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How to Rip and Copy DVD Gravity within 25 Minutes

Gravity is a classic and widely acclaimed thriller movie which has impressed the audience since it appeared in theater in October, 2013. According to authoritative figures, this movie has received about 9 out of 10 average rating from film critics and up to now it ranks the seventh place for the top movies in the past 365 days. If you ever watch Gravity DVD at home, you will wholeheartedly immerse yourself in the movie.

Have you noticed that reading DVD over and over again with DVD player will wear down the disc? Will you feel regretful if your DVD movie gets too severely scratched or too old that it is finally unplayable anymore? To make the most of your DVD and keep your DVD better, it is advisable to copy DVD Gravity to hard drive to have a digital backup on your computer, making it convenient for you to play the movie directly without having to read the DVD every time with the DVD player. Obviously, the original disc will be kept for a longer time.

Everything mentioned above is achievable if you have the professional DVD ripping software, and the most representative one is MacX DVD Ripper Pro. A beauty in it that that it boasts exclusive DVD title analysis technoogy, capable of disabling the copy protection measure put inside the DVD before ripping it. Attributing to Hyper-threading Technology and Multi-core CPU, it works fast to copy DVD Gravity as a single video file on your Mac or PC computer. Only 25 minutes to finish copying DVD, which many other DVD ripper tools cannot manage. Meanwhile, this DVD ripper can also be used to rip DVD to MP4, WMV, MPEG, AVI and other commonly used video format; or even rip DVD Gravity transfer it for viewing on iPad, iPhone, Android and other portable devices at anywhere.

How to Copy DVD The Wolverine to Hard Drive

To copy, backup or rip DVD Gravity, the first thing to do is download MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Launch this DVD ripper for Mac and then follow the four steps below.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Step 1: Load DVD.
Click to run this DVD ripper on Mac, click DVD button to import the movie.

Step 2:Choose Output Profile.
After the DVD is loaded successfully, select one mode in which you want to copy DVD or rip it. There are four modes provided there, including main title content copy, full title copy, clone DVD to ISO image and backup DVD to MKV video.

Step 3: : Target the Destination Folder.
Click the Browse button and choose the location where you would like to save your DVD backup file.

Step 4: Press Run Button to Start.
Click RUN and start to copy DVD the Wolverine to your hard drive right away. Later you could locate the copied movie and play DVD the Wolverine with ease.

  1. Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro
  2. Download MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows

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Note: The software developer calls for ripping or copying DVD under the concept of Fair Use and does not encourage any illegal reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content. Please abide by the local DVD copyright law before doing it.

Author: Bella Brown | Updated on Dec 6, 2018