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Is Keepvid Safe and Legal? Read on and You will See!

Typing the word "Keepvid" on Google, the related keywords pop up, among which "is keepvid safe, have virus?" and "is Keepvid legal or not?" are the two questions mentioned most frequently. But when I search on the Internet, I find there are few answers really making me satisfied. In such case, I have a crack at figuring these two questions out with a desire to let us get deeper understanding about Keepvid when using it.

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Q1 - Is Keepvid Safe?

Is this site secure? www.keepvid.com? will it give me viruses if i download youtube videos from it?-Yahoo Answer

Bluntly speaking, it is. See, Keepvid is exclusively a powerful online downloader to download streaming videos free from a wealth of websites like YouTube or others, which is safe for both Mac and Windows. Needs to pay attention Keepvid can't analyse the video URL to process the video without the installation of Java (applet). Be clear that Java and Java applet are safe essentially. The only drawback is that there are loads of ads, useless plug-ins and malicious software coming along with the installation.

If you think the flaws and bugs of Java would do harm to your computer security, then you can try on the following solutions:

* Frequently update Java to the latest version or disable/uninstall it. For Mac users, go to Gatekeeper > Access to System Preferences > Hit Security & Privacy. If Java is disabled, Keepvid will stop working.
* Keep away from the ads on Keepvid.com, which stand a good chance to invade your computer with the adherent malware or spyware.

If you still worry about security risk Keepvid might bring to your system, then it's advisable for you to have a try on the best Keepvid alternative without any plugins, malware or ads.

Q2 - Is Keepvid Legal?

Keepvid legal?? There are lot of sites which decode the youtube or other similar youtube like video sharing site url to the original .flv. Is it legal??- forums.digitalpoint

Once again, another key question about Keepvid, "is Keepvid legal?", this time I have to say there is no exactly one answer, for Keepvid is legal itself and the legality issue comes down to the video itself and how-to-use video.

* YouTube video is copyright protected or not. In the event the YouTube video you free download is wrapped with copyright protection, then the practice you use a site like Keepvid to download YouTube video would be regarded as a method to break copyright protection, which is illegal under the DMCA. Of course, Keepvid is legal at this point.

* The original video is infringing copyright or not. Providing someone who has uploaded videos to YouTube or other sites has actually no rights to do so (e.g, privately record some live show, TV show, etc), then your use of that video would also be considered as copyright infringement.

* Purpose of downloading videos. Say, supposing you just wanna download the unprotected video for personal use, like offline watching, self-entertaining, then Keepvid is legal for you to download video music. But if you have the desire to download video and post video on your own websites for commercial use or some other usage, then it's illegal for Keepvid video downloading.

Keepvid Troublesome? Why Not Resort to the Keepvid Alternative?

Objectively speaking, Keepvid is a great choice to download videos from various websites. And it also surprises you to download over 15 million downloadable music and videos with multiple options. Put it in another way, it lets you save downloaded files as FLV, AVI, MP4, MOV, MP3, AAC, AC3, etc. But when you look at it in black and white, you would see it's far from perfection. The common issues (besides Keepvid safe/legal problems) also covers Keepvid not working, Keepvid crashes browser, Keepvid downloaded video no sound, etc.

Imagine if you are using Keepvid to download video music from YouTube and meet so many Keepvid problems, how would you feel? What a bummer, right? If you wanna immediately ditch Keepvid away and find an alternative to Keepvid to download video without any hassle? If you do, then you should absolutely read on, for the following Keepvid alternative is the very one you are looking for.

Best Keepvid Alternative to Help You Stay away from Keepvid Safe Legal Problems

best keepvid alternative
Best keepvid alternative

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