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The same model of iPhone 8 or iPhone X devices are made by the same standard (e.g., A11 processor, iOS 17 operating system, battery life, etc.). Yet, no two leaves are identical in the world. What truly makes them special is you, the iPhone 8 owner. When you receive your new iOS 17 iPhone 8, usually, you will change iOS 17 iPhone 8 wallpaper to make it different, for you don't wanna use a featureless iPhone images as the covers from Apple. Believe it or not, your iPhone 8 background stands for your aesthetics, to certain extent. That might explain why you care more about full HD iPhone 8 iOS 17 screensaver than iPhone 8 ringtones.

If you wanna change iPhone 8 or iPhone X wallpaper, you need to download iOS 17 iPhone 8 HD/live/4K covers or create custom iPhone 8 wallpapers on free app. If you have no clues on the iPhone wallpaper sources or idea on how to make iPhone 8 high quality wallpaper by yourself, you can follow the below post to learn a thing or two. BTW, it will also offer your some useful tips on how to resize and make a photo fit your iOS 17 iPhone 8/iPhone X.

transfer wallpapers to Mac

Resize Wallpaper with Photoshop? Transfer Wallpaper to PC

If you wanna zoom/resize wallpapers & photos with Photoshop without losing quality, transfer them to PC first with MacX MediaTrans:

Transfer iPhone 8 photos wallp to PC for resizing in Photoshop no quality loss.
Bulk copy photos, backgrounds back to iPhone X/8 after resizing is over.
Remove iTune DRM, convert M4V to MP4 & transfer iTunes purchases to iPhone 8.
Transfer videos, music, iTunes files, iBooks, ringtone, etc. between iOS and PC.

Part 1 - Where to Download iPhone 8/X Wallpapers (HD/4K/3D Live)

Do you want to change iPhone 8 and iPhone X iOS 17 background with the common-seen photos from Google Images? No, that's not what you want, I guess. You like uniqueness, one of a kind. So to avoid you from using the same iPhone 8 screensaver with your friends, you can consider to download and save iPhone 8 iOS 17 wallpapers full HD/4K/3D live from some unusual iPhone cover sites like Reddit, Pinterest and tumblr. (If you have other interesting iPhone 8 screensavers sites, you're warmly welcomed to share with us on the below comment section.)

online sites to download iPhone 8 wallpapers

Reddit - Reddit is widely known as a discussion website, along with news sharing feature and post submission feature. You can log in, become its member and then communicate with others online in all sorts of topics. On top of these, you can subscribe to iPhone wallpapers/iWallpaper and even share or download iPhone 8 photos, among which most are created by members themselves, full of creation, passion and pleasure. You can even express your own opinion or discuss with others about the interesting full HD iPhone 8/iPhone X backgrounds if you're free.

Pinterest - Download iPhone free app Pinterest and you can directly save iPhone 8 iOS 17 wallpaper in HD, 4K or 3D live from Pinterest on iPhone 8. Better still, this photo sharing service provides you with more options, categories sorted by quotes, vintage, pattern, dark, summer, watercolor, Fall, Disney, Nature, Funny, Cute, Galaxy, etc. after you type the key words n the search bar. You can also quickly figure out which one is the most popular wallpaper for 5.8-inch iPhone 8/Plus the moment you notice the sharing number at the bottom right of the picture. As the World Cup season arrives, you can also free download tons of 2018 FIFA World Cup wallpapers from Pinterest.

Tumblr - For those who'd like to write blogs online, they will be familiar with tumblr, where you can post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. These are the main features of tumblr. Actually, it also has another bonus feature - share iPhone 8 screensavers and free download iPhone 8 wallpapers in full HD or 4K 2160p. Just insert the keywords on its search box and then you can save iPhone 8, iPhone 7 wallpapers uploaded by tumblr users.

Note: the update frequency of these social networking websites is fast. So if you come across a desired image, remember to save and download on your iPhone 8 or computer. Or, it will be soon submerged in the ocean of iOS 17 & iOS 17 wallpapers.

Part 2 - How to Customize HD/4K/Live Wallpapers for iPhone 8/iPhone X

Human beings' biggest potential is creativity. Because of creativity, a group of European pioneers and James Watt create stem engine. Because of creativity, Siemens creates electric generator. Because of creativity, Steve Jobs and his team create iPhone. Because of creativity, you can create new wallpapers for iPhone 8 Plus/8 or iPhone X when you just can't get enough satisfaction from the online already-made iOS 17 iPhone X wallpapers. How to DIY and create unique iPhone 8 backgrounds? Here are some iPhone 8 tips and free apps you can refer to:

take photos as iPhone 8 wallpapers

1. Take Photos as iPhone X/8 Wallpaper

iPhone 8's dual-len camera is specially designed for you to shoot the picture anytime anywhere. If you take an interesting picture, you can just use it as your unique iOS 17 HD/4K/live photos for iPhone 8.

Shoot vertical panoramas as your iPhone 8/X iOS 17 wallpapers or lock screen.
Open panoramas mode on your iPhone 8 camera > Rotate your iPhone 8 into the horizontal position > Follow the arrow to take the picture as you usually do.
Create a background transparent image and use as 4k/HD iPhone 8 screensaver.
Clone yourself several times in one photo. You can use iMovie, Photoshop or other apps like Clone Camera 2.0, Split Clone yourself to clone yourself in a photo.

free apps to create iPhone 8 backgrounds

2. Free Apps to Create Customized Live/HD/4K Wallpapers for iPhone 8/X

The above tips guides you to use iPhone 8 camera to take selfie, scenery pictures, etc. and add some simple effects to the photos so as to make them special iPhone 8 backgrounds. If you plan to make even more interesting HD images for iPhone X/8, there are more free iPhone wallpaper maker apps available for you to help you maximize your imagination and creativity.

Brushstroke App - great tool to turn your iPhone 8 photo into a painting in just one tap. Now with 50 different presets supported, it covers watercolor, acrylic, oil, lead pencil and more for you to choose from.

Wallpaper Maker DIY - this free iPhone wallpaper maker offers you with up to 9 styles like Classic , Cartoon, flower, fresh, Christmas wallpapers, etc. and 500+ frames.

Insta Emoji Photo Editor - we love Emoji. And now we can even add Emojis to our photos to make special high quality HD, 3D live photos for iPhone 8 with this Emoji photo editor. It allows you to use 3200+ emoji images to add to your photos, along with adding text, filters, overlays, frames and more to photos.

The above mentioned apps are borned with different features and missions. Some specialize in helping you clone yourself in one photo; some are designed to let you make your photo a painting; some center on adding Emoji to your photo while others take doodling effects as their feature. As you can see, there are all types of iPhone wallpaper maker apps. But hardly an app is all-sided. If you wanna download several iPhone 8 HD wallpaper maker apps, the first thing you should do is to check if you have enough free space available on your iPhone 8/iPhone X or your older iPhone 6/6s/SE/5s (esp. 16/32GB models).

If, unfortunately, there is no enough space left on your iPhone 8/Plus or older iPhone 6/6s/SE, you can try this solution to free up iPhone space - backup some large-sized files to computer. And MacX MediaTrans is the essential part of the solution: help you bulk transfer and backup 4K videos, HD movies, music songs, iTunes purchases, ringtones, iBooks, podcast, voice memo, etc. from iPhone X/8/Plus/7/6s/6/SE/5s to MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, etc. Thus, you can eventually clean up unneccessary yet large-sized files from iPhone to save enough storage for your wallpaper maker apps downloads and installation.

Part 3 - How to Zoom & Resize iPhone X/8/Plus HD Wallpapers

After you make custom iOS 17 iPhone 8 background, the next step is to use it as HD/4K iPhone 8 wallpaper. However, when you set up your new wallpaper, you might find that the photo is stretching, distorted or even not sized correctly. In such case, you need to resize photos to iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus. Yet, before cropping or resizing HD/4K iPhone 8 screensavers, you need to know what resolution and aspect ratio of iPhone 8/Plus are.

resize iPhone 8 wallpaper

Resolution and Aspect Ratio of iPhone

iPhone 8: 2436x1125; 18:9.
iPhone 8 Plus: 2800 x 1242; 18:9.
iPhone 7/6s/6: 1334x750; 16:9.
iPhone 7 Plus/6s Plus/6 Plus: 1920x1080; 16:9.
iPhone 5/5c/5s: 1136x640; 16:9.
iPhone 4/4s: 960x640; 4:3.

It's high time to change aspect ratio of iPhone 8 photos and resize photo to iPhone 8 right size after knowing iPhone 8 resolution and aspect ratio. You can try on FitWallp, whose primary funtion is to let you free resize images to perfectly fit iPhone 8/iPhone X wallpaper. The whole process is easy peasy.

Step 1: Pick out the picture from camera roll on your iPhone 8 or iPhone X.
Step 2: Freely adjust the position of the image by pinch and drag.
Step 3: Export and save the resized photos to camera roll.
Step 4: Head to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > select resized image.

You may also need MacX Video Converter Pro, whose ability allows you to make a photo slideshow video with these 4K Ultra HD live iPhone 8 photos with customized music you add to for your family gathering, anniversary event or other special events use. Also used to convert, download, record & edit video.

MacX MediaTrans - Transfer iPhone 8 Photos & Free Up iOS Space

Top iPhone manager enables you to bulk transfer photos, music, video, iTunes purchases, ringtones, iBooks from iPhone to Mac/PC and vice versa. Thus, you can resize iPhone wallpaper in Photoshop no quality loss. Also delete files to free up space for downloading iPhone wallpaper maker apps.

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