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MacX DVD Ripper Pro Expands Mobile Device Support to the Latest Android Smartphones and Tablets

July 15th, 2014

MacXDVD today announces it has completed the latest update to its world-renown MacX DVD Ripper Pro targeting the newest Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, Amazon Fire Phone, HTC One M8, Chromecast, Surface Pro 3 and more fresh devices. Upon the major update, the DVD ripper for Mac now shines a light on a flawless device support in ways that customers can seamlessly rip DVDs for playback on the latest mobile devices.

MacXDVD Software today nails down the latest version of its award-winning MacX DVD Ripper Pro V4.5.3 which is now awash with 20 more new profiles, in addition to the original 350+ in the past. By courtesy of the major update, it is evolved as one of the most up-to-date DVD ripper for Mac to date. Hence, mobile users will have a smooth DVD converting process even in the event they hold the latest mobile devices like new Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, Amazon Fire Phone, HTC One M8, Chromecast, Surface Pro 3, etc.

For anyone looking forward to enjoy the unrivalled improvement, feel free to download the latest DVD ripper for Mac.

Mobile devices offer a whole host of multimedia and entertainment options. Each time there is a newly emerged device, it will spawn a considerable demand for a timely entertainment-based application among mobile users. Continuing its commitment to deliver full turn-key solutions for customer's multimedia enjoyment demands, MacXDVD takes the lead in expanding mobile device support to MacX DVD Ripper Pro. So far the updated Mac DVD ripper is armed with altogether 376 device profiles, providing users the easiest solution to rip DVDs to whatever phones and tablets, including the newly released iPhone 5S/5C, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy S5 mini, Amazon Fire Phone, HTC One M8, Chromecast, Surface Pro 3, Fujitsu, Aquos, etc.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is an anything-but-ordinary DVD ripper for Mac which is awash with an awesome DVD backup feature and an excellent movie editing function. It can easily copy both old and new DVDs published by Disney, Sony, Warner Bros or Paramount, etc for personal use. What's more, this DVD ripper also salvages Mac users from the plight of DVD format restriction, offering the fastest solution to rip DVDs to MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, FLV, MPEG, and so forth for playback on the latest mobiles and tablets without compromising quality. Its robust editing feature aids customers to clip segments, crop frame size, attach external language subtitles, etc with a single click of the button.

"The burgeoning growth of mobile devices makes it more of a challenge for companies to create avant-garde contents that can meet customers' diversified demands." Remarked Jack, CEO of MacXDVD Software. "Proudly, we always keep abreast with the latest mobile trends, continuing to be the industry leader in the multimedia software field and ready for fulfilling customers' one-stop DVD conversion needs."

Pricing and Availability

The retail price of MacX DVD Ripper Pro is $59.95. Existing users can update to the latest DVD ripper for Mac without spending a dime. But new comers can shop for the full-version of the program at the floor price $29.95 to enjoy the new features by taking advantages of the 2014 summer promotion.

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