembles iPhone 6S or its predecessors regarding to the auto fresh option. That means if you turn on the Background App Refresh, the apps will automatically updates for you so that you get the latest information. But without any question, this option drains your iPhone 7 battery. So to turn it off can be helpful for iPhone 7 battery life extension. You can go Settings > General > disable Background App Refresh.

5. Turn off Wi-Fi or 4G/3G

iPhone 7 users are get used to watching videos or images when the WiFi or 4G is on. But the truth is it will consume iPhone 7 battery a lot. So to close it will be great in case of saving battery life on your iPhone 7.
Note: Instead of watching videos online, you can choose to download videos from YouTube or other sites and transfer video from computer to iPhone for enjoying it offline without internet connection at all.

Other Helpful Tips to Prolong your iPhone 7 Battery Life

Besides the above-mentioned tips for less battery usage, there are still other feasible ways to extend life batteries for iPhone 7.
6. Stop motion & animations. Go settings > General > Accessibility > Move the slider Reduce Motion on.
7. Turn off location services. The built-in GPS needs battery power to give you driving directions, find restaurants, etc, so it's advised to turn it off when you don't plan right away. Just Go settings > Privacy > Location Services > Slide to Off.
8. Turn off Bluetooth. Transmitting data wirelessly takes battery as well. So you can squeeze more power for iPhone 7 by turning it off. Go settings > Bluetooth > move slider to off.
9. Don't upload photos to iCloud automatically. Make sure all the photos are uploaded intentionally as the automatic update will sucks battery. Go settings > Photos & Camera > My Photo Stream > Move slider off.
10. Kill "Hey Siri" If you rarely use it, it is actually a battery drain for you iPhone. So you can Go settings > General > Siri and move the slider off to fix iPhone battery problem to some extent.
11. Buy an extended life battery. If all else fails, you can get more battery for your iPhone 7 from Amazon.

How Can Apple Enhance iPhone 7 Battery Life

iPhone 7 Plus's 3,100mAh battery is 350mAh more than iPhone 6S according to MacRumors. What we can expect is that iPhone 7 would also boost its battery life. How can Apple get better battery life for iPhone 7? Theoretically there are four ways for better battery, as follow.

Increase size to boost iPhone 7 battery life

1. Increase the Size of the Battery in iPhone 7

Increasing the size of iPhone 7 battery is entirely logical, and almost certainly something that will occur to prolong iPhone 7 battery life. After all, Apple increased the battery size in the iPhone 6 over iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and it is almost a certainty that the iPhone 7 will feature a battery which is bigger still. iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7, iPhone 8 gets longer battery life.

Adjust iOS to Improve iPhone 7 Battery Life

2. Adjust iOS to Improve Power Saving Functionality

Though method one is practical, it hasn't delivered the extended battery life which consumers crave. Users prefer to extend iPhone battery life by adjusting iOS operating system, which has little effect on other parameters like display. Apple will be working on the next version of iOS right now, and usually releases a new version of its proprietary operating system with each new iPhone model.

improve iPhone 7 battery life iOS progamming

3. Innovative Programming of Battery Life on Apple Operating System

If iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 on battery, Samsung has achieved such excellent battery life in the Galaxy series via innovative programming in the Android operating system. And a prominent selling point of the iPhone series for quite some time has been the fact that Apple provides proprietary software and hardware which collectively delivers outstanding performance. It is certainly about time that this also applied to save iPhone battery.

iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

4. iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6S: iPhone 7 Wireless Charging

Even if wireless charging wouldn't actually improve the better life of the iPhone 7, it would ensure that consumers can recharge the device in more convenient fashion. Considering that this is pretty much a daily occurrence at present, it would be hugely welcomed for the iPhone 7 to embrace this technology. So compared with iPhone 6S, the iPhone 7's wireless charging would make it far easier for every day iPhone 7 users to charge their devices.

Recommended Software to Consume Less iPhone Battery

Different from the previous segments focus on iPhone 7 battery saving tips, the following segment will introduce the useful software that can extend iPhone 7 battery life, namely, MacX Video Converter Pro.

It helps to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion and 1000+ other online video sites, such that you can watch videos offline rather than online viewing without Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G as they may drain the battery. Plus, it even helps to compress 4K/HD and other large-size files to iPhone 7 in smaller size without putting much pressure on CPU and RAM.

Secure Download
Secure Download

You can just free download iPhone 7 video converter on Mac or Windows platform. The following guide will tell you how to save battery power during playing movies or videos on iPhone 7:

Download/Convert Movies to iPhone 7

Step 1: Run the iPhone video converter and tap YouTube button on the main interface to open the YouTube downloader option

Step 2: Copy and paste the video URL to the box, click Analyze button to fetch the video information

Step 3: Once choose the output video resolution, format, size and codec, you can tick the Auto Add to Convert List box to enable convert the large HD video to iPhone 7 in smaller size.

Step 4: Sync the downloaded video to iPhone 7 with iTunes

Step 5: Turn off Wifi or 4G by following the iPhone 7 battery saving tips mentioned above. Then open the video and watch it offline anywhere anytime.

Author: Abby Poole | Updated on Dec 26, 2019

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