Top Solutions that Fix 46 iOS 12, iOS 11 Update Problems with 95% Success Rate

By Abby Poole to iOS Update, iOS 11 Problems | Last Updated on Mar.11, 2020

Should you download iOS 12 or earlier iOS 11 versions? Ask yourself first before you come to grip with new features coming with the next iteration of iOS. We sift through all the iOS 12/11 problems, which will give you some ideas whether the new operating system is worth to update to. The iOS 12/iOS 11 update problems roundup includes the common issues and solutions, like iOS 12/11 update failed, battery life issue, slow errors and other iOS 11 bugs. We'll keep adding new information about most reported iOS 11 bugs and problems. If you have any iOS 12, iOS 11 problems that are not covered in the roundup, let us know.

The just-released iOS 12/11.3 is set to resolve most problems on earlier versions. If you're experiencing any problems after iOS 12/11 upgrading, first, try to update to iOS 12/11.3 to see it the problem is sovled. However, various problems still occur, including some common iOS 11 problems metioned below. For those who update to iOS 12/11.3 but have problems, we will show you the major problems and solutions with iOS 11.3.

Fail to connect Wi-Fi
Early adopters are saying that they can't connect to WiFi network after upgrade to iOS 12/11.3. In this case, users are forced to connect to public or unsecure WiFi. To fix the problem, there are suggestions to turn off the password of router or create a unsecure WiFi network. Anyway, till now, there is no effective fix to the iOS 12/11.3 problem but to downgrade to earlier versions.

Battery drains fast
While iOS 12/11.3 introduces new features and improvements to stop iPhone iPad being slow, it seems to ignore the problem with battery life. For battery life problems in iOS 12/11.3, restart your iPhone; lower the brigtness of the display; try low power mode; try the Airplane mode or try the fixes in the batter life sections in the below parts.

Update to iOS 12
iOS 12 brings us a lot of new features and performance improvement. Specifically, the app loading speeds up by up to 40%. For more iOS 12 details, please check iOS 12 vs iOS 11 pros and cons here and update to the new iOS 12 to fix the problems with its previous version.

Common iOS 12, 11.3/11.2/11.1 Problems and Solutions

1. iOS 11 Speakerphone Not Working

Recently, a slew of iPhone users are bothered by the iPhone call speaker not working problem after updating to iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1. They point out that when in a phone call, the speaker option is seemingly dead and doesn't work any more. To fix this speakerphone problem, you can consider the below tips or share your solutions with us.

1). Do a force restart on your iPhone > connect it to iTunes > restore iOS.
2). Connect to a voice channel or a private call > launch control center > Tap the Music box icon and hold for a moment until the box open > Tap the symbol at the top right corner and keep holding until you get a prompt > choose speaker option.
3). Update to iOS 12/11.3.

iOS 11 speakerphone problem

2. iOS 12/11 Predictive Text Bug on iPhone

For some if not all, they encounter the iOS 11 predictive text bug on their iOS keyboard. Whenever they type "I", "A[?]" always appears as the first recommended predictive text word. How to solve this iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problem?

So far, Apple doesn't provide the official effective solution. They claim they're working on it and hope iPhone users can give them more patience. Of course, you're suggested to download and use some third party keyboard before this iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1 bug is fixed.

iOS 11 predictive text bug on iPhone

3. Camera Settings Keep Changing

Wonder why your iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1 camera settings keep changing? You turn off Live Photo's while the camera app is on and then close it. Later, relaunch the camera app and find the Live Photo's turns on again. That's quite maddening.

To fix this camera settings probelm, head to Settings > Camera > find Preserve Settings and keep modes, filters & lighting and live photos locked. Then, the problem is easily tackled.

iOS 11 problem on camera settings

4. Cannot Connect to App Store

Personally, my iPhone 6s successfully updates to iOS 12/11. Yet, when I open App Store to download free iPhone app Zombie Run, I find App Store is not working, only a white screen with "Cannot Connect to App Store". I tried several times to shut down and restart my iPhone, but miracle didn't appear. I also pull out my SIM card from iPhone, turn to AirPlan Mode, still nothing happened. For the next couple of days, it still doesn't work.

Eventually, I give up. I downgrade iOS 12/11.3 to 11.2 or earlier and thankfully App Store finally works. This is the last solution I would use. If you have other better solutions, please let us know via leaving a message on the below comment section.

iOS 11 problem App Store Not Working

5. App Store Not Downloading Apps on iOS 12/11.1/11.2/11.3

Many users also experienced "can't download apps from Apple store" problem after iOS 11 update. It popped up message telling "use existing Apple ID" or "create new one" window. It would be annoying if we are unable to download apps or update existing apps after update. Try the following quick fixes.

1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Sign into Apple ID again.
2. Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Password Settings and slide the Require Password switch. Some reported it worked for iOS 11 bugs.
3. Backup iPhone iPad iPod without iTunes and restore iPhone to factory settings. iPhone won't restore? Check out iPhone won't restore solutions.

App Store Not Downloading App

6. iPhone is Overheating

One of the most annoying iPhone 7 disadvantages is the overheating problem. Now, it happens again after updating to iOS 11 on iPhone X/8/7/Plus (even iPhone 6/6s/SE has same problem). How to cool down the overheating iOS 11 iPhone X/8/7/7 Plus? Try the below tips and tricks.

1. Try not to overly use your iOS 11 iPhone 7/8/X/6s/6 in the hot environment.
2. Hard reset your iPhone. If nothing works, soft reset all settings on iPhone.
3. Avoid using your iPhone to play video games for a long time, esp the AR games.
4. Take off the silicone mobilephone case to dissipate your iPhone heat.
5. Shut down the apps running on the background.
6. Update to iOS 11.3 or higher version.

ios 11 update stuck

7. Can't Send E-mail Using Microsoft Account after iOS 12/11 Update

This is a common update problem found by millions of iPhone iOS 11 update users. They used to use Outlook, Office 365 and Exchange 2016 accounts to send E-mail on iOS 10/9/8 and they work fine. While after updating to iOS 11, they just can't send E-mail from Microsoft accounts on iOS 11. Apple already released iOS 11.0.1 to fix the Email problem, and you can upgrade to iOS 11.3 to fix. Also there are some other tips.

Solutions to Fix E-mail Sending Problems
1. Microsoft advises users to go to App Store to free download Microsoft Outlook, which is compatible with iOS 11 and can successfully send E-mails.
2. Apple and Microsoft are working closely to solve this problem and the solution is about to release soon in the upcoming software update.
3. Be patient and use the alternative apps to send E-mails on iOS 11.

iOS 11 Update blocks Microsoft Email

8. iOS 11 HEIC Format Playing Problems with Windows

After you install iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 on iPhone X//8/7/7 Plus or others, you iPhone iPad devices now will use HEIC format as default when you shoot a picture (older iPhones and iPads running iOS 11 will have the ability to read this new HEIC format, but keep using JPEG when shooting new photos). Though HEIC is said to save your iPhone iPad storage up to 50%, the disadvantage of HEIC is that your Windows 10 or OneDrive can't read and open HEIC images thereon. If this becomes a major annoyance to you, you can try the below iOS 11 tips to fix this issue.

Navigate to Settings > Camera > Formats and choose "Most Compatible" instead of "High Efficiency". Then what you take will be saved in JPEG instead of HEIC. Of course, if you choose to backup iPhone photos to Mac or iCloud, you don't have such worry. And in the future, you don't have to concern about this, either if Microsoft natively supports HEIC and HEVC formats.

iOS 11 Update blocks Microsoft Email

9. Your Portraiture Right Might Be Infringed During FaceTime Calls

You will find there is one more option available during FaceTime calls on iOS 11 device. That is called FaceTime Live Photos. With this new feature, someone who is facetime with you can take screenshots of you without the interface background.

In case someone you always FaceTime constantly takes the live screenshots of you without your permission, you must feel annoyed. How to stop this off-putting thing?
Solution: go to Settings > tap FaceTime and toggle FaceTime Live Photos switch off.

iOS 11 problem in FaceTime call

10. Can't Update from iOS 12/11.3 Beta to Official Update

The following fix can liberate iOS 11 beta users from the maddening iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problems of failure in update from iOS 11 beta to official version. Take your iPhone to update iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 now.

1. Backup your iPhone iPad before you start.
2. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad > General > Profile.
3. Tap iOS Beta Software Profile > click Remove Profile.
4. Enter your passcode when asked and tap Delete again.
5. Power off your iPhone or iPad and restart them.
6. Again, turn off your iPhone or iPad by holding the On/Off button and using the Slide to power off slider.
7. Connect your iPhone/iPad to Mac/PC via USB cable.
8. Now, update to iOS 11 over the beta on iPhone iPad using iTunes.

can't update from iOS 11 beta to official release

11. iOS 12/11 iPhone Running Slow

"iOS 11 update bricks my iPhone. And now iOS 11 is still running painfully slow on iPhone 8. The camera takes 5 seconds to launch and you have to tap a contact three times for the phone app to start dialing! I have tried turning off background app refresh but no luck." The slowness are reported frequently. Learn to troubleshoot slow iPhone issues. Upgrade to the latest iOS 11.3, which is designed to kill iPhone slowdowns.

Troubleshooting for iPhone iPad Slow down after update:
1. Follow these tips to free up space on iPhone, iPad running iOS 11.
2. A "restart" can solve many iOS 11 problems. Try restarting your iPhone, iPad, iPod.
3. Quite background app refresh to improve iOS 11 performance.
4. Head to "General" > "Accessibility" and turn on Reduce Motion.
5. Know more tips on how to speed up iOS 11 performance.

iOS 11 problems of slow iPhone

12. Touch Screen Not Working on iOS 12/11 iPhone 7/6s/6/Plus

"Ever since I updated my iPhone 7 Plus to iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1, the top of the screen randomly starts to flicker gray and progressively starts to trickle down to about halfway down. Also during that time the touchscreen is completely unusable." Many are experiencing iOS 11 not working/stuck problem.

1. Reboot your iPhone and this should restore the Touch Screen.
2. Restore your iPhone in iTunes and set up your iPhone as new.
3. Go to Apple store to ask for help.

issues with iOS 11 update

13. 3D Touch Lag Everywhere after iOS Update

When it comes to iPhone vs Android, there are more than 10 or 20 reasons to choose iPhone. Personally, the biggest reason I choose iPhone rather than Android is because of its smoothness. And so is MacBook. But each iOS update would bring me an unpleasant experience. Even iPhone 3D Touch becomes laggard after update. That's quite maddening. Yet, you and I have to fix this iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problem. Or what else can I do? Switch to Android? Kidding. Well, kidding aside, let's try to cope with this.

1. Reboot your iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 iPhone X/8/7/6s/6.
2. Go to Settings to adjust 3D Touch intensity: adjust medium to strong or slight.
3. Use 3D Touch on your Control Center instead of iPhone home screen.
4. Reset your iPhone settings or reset iPhone to factory settings.

iOS 11 problem in 3D Touch

14. iOS 12/11 Update Failed

Many are complaining that they can't update to iOS 11 using the OTA/Wi-Fi method, like no enough space, iOS 11 download stuck, update failed error, etc. How frustrating it is! There're many reason why you can't upgrade to iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1.

Ways to solve iOS 11 update problems:
1. Check if your iDevices are compatible with iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1.
2. If you receive a message saying that there's not enough space on iPhone etc. during an update, follow to free up space on iPhone, iPad, iPod.
3. Restart your iPhone if the iOS update gets frozen.
4. Sometimes too many people are downloading iOS 11 update as soon as the new OS is released, so just try again later.

iOS 11 update issues

15. Verifying Update...

You won't feel strange to this iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1 problem, for this iOS update trouble not only occurs for iOS 12 updates, but also iOS 10 updates. If you have an experience to cope with this iOS 12 stuck on verifying update, just skip this part. If not, you're advised to have a try on the following troubleshooting tips:

Solutions to Fix iOS 11 Verifying Update Issue:
1. Patiently wait several minutes to see if it can run to the next step.
2. Cancel this update. Shut down and reboot your iPhone to try again.
3. Use iTunes to update to iOS 12 on computer.

iOS 11 verifying update issue

16. No Enough Space to Download and Install iOS 12

Before we update to iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1, we need to free up space on iPhone, I mean, enough. It needs at least 4GB to completely make iOS 12 downloaded and installed. You know updating to iOS 10.3.3 requires 7.8GB free storage. Of course, if your iPhone lacks enough space, you can use iPhone space cleaner software like MacX MediaTrans to help you.

Solutions to iOS 12 Update "No Enough Storage" Issue:
1. Free download this iPhone cleaner app on Mac or Windows.
2. Transfer iPhone HD videos, music, 4K photos, ringtones, etc. to Mac/PC.
3. Bulk delete unwanted files from iOS 12 iPhone 6/SE/6s/7/8/X to free up space.

iOS 11 problem no enough space

17. Occupy 13GB on iPhone

Generally, updating to iOS 11 needs you free 4GB space. Yet, sometimes, iOS 11 problem just occurs so that it eats up 13GB space on your iPhone 7. One of our customers has encountered such annoying iOS 11 problem and he resorts to our tech support for help. According to our tech support advice, you can try the below tips to fix this iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problem:

1. Patiently wait several minutes. Sometimes, it might be a transient error. It needs a while to restore data. Later, go back to Settings > iPhone Storage to check your iPhone storage.
2. Delete unwanted photos from iPhone to make the process smoother.
3. Download some iPhone cleaner software to clean up iPhone space.
4. Update iOS 11 to latest version to fix this update problem.

iOS 11 problem on iPhone 7

18. Data Loss During iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1 Update

Another common iOS 12/11.3/11.2/11.1 problems is your iPhone data loss during iOS updates. The potential reasons varies from 1 to 10. Yet, one point we can ensure is that the iOS 11 beta is usally along with dozens of unknown bugs. So iOS 11 beta bugs may be to blame for. Actually, no need to feel bad if you backup your iPhone to Mac, Windows, hard drive or iCloud. Then you can restore your iPhone files. If no backup, well, you'd take this for an important lesson and smartly start it over again.

iOS 11 problems

19. iTunes Not Recognizing iOS 12 iPhone 6/SE/5s/6s/7/8/x

When iTunes fails to recognize iOS 11 iPhone, it's really hard for you (if you're not familiar with Apple products) to analyze which one is to blame for: iTunes, iOS 11 bugs, misconducting or some unknown 3rd party apps. No matter what, try these:

Quick Fixes to Solve iTunes Not Recognizing iOS 12 iPhone Problem
1. Make sure you are using the latest version of iTunes.
2. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions > Disable Restrictions on your iPhone.
3. Delete iTunes and reinstall iTunes on our computer.
4. If you are running Windows, follow to update driver software.
5. Use an iTunes alternative better than iTunes to transfer and manage iOS 11 files.
6. Head to to submit iOS 11 bugs and get experts' feedbacks.

iTunes not recognizing iOS 11 iPhone

20. iOS 11 Screen Recording Not Working

iOS 11 advantages and benefits iPhone users love a lot. Yet, when it comes to iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 disadvantages and problems, iPhone users just can't accept them. Indeed, iOS 11 is imperfect. So when you face iOS 11 problem on screen recording feature, stop complaining. Instead, try the below solutions to solve it.

Solutions to iOS 11 Screen Recording Not Working Problem
1. Make sure you turn on Screen Recording on Control Center.
2. Turn Audio on if what you record on iOS 11 iPhone doesn't have sound.
3. Free up enough space on iPhone if iOS 11 screen recorder can't save video.
4. Adjust and edit recorded video to landscape or portrait orientation using video editor if the video orientation is wrong.

iOS 11 screen recording not working

21. YouTube App Slows Down iPhone on iOS 11

iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 needs improving, at least on YouTube app. YouTube is the biggest video sharing service in the globe. So everyday there is billions of video views on YouTube. After you update to iOS 11, you believe YouTube video experience would become better and smoother on iPhone iPad. Yes, it does. Yet, the negtive effect is that YouTube app slows down your iPhone performance on other tasks like FaceTime, Snapchat, etc. If this comes to you, follow the below suggestions.

1. Check your network bandwidth and upgrade it if possible.
2. Watch online YouTube videos in resolution of 720p or 1080p, 4K not recommended.
3. Shut down YouTube app running on the background when you need to run other apps on iPhone.
4. Frequently clean up caches or cookies on your iPhone.
5. Update YouTube app to the latest version.

YouTube app freezes up iPhone

22. iOS 11 Ruins Your Snapchat

iOS 11 brings several amazing new features like ARkit, peer-to-peer Apple Pay, smarter Siri, etc. Among them, one useful feature you Snapchat users might not like. That is iOS 11 new screen recorder. It lets you easily capture your iPhone screen via the iOS Control Center. Quite convenient, hum?

Unfortunately, some people might use this new feature to capture the photos or videos you share on Snapchat. This bothers you because you and more other Snapchat fans actually don't wanna anyone keep your personal photos. Right now, wait for Snapchat update to solve this iOS 11 update problem or resort to Snapchat alternative for privacy protection.

iOS 11 capture Snapchat picture

23. Camera Not Working

After iOS 11.3 or earlier updates, many a user posts the question on about "iOS 11 causing problems with camera". Most of them hold iPhone 6s and find that the rear camera doesn't work, just a black screen. If this happens to you unfortunately, you can try the below iOS 11 tips:
1. Close camera app in app switcher if you open 3rd party camera app.
2. Shut down your iPhone and reboot it.
3. Check if your iPhone cover or sleeve is covering rear camera lens.
4. Clean dust out of your iOS 11 iPhone by yourself or the Authorized Service Provider.

iOS 11 camera not working

24. Battery Drain Fast on iOS 11 iPhone X/8/6/6s/7/Plus/SE/5s

iOS 11 is supposed to extend iPhone battery life. But many people are crying that the iPhone batteries still drop very fast. Poor battery life is also a long-existing iOS 10 problem. And the problem happens to iOS 11.3 too. The most direct way to fix quick i battery life drain problem is to upgrade to new iPhone X or iPhone 8 with much better and more advanced hardware configuration. Certainly, The below tips for iPhone 8/Plus/7s/7/6s/6/SE/5s can also offer some help to save iPhone battery life, to certain extent.

How to Fix iOS 11 Problems of iPhone Battery Life Drain:
1. Turn off background app refresh and non-essential apps.
2. Set up "Offload Unused App" to auto delete unused apps to save battery.
3. Turn down the brightness of display and enable Low Power Mode on iPhone.
4. Connect to Wi-Fi instead of Celluar Data.
5. Develop good habits: charge iPhone 2-3 hours, use original USB cable, etc.

iOS 11 battery problem

25. iPhone Not Charging After iOS 11 Updates

One headachy iOS 11 problem is the iPhone charging problems. It's reported that almost 1 out of 50 iOS users have encountered the iOS 11 iPhone chagring troubles. They have different symptoms: iPhone has invalid response after being connected to USB cable; iPhone always shows 100% battery; iPhone not charging at all, etc. If you're annoyed by this charging issue, try the below methods:

1. Use your iPhone original USB cable to charge, instead of the low quality one.
2. The stability of charge power supply is key. Check if charge power supply is stable.
3. Try to charge iPhone when there is 20-40% battery left, not 0% battery.
4. Get iPhone discharged down to 0% while iPhone still shows 100%. That's iOS 11 bug. Wait the solution from Apple and update to iOS 11.X later.
5. Check wireless charing problems on iPhone X/8 >>

iOS 11 iPhone charging problem

26. iPhone Keeps Freezing After iOS 11 Update

Last year, you have 72% chance to meet one of the common iOS 10 update problems - iPhone keeps freezing. This year, there stands a good chance to encounter iOS 11 update problem in same aspect. "After update to iOS 11 on my iPhone 7, it suddenly started to freeze every time. It keeps freezing, just impossible to work. seeking any quick solution. any advice would be appreciated." Well, try below if you don't mind:

Simple Solutions to Solve iOS 11 iPhone Freezing Trouble:
1. Hold down the Sleep/Wake button and the Volume down button or Home button until the Apple logo appears to restart your iPhone.
2. Use iTunes to update your iPhone to fix iOS 11 freezing problems, if this won't work, click Restore, which will erase all the settings and content, so backup iOS data first.
3. Downgrade iOS 11.3. No effective solutions available from Apple right now. So earlier iOS is your current best choice.

ios 11 update stuck

27. iPhone Crashes

Many are facing iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 bugs after they upgrade to the new OS. The iPhone gets crashed for several times in a very short time or iOS 11 update bricks iPhone. Most of time it was crashed or the screen became unresponsive when opening photo/camera/Instagram/Flick applications and sending messages etc. Try these methods to fix iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problems.

1. Close the crashed app and open it again.
2. Restart your iPhone and upgrade to iOS 11.3 or newer.
3. Download the latest version of the app from app store.
4. Contact the app developer and ask for some possible solutions.

iOS 11 problems - iPhone crashed

28. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Problems

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth problems continue drop on iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1, like "cannot connect to Wi-Fi", "wrong password", "Wi-fi is connecting". For WiFi problems, we have offered the fixes at the beginning. Also you can follow the tips below to fix Bluetooth and Wi-Fi problems with iOS 11.

To fix iOS 11 Wifi and Bluetooth issues:

1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network settings.
2. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and restart your iPhone.

Problems with iOS 11 wifi

29. iOS 11 Update Problems with iMessage

iMessage/message problem pops up after iOS updating, like Messages gets frozen or crashed, iMessage/message stops working, can't auto delete old conversations to free up storage on iOS 11, etc. Here's how to fix Message app not working issue in iOS 11 on iPhone iPad.

To solve iOS 11 problems in iPhone iMessage:
1. Check if you've connected to network if iMessage not sending.
2. Turn off iMessage and open it again to see if iMessage works.
3. Deactivate iMessage on your old iPhone before you replace the iPhone with a new Android phone.
4. Head to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings to reset all settings.
5. Reboot your iPhone to fix Message crashed/frozen problems.

iOS 11 problems & fixes for iMessage

30. FaceTime Audio not Working

FaceTime group video calls is expected to debut in iOS 11. Support for group FaceTime chats is a great feature, but FaceTime audio not working/connecting problems in iOS 11 can ruin the perfectness. Here are some methods to try when FaceTime is not working on iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1.

1. Update your iPhone or iPad if there's update available. Remember to backup iPhone iPad before updating.
2. Check if you have FaceTime turned on.
3. Check if you've set the iPhone or iPad on mute.
4. Reactivate account and reconnect Wi-Fi if FaceTime is continuously connecting.

iOS 11 upgrade problems

31. Disorder of Apps in Folders

Do you have obsessive-compulsive disorder symptom? If yes, you can't bear this. Some iOS users reflect on Reddit that Apple changes the order of the apps in the folders on iOS 11 devices. And the related picture shows how confusing the sort order becomes. To tackle one of the messy iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problems, you can:

1. Re-arrange the order of your Apps in the folders.
2. Properly create more folders to manage Apps. Not put too many icons into one.
3. Go to "Settings" to reset iOS 11 iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/SE/5s.
4. Needless to use folders if you don't have lots of iPhone apps to organize.

iOS 11 issue

32. Something Wrong with Weather App

Your weather app doesn't run normally, either after iPhone 7/SE/5s/6s/6 updates to iOS 11. The main problem is that Weather app only shows Sunrise, no Sunset. This might not be major. Yet, it does bring inconvenience to you. Do the following:

1. Uninstall weather app and redownload & reinstall weather app or a new version.
2. Head to App Store to download some 3rd party weather apps if built-in apps are not working on your iOS 11 iPhone 7/6s/6/Plus/SE/5s.
3. Resort to Apple Support or Apple forum to seek help from experts or other users.
4. Patiently wait for next iOS version to fix this iOS 11 update problem.

iOS 11 bug

33. Keyboard Bug

We know how painful it is when you communicate with others via iMessage, but you can't type text just because of keyboard bug caused by iOS 11 update. Your downloaded 3rd party apps like SwiftKey or Gboard all become extremely sluggish. That's a really bad user experience. Hope you would feel better after you try these:

1. Close your iPhone to restart your iPhone.
2. Download some other 3rd party keyboard free apps for iOS 11 iPhone.
3. Use WhatsApp or FaceTime to contact your friends or families.
4. Update to latest iOS 11.3 or later to see if it works.

iOS 11 problem with keyboard

34. Apple Watch Not Showing Up on iOS 11 iPhone

It just never ends. The iOS 11 update problem is one after another. Some users sadly find that the latest Apple Watch data can't show up on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 or earlier model any more. For example, iOS 11.3 wifi problems prevent users connecting iPhone and Apple WATCH. The possibility of Apple Watch can be narrowed down to zero. Then, still iOS 11 is the troublemaker.

1. Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10.
2. Go to local Apple Store to seek professional help.
3. Maybe change another Apple Watch to have a try.

iOS 11 problem with Apple Watch

35. APP Slowdowns after iOS 11 Update

Numerous users who have updated to iOS 11 are experience slow app performance, complaining that the many apps take too long to launch, or get stuck and crash in the end. Even on iOS 11.3, there are reports about Notification and Skype crashes.There are vaious temporary fixes from users. Before Apple realeses an official fix, just try the tips below.

Solutions to Fix iOS 11 problems with APP slowdowns
1. Reset iPhone settings: Settings --> General ---> Reset --> Reset All Settings.
2. Restore iPhone iPad and set up the device as new.
3. Backup iPhone iPad and restore them.
4. Hard set the iPhone iPad. /p>

iOS 11 problems with slow apps

36. Minor Problem on iPhone Wallpaper

Actually, this is a minor iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 problem. Some users just wonder why the wallpaper for Lock Screen keeps the same with Home Screen even after they already change them. Needless to explain, iOS 11 bug should take this responsibility. Use the below tips if this does bother you.

1. Update to latest iOS 11.3 or later.
2. Shut down your iPhone and reboot it.
3. Go to Settings to reset iPhone to Factory pattern to have a try.

iOS 11 minor bug

37. 32-bit Apps Become Unavailable on iOS 11 iPhone 7/6s/6/SE/5s

iOS 11 vs iOS 10, Apple plans to end support for 32-bit iOS apps, which might be the first big iOS 11 update problem users are facing. When launching 32-bit apps on iPhone iPad, a message pops up, saying that the developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility. Many 32-bit apps are out of dated, but some are classic, like some best free iPhone games Ocarina and Ridiculous Fishing.

Troubleshoot iOS 11 problems:
In order to run these 32-bit iOS apps, users can do little except to downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10, or choose not to update to iOS 11 to get around the problems. Some developers might update its apps to solve the iOS 11 problems for users.

iOS 11 problem

38. iOS 11 iPhone 6/Plus Users Can't Use ARKit

A big problem with iOS 11 is the latest iOS doesn't support all the models. It only supports iPhone 5s and later, meaning that some old devices like iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S won't have the luck to run iOS 11.

Even though your A8 iPhone 6/Plus can be updated to iOS 11, you still can't take full use of its new features. ARKit is a good example. This AR app has not only high-demanding on software (iOS 11 or above), but also on hardware - your iPhone processor A9 or higher. That means ARkit can only be used on iOS 11 iPhone 6s/Plus or later models. You have to upgrade iPhone 6/Plus to iPhone 8, iPhone X/7s/7/6s/Plus if ARkit has fatal attraction to you.

iOS 11 problems

39. Calculator Working Bad on iOS 11 iPhone X/8/7

It's seemingly weird since there is no iOS update problem for Calculator before. But this time, some iOS 11 iPhone users just play to hard luck. Their calculator has a bad performance when it does the calculation like 2007+2017+567. To solve this iOS 11 update problem, some net friends share certain hidden iOS 11 tips and tricks to fix it.

1. Download and install some useful iPhone manager apps to manage all sorts of apps in a better way.
2. Uninstall this calculator app and reinstall it after you reboot your iPhone.
3. Sync calculator app from other iPhones. Precondition is that calculator works fine.
4. Download 3rd party calculator apps to do the calculation tasks.
5. Upgrade to iOS 11.3 as it will fix the 1+2+3 calculator bugs

iOS 11 calculator not working

40. iPhone 8 Photo Not Uploading to iCloud

iOS 11 new feature on Live Photo enables you to take amazing live photo, along with loop/bounce and more special effects. When you take awesome live photos and wanna upload them to iCloud, something unexpected happens: photo not uploading to iCloud. Well, what's your plan? If no, follow the below iOS 11 hacks and tricks:

1. Go to Settings to check if there is iCloud space available. If no, upgrade space plan.
2. Sign out iCloud account and sign in back later.
3. Reset your Wi-Fi network settings.
4. Transfer iPhone photos to computer > upload photos to iCloud via iCloud website.
5. Other 3rd party iPhone photo managers or cloud storage services (Dropbox, Goolge Drive, etc.) are also good options if iCloud is still not working.

iOS 11 problem

41. iOS 11 New "Password Autofill for Apps" Not Working

The iOS 11 new feature "Password AutoFill for Apps" offers users an easy access to your passwords right from the iOS keyboard when you're on an app's login screen. Just similar to Password Autofill in Safari, it aims to let your iPhone save the complex passwords in a way that is more secure than any other 3rd party password manager or your unsecured places like an Excel spreadsheet or note.

Yet, some iOS 11 users find that the iOS 11 new password autofill for apps doesn't work sometimes. There is no response after clicking on the "key" icon on the keyboard. In such case, you need to quit from the app and shut down the app. Later, re-launch your app to have a try. If nothing happens, shut down your iPhone and restart it. last but not least, instantly update to iOS latest version to fix this iOS 11 bug.

iOS 11 Password autofill for Apps

42. Safari Not Responding after iOS 11 Update

For iPhone users, Safari would be the No.1 choice without any doubt, for it's fast-responding, user-friendly, thoughtful to offer a private browsing mode and bookmarks, etc. That being said, Safari is imperfect, as well. One of the Safari cons is Safari not working after iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 update. If you poor guy also meet such problems, please give a shot on the following iOS 11 tips and tricks to make Safari work.

1. Clean up the cookies or caches on Safari.
2. Check if your network connection is strong enough.
3. Hard reset your iPhone and restart iPhone to try again.
4. Use Chrome or Firefox if there is no miracle.

ios 11 bug on Safari

43. iMessage Can't Backup to iCloud

Apple constantly pursues the better and easier way for users to manage their file data like music, iTunes purchases, photos, etc. As for iMessages, Apple also takes it into consideration. It plans to add the iMessage to iCloud backup feature to its next operating system, not the newly released iOS 11. So if you log into your iCloud account and check there is no iMessage backup, don't be panic. This new feature hasn't arrived yet.

ios 11 problem with iMessage

44. Home Button Becomes Laggy to Wake Up iPhone

Each iOS update means a slowdown to old iPhone. iOS 11 is of no exception. Yet, what makes iPhone users unbearable is that they find iOS 11 even damages iPhone home button. Thus, the home button become very slow to wake up device.

Solutions to Fix iOS 12/11 Problems of Home Button:
1. It might be a problem of time. With the time elapse, it might come back normal.
2. Go to Settings to turn on "Raise to Wake" feature, which will help you avoid from constantly waking up iPhone if you just need to check time and date.
3. Head to Settings to open Notifications for your apps. Thus, you can just view the new message without having to wake up iPhone.
4. Wait for the official solution given by Apple or just update to latest version to fix this iOS 11.3/11.2/11.1 bug.

iPhone home button becomes slow

45. iOS 12/11 Control Center Constantly Pops up When Playing Games

Nothing would be more annoying than playing games on iPhone with constantly disturbing pop-ups of Control Center. That's off-putting. And some of you might want kill Control Center from your iPhone if possible. Yet, you know that's not gonna happen. So to intellectually solve this iOS 11 problem, have a try on the below tips and tricks:

1. Go to Settings > tap Control Center and disable the ability to access Control Center within game apps or other apps you use often.
2. Update to the latest iOS version with better user experience.
3. Downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10 if you think iOS 11 disadvantages are more than advantages.

Control Center bug in iOS 11

46. iOS 11 Speaker Not Working Problem

The speaker button is entirely disappeared. Many users posted on Reddit that speaker phone option is gone after iOS 11 update. "How do you enable speaker on the discord app after the latest update. I use it a lot and the button is no longer there next to the headphone icon on the bottom right." -- Reddit

To fix the iOS 11 speaker phone problem, try to connect some earphones whilst in the Discord app and the screen + button will appear. Then you can remove the earphones.

iOS 11 problem with Speaker

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