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How to Download Music from SoundCloud for Android Playback

SoundCloud is a music database where you can stream, record, upload and even download music for free. Thus it gradually becomes the top choice for people to rip music from SoundCloud so that they can replay songs offline on Android devices any time and anywhere.

There are various ways to save SoundCloud songs, namely by SoundCloud App for Android/iOS, music downloader software, online SoundCloud services, SoundCloud music recorder to download music and so on. But for Android users, they would like to choose SoundCloud App for SoundCloud free music or save SoundCloud music to their mobile devices from computer. Now let's have a explicit steps for how to download songs tracks from SoundCloud on mobile devices and Mac/PC.

SoundCloud Music Download
SoundCloud Music Download

Best Music Downloader to Download Music from SoundCloud

Professional music downloader and converter to save music from SoundCloud, Pandora, YouTube, Vevo etc. in AAC, MP3, FLAC, MP4, 720P, 1080P HD without quality losss in a super fast speed, up to 5x faster than normal software.

SoundCloud App for Android/iOS to Download Music on Android Devices

I bet the the phones from vast majority of people has installed SoundCloud app no matter the iOS or Android users because of the convenience of the free music service. Of course we choose to stream SoundCloud music for listening when there is a well-connected network or WIFI. But what if you have no network?

Soundcloud downloader for mac - macx video converter pro
Soundcloud downloader for mac - macx video converter pro

Transferring music from SoundCloud on your Android phone is always on the safe side for limitless playback. A short guide is given to help you download songs from the SoundCloud application to your Android device:

  1. The foremost thing is to install SoundCloud app to your iOS or Android devices. You will be able to find it on Apple, Google Play or Amazon App stores.
  2. Then, open SoundCloud and search for the songs you want. Click to listen to the song until the whole song is streamed.
  3. Go to File Manager and set like this: Data > com.soundcloud.android > Files > Stream > Complete > copy the streamed song.
  4. Then go back and find the Music file where to paste the song just now. Rename the song as you like but end with *.mp3 extension.
  5. Finally you get SoundCloud MP3 music free download on your Android and you are able to choose a music player to enjoy it limitlessly.

>> Get SoundCloud App for Android

SoundCloud Music Downloader Software to Download Music to Android

If you haven't get full understanding of it, you can get music from SoundCloud with Mac/PC and then save to Android mobiles. The SoundCloud Downloader of Mac/Windows can be various but only parts of them are legal and safe enough to rip all songs from SoundCloud. MacX Video Converter Pro is the one working on a roll for SoundCloud tracks in an ultra-fast speed and slightest quality loss. Besides, other than free downloading SoundCloud mp3 music, it also available to save videos, movies, MVs in MP4, MOV, FLV, 720P, 1080P HD etc. from more than 300 sites like YouTube, Vevo, Facebook, Myspace and so on.

Easy Steps to Download Music from SoundCloud

Step 1: Get the SoundCloud music downloader and launch it. Click "YouTube" and later "Add Links" button to get ready. Click "Paste & Analyze" button to detect the music URL copied from SoundCloud.

Download Music from SoundCloud
Download Music from SoundCloud

Step 2:Choose MP3 (AAC, FLAC etc.) as the output format for your song.

Step 3: Specify the output folder path to save the music from SoundCloud.

Step 4: Hit "Download Now" to start the short music process.