iPhone Management

Best iPad iPhone Manager for Mac

One-Stop Solution for iPhone iPad Management

An all-around iPhone management tool supports to manage, backup photos from iPhone to Mac, and transfer music, videos between iPhone XS/X/8 or every iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac.

iPhone Problems and Troubleshooting Steps

Here you can know the latest information, including iPhone XS/XS Max/XR pros, cons, specs, features and iPhone update tips & FAQs and more as well as how to transfer photos, videos and music from iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6/SE to Mac/PC and vice versa, the solutions of iPhone management, the all-round iPhone to Mac transfer tools, or anything else involved in iPhone tips, troubleshootings, apps, etc.
iPhone No Sound on Videos, Music, Apps or Calls? 10 Ways to Fix It!

Have you ever met a situation that no sound on your iPhone when playing videos, listening to music, playing games, calling etc? Never mind. You can fix iPhone no sound problem easily with the following 10 tips.

iPhone Ringtones Not Working after iOS Update? Here Are Fixes!

If you're missing important calls and messages because of iPhone ringtones not working, don't worry. The solutions can be simple. This post will show you how to fix it, and even guide you how to transfer your favorite songs from computer to iPhone as ringtone.

iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9, Who Wins This Time?

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S9, who's the winner? Samsung Galaxy S9 has better display and camera, iPhone X wins in terms of camera and Face ID. Click to check more detailed review.

Apple New iPhone XS/XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy S9

The war begins. Apple new iPhone XS/XS Max vs Samsung flagship phone Galaxy S9, who will win?

iPhone XS vs iPhone 8, Should You Upgrade to the New iPhone?

Should you buy the new iPhone XS? We compare iPhone XS vs iPhone 8 design, display, battery, camera, features, performance, price and more.

Apple's New iPhone XS/XS Max Pros and Cons Round-up

Apple's new flagship iPhone 9 is coming! Here's our list of possible advantages and disadvantages of the new iPhone XS/XS Max.

New iPhone XS Problems and Must-known Solutions

All the latest iPhone XS problems, including Face ID not working, unresponsive touch screen, buzzing speaker and more that prevent new iPhone XS from working normally are here. Solutions and tips from users' feedbacks will be updated.

[Updated] Top iPhone X Tips, Tricks and Guides

You need iPhone X tips and tricks to guide you how to set up Face ID, how to use TrueDepth camera for Augmented Reality, etc. Plus, more iPhone X hidden tips and hacks for you to use buttonless iPhone X on iOS 11.

iPhone X Pros and Cons - 30 Strengths and Weaknesses of iPhone X You Never Know

The post includes top 30 iPhone X pros and cons you don't know when you are hesitate to buy or not buy the 10th anniversary iPhone. All about iPhone X/8 disadvantages, weaknesses, limits and errors.

15 Annoying iPhone X Problems, and How to Fix Them

Collects the most common iPhone X problems, bugs and glitches. All-around fixes to the biggest complaints, issues and annoyances iPhone X owners might experience.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 Comparison on Full Specifications

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 (Plus) comparison on displays, batteries, performances, prices, full specs will tell you how will iPhone X defeat Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus, Which Should You Buy

Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. iPhone X vs iPhone 8 (Plus), what are the similarities and differences? In this post, we'll compare iPhone X and iPhone 8/Plus in aspects of price, features and specs etc.

[iPhone X] How to Set up Face ID on iPhone X

Learn how to set up Face ID on iPhone X for easier and safer iPhone unblock, Apple pay, iTunes & App store, and Safari Autofill.

[iPhone X Tips] How to Fix Face ID Not Working on iPhone X

Face ID not working on iPhone X? First, make sure that you have iPhone Unblock enabled. Follow our troubleshooting tips and fix iPhone X Face ID not working problems.

[iPhone X] Wireless Charging Not Working on iPhone X/ iPhone 8/Plus Fixed

Wireless charging not working on iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Plus like charging paused repeatedly, overheating, slow charging, or AirPower not working etc? Find a fix here.

How to Make Ringtones for iPhone X from Any Songs

Face it, no one want to pay for ringtone, especially when you have the whole song. So follow this quick guide to make ringtones for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/6/6S/SE/5 etc. even if iTunes fails to customize ringtones for iPhone.

iPhone 8 Update Tips - Solve iPhone 8 Update Problems

When upgrading to iPhone 8, you need to face dozens of iPhone 8 update problems like files backup, files transfer, iPhone 8 activation, iOS 11 bugs, etc. No worries! This article gives you some useful iPhone 8 update tips to solve iPhone 8 iOS 11 update problems.

iOS 11 Update Problems and How to Fix These iOS 11 Issues

Here's a roundup of iOS 11 problems, like iOS 11 update failed problems, battery life issues, slow iOS 11 problems, app crashes bugs etc. and how to fix these iOS 11 update problems.

Solved: How to Fix Unexpected iOS 11.3 Update Problems

iOS 11.3 releases with a great many impressive new features, but unexpected problems as well. Never mind. Here's how to install iOS 11.3 without any error on iPhone iPad devices.

How to Speed Up iOS 11 & Make iPhone 8/7s/7/6s/6 Faster

iPhone 8 is running slowly? Use these tips to speed up iOS 11 iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7s/7/6s/6/SE/5s, iPads to make iPhone faster than ever.

iOS 11 Download Stuck? Try These Top 10 Tips and Tricks

There are many reasons why you can't download iOS 11. You'll run into iOS 11 download stuck issue if your iPhone iPad don't have enough storage, or battery, or good wifi connection. Follow our top 10 tips to solve iOS 11 download stuck problem.

iOS 11 Update Bricks iPhone? Try These Simple Ways

iOS 11 update bricks iPhone? We've got the iOS 11 update bricking iPhone, iPhone not usable problems fixed. Read our top 4 easy ways to unbrick your bricked iPhone after iOS 11 update.

How to Transfer Data to iPhone X from Old iPhones or Android Gadgets

Wanna transfer data from your old phones to new released iPhone X? This post shares easy but effective ways to transfer data to iPhone X, not only from iPhone 6S/SE/6/5S/5C but also Sony Xperia, Xiaomi, Moto X, OnePlus X Android gadgets.

iPhone Storage Options: Make Space on Your 32GB/64GB iPhone 8

Even if Apple has finally done away with the 16GB storage model, the 32GB iPhone seems still not enough for Apple users. How about iPhone 8 storage option, continuing with 32GB or 64GB storage? Not sure yet. But you can manage iPhone storage to make space on your 32GB/64GB iPhone 8.

Top Solutions that Make You Download YouTube to iPhone X Free

To free download YouTube video to iPhone X, 2 must-follow solutions you can't miss: download YouTube to iPhone X via free app and download YouTube on Mac/PC and copy to iPhone X to watch YouTube on iPhone X offline.

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS 11 Over iOS 10

iOS 11 vs iOS 10 comparison guide shows you the detailed advantages and disadvantages of iOS 11 in all aspects including performance, new features, battery life and more.

You Can't Improve iPhone 8 Battery Life If Don't do These

Follow this guide, you can see to save iPhone 8 battery life is not so hard. But the precondition is that you need to learn tips to maximize battery life on iPhone 8 iOS 11.

How to Transfer Data to New iPhone 8 from iPhone 7/6S/SE/Android/Windows Safely

Ways on transferring data to new iPhone 8/Plus from old iPhone 7/6S/SE, Android and Windows phones safely (contacts, messages, photos, calendars etc all incl.) will ensure no data loss and avoid any stuck problem.

How to Fast Restore iPhone 8/7/6s/6/5s from iCloud Backup without Reset

How long does it take to restore iCloud backup to iPhone 8/7/Plus/6/5s? Why does iPhone restore from iCloud take forever?... Here comes the solution to let you restore iPhone from iCloud backup without reset and time consuming.

iPhone 8 Stuck in Recovery Mode? 10 Seconds to Get iPhone out of Trouble

iPhone Problem again! Can't solve iPhone stuck in recovery mode problem? Well, stay here, this article will give you the effective solution to get iPhone out of recovery mode and restore data to iPhone 8/7/6s/Plus/6/SE/5s.

Best Free Movie Apps for iPhone 8/Plus to Stream and Download Free Movies

How to watch free movies on iPhone 8/Plus without paying? List of best free movie apps for iPhone 8 (iOS 11) will allow you to stream and download HD free movies for iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone 7/Plus/6S/SE etc without cost.

How to Set up and Activate New iPhone 8 |Complete iPhone 8 Setup Tutorials

Face with a lot of problems when and after you set up your new iPhone 8/7/7 Plus/6S/6/5, such as data loss? Hold on, follow the tutorial about how to activate new iPhone 8 and backup your data before iPhone 8 setup.

How to Soft/Hard Reset iPhone 8 to Factory Setting or Put iPhone 8 into DFU Mode

This is a tutorial about how to reset iPhone 8/7/6S/6/5S in ways of soft reset, factory settings and DFU mode to get your phone back to work if it is malfunctioning, crashed, locked, etc.

How to Backup & Restore Files to iPhone 8 from Old iPhone Android

Spend 1 min to learn how to backup files to iPhone 8/Plus iOS 11 from old iPhone 5s/6/6s/7/Plus, Android devices or your computer.

[Fixed] How to Solve iPhone Won't Restore Problems

Have you ever encountered iPhone won't restore issue such as iTunes cannot recognize iPhone in recovery mode, failed restoration after iOS 10.3.2/iOS 11 update, jailbreak or generic errors? Don't worry. This article will fix all kinds of iPhone won't restore problems.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11 on iPhone (8/7), iPad or iPod

Here's how to jailbreak iOS 11 on iPhone (8/7), iPad or iPad using Pangu or Yalu Jailbreak, together with pros and cons of jailbreaking iOS 11, most downloaded iOS 11 jailbreak tools.

[Solved] iPhone Black Screen Problem Fixed Instantly

iPhone screen is black but it still works? Home and volume down button method will fix most iPhoen black screen problem. Beyond that, all causes and fixes to iPhone screen went black errors are here.

Best Free Music Apps for iPhone to Download Music Freely

Still listen to music on iPhone over data or Wi-Fi? Best free music download apps for iPhone (7/6s/se/6) will save your data traffic by free download music, mp3, songs, albums for you to listen to music on iPhone offline without internet.

10 Best Free iPhone Ringtong Apps to Download/Make Ringtones for iPhone

The top 10 list of best ringtone apps for iPhone are gathered for you to download free ringtones for iPhone, make and add ringtones to iPhone in an easy and free way, with no bother of ads.

Download, Create & Resize iOS 11 iPhone 8 Wallpapers 4K HD

Where to download the best iOS 11 iPhone 8 wallpapers HD/4K? Any apps to let you create custom iPhone 8 screensavers? How to zoom or resize wallpapers for iPhone 8? Find your answer here.

Best Free iOS 11 Apps That Ain't Just for iPhone 8

Update to iOS 11 or upgrade to iPhone 8/Plus? Then you need to download and install best free iOS 11 apps on your iPhone 8/Plus/7s/7/6s/6/SE/5s, for iOS 11 doesn't support 32-bit apps any more.

Fix iPhone Won't Update Apps after iOS 11 Update

You hate to see your iPhone apps won't update, download or install after iOS 11 update. Why iOS 11 won't update apps? Here gives you the reasons and solutions to fix this iOS 11 update problem.

Fix iPhoto Not Recognizing iPhone 8/Edition/7/6

Your iPhone not showing up in iPhoto? iPhoto doesn't recognize iPhone 8? Why and how? Here comes the solutions to fix iPhoto won't detect iPhone problem.

Fix Bluetooth Not Working/Connecting on iPhone iPad in iOS 11

If your iPhone won't connect to Bluetooth or iPhone Bluetooth not finding devices after iOS 11/10 upgrade, just calm down. Here are workarounds to fix iPhone Bluetooth not working problem and get your Bluetooth accessory paired or connected to your iOS device.

Problem with iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working after iOS Update - Why & How to Fix

The most effective steps to fix iPhone Wi-Fi problems in iOS 11/10 such as iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi, iPhone Wi-Fi keeps dropping, slow Wi-Fi speed, iPhone won't join networking, etc.

Problem with iPhone Wi-Fi Not Working after iOS Update - Why & How to Fix

The most effective steps to fix iPhone Wi-Fi problems in iOS 11/10 such as iPhone not connecting to Wi-Fi, iPhone Wi-Fi keeps dropping, slow Wi-Fi speed, iPhone won't join networking, etc.

iPhone vs Android: Which is Better to Be Your Next Smartphone?

iPhone or Android, it's always a big question every time mobile users plan to buy a smartphone. Which is better, iPhone or Android? No answer. In this article, we will bring you a complete comparison between iPhone iOS and Android to help you make a wise decision.

Latest News on the Best Phone Out Right Now

2017 best phone out right now list have the latest iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus, Galaxy Note 8, S8/Plus, Huaiwei Mate 10 and other biggest phones. Reviews on prices, displays, cameras, processors, full specs help you decide what the cell phone to buy on the market is.

How to Solve iOS 11/10 Stuck on Verifying Update on iPhone iPad

If your iPhone stuck on verifying update when updating to iOS 10/11, you can get the quick fixes here and update your iPhone to iOS 11 without verifying update stuck error.

iOS 11 Screen Recording Not Working? Here Are People Doing it Right

iOS 11 screen recording doesn't work on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or iPhone 7/6s/6/5s? Calm down. Here are the solutions from people who hate this iOS 11 screen recording not working problems.

iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo after iOS 11 Upgrade? Here's the Fixes

iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen during startup happens after iOS 11 update, iPhone iPad jealbreaking or a software crash. Follow the steps to fix the iPhone problem and get iPhone rebooted without Apple logo stuck error.

How to Fix iOS 10/11 Software Updated Failed Error on iPhone iPad

The post centers on the fixes to Software Update Failed, unable to install update error when installing the latest iOS 11/10/9/8. Update your iPhone iPad to the least iOS version without any installation failure problem.

[HEIC to JPG] Top 4 Ways to Convert HEIC Images to JPG Easily

You have several ways to convert HEIC to JPG on iPhone iPad with iOS 11. You can set iPhone iPad to Automatic under Transfer Mac or PC, convert HEIC to JPG by email, or using free online HEIC to JPG converter etc.

iOS 11 Tips: How to Use New File Manager in iOS 11 iPhone iPad

This post guides you to easily use New Files app in iOS 11 to better manage and organize files in one place on your iPhone X, iPhone 8/Plus, iPhone 7/6s.

[Fixed] Safari Not Working/Frozen/Stuck/Crashes on iPhone iPad

Safari crashes and freezes often, slowdowns, won't open links or shut down on iPhone iPad after iOS 11 update? Here are all the fixes to Safari not working on iPhone iPad.

[Fixed] iPhone Stuck on Slide to Upgrade during iOS 11 Update

iPhone gets stuck on Slide to Upgrade screen for hours and won't update to iOS 11. The painful frozen slide to upgrade loop is fixed with solutions here.

[Fixed] iPhone Keeps Restarting after Update to iOS 11

iPhone stuck on Apple logo screen during startup happens after iOS 11 update, iPhone iPad jealbreaking or a software crash. Follow the steps to fix the iPhone problem and get iPhone rebooted without Apple logo stuck error.

WhatsApp Not Working on iPhone Problem Fixed

WhatsApp just stops working on your iPhone during video chat? WhatsApp crashes on iPhone after iOS 11 update? Try these solutions to solve WhatsApp not working on iPhone X/8/7/6s/6/5s problem.

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