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When you play x265 HEVC video on TV via USB drive, there is only audio playback, no video image or just black screen, HEVC not playing. When you play 4K HEVC h265 video in .mkv on your Windows 10/8/7, it stutters or freezes. Nothing magic happens even if you jump to another time (like from 1:03 to 5:27). You have HEVC player that plays h265 just fine but your friends you need to share the x265 videos with, do not. Or, your H264 files ripping from your DVD disc or Blu-ray disc are excellent in quality but occupy too much disk space on your computer. Actually, all of your troubles can be fixed by the same silver bullet - an HEVC converter. By using the x265 h265 video converter, you can successfully free convert HEVC to MP4, H265 to H264 for smooth playback on TV, computer, mobile device without incompatibility issue and also encode H264 to HEVC/H265 files with smaller file size (40%-50% weight off).

Now that the h265 HEVC video converter is the key, seize time to find a solid H265 converter. Yet, how to judge if it's a helpful HEVC video transcoder since most of product reviews in Google are exaggerated by their promotional workers? Easy. Don't listen to what they say, instead listen to what common users say.

Mike's Needs: Convert HEVC MKV to HEVC MP4 in 4K for TV Playback

Mike's Choice: MacX Video Converter Pro

The 27-year-old Mike has bought a TV recently, which supports HEVC codec playback with .mp4 format, not .mkv format. Unfortunately, the movies Mike download from online HEVC movie sites are formatted mostly in .mkv format. Hence, to make h265 4K mkv movies playable on TV via USB, he needs to convert 4K HEVC video from MKV to MP4.

Mike knows the free HEVC converter - Handbrake and wanna use it. But he eventually finds that Handbrake only supports H265 (HEVC) up to 1080p in .mp4 format. As for the output HEVC MP4 video up to 4K 2160p, it still lacks that ability. Well, following his friends' recommendation, Mike meets MacX Video Converter Pro.

At the very begining, Mike keeps skeptical eye out to MacX Video Converter Pro and just plans to use this HEVC transcoder for a try. Yet, after his trial, he find it really works. He successfully demux and remux 4K HEVC video from MKV to MP4 in 1:1 quality without decoding/re-encoding. Then, Mike puts the output hevc MP4 video to USB flash drive and plug it to his TV. Thankfully, the HEVC/H265 MP4 video eventally plays on his TV smoothly in 4K 2160p. He feels very glad and go back to explore this h265 converter. Surprisingly, there are more useful features he exactly needs:

Convert any video to 4K MP4 (HEVC/H264), 4K MKV (HEVC), 2K MP4, H264, MPEG-4, VP9, VP8, MPEG-2, MOV, AVI, etc.180+ video and 14+ audio formats.
Convert 4K H265 to 1080p, 720p H264 & decode HEVC video to YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion H264 encoded MP4, FLV, WMV, with best settings.
Shrink output H264 to smaller size before H265 to H264 conversion via editing HEVC video (trim, crop, etc.) and adjusting HEVC (resolution, bit rate, etc.).
Free download HEVC x265 movie video to iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus/7/6s/6, iPad Pro, Galaxy Note 8, Xbox One, PS4, Microsoft device, etc.with original quality.

Then, Mike calls his friends to express his gratitude to them and tells them about his happy mood. His friends are also very pleased to hear that he easily solved his HEVC conversion problem. And they're struck with whim why not share this amazing x265 video transcoder and its user manual with more people. There must be dozens of people having the same or similar demands. They talk to Mike and Mike, the well-known great writer, cheerfully accepts this proposal. And the below user manual comes from Mike, which was once posed on the forum and now here.

Step 1: Finish Downloading and Installation
Run this HEVC video converter on your Mac/PC after you free download this HEVC to MP4 converter on Mac or Windows.

Step 2: Add your files.
Click "Videos" button to import your HEVC video files. Or just drag and drop H265 files into this H265 video converter. You can also add other types of videos to this tool for video conversion like AVC HD, MOV, M4V, MKV (VP9/VP8/H265/H264), VOB, FLV, AVI, MPEG-2, etc. It supports almost all the video formats in whatever video codecs, based on my personal experiences.

Step 3: Choose MP4 (HEVC)
You need to look carefully in this step, cuz there are hundreds of profiles built-in. Not only the video format and video codec you need to check, but also the resolution you should not miss. Go and find "Mac General Video" to choose "MP4 Video (HEVC)" and then go back to main interface to click settings icon, where the video resolution is available for you to adjust up to 4K 2160p. Afterwards, tap "OK".

remux HEVC from MKV to MP4

Click "Edit" icon and you will enter the HEVC video editing zone, where you can shorten 4K HEVC length, cut off unneeded HEVC image border, add subtitles, rotate HEVC orientation and so on with the help of this HEVC editor.

Step 4: Start to remux HEVC from MKV to MP4 in 4K
Hit "RUN" button and it will begin to convert H265 to MP4 with Intel QSV hardware accelerated speed, along with mutli-core CPU (up to 8) and hyper-threading tech. A video conversion window will pop up to show you the copy processing, the FPS, time remaining, etc.

Aniston's Needs: 4K H265 to 1080p H264 Converter

Aniston's Choice: Handbrake

The sunshine girl Aniston comes from England and now lives in New York city. She is a travel enthusiast who has aleady been to 17 countries until now. And each time she goes to a new place, she will capture the beautiful sceneries, natually and culturally using her Samsung NX500. When the trip is over, she will export the videos to computer to have a review.

This time, when she puts the NX500 4K video to her computer and uses player to open them, there isn't any image. Aniston's kind of lost here. She knows the NX500 video saved mostly in 4K h265. So she wonder if she needs an H265 to H264 converter to transcode HEVC x265 videos. If so, which one should she use?

She posts her trouble on the forum, with a wish to get some assistance from the zealous net friends. As expected, her question receives responses on dpreview. Some recommend her with FFmpeg while others persuade her to have a try on Handbrake. Finnally, Handbrake easily wins the game, because FFmpeg keeps quitting automatically the moment Aniston tries to install it on PC. So she chooses Handbrake lastly and luckily Handbrake doesn't let her down.

Just simple 5 steps, she successfully free converts 4K H265 to 1080p H264 on her Windows PC. Though the process is not so fast as she imagines, the overall performance is great, she thinks. And if you wanna free transcode x265 to x264 (4K to 1080p), you can click the Handbrake HEVC guide to get the method. That's also the one she learns from. Aniston wishes you a good luck.

Camila's Needs: Free Software to Convert H265 to H264

Camila's Choice: RockyMountains Movie Converter

Colombian mixed-race girl Camila is an overseas student in Austrilia and meanwhile a part-time model. Recently, she's been asked to send her catwalk videos to the model managers. She has an HEVC video player that can play her HEVC catwalk videos, but the model managers claim that they can't open these videos or the videos play only audio, no video.

In such case, Camila has to seize time to find a professional HEVC H265 video converter to convert H265 HEVC to H264 with MP4, MOV or MKV container format. She has used Any Video Converter. It works, but it seemingly takes forever. No time to try others one by one, she resort to Reddit for help and accepts the advice from a user named Sandy Christ. That is using RockyMountains Movie Converter.

Absolutely beyond her expectation, this HEVC to H264 free converter works very great, letting her bulk decode H265 to H264 at one stroke. And it also gives her power to adjust HEVC resolution from 4K 2160p to 1080p, 1440p or 1800p. More importantly, it's very fast and free of charge. After the x265 to x264 conversion, Camila re-sends her videos to model managers. This time, those managers clearly watch her fashion show videos, discover her potential and eventually decide to provide a work opportunity for her. She feels so lucky and meanwhile shows her thanks to this free x265 HEVC video converter.

Ryan's Needs: Converting H264 MKV's to H265 MKV's

Ryan's Choice: VLC Media Player

The spanish young man Ryan is a DVD movie buff. He likes to collect DVD disc and Blu-ray disc, even the old DVDs released 10 years ago. Usually, he prefers watching DVD movies with his family at movie night. Yet, next week, he's going to Japanese for a bussiness trip. From Barcelona to Tokoyo, that's a long journey. Therefore, he rips some DVD movies and Blu-ray disc to MKV format encoded by H264.

After the DVD to MKV conversion is finished, he transfers H264 MKV movies to his Galaxy Note 8. Yet, what makes him depressed is that his H264 MKV movie files are too large for Note 8 internal storage space. To make full use of his Note 8 space, he plans to free compress and convert H264 MKV to H265 MKV with 40%-50% size off.

He thinks of his VLC media player, which is said to have video conversion feature, as well. Then, he launches VLC and chooses "Convert/Save" option under "Media" category. Followed by a click on "Add" to import his H264 MKV movie files. This free x265 HEVC converter supports to batch load video files. So Ryan imports three MKV (H264) files at one go. He reminds you to select the video file and tap "Remove" to delete the file if you wrongly pick it. Next, tap "Convert/Save" at the bottom of the interface.

Now, Ryan accesses to the window, where he can select the output H265 MKV format. Yet, the problem is that in the Profile zone, there is only H265 MP4 profile, no H265 MKV profile. What to do? No biggie. VLC media player allows him to free create a profile with HEVC MKV format.
1. Opt for the profile "Video - H265 + MP3 (MP4)";
2. Click the edit icon with a spanner icon to edit the selected profile.
3. On the pop-up window, click MKV under "Encapsulation" column.
4. Type a new name on the top profile name.
5. Hit "Save" and it comes back to the previous interface, where he selects his created profile as the output profile and taps "Browse" to choose destination file.
6. Press "Start" and this free HEVC encoder begins to free transcode MKV H264 to MKV H265.

After a while, Ryan gets what he wants, the output MKV file encoded by H265. And he checks its media information and find the H265 MKV files are really much much smaller than H264 MKV. He's very delighted to transfer more H265 MKV movies to his Galaxy Note 8 than before. Thus, Ryan won't feel bored during his trip.

H265 Encoder & Decoder: Convert H265 to H264 or x264 to x265

Free download this top H265/HEVC video converter to easily convert H265 (HEVC) to H264 in MP4, MKV, MOV, AVC formats or compress H264 to H265 on Windows and macOS. Also support you to convert any video to 4K MP4, 2K MP4, SWF, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, VP8, VP9 and iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus/7/6s/6, iPads, Android.

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