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"When I upload a 16mb to 20mb video on WhatsApp to my friend, the video is uploaded but it won't show the content, it looks like blank. How can I upload a longer or larger video on whatsapp?"

It's been a struggle for WhatsApp users to figure out how to overcome WhatsApp's darn 16 MB upload limit, because it's ridiculously small:
* A single minute 4K UHD video @30fps requires 375MB;
* A single minute of 1080p video @30fps requires 130MB;
* An average HD 720P H.264 music video is around 70-90MB.

Though its official site claims that WhatsApp video size limit equals to a video of 90 seconds to 3 minutes, as you can see, it's actually not. It's very easy to go over the limits, especially when everything in digital world gets crisper and becomes larger. You'll need to compress video for WhatsApp. This post will share you the best video shrinker for Whatsapp desktop, online, Android and iOS. We can't guarantee you to bring video to WhatsApp in 90% smaller size without losing quality, but the software will reduce WhatsApp videos to 40%-80% smaller without noticeable quality loss.

Best Video Compressor App for WhatsApp

The WhatsApp video reducer that can compress videos to WhatsApp accepted video size and supported formats with the maximum quality reserved is MacX Video Compressor for WhatsApp. It will:

1. It will convert and reduce videos in any formats to WhatsApp 16MB video size limit.
2. It will reduce 4K UHD recordings, HD 1080p, 720p videos to 40-70% smaller size without significant quality loss with its High Quality Engine.
3. It will crop unwanted parts from the videos, reduce the video's bitrate, resolution, frame rate, and adjust other video parameters to further shrink video for Whatsapp.
4. It will convert large-sized videos into WhatsApp supported video formats like MP4, FLV, 3GP etc in smaller size.
5. It will guarantee a 5x faster speed than most other WhatsApp video cutter.

Secure Download
Secure Download

How to Cut Down Video Size for WhatsApp - Lossless & Lossy

The video compression for Whatsapp contains two parts: lossless and lossy reduction. If you care about the quality, try the lossless compression. Or shrink videos lossly to get smaller and longer videos, but lesser quality. First, free download the video size reducer for WhatsApp on computer.
Free download Windows version (Windows 10 or earlier)
Free download Mac version (macOS High Sierra or earlier)

▶▶ Losslessly Reduce WhatsApp video Size

Step 1: Click Video with a Plus icon to load the videos you want to shrink.
Step 2: From the popping up window, select H.264 MP4 as the output format.
Step 3: Click Edit with a scissor icon to enter into the editing page. Here you can crop to cut the unwanted parts from the videos, and cut any unnecessary lengths. When the video is too large to be shrinked to Whatsapp video size limit 16MB, you can split the video into smaller pieces.
Step 4: Leave other video settings untouched and click Run to start the process. By doing this, a reduction ratio around 50% is achieved without quality loss.

Note: When I shrink a MP4 video in 74.2MB 1080P, the tool for WhatsApp reduces the video to 36.9MB. I can further downsize the Whatsapp videos as per the guide below, but there will be quality loss.

convert video to WhatsAPP smaller size without losing quality

▶▶ Lossy downsize WhatsApp videos

Step 1: From the popping up window, select 3GP or FLV as the output format.
Step 2: Click the button with a gear icon beside the profile to enter into the video settings page. On this page you can lower the resolution, bit rate, frame rate and adjust other settings. But you're suggested not to adjust too much for the sake of output quality.
Step 3: You can also use the editing options to crop and cut unwanted parts and further reduce the video size for Whatsapp.
Step 4: Click Run to and the video resizer app for Whatsapp will start it at fast speed.

Note: Also for the 74.2MB 1080P video, the lossy compression generates a 14.3MB video in 3gp. However, there are minor quality differences. Now, you should upload video to WhatsApp smoothly without size limit.

how to compress video for whatsapp

WhatsApp Video Reducer Free Online, Android & iOS

Online tools

There are many other ways that will also help you reduce video file size for WhatsApp. The first comes to the online free video compressor for WhatsApp - VideoSamller. Suggested by its name, the site is able to make mp4, avi, mpeg and mov video smaller.

Step 1: Open the free online video reducer for Whatsapp and click Browse to load the video you want to shrink.
Step 2: Select whether you would like to scale the video. If you don't want to make any change, choose Do Not Scale.
Step 3: Click Upload Video and it will start to downsize video for WhatsApp online for free. When the compression finishes, click Download File to save the video to computer.

* There is a 500MB upload limit and you can't shrink videos larger than that. Check your video size before you upload.
* It will take some time when your internet is not strong enough. For me, I have tried for three times before it accepted my video.
* It's very convenient and the results are quite good. It reduced the same 74.2MB video into a 21.28MB file with good quality.
* I can't control my video.

free Whatsapp video compressor online

Android users

A search for app on Google Play Store will give you many results. But the Android video compressor app for WhatsApp I want to recommend is Video Compress. It has a simple name, but does great job to reduce videos size at great reduction ratio. It will shrink almost all the video formats at high, normal and low quality.

Step 1: Download the Android APK video compressor for WhatsApp on the mobile and launch it.
Step 2: Choose the album that contains the video on your Android phone and select a video file. Then choose an action, namely Compress Video.
Step 3: You will enter into a page with the ratio, video quality and file size listed. Select the option based on the WhatsApp video size limit.
Step 4: The app will start to reduce the bit rate and resolution. It can run in the background.

Note: The best part of the Android app is that it allows you to choose among different ratios. And at the ratio of 50%, the output video quality is also good.

Android video compressor app for WhatsApp

iOS users

iOS users also has ready apps to reduce video sizes on the device. For example, there is an app named Smart Video Compressor which claims to be able to reduce the video size by 80%. The app supports formats like MP4, AVCHD, H.264 and MOV. There are three quality options to choose: Low, Sharp and Medium, with a ratio ranging from 70% to 99%. The steps to are similar to those on Android. Download the app from iTunes and you can start to reduce and share WhatsApp videos.

Author: Candice Liu | Updated on Dec 10, 2018

Best HD Video Compressor for WhatsApp

MacX Video Converter Pro can compress large-size videos for WhatsApp. It easily reduces sizes of 4K UHD, HD and SD videos no matter MP4, MKV, HEVC, MOV, FLV, etc. to 16MB in Whatsapp supported formats. It will ensures a compression ratio of 40%-70% without quality loss.

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