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Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone x grabs the headlines these days. Since iPhone X is a major upgrade of iPhone 7, upgrading to iPhone X will surely have many benefits, much of the talk revolved around the absence of Home button, OLED display, speedy wireless charging, etc, which aren't available in the previous models. Should you upgrade to the new iPhone X? Planned or not, the complete iPhone X pros and cons compared to the new iPhone 12 will give you some clues. Just click the links below that will direct you to the specific iPhone X pros and iPhone X cons part.

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Part 1: iPhone X vs iPhone 12 Pros and Cons

iPhone X advantages
iPhone 12 Advantages (or Pros)

1. There are 4 models at 5.4-inch, 6.7-inch, and 6.1-inch (x2) in different prices.
2. New design with flat, stainless steel edges instead of curved edges. There are slightly larger camera lenses, thiner body than iPhone 11, thicker antenna lines, etc.
3. All iPhone 12 models will have OLED displays.
4. All iPhone 12 models will use 5G technology, featuring Qualcomm's X55 5G modem chip.
5. A14 chip in iPhone 12 could feature 15% increased performance and a 30% reduction in power consumption compared to the A13 chip, not to mention A11 in iPhone X.
6. Larger RAM: a 6.7-inch iPhone with 6GB RAM, a 6.1-inch iPhone with 6GB RAM, a 6.1-inch iPhone with 4GB RAM, and a 5.4-inch iPhone with 4GB RAM.
7. A 3D triple-lens rear camera system that uses a laser to calculate depth information for objects in the room, improving both photography and AR capabilities.
8. More wider range of colors available for iPhone 12 with a new blue color.
9. A new USB-C to Lightning cable with a more durable braided design.
10. A refreshed TrueDepth camera system.
11. All iPhone 12 models will start with a large storage space of 128GB.
12. There may be an iPhone 12 that includes both Face ID and an on-display fingerprint sensor.

iPhone X disadvantages
iPhone X Disadvantages (or Cons)

1. One of the biggest iPhone X weaknesses is its full glass display is fragile and prone to break.
2. No iris scanner available in iPhone X is disadvantages over Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus.
3. Annoying iOS 11 bugs & problems are bound to a few weaknesses for iPhone X.
4. iPhone X might be thicker and heavier than its predecessor iPhone 7.
5. No headphone jack is doomed as one of iPhone X cons.
6. Wireless charging works at around 15 feet or less distance.
7. No breakthrough on battery life issue. Battery drain issue is still iPhone X's main defect.
8. iPhone X sites in bad situation for its high price tag, from $900 to $1100.
9. Limited option in colors: black, silver and blush gold.
10. Weird and ugly vertical design for dual-lens camera. Compared with iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone X's dual-lens camera makes no big difference from iPhone 7 except for the locating orientation.
11. The lack of USB-C is iPhone X demerit.
12. iPhone X goes to black screen sometimes, a major disadvantages in iPhone X and previous models.
13. iPhone X replaces Touch ID with FaceID, which is one of iPhone X cons as some users may get used to unlocking phones with fingerprints.
14. It's disappointing to see iPhone X lacks split tasking, another feature iPhone X disadvantages over Android.

Last Updated on Sep. 22, 2020
1. Users from MacRumor mention a iPhone X con about the OLED screen and make a complaint that their eyes feel strained and a little blurry when trying to focus on the iPhone X screen. Some people also notice the iPhone X OLED even causes headaches.
2.A user also reports the 256GB iPhone X works incorrectly, such as some touches aren't recognized and some are not accurate, when the temperature outside hits about -30-5°C. Official post gives the exact environmental requirements for the iPhone X, ranging from 0°C to 35°C. The iPhone X will be malfunctional when the temperature reaches at -20°C to 40°C.

Part 2: 6 iPhone X Strengths and Weaknesses You Don't Know

Besides the above-mentioned iPhone X pros and cons list you may know, the following part will contain the intriguing features that are regarded as the strengths in iPhone X, along with the drawbacks iPhone X shall exclude in the future.

iPhone X pros -  wireless charging

iPhone X Pros

#1 - Inductive charging

Wireless charging is a known advantage in iPhone X actually on a metal back. Plus, a thin sheet of graphite will be incorporated in iPhone X to protect the 3D touch sensor from the heat generated by wireless charging. iPhone X will merit for the resonant inductive coupling that makes a long-distance charging in reality, though it is said to be a year or more away.

iPhone X pros - Face ID

#2 - Unlock iPhone X in milliseconds

Face ID is doomed to be one of iPhone X advantages. Bloomberg tips iPhone X will be unlocked within milliseconds, attributing to its facial recognition feature, which proves to be a worthy alternative to Touch ID that is said to be on the back of iPhone X. It even allows you to access your personal data autofilling information in safari. You shall bear in mind Face ID is only available in iPhone X, a big advantage over iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. See iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus.

See how to set up Face ID on iPhone X

iPhone X pros - iOS 11

#3 - Software Upgrade

Software update can be iPhone X's killer feature and one of the biggest iPhone X pros. There are plenty of advantages coming with iOS 11. For example, developers will take advantages of iPhone X ARKit to create Augmented Reality apps for iPhone X/8/7/6S, akin to Pokemon Go. You will benefit from iPhone X ARKit to get a lot more immersive in, for example, Apple Map's Flyover feature. The HEVC/HEIF camera formats in iOS 11 are proven to save you 50% on storage, without any loss of image quality. This is one of the big edge tools in low-capacity iPhones. Specifically, you can take advantages of iPhone X camera to take more photos without worry about any "iPhone storage full" problem. Besides, it can record iPhone X screen without any third-party app. For more iOS 11 features, please click iOS 11 advantages and disadvantages.

iphone X cons - limited format

iPhone X Cons

#1 - Format restrictions

Like many other smartphones, iPhone X is disadvantages in limited format support. So far, it can only recognize AAC, MP3, Apple Lossless, AC3, AIFF, WAV audio formats and play H.264/MPEG4 video up to 4K, M4V, MP4, and MOV file formats. That is to say, iPhone X won't to play MKV, AVI, or other videos formats excluded from the supported format list. You can avoid the iPhone X shortcoming by converting AVI, MKV, WMV, etc to iPhone X MP4, MOV or M4V formats in order to have a smooth playback, with the aid of a video converter.

iphone cons - difficult to transfer data

#2 - Difficult to transfer files to/from computer

Apple makes it difficult to transfer data between iPhone and computer directly unless you rely on iTunes. Now with iPhone X disadvantage is still available as in iPhone 7/6S/6. But iTunes' various drawbacks such as slowing down computer, complicated operation, putting you in risk of data loss, etc urge you to search for an iTunes alternative to get rid of the iPhone X cons and disadvantages and transfer data to iPhone X with ease.

iphone Cons - fast battery drain

#3 - Fast battery drain

Fast battery drain is always one of iPhone drawbacks, and iPhone X is no exception. Even though iPhone X is equipped with a longer battery life to entice those with old iPhones to upgrade, the 2900 mAh isn't suffice for augmented reality task, 4K recording/streaming, or other heavy data consumption tasks. Some users event report iPhone X exhausts even when there is 30% of battery left. Plus, the lack of non-removable battery is also one of the main iPhone X disadvantages, which means you cannot remove the battery even when there is a problem with it.

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Part 3: iPhone X Advantages and Disadvantages over Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is up against iPhone X this September. Just take a look at the iPhone X pros and cons compared with Galaxy Note 8 and see if iPhone X is at greater advantages than Note 8. Click to see detailed Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone X comparison.

How iPhone X Edges out Galaxy Note 8

1. OS - iPhone X brings us so many advantages, with iOS 11 being one of the major strengths. It introduces a lot of upgrades including Siri, Maps, camera, Apple pay used for transferring money within a simple tap, and new technology called HEIF to reduce the amount of space used by photographs. While owners of Galaxy Note 8 will be stuck on Android Oreo.

2. AR - iPhone X is betting more on AR to get advantages over Samsung which is strong for VR record. Since Note 8 hasn't exploited yet, iPhone X enabling you to create a richer virtual experience will for sure gains ground in this part.

How iPhone X Loses Ground

1. Price - iPhone X is at a disadvantage compared with Galaxy Note 8 when it comes to price. The former is priced between $999.00 to $1,149.00 in US ($130 higher than the 256GB iPhone 7 Plus), in limited quantities, due to the higher manufacturing costs. While Galaxy Note 8 is expected to be priced in the $999 range, as expensive as iPhone X.

2. No support for MicroSD - iPhone X is bound to a few weaknesses such as the lack of microsd Card that lead you to turn to Note 8. iPhone X sticks with 3GB of RAM while Note 8 advantages over iPhone X, which come with 6GB of RMA and a microSD card slot. So you won't enjoy the Galaxy Note 8 benefits in iPhone X to extend memory space.

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