Top Solutions to Fix iOS 11.3 Update Problems

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I really think we'd experienced a shorter beta window for iOS 11.3 and expected it to be released in early March, but I was wrong. Instead, we waited from iOS 11.3 beta 1 from beta 6, and finally the official iOS 11.3 arrived, even though it's only available to download on the new 9.7-inch iPad Apple revealed on March 27 at the beginning. Ultimately, from the long wait, we do get a glimpse of how discreet Apple is for the complete version of iOS 11.3, with dozens of iOS 11.3 beta bugs fixed. Even so, it's inevitable that problems occur when or after iOS 11.3 update. So let's track the solution of possible iOS 11.3 update problems and recap what iOS 11.3 is all about.

Note: You can upgrade to iOS 12 to fix all iOS 11/11.2/11.3/11.4 bugs. Check how iOS 12 differs from iOS 11 here.

Part 1: Top iOS 11.3 Problems and Fixes

ios 11.3 won't update

1. iOS 11.3 won't update.

I tried it a lot of times but iOS 11.3 still won't update to my iPhone. - Tofly
Quite frankly, this iOS 11.3 update problem is overbroad. There are various reasons causing iOS 10.3 fail to update, and the solutions are diverse for different causes. Anyway, it's most likely due to iOS 11.3 download stuck on installation package, iOS 11.3 failed on verifying and insufficient available space on iPhone or iPad. So just ascertain the iOS 11.3 installation stuck reason, and seek the corresponding fix.

• Restart or Hard reboot iPhone and try again. Apple ID authentication required, if authentication login box not appearing on screen. You can hold Sleep/Wake until Apple logo on screen to restart your device. Or Force Restart your iPhone iPad.

• Try after some time or try again at the same time. Maybe it's just a temporary problem because of Apple service down in your region. So re-try it.

• Update using iTunes, re-download iOS 11 and update. Get the latest version of IPSW file and save it on your local drive. Then open iTunes on Mac, connect iPhone via lightening cable to iTunes on Mac, go to iPhone summary tab and Find Restore iPhone button, Press Alt/Option key from Keyboard + Restore iPhone button from Mac. You can wait for the complete installation setup.

• Free up space on iOS devices. If your iPhone or iPad is almost full, your iOS 11.3 upgrade is doomed to failure. An proven method is to free up space of iPhone iPad - you can delete not commonly used apps, unwanted videos, duplicated photos or download MacX MediaTrans to backup iPhone and transfer those files to Mac computers.

ios 11.3 wifi problem

2. iOS 11.3 WiFi problem.

Currently iOS 11.3 beta users are running into a variety of Wi-Fi issues. Some users experienced a slow speed, while some others even meet with frequent drops. Facing the notoriously hard problem iOS 11.3 failed to connect to WiFi network, what can you do? That's it.

•  Make sure it's not a router/Internet Service Provider (ISP) problem. Unplug your router for a good minute before testing.
•  Reconnect your Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > WiFi > Select your connection and tap Forget this network at the top of screen then reconnect to see if it works.
•  Reset network settings. If it doesn't work, head into Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. By the way, This will cause your device to forget saved passwords.

ios 11.3 battery drains fast

3. iOS 11.3 battery issues after update

Since the release of iOS 11, there are more concern of battery life. The latest issue addressed with YouTube app drains significant amounts of battery in iOS 11.3. As a YouTube user stated 10-15 mins of watch a video on YouTube drain 20% of battery.

If you're experiencing an iOS 11.3 battery issue after update, the suggestion is that factory resetting your iPhone or iPad. But this would wipe your device as well. Backing up your data from iPhone or iPad comes first, then go to Settings > General > Reset, and select Erase All Content and Settings to factory reset your iPhone. Here's how to backup iPhone or iPad to Mac with MacX MediaTrans.
Mac Version download
Windows version download

ios 11.3 touchscreen lag

4. Touchscreen problem on iOS 11.3

Some iOS 11.3 users complains that their screen starts to lag after the iPhone updated to iOS 11.3. It's exceedingly intolerable, you cannot imagine that you have to wait 2-3 seconds when you're playing Knives Out. So if your screen stops responding to touches and swipes, reboot it.

Hold down the power button and home button (volume down and power button on an iPhone) Hold volume down and power button on an iPhone 8/8 Plus/X, iPhone 7/7 Plus (power button and home button on earlier iPhone versions) at the same time. Your iPhone will reboot and the touchscreen error will be fixed. If it doesn't work the first time, try a few more times until it works.

ios 11.3 bluetooth issue

5. iOS 11.3 Bluetooth Problem.

Bluetooth issue becomes more commonly used and important since iPhone called off the headphone jack since iPhone 7. The Bluetooth not working problem usually addressed that Bluetooth is not connected to iPhone. For this, you can visit Settings > Bluetooth to turn off it and re-connect it.

But for iOS 11.3 users, they have been confused to find that when they toggle Bluetooth in Control Center on iPhone, it doesn't actually turn off the function. Apple stated that apps like AirDrop, Airplay, Location Services have access to Bluetooth. Thus even if you turned off it in Control Center, you haven't really, these apps are still available. If you want to turn off it indeed, you need go to Settings > Bluetooth > Off. But even so, it will turn on again automatically at 5am the next morning.

airpod error on ios 11.3

6. iOS 11.3 AirPod error.

I had AirPods awhile ago but lost them quickly and was to upset to buy more. The other day I finally rationalized getting new ones, but I'm having a lot of weird connectivity issues now with my X & iOS 11.3. Has anyone else experienced Airpod issues since updating - Keystoney

If your Airpods cannot connect to your iOS 11.3 devices of if only one Airpod connects, try to take both of your Airpods out, and put them inside the case, close the case and wait 5-10 seconds. Then take them out and it would be connected to your iPhone properly. If not, visit bluetooth settings to reconnect it.

apps not working on ios 11

7. Missing Apps or apps not working

You know, iOS 11 marks the end of support for 32-bit apps. Thus as you upgraded to iOS 11.3, you'll find some of the older apps on your iPhone may stop working. You can find 32-bit apps on your iPhone through Settings > General > About, and look for Applications in the list. Since there is not a lot you can do to get your favorite app working again if it appears on the list, so think twice before iOS 11 update.

No sound after ios 11.3 update

8. iOS 11.3 sound problem

According to iPhone users complaints, the sound problem appears more in iOS 11.3 beta version that the sound cuts out in home screen or while you're using an application. But don't be panic, you can fix iOS 11.3 update problem in seconds. Restarting your iPhone or tablets should carry out the issue. Hold down the power button, slide to turn off, power the device back and on and check. You should also try toggling Bluetooth off and on to see whether it fixes your issue. On the other hand, if these sound problem comes up at a specific app, upgrade the app to the latest version. We also suggest you to check your speaker grille to make sure debris isn't the causing the problem.

re-enable battery health

9. Battery Health Disabled - Any way to re-enable?

In iOS 11.3, some of you may disable the 'performance management protections' to see how your iPhone runs with it off. However, after you disabled it, you'll find you have no way to re-enable it. Why would they allow you to disable it but not warn you that you cannot revert back once you disable it? What should you do?

I seems like a bug. But Apple stated it was supposed to work. iOS 11.3 will install with zero throttling at first. If the phone crashes, throttling is automatically activated. The user can then turn off the throttling via the power management settings, but can not turn it back on. Only a phone crash can turn throttling back on. It's just the way Apple decided to do it.
>> Check for more New 'Battery Health' Feature

iMessage out of order

10. iMessage our of order

There are also some people complain that they keep running problems on iMessage. The iMessage is our of order on iOS 11.3. As you're having an active conversation with someone. Normally, you expect that the responses will be threaded. But now (not exactly sure when) messages appear out of order. You’ll respond, and then the recipients response will come in and be threaded before my response. 

No definitive way to fix it, but you can try the tips below, which is effective for many users.
1. Make sure time is set to automatic in settings.
2. Force quit on Messages, did a hard reset on the device.
3. Change Timezone to something else and then back to your local Timezone.

Part 2: What's New in iOS 11.3

message on icloud

1. Message on iCloud. You can choose to enable it or not. If you do, all your messages will be stored encrypted on iCloud. Thus you're able to delete your messages on iPhone without worry if your iPhone storage is almost full. Your entire message history can be retrieve to iPhone, iPad, or Mac through iCloud.

2. Animoji. If you've purchased iPhone X, you will also get four new Animoji to play with: a lion, dragon, skull and bear.

3. AirPlay 2. If you've upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11.3, and Apple TV to tvOS 11.3, you can use the multi-room audio feature of AirPlay 2 to enjoy audio to multiple Apple TV devices in multiple locations. Besides, it's available to control different audio playback on different devices at once.

ios 11.3 battery health feature

4. Battery and Performance. You know, the battery is a long-standing complaint issue for iPhone users. And as promised, Apple will bring some much-needed power management to the battery settings in iOS 11.3. Users will be able to see their overall battery health, letting them know when the performance is being throttled to conserve power and give the option to disable CPU throttling. Still, it will be recommended if the battery needs to be serviced.

5. Health Records. iOS 11.3 also will feature a new Health Records app that devotes to streamline patients' medical data across health-care providers. Of course, the data are passcode-protected, you don't need to worry about any privacy disclosure.

6. ARKit 1.5. Apple is also upping its AR game in iOS 11.3 with ARKit 1.5, bring even more immersive AR experience of games. Apple indicates that the new ARKit will be able to recognize and place virtual objects on vertical surfaces and map non-square surfaces.

7. Other miner tweaks.
- iBook. The iBooks app has dropped the "i" and it's now known as just "Books."
- App Store update. In App Store, you're able to view the the version number for each app. And its installation size is now listed right under the app's name, both for updates that have already been installed and updates that are available for download.
- Apple News App. Updated Apple News App delivers personalized stories picked by Siri, plus updated Spotlight and search for particular stories.
- Game Center. In Game Center, you're now able to manage your Game Center friends and remove individual people. Before iOS 11.3 update, you could only remove all game center friends in one go.
- Face ID Family Purchases. In the iOS 11.3, you can approve family purchases using Face ID, which wasn't previously available.
- App Store review sorting. In iOS 11.3, App Store reviews can be sorted based on Most Helpful, Most Favorable, Most Critical, and Most Recent.
- Business Chat connects customers and businesses through messages

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