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KissAnime Down? KissAnime Not Working? Solutions Below!

Is kissanime down again...? Or am I just having problems? - from CyberPoutine on reddit

There are still similar questions like "KissAnime down again", "kissanime...dead" pop up on various anime forums. Objectively speaking, you are definitely not the only one who encounter this problem. Since dozens of users concern about this problem a lot, it's seemingly quite a necessity to illustrate you whether KissAnime stops working.

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Concrete Solutions to KissAnime Down

Condition One - It is Not Down Actually

To check whether a website is down, you can rely on a professional website outage checker. The isitdownrightnow.com is the one you can trust, which wins the PR scores up to 4 from Google and ranks 2660 on the Alexa.com. And when I check KissAnime on isitdownright.com, the result shows that the site is UP and reachable and the last down time is more than a week ago. (The test time is Dec.17th, 2015)

Hence, building on the website outage checker's result, it is NOT Down! Well, there might be voice from scads of users: why I can't find the anime site? Calm Down! If it is up but you can't access it, you're advised to have a try the following tips.

Solutions to Access Failure

Take Actions on Web Browser

1. Clear up cookies, data and history from your temporary cache of your browser.

2. Keyboard shortcuts CTRL + F5 to force refresh the page.

Solve the Potential Problem of DNS

1. Clear your local DNS cache to make sure you grab the most recent cache that your ISP has.

2. Change another network connection to try visiting KissAnime again like public Wi-Fi, mobile cellular data, etc.

Remove Territorial Restrictions

There is a high possibility that KissAnime is down because of the territorial restrictions. It is probably up in Japan, Canada, U.S, but down in China, Australia, European countries. That's just the possible cause. You can resort to VPN to change your web browsing path.

Solutions to KissAnime Not Working Well

Even now......Kissanime working but slow and sometimes wont open pages.-from gagan264 on forum.kissanime.com
It kinda is but it's slooowwwwww. Even my anime list is gone.-from @nime on forum.kissanime.com

Close Background Programs

KissAnime works slow partly on account of your hardware running speed. So try to close the background programs to reduce the heavy burdens of your device's CPU.

Download Anime from KissAnime

Free download anime with a solid free anime downloader lest it is dead, manga is deleted or your anime list is gone.

Condition Two - KissAnime is Down

When I apply downornotworking.com to check if KissAnime is dead, I get the positive answer: it is Down. And when I google, it automatically redirects me to the similar site called kissanime.to (also a Japanese anime site). So based on my personal experience, KissAnime is down, at least to me.

If you meet the same as I do, it's advisable for you to watch anime or manga on similar sites, some of which are even better than KissAnime, to liberate you from endless KissAnime down or not working troubles. Here the below lists out top 3 KissAnime alternatives for you to free download anime series/episodes and watch anime offline.

Anime44.com: It's no exaggeration to say this KissAnime alternative is considered as the best replacement, for it contains a broad variety of anime genres, like action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, horror, etc. in both Japanese and dubbed English subtitles.

Animefreak.tv: If you wanna catch up the daily update anime, animefreak.tv is the best choice for you. With daily manga updates, you can watch the latest anime online, with the specific date. Full English dubbed /subbed free anime movies are all here from A to Z, like One Piece, Star Wars, Avatar, etc.

Ryuanime.com: It acclaims that there are 2000+ anime series and 40000+ anime episodes offered to anime download or watch online. They are divided into three major parts on its website, Latest Ongoing Anime Episodes; Latest Added Anime Series; and Highest Rated Anime Series. Of course, there are other top anime sites similar to KissAnime you can pay attention to.

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