iOS 10: Major iOS 10 Problems & Solutions for iOS 10 Update on iPhone iPad

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This article gathers the major problems with iOS 10 udpate and possbile tested solutions to each issue. If you unfortuantely run into any iOS 10 upgrade problems on iPhone iPad, don't worry, you can find a fix here.

The latest iOS 10 is now available for download. Advanced users can enjoy the new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. However, as iOS 10 is currently in its early stage, there are various iOS 10 problems during download, installation and after iOS 10 update, like Error 14 and app crashing issues. If you have any iOS 10 issues with update on iPhone iPad, check the article below. Here we gather all the major iOS 10 update problems and solutions that prove to be effective.

Important Notice: You are suggested to make a good preparation for iOS 10 update, which is highly recommended to avoid the below iOS 10 problems.

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As iOS 12 is available on Sept 17, 2018, there is a wave of upgrading iDevices to iOS 12 for enhanced performance, faster speed and more attractive new features like clever Siri, enhanced Photos and Camera App, screen time, digital wellbeing, group FaceTime etc. Yet with such benefits also come some problems in iOS 12. Click here to know about the possible iOS 12 update problems >>

1. iOS 10 over-the-air Update Brings iPhone iPad - Updated in Sep 14, 2016

If you are iPhone or iPad owner installing iOS 10 over the air, you may sadly notice that the iOS 10 update has your iDevice not working and ask you to restore it, which may erase all your data. This can be the latest iOS 10 problem so far. But if you are updating iOS 10 via iTunes, problem does not appear.

iOS 10 Update troubleshooting:
1. Backup data on iOS 10
2. Do an iTunes restore if the update fails.
Note: Apple has already fixed this iOS 10 bugs.

iOS 10 update issues & fixes Error 14

2. iTunes Error 14 When Installing iOS 10

A number of iPhone iPad users have reported that they encountered Error 14 problems with iOS 10 update or restore. To be specific, the iPhone iPad won't boot and get stuck with a message stating An unkown error occurred (14). When you run into iOS 10 upgrade failed with Error 14, try the fixes below:

Fixes to iOS 10 bugs:

1. Create a backup and then perform a clean restore of iOS 9.3.5. Then do a clean restore of iOS 10 using IPSW file.
2. Make sure you have the latest version of Xcode 8 installed.
3. Check your USB device, and use another device if necessary.

iOS 10 update issues & fixes Error 14

3. iOS 10 "Verify Update" Stuck on iPhone/iPad

Some users unfortunately get their iPad iPhone stuck problem when updating iOS 10 (even updating iOS 11) with OTA. The Verifying Update screen freezes for endless hours on iPhone 7/6S, iPhone SE/6, iPad Pro etc with no sign of turning around. To solve iOS 10 problems with freezing Verifying Update screen, try the fixes below:

Solutions to iOS 10 issues:

1. Constantly keep pressing the power button to lock the iPhone iPad.
2. Perform a hard reset or reboot.
3. Switch OTA iOS 10 update to iTunes update.

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issues with iOS 10 stuck in update

4. iOS 10 Update Failed An Error Occurred Downloading iOS 10

"Run into problems with iOS 10 update on iPhone SE and 6S with a message saying that Software Update Failed An error occurred downloading iOS 10." iOS 10 bugs downloading the software happen to quite a number of users. Below we gather the solutions to iOS 10 errors that worth trying. The VPN method is proved to be quite useful.

iOS 10 update problems troubleshooting:

1. Download ipsw and upgrade via iTunes. Make sure you have xcode beta installed.
2. Use VPN during download of software update files.
3. Delete any conflicting configuration profiles.
4. Reboot iOS device and WiFi router. Make sure the internet connection is working.
5. Reset network settings on iOS device: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

iOS 10 update failed problem on iPhone iPad

5. iOS 10 Won't Install an Error Occurred Installing iOS 10

"Unable to Install Update" and "An error occurred installing iOS 10" pops up during iOS 10 installation on iPhone iPad. This may be caused by overloaded servers or other factors. If you run into issues with iOS 10 installation, there are some effective fixes to them.

iOS 10 upgrade bugs & solutions:

1. Turned the device off and on again.
2. Make sure that you have installed XCode 8 on computer.
3. Download the appropriate IPSW for your device.
4. Use opera VPN to change your location to the USA.
5. Try more times to get iOS 8 update.

iOS 10 won't install problem troubleshooting

6. "Insufficient Space For Download" in iOS 10 Software Update

Some iOS 10 update failed problems are caused by insufficient space. The iOS 10 beta has a size over 1.5GB. And if you fail to have that much of space, an iOS 10 update error stating Insufficient Space for Download pops up. There are several ways to leave more space on iPhone iPad to download iOS 10:

iOS 10 problems & fixes:

1. Manage space on your device, tap Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage.
2. Delete apps you don't use or use Apple's help in deleting and restoring apps/games.
3. Transfer large-size files like videos, 4K pictures, live photos, music to computer with a professional iPhone manager to free up space.
4. Choose to update to iOS 11 (not iOS 10), for new features of iOS 11 can free up iPhone space up to 50%+ with HEVC/HEIF new formats, offload unused app, etc.

iOS 10 update problems with space

7. iPhone iPad Get Stuck in Recovery Mode after iOS 10 Update

"I get iOS 10 update failed with my iPhone stuck in recovery mode. No matter how I try, I can't get out of recovery mode and go back to normal." Your iPhone 7/Plus/se/6s/6 can get stuck in Recovery Mode with an iTunes Logo on it for hours. This error can be caused by various factors. Try the solutions below.

Solutions to iOS 10 upgrade problems:

1. Hold the Home and Power buttons to see if it works.
2. Check the lightning port or other hardware to make sure everything work fine.
3. Force true DFU mode. This also applies to solve iOS 11 update problems.
4. Remove all USB hub, bypassing the dock, connect the device directly to the included USB cable.
5. Restart your computer.

Problems with iOS 10 update stuck

8. iPhone iPad Apps Crashing Issue in iOS 10 Beta

Some users get one of the biggest iOS 10 bugs after update: apps keep crashing. People are complaining that dozens of apps like Facebook, Instagram, iBooks or Skype or others keep crashing when they open them, or the app crashes randomly while using it. The iOS 10 update problems with iPhone iPad app crashing are really annoying, but here are ways to fix:

Solutions to iOS 10 errors:

1. Quit and re-launch the app
2. Force Reboot the iPhone or iPad
3.Check Out App Updates. App Store - Updates - Update App.
3. Turn off Background App Refresh: Settings > General > Background App Refresh > turn off Background App Refresh.
4. Disable automatic app downloads: Settings > iTunes & App Store > turn off Auto App Download.
5. Delete the app and reinstall it.
6. Reset all settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.
7. Downgrade from iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.5.

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iOS 10 problems & fixes for app crashing

9. iOS 10 Issues with Poor Battery Life

"I drops from 100% to 50% in a few hours and it's also slower to get full charge."Quite a number of users are suffering from iOS 10 update issues with poor battery life. It is reported that iOS 10 kills the battery life quickly on iPhone 6S, iPhone SE/6, iPad Pro etc. Here are some tips to iOS 10 battery life problems.

Fixes to problems with iOS 10 update:

1. Turn off Feedback, Photos and other apps.
2. Go Settings > Usage > Battery Usage to check if there is any app using battery abnormally.
3. Reduce brightness manually or use the Auto-Brightness function.
4. Check more iPhone battery saving tips.

issues with iOS 10 upgrade bad battery life

10. iOS 10 Runs Slow on Older iPhone iPad

The new iOS 10 aims to bring faster performance than iOS 9.3.2, but some users are having iOS 10 slow performance problem on older iPhone iPad. iOS 10 is compatible from iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini 3 and iPod touch (sixth). When you get iOS 10 bugs with slow performance and lag, try to speed up your iPhone SE/6S/6, iPad Pro/Air 2 etc with the tips below.

iOS 10 problems troubleshooting:

1. Hard Reboot or Force Restart.
2. Go Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings > Enter Your Passcode to reset settings.
3. Reset iPhone iPad to get a restore again. After backup, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings and Content > Enter a Passcode.
4. Disable motion effects and background app refresh: go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion or Background App Refresh.
5. Check more tips on how to speed up iPhone iPad.

ios 10 update failed slow performance

11. iOS 10 Update Problems with Data Loss

"I had backed up iPhone 6+, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini2 in iCloud when I upgrade iOS 9 to iOS 10. It now says "0" bytes and all backups gone." This critical problem happens to a few users. If you run into the iOS 10 data loss problems, the only thing to do is, and luckily it is possible to restore lost data after updating to iOS 10

iOS 10 upgrade problems fixes:

1. Recover data from iTunes backup.
2. Recover data from iCloud backup.
3. Seek for help from third-party recovery apps.

Also see transfer iPhone (7) data, how to recover data on iOS 10

Data loss error updating iOS 9 to iOS 10

12. iOS 10 Issues with Slow Safari/Safari Crashing on iPhone/iPad

There are users complaining that Safari is running slow on iPhone 7/6S/SE6, iPad Pro after iOS 10 update. Some other users also report the Safari crashing problems with iOS 10 update. If Safari is too slow on your devices, try the fixes in Slow Performance above, or the fixes to speed up slow Safari on iOS 10 below may help.

iOS 10 update issues troubleshooting:

1. Disable Background App Refresh
2. Clear History and Website Data
3. Close all Safari tabs
4. Clean up reading list: Settings > General > Storage & iCloud usage > Manage Storage> Safari > Edit > click red button to the left of Offline reading list > Delete.
5. Reset network settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Slow safari on iOS 10

13. iOS 10 Locks Some Users out of Apple ID

Some users report that they have been locked out of their Apple ID. The lock-out problem is not specific to iOS 10, some Apple usres with iOS 9.3.2 have the same experience. This is among the serious iOS bugs that Apple need to address, but before that, there are some temporary measures to get the account back.

iOS 10 udpate issues troubleshooting:

1. Try to use a link in your two-factor authentication email notice to disable the security measure and recover account.
2. Try to recover account with iForgot service.
3. Revert back to iOS 9.3.5 instead of iOS 10.

iOS 10 errors with Apple ID

14. No Headphone Audio/Headphone Icon Stuck on iOS 10

After update iPhone iPad from iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 10, some users notice that they have no headphone audio on their device, or the music volume with bluetooth headphone is reduced significantly. If you have iOS 10 problems with no headphone audio, or low volume with bluetooth headphones, you're not alone. There are some tried and tested tricks:

iOS 10 update problems & solutions:

1. Perform a full settings reset on iOS 10 devices.
2. Turn off Hey Siri setting audio.
3. Turn off Bluetooth.
4. Hard Restart your iPhone iPad.

Also see iOS 9 problems and solutions

ios 10 headphone low volume error

15. iPhone iPad Heating Issues with iOS 10 Update

iPhone iPad getting hot is not an exclusive problem of iOS 10. In fact, users of iOS 9 and predecessor have complained about iPhone overheating problem. It's very vexing and uncomfortable if the device is getting hot to touch. If iOS 10 heats up on iPhone 7/6S/SE, iPad Pro etc, there are some quick fixes.

Solutions to problems with iOS 10 update:

1. Close unnecessary apps.
2. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
3. Restore factory settings.
4. Turn off Location Services and stop using Map directions.

iOS 10 update issues & solutions

16. iTunes/iCloud Photo Sync Problem on iOS 10

A few users on MacRumors report that after downloading and installing iOS 10, they have issues to transfer their photos via iTunes and iCloud. "Can't get photos off iPhone", "iCloud photo sync problem on iPhone 6 Plus", "can't access camera roll on laptop"... If you run into photo transfer problems with iOS 10 upgrade, don't worry.

iOS 10 issues & fixes:

1. Check WIFI connection.
2. Update iTunes to the latest version.
3. Turn off iCloud Music Library and iTunes Match on iPhone: Tap Setting > Music to turn off it.
4. Turn off "Show Apple Music" on iPhone: Tap Setting > Music to turn off Apple Music.
5. Transfer photos to iOS 10 with professional iOS 10 photo manager.

Also see how to backup iPhone photos without iTunes

iOS 10 upgrade problems troubleshooting

17. "Pokémon Go" AR Problem on iOS 10

Pokémon Go is a popular game for iOS users to move around the real world to fine and capture Pokemon. But sad news it that AR mode, which players used to play the game in immersive environment, is not working on iOS 10. " Pokémon Go doesn't know my device's orientation, preventing AR from working ", "iOS 10 bugs with AR camera", "No AR for me on iOS 10"...

Currently, there is no efficient workaround. Fortunately, the AR mode is not crucial to the game. Some users suggest to turn off VR and continue with the game. If you're really annoyed of the iOS 10 errors, you may also try to downgrade iOS 10 to iOS 9.3.5.

Restore iPhone 7 data

The above solutions are some tested fixes to iOS 10 problems that are complained most by users. We will keep updating the latest iOS 10 update issues and useful troubleshooting. If you have any other problems with iOS 10 update, or newly effective tips, please let us know by commenting below.

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