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The 10th anniversary iPhone shows up with big upgrade and radical redesign, for exmple, the wireless charing, improved batteries, dual vertical camera, 3D facial recognition etc. However, users who choose iPhone 8 over iPhone 7 find that it also brings nasty surprises. The deeper users dive, the more niggles and problems with iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X they find. If you encounter any issues with iPhone 8, including wireless charging, hissing sound errors, app freezing, phone calls, poor battery, wifi connection... maybe you will need the solutions to iPhone 8 error below.

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Make A Safe Backup to Avoid Serious Issues with iPhone 8/Plus/X

Backup and restore data to new iPhone 8/X on iOS 11 with no problems like getting stuck with iCloud restore, data loss or can't connect iTunes. One-click data transfer to new iPhone without iTunes or iCloud and avoid data loss.
iPhone 8 Plus/X swelling battery issues

Updated: iPhone 8 Battery Swelling

Late in Semptember, there are reports of iPhone 8 splitting problem due to expanding batteries across across Japan, Greece, Canada, China, and Taiwan. Photos shared by the suffered users have shown that the battery swells up and pushes the display outwards. There is no battery explosion accidents that happened to Samsung Galaxy Note 5 till now. Apple has conducted an invistigation into those iPhone 8 battery issues. Before an official report comes out, you'd better consider twice before you buy the new handset, or at least be careful when you charge the new device to avoid any similiar issues.

iPhone 8 Plus/X crackling noise issues

Updated: iPhone 8/Plus Static Noise

Another widespread problem with iPhone 8 or X is the intermittent crackling or static noises when making a cellular or FaceTime call. Users complain that the static sound from the earpiece is very annoying unless you use the headphones or if speaker phone is enabled, which indicates that there is a problem with the software, which affect the earpiece. Good news is that Apple is aware of the issue and will address it in the later updates. If you're suffering the same problem, update iOS 11 to iOS 11.0.2 or later.

iPhone 8 Plus/X stuck on Apple logo

#1 iPhone 8/iPhone X Stuck on Apple Logo

iOS 11 update problemsor software crash errors. With iPhone 8 stuck for hours being unable to boot up, you can't access the iPhone features and use the device. When it occurs, first try to restart iPhone 8, if that doesn't help, check the fixes below.

* Check your USB cable and port;
* Hard reset your iPhone 8;
* Put iPhone 8/iPhone X into the recovery mode;
* Perform a DFU (default firmware update) restore.

iPhone 8 Plus/X stuck on verifying update

#2 iPhone 8 Stuck on Verifying Update

"I tried downloading the IOS 11 today but got my iPhone 8 stuck on verifying update lock page for about 12 hours now. It has been stuck for the whole day. I tried to reboot it but it would work..." Similar to the above stuck problem, among the frequent iPhone 8/iPhone X issues dealing with a new iOS system, "Verifying update…" error stuck screen is one of the most cried errors.

* Lock and unlock your iPhone 8/X several times with the power button;
* Switch OTA update to iTunes update manually;
* Delete the downloaded update and try the update again.

iPhone 8 Plus stuck in recovery mode

#3 iPhone 8/iPhone X Stuck in Recovery mode

Some other times, you may run into stuck recovery mode problems on iPhone 8/Plus/iPhone X. Simply put, iPhone 8 will go into recovery mode when a serious software corruption or a hardware problem occurs, for example, for iPhone 8 stuck on Apple logo, or won't turn on, touchscreen issues... But how to get out of the recovery mode and fix the problems?

* Force restart your iPhone 8/X;
* Update iTunes to the latest version;
* Manually download and install IPSW file;
* Perform a DFU (default firmware update) restore.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus charging errors

#4 iPhone 8 Wireless Charging Problem

One of the most exciting new features of iPhone 8 is wireless charging, the ability to recharge iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X across the room without connecting physical cable between iPhone 8 and the wireless charging station. Wireless charging also causes issues when charging the new phone. There are many users complaining about iPhone 8/X wireless charging not working problems: charging pause, slow charging or disconnect problems. In this case, try the iPhone 8 error fixes below:

* Always plug off and on first;
* Put the charging pad far from any speakers;
* Change to another wireless charger.
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iPhone X/iPhone 8 issues with Touch ID

#5 iPhone 8 (Plus)/X Touch ID Problems

iPhone 8 gains a radical update with an OLED display supporting 3D Touch capability. Users can touch their fingers on the OLED display rather than the Tough ID home button to activate the iPhone. However, there are users complaining about iPhone X/iPhone 8 problems with the optical fingerprint sensor not working properly. The phone is irresponsive when users touch the display. How to fix the errors with Touch ID?

* Delete the finger prints and add it back;
* Try not to use Touch ID when iPhone 8 is charging, or try different cables or power strips;
* Make sure your hand is not wet or sweaty;
* Get iPhone 8 upgrade to iOS 11 latest version.

iPhone 8/iPhone X overheating issues

#6 iPhone 8/iPhone X Overheating

The overheating problems happen to almost all iPhone models, and iPhone 8/iPhone X is no exception. It gets too hot mainly because the CPU is revved up to 100% for a long time. In other words, if you want to stop the iPhone X/iPhone 8 issues with overheating, you have to stop the CPU-intensive operations like playing games, watching movies, etc. The following tips may also help.

* Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi, Personal Hotspot, Location Services, Map directions etc;
* Update the apps to the latest version;
* Update iOS to the latest version;
* Turn on Airplane mode;
* Restart your iPhone 8/X;
* Reset all the settings.

iPhone 8 issues not turnning on

#7 iPhone 8 won't Turn on

If iPhone 8/iPhone X won't turn on, it becomes useless. But users suffering this kind of problems are no small amount. For example, the iPhone won't turn on when pressing the home button, shows a black screen, won't respond or only turn on when it connects to a power outlet... Check the iPhone X/iPhone 8 errors fixes below.

* Charge your iPhone (if iPhone 8 won't turn on after overheating, it may run out of battery);
* Check lightning cable and charger;
* Restore iPhone to Factory Settings;
* Put iPhone into DFU mode;
* Reset proximity sensor.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 activating issues

#8 iPhone 8 Activating Problems

When some users upgrade to new iPhone 8 from older phones with excitement, they get stuck activating the new iPhone. Some users get error messages saying "the sim has locked" and then "sim failure", and some have other cannot activate type problems with iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone X. In fact, there are many users facing the same issues and some of them have provided useful fixes:

* Remove the SIM card and then reinsert it;
* Lock and unlock SIM status;
* Reconnect iPhone 8 to a reliable Wi-Fi network;
* Go to Apple store to get help.
To avoid any problems activating iPhone 8, check iPhone 8 set up guide.

Problems restoring iPhone 8 from iCloud

#9 iPhone 8 (Plus) iCloud Restore Stuck

Similar to iPhone 8 activating problems, when users unpack the new iPhone, some of them unfortunately get stuck when they try to restore data from iCloud. "My iPhone 8 can't be restored from iCloud backup and an iPhone 8 error says the backup is corrupt when I try to back up to Mac", "I get stuck to restore iPhone from iCloud backup for hours, it seems to be endless...". To fix those issues with data restore, try to:

* Upgraded iPhone 8 to the latest iOS version;
* Sign out and in with iCloud Account;
* Restore it, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X to factory settings;
* Restore data via iTunes backup;
* Backup large-size photos & videos via iPhone data recovery tool.

iPhone 8/X battery problems

#10 iPhone 8 Poor Battery Life

Poor battery life has long been one of the biggest complaint from iPhone users, so was the predecessor iPhone 7/Plus. iPhone 8 pairs with two packs of batteries to provide extended battery life. If shorter battery life or faster battery drain is noticed on your iPhone 8 than iPhone 7, you're suffering wired issues with iPhone battery and in this case, solutions to fix battery life problems, iPhone X below may help:

* Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data;
* Turn off location services;
* Disable power-hungry features like Background App Refresh;
* Reset all settings;
* Try to downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10;
* Check more iPhone battery life save tips.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus freezing problem

#11 iPhone 8 Plus App Crashing/Freezing

There are users complaining about various app errors on iPhon 8/Plus, iPhone X like apps get stuck in Waiting or Loading, open an app but get stuck on a white or black screen, iPhone 8 Plus freezing and crashing when launching an app... There are many reasons to those issues, and you can try to:

* Perform a hard reset / soft reset;
* Factory reset Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus;
* Delete and redownload crashed apps to fix crashing problem;
* Delete cookies and clear website history in Safari;
* Erase all content and settings;
* Free up storage space on iPhone 8.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 issues with poor call sound

#12 iPhone 8/X Poor Call Quality

Some users are experiencing terrible sound quality problems during iPhone 8 calls. It's quite annoying that the noise is too loud to hear the person on the line or the incoming audio sounds distant. Currently, there is no obvious solutions till now, but you can try to fix bad phone call problems as per the tips below:

* Go to Settings > Sounds and drag the Ringer And Alerts slider to turn the volume up;
* Turn off Bluetooth during phone calls;
* Restart iPhone 8/Plus;
* Clean any dirt, dust, or debris out of the speaker;
* Go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn off Phone Noise Cancelation.

Problems with Wi-Fi on iPhone 8 Plus/iPhone X

#13 iPhone X/iPhone 8 Problems with Wi-Fi

"Does anyone have wifi issues with iPhone 8 Plus? Mine is AT&T, 128GB. My phone started disconnecting with Wi-Fi signal randomly and then reconnect." Wi-Fi connecting problem is one of the most common errors with iPhone 8/Plus/X. If your iPhone X/8 has troubles with Wi-Fi network dropping out, fix the problem as per the solutions:

* Perform a factory reset (backup iPhone 8 first);
* Update iPhone 8 to the latest iOS 11 version;
* Reboot it;
* Reboot router or modem;
* Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings;
* Forget & Rejoin WiFi Network;
* Toggle Location Services for Wi-Fi networking.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus Bluetooth not pairing

#14 iPhone X/iPhone 8 (Plus) Problems with Bluetooth

Feedbacks on the problems iPhone 8 users have include troubles with new iPhone 8's Bluetooth connectivity. The most cried errors are iPhone Bluetooth not connecting or pairing with other phone, or even not finding devices. Similar to Wi-Fi errors, Bluetooth problems are quite common and luckily, there are already some tested fixes for this:

* Turn off Bluetooth and reboot;
* Reset iPhone network settings;
* Factory restore iPhone 8/Plus/X;
* Restart or reset your iPhone.

Problems with iPhone 8/Plus/X iTunes connecting

#15 iPhone 8 Won't Connect to iTunes Problems

"When I connect my phone into MacBook it says 'iTunes could not connect to the iPhone' because an invalid response was received from the device. Any suggestions?" When you have troubles connecting iPhone 8 (Plus) to iTunes, there may be a lot of reasons to the error. Below we gather some possible solutions:

* Hard reset iPhone 8 and set it up as a new iPhone;
* Upgrade Mac to newer operating systems;
* Update iTunes to the latest version;
* Transfer & backup data via an iTunes alternative.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 keeps restarting errors

#16 iPhone 8 Problems with Random Rebooting or Restarting Constantly

"My new iPhone 8 will randomly shut off when watching videos or doing other tasks, or just reboots itself randomly without any particular reasons. Why?" It's frustrating that iPhone 8 suddenly begins to turn off several times without warning or even worse, the iPhone 8 keeps restarting. However, it is one of the widespread issues. Below are some potential fixes you can try:

* Make sure you're running on the latest iOS;
* Delete any app that shuts iPhone 8 down most often;
* Clear cache on Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X;
* Factory reset your phone.

iPhone X/iPhone 8 errors updating apps

#17 Problems with iPhone 8/X won't Update Apps

While iPhone 8's large storage allows more apps, quite a few users are complaining of of iPhone x/8 having problems to update or download the apps. They can't update the existing apps, or download new ones. That's really frustrating.

* Turn Airplane mode for several seconds and try again;
* Sign out of App Store and sign in again;
* Check if your iPhone has enough room for the updates or new apps;
* Change your data and time settings;
* Clear the App Store cache;
* Reset all the settings or restore to Factory Settings;
* Update your iPhone to latest iOS 11.

This list of iPhone X/iPhone 8 Plus errors will keep updating with any emerging problems. Of course, any new suggestions & fixes to the existing problems will be added to the list. Our suggestion is, make a safe backup of your data before you upgrade to iPhone 8 in case any serious problems occur and you have to perform the last fixes, like set up as new iPhone.

Author: Abby Poole | Updated on Dec 26, 2019

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