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iPhone 11: Ultimate Tips to Improve iPhone Battery Life

Save iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 Battery

Bad battery life is the long-term complaint about every iOS version. However, the battery drain is expecially fast on iOS 14, particularly on older iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 etc. While iPhone fans are well entertained by the more powerful and interesting new features of new iOS 14, they also notice in dismay that all the fun comes at the price of a battery drain twice as fast as the previous OS did. That leaves iPhone users asking a question: how to save iPhone battery on iOS 14?

Though iPhone 11, XS, XR, 8, etc. are equiped with larger battery, in such a society where almost everybody's supposed to rely on iPhone heavily, users will understand full well that this estimate can be wildly optimistic. Luckily though, there are useful tip to save iPhone battery life! Follow the ways to get rid of being tethered to the charger.

13 Ways to Save Your iPhone 6-11 Battery

Once you enjoy the upgrades brought by iOS 14 on iPhone 6 (Plus)/6S (6S Plus), iPhone 7, 8, iPhone X/XS/11, all those new features will drain battery. No matter you're running iOS 14 or earlier on any iPhone models, there are a number of tips to boost iPhone battery life in iOS 14 or previous versions.

iOS 14 iPhone battery save

1. Update to Latest iOS

The latest iOS system will always address some battery life issues. For example, after you upgrade to iOS 14, there is a feature designed to show users more information about the state of the battery and whether or not it's impacting device performance. Previously, iOS slows down older iPhones to prolong battery life. But that's not what we want. With the new iOS 14, the Battery Health will tell us the battery status and also help to speed up iPhones. To save battery life on iPhone 6, 6s, iPhone 7/8/X/XR/XS/11, go to Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

find iphone battery killer

2. Find Out iPhone Battery Killers and Disable Power Hungry Apps

In iOS 14 or earlier, a feature named Battery Usage is built in to help users identify the apps that are draining iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 battery most for the past 24 hours and 7 days. Check the iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 battery usage by tapping Settings > General > Usage. From there, select Battery Usage. Then you can see the detailed breakdown of iPhone 6 battery usage of each app. After you identify those apps which fail to sleep when they are not in use, you can take some measures: If disabling Facebook can extend iPhone 6 battery life and stop battery drain, then disable Facebook. This method also workable to improve iPhone 11 battery life.

disable location services

3. Disable Location Services

Anything on your iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, 7, 8, X, XR, XS, XS Max free apps or native programs, once running, will eat iPhone 6 (11) battery. Among those apps, the location services like the built-in GPS, is one of the coolest features of iPhone, but also a pretty big battery drainer. This kind of services needs large battery to work while as a matter of fact, you seldom use all or any of them. If you want to improve iPhone battery life, to shut any app and service you really don't need down needs your consideration. Head to Settings > Privacy > Location Services to squeeze out the extra juice in case you really need it.

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close background apps

4. Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a great feature to help preserve iPhone battery life as claimed in its Background App Refresh section. However, any app and content refresh or download will eat iPhone battery. Even if you don't actually use it, iPhone will refresh number of apps in the background, which sucks up a large amount of battery. To extend iPhone 6 battery life, disable Background App Refresh is also a wise option. Go ahead to Settings > General > Background App Refresh > and disable some apps you don't need to be refreshed badly like Facebook.

5. Close Background Running Apps

Whenever you close an app in your iOS 11, they are not completely closed out. In fact, all the apps you have ever opened are still running background and eating battery. So you had better fully exit your iPhone apps: 1.Double tap the Home button. 2.Close a single app by touching it and flicking it up and away towards the top of the screen. 3.Close up to three apps at once by touching each one with a finger and flicking them all up at the same time.

reset iphone

6. Restore Your Device as New

iOS 11 upgrade also comes along with iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 battery life problem due to certain issues about backup. A clean install is always a good way to solve this kind of iPhone battery life problem. This option maybe tough as well as you have to set everything again but it really works. As all your information on the device is going to be lost, it is therefore suggested to backup and transfer data through iTunes or iCloud before you restore your phone. Now just go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content And Settings to restore your iPhone.

disable dynamic wallpaper

7. Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

Live wallpapers and backgrounds are a great feature in iPhones. While enjoy those cool interface of those dynamic wallpapers which are made up of animations, you will lose battery fast on iPhone 6 - iPhone 11. Compare with static background images, dynamic backgrounds take up more CUP and consume more battery. If you don't nitpick about the screen background and want to save iPhone 6 battery, you may go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose Wallpaper where you can set an still image from the default wallpapers or your photo library as the background.

tweak iphone brightness

8. Tweak iPhone Brightness

iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 comes with higher resolutions, which need a lot of energy for their lighting. It therefore comes as no surprise that brightness is among the top iPhone 6 battery killers. The brighter your iPhone 6 screen is, the higher battery it will consume. To maximize iPhone 6 battery life, keep the screen dimmer is the first thing you will do. Just tweak the brightness manually based on your own needs by going to Settings > Display & Brightness and moving the slider to the left.

9. Set Your Auto-Lock Sooner

Whenever the screen of your iPhone is on, it will eat battery. The longer it awakes, the more battery it uses up. Therefore, you have to make sure that the screen will sleep in the shortest time to save iPhone 6 battery life. Go to Settings, General, Auto-Lock and set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep in 1 minute.

disable wifi bluetooth

10. Disable Wifi, Bluetooth

Wireless networking like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth is another major cause for iPhone 6 - iPhone 11 battery life problem. Bluetooth wireless networking needs battery to accept incoming data at all times. Switch it off if you're not using it to connect another device or accessory. While if you open Wifi, it will keep looking for a network which need large amount of battery. More battery will be required if the Wi-Fi signal is poor to transmit and receive data. So, you had better turn off Wi-Fi unless you're using it right this moment.

turn on airplane mode

11. Turn on Airplane Mode

If you need to extend iPhone 6 battery life badly, you can just turn on Airplane Mode. If you don't need to make phone calls or receive data and the like, and if you need to save the battery life of iPhone 6 - iPhone 11, then you can put the iPhone into flight mode. Get into Control Centre and click the airplane icon on the top left. Alternatively, tap Settings and turn on Airplane mode.

12. Pay attention to battery eating apps

There are some apps that are big battery killer. If you want to solve iOS 14 problems with battery life on iPhone 6 - iPhone 11, you may also try to get rid of these apps. Here we list the top few apps that will eat your battry life quickly. Facebook is the app that drains your battery on iPhone most. Other apps that eat your battery fast include Google Chrome, Twitter, Google Maps, and Skype. Therefore you can avoid installing too many battery killing apps to save battery life on iPhone 6S/6/SE/7/8/X/XR/XS/XS Max/11/11 Pro Max, etc.

13. Avoid Power Hungry Activities

If you don't want to lose battery fast on iPhone 6 - iPhone 11, it probably wouldn't be a smart move to start playing videos like TV series or movie blockbusters, or playing any mobile games. In fact, settings are not the only thing concerned in how to save battery life. Sometimes the way you use the phone is also important. Activities that require the phone be on for long periods, or take up a lot of system resources, suck the most battery. Those activities include movies, games, camera actions and web browsing etc. If you need to maximize iPhone 6 battery life, keep those battery hungry activities to a minimum.

Author: Abby Poole | Updated on June 22, 2020

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