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Best DVD Ripper for Mac - Rip Copy-Protected DVD to MP4 MOV etc on Mac/PC

People's resort to DVD ripping on Mac or PC is usually derived from the needs, either for protection against scratch or damage, or for convenient playback on mobile devices, wherever whenever. For whatever reasons, you will find the best solutions for doing pretty much anything with your DVD copy/rip needs, from the highly-recommended Windows/Mac DVD ripper software, to the easiest ways to rip DVD to Mac MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, MP3 and others, or to convert DVD to fit iPhone iPad Android, etc.

Here is an overview of MacX DVD Ripper, HandBrake, and Mac The Ripper, with which you can better know how they work for DVD ripping on Mac.

Tutorial to Rip DVD to MP4 on Mac >>

Learn how to convert and rip DVD to MP4 for playing on iPhone, iPad, Android.

Handbrake tutorial to rip DVD Mac >>

This guide shares the tutorial to rip DVD on Mac with Handbrake.

Rip Protected DVD Movies >>

Follow the guide to rip protected DVDs with top free DVD ripper.

Copy Protected DVD with Mac DVD Copy Software

Hanker for DVD copy software for Mac to make backup copies of your DVD collection? The roundup of top 3 DVD copiers for Mac (10.12 included) will illustrate various copy options, pros and cons before you free download it and copy DVD on your Mac OS X.

How to 1:1 Copy and Transfer DVD to USB Flash Drive

To transfer unprotected DVD to USB is easy. Yet, to transfer protected DVD to USB drive is a hard core to crack. Luckily, this DVD ripper can help you rip DVD and transfer DVD to USB without any encryption trouble.

What is Cinavia Protection and How to Remove Cinavia

Cinavia workaround: it tells you what is Cinavia protection, show you the list of Cinavia protected movies and how to bypass Cinavia protection on DVD and Blu Ray.

The 2017 Best Hollywood Movies List

This is the complete list of 2017 best new Hollywood movies, including the latest movies in 2017, best Disney movies 2016 to 2017, the award winning films and soundtracks and guide to download Hollywood movies for free.

How to Rip a DVD on a Mac with Ease

Mac users can follow the tutorial about how to rip a DVD on a Mac and digitize the copy-protected DVDs into MP4, MOV, AVI and other formats without glitch.

Review of Top 10 Free DVD Copy Software

Top free DVD copy software review includes DVD copy freeware and DVD burning software for Windows (10/8/7) and Mac OS (macOS Sierra/El Capitan/Yosemite) to make a digital backup of DVD movies with high quality.

DVD Shrink for Mac - Copy and Rip DVD on Mac

If you have something wrong with DVD Shrink for Mac, you can turn to DVDShrink alternative to copy and rip DVD without effort.

Best DVD Ripper for Mac Review

The review page picks out 5 best DVD rippers for Mac users to enjoy a stable and fast DVD ripping to MP4, MOV, AVI, etc on macOS, along with full comparison on speed, easiness, quality and DVD decryption.

Add/Rip/Import DVD to iTunes Library Free

How to free import DVD to iTunes so as to play on iPad iPhone? This guide shows you the tutorial to rip/add DVD to iTunes supported formats and freely import them to iTunes library with metadata, so that you can transfer DVD movies to iPad iPhone with no problem.

Copy and Rip DVD to Hard Drive on Mac

How to copy and rip DVD movies to hard drive on Mac computer? This guide will present you an easy method to backup and convert your DVD to external hard drive on Mac OS X. Just four steps, you can finish ripping DVD to hard drive disc with no troubles.

Three Solutions to Rip and Transfer DVD to iPad without Using iTunes

Transferring DVD to iPad is time-consuming: step 1 rip DVD to iPad supported formats; step 2 free up iPad space for DVD movies; step 3 transfer DVD to iPad with iPad transfer tool. All these steps need lots of time, cuz DVD movies range from 4-8.5 GB in size. Good news is that there is a super fast DVD to iPad ripper, 5 mins to copy DVD to iPad.

Handbrake Tutorial: Rip DVD to MKV with Handbrake

This is the Handbrake tutorial about how to free convert DVD to MKV with all videos/audios/subtitles reserved using Handbrake. Plus, an alternative to Handbrake that can deal with copy protected DVD to MKV/MP4/AVI/MOV conversion is introduced.

Rip Protected DVD Movies with Top Free DVD Rippers

Cannot rip protected DVDs like new release Hacksaw Ridge with top free DVD ripper and get annoyed with DVD rip errors, e.g. no title found, I/O error, etc? Here're fixes about how to copy protected DVD to Windows or Mac hard drive and rip copyrighted DVDs to MP4, AVI, MKV, etc without DVD copy protection error.

Best Free DVD Converter for Mac

Handbrake aside, you can download another top free DVD converter for Mac to rip and convert copy protected DVD to MP4, MOV, iTunes ProRes, Apple TV, MP3, etc. after auto removing CSS, Disney X-project DRM, Sony ARccOS, Region Code, etc. DVD encryption tech.

Play DVD from Mac to Apple TV

Your problem is: play DVD on Apple TV via Mac's AirPlay but the Apple TV screen is grey? How to stream DVD to Apple TV for successful watching? Solutions are easy peasy.

How to Rip ISO to MKV on Windows/Mac

If you want to rip ISO to MKV on your Windows or Mac computer and keep all audio and subtitles, you are in the right page. This article share you a good ISO to MKV converter and tell you how to convert the ISO to MKV without losing quality.

How to Rip and Convert DVD Audio to MP3

Want to rip and convert DVD audio to MP3 for playback on your portable devices? This guide will show you how to free extract DVD music to MP3, AAC, AC3 on Mac by using the best free DVD audio ripper for Mac (El Capitan/macOS Sierra).

What to Do when MacX DVD Ripper Pro Won't Rip DVD

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is not ripping entire movie, won't open, keep crashing or other problems? Official fixes to all the MacX DVD Ripper Pro not working problems are all here.

What Is DVD, DVD Copy Protections, and DVD Backup/Rip/Burn Tips

What is DVD? Full explanation on DVD formats, storage, DVD vs Blur-ray comparison, DVD copy protections, top DVD rentals and new movie releases. Just learn how to rip, copy and burn DVDs on Mac and PC with ease.

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Best DVD Ripper for Mac/PC

Cut the cord of DVD copy protections and rip protected DVDs to MP4 AVI on Mac and Windows using the best DVD ripper.

Recommended Product
World's Easiest DVD Ripper Mac

No.1 fast to rip DVD to MP4 MOV AVI etc for any device, without hassle.

More Topics about DVD Ripping

Fast Convert UHD/HD/SD Videos with Ultimate Video Converter for Mac

This is the sector all about your videos, where you can find in-depth review of the popular Mac video converter software, instructions about how to convert videos among various formats to fit your individual needs, like MKV to MP4, WMV to MOV, YouTube to MP4 MP3, MKV to AVI, MTS to MP4, FLV to MOV, etc, guides to some of video converter's lesser-known features like compressing 4k videos, reducing MP4 file format, etc. All these tips will turbocharge your video workflow.

Here is a list of the top free Mac video converter for you to convert among 4K HD and SD videos on Mac OS.

Convert MKV to MP4 on Mac OS X

Wanna convert MKV to MP4 on Mac? While get a good MKV converter for Mac.

Compress & Reduce MP4 File Size >>

Best MP4 compressor to reduce MP4 file size for uploading.

Video Converter for Mac Review >>

Review of 2017 best Mac video converter software with top speed and quality.

HD Video Converter: Convert HD 1080p/720p Video

The HD video converter helps easily convert HD video formats such as AVCHD, MTS, M2TS, MKV, MOD, and other HD files in 1080p/720p and even 4K videos with no quality loss.

MOV Converter - All about MOV Video Conversion to/from MP4 AVI WMV on Mac/PC

The MOV converter page includes guides to convert AVI, WMV, MP4, YouTube videos to MOV for Mac QuickTime, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, etc, and transcode MOV to popular formats for uses on Windows platform or YouTube.

Top Free MP4 Converter Mac

This guide shows you how to free convert video to MP4 with best free MP4 converter Mac. Though you're stuck using Handbrake to convert MKV to MP4, video audio out of sync, or use Any Video Converter Free to convert MOV to MP4 with watermark, you can use this top MP4 converter freeware to convert video to MP4 on Mac.

What Is MP4 - MP4 Video Format Definition, Advantages, Comparison and Usages

This page is all about MP4 format, incl. what is MP4 video format, advantages and disadvantages of MP4 over MKV, AVI, MP3, etc, what programs can open MP4 files, as well as the solutions about how to download MP4 videos, convert, edit and play MP4 with ease.

Convert Video to H.264 on Windows/Mac

This tutorial will illustrate you how to convert video to H264 with the perfect H264 video converter.

2016 - 2017 Best Mac Video Converters Review

In the best Mac video converters review of 2016-2017, you can find your answer and get your video converted easily with fast speed and high quality.

Best H.265|HEVC Converter for Mac/Win

The highest quality h.265/HEVC converter is shared here to help you convert H.265/HEVC to H.264, MP4, MPEG 4 etc. or convert H.264 to H.265 in a fast speed.

How to Capture Streaming Video on Mac

If you are eager to capture streaming video on Mac for offline playback, you can count on a video downloader or a video recorder to do your favor. Here this article helps to save streaming videos on Mac by recording streaming video or downloading video from YouTube easily.

Convert HEVC/H.265 MKV to MP4 on Mac/Windows

Desire to watch your HEVC/H.265 codec videos on the go? Free download the best HEVC to MP4 converter to convert HEVC/H265 MKV to MP4 at ease, so as to play HEVC videos on your iPhone 8/7/6S/SE/5, iPad mini/Pro, Galaxy S8/Note 7, Huawei etc.

Free Convert MKV to AVI on Mac

If you are in a hurry to convert MKV to AVI on Mac (El Capitan and macOS Sierra), MacX Free MKV Video Converter provides you best solution to free convert MKV files to AVI format with ease.

How to Convert URL to MP4 Easily

Wonder how to convert URL to MP4 on Mac to enjoy on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android? Here MacX Video Converter Pro provides an easy solution to download URL videos from various popular sites like YouTube and convert URL to MP4 as well as various other formats like MOV, AVI, FLV, etc with excellent quality.

Convert MP4 to MPG on Mac/PC Flawlessly

This MP4 to MPG guide centers on how to easily and fast convert MP4 to MPG/MPEG on Mac/PC with the best MP4 to MPG converter for free playback on any devices that only support MPG files.

Download 8K Video Converter to Convert 8K Video

Best 8K video converter is gathered to convert 8K Full UHD videos clips to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, 1080P, 4K, 720P, iPhone 7/6 Plus, iPad Samsung Android and more, also to compress 8K videos movies with zero quality loss.

What is 8K? 8K TV Really Better than IMAX?

What is 8K? Superior to 4K 2K and full HD? Is it true 8K TV better than IMAX? All the answers are here, read on and know all about 8K resolution.

Free Convert VOB Files to MP4 on Mac

This tutorial centers on how to convert VOB file to MP4 format on Mac OS with the help of a free VOB to MP4 converter, such that you can widen your usage of VOB files and make them playable on iPhone iPad Android on the go.

Best Free MOV to MP4 Converter

Best MOV to MP4 converters are here for u to convert MOV to MP4 on Mac and Windows with professional MOV to MP4 converter software, VLC, or quicktime player, etc. without losing quality

Freely Convert AVI to MP4 on Mac

Put up with the failure to import AVI file to Mac iPhone iPad? The AVI to MP4 guide shows you both paid and free solutions to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac OS, so that you can play AVI video on MP4-readable QuickTime player, iPhone, iPad, etc on the go.

Top WMV Player Mac to Easily Play WMV Files

Looking for WMV player Mac to play WMV files on Mac? This guide introduces you top useful & functional Mac WMV players to play WMV files on Mac with ease as well as how to convert WMV to MOV/MP4 to be compatible with Mac.

How to Play MP4 on macOS (Sierra incl.)

How to play MP4 files on MacBook Pro/Air/iMac when Quicktime can't play MP4 on macOS? Check the detailed analysis on why mp4 not playing on Mac and methods to play MP4 on macOS (Sierra/El Capitan etc.).

Use VLC to Free Convert AVI to MP4

Using VLC to convert AVI to MP4 is the best solution? I doubt that. Cuz VLC player consumes too much to free convert AVI to MP4 on PC and Mac. If you care about AVI conversion speed, you can consider VLC alternative.

Top 10 Free Screen Recorder for Mac

Want to make screen grabs on your Mac? Free screen recorder for Mac can be the solid choice for Mac screen recording. This article will show you top 10 best free Mac screen recorders to for tutorial, gameplay video, product demonstration capturing on Mac OS.

Free MTS Video Converter for Mac

Feel anxious to find a free MTS video converter to convert MTS files on Mac (macOS Sierra)? Best free M2TS Video Converter is recommended to you to convert MTS to MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, YouTube, iMovie, iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc easily for enjoyment.

[MOV to WMV] Convert QuickTime MOV to WMV

Convert MOV to WMV quickly and easily, just load MOV file, choose WMV as output and start processing. We'll guide you through the basic steps of converting QuickTime MOV to WMV on Windows or macOS.

[MOV to MPEG] Convert MOV to MPEG on macOS or Windows

It's easy to convert MOV to MPEG - load MOV file, select MPEG as output format and done. Follow to convert MOV from QuickTime, FCP, iMovie, Cameras etc. to MPEG format easily and quickly for Windows PCs, Android, HDTV, to name a few.

Convert MOV to AVI on macOS

It's possible to convert MOV to AVI on macOS with good quality, file size and lightning-quick speed with the MOV to AVI converter for Mac we recommended below.

Convert AVI to MP3 in Batch

There're many AVI to MP3 converters, here we pick out our favorite, with a detailed guide on how to batch extract MP3 from AVI on macOS and Windows with the highest audio quality for playback on MP3 player, iPod mobile devices, or for burning to a CD etc.

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Convert MP4 MOV AVI MKV on Mac

Here is the review of best video converter for Mac to convert 4k/HD/SD videos with ease. Video converting tests are included.

Recommended Product
World's Fast Video Converter Mac

Compress/convert videos among UHD, HD and SD on Mac with no.1 fast speed.

More Topics about Video Converting Tips

Download videos, full movies & music to Mac PC iPhone iPad Android

Annoying ads, constant buffering and costly subscription for online video streaming make online video download a top priority. If you rack your brains but fail to download YouTube MP4 videos, movies or music, take a glance at this sector, where many free video download solutions, movie download sites, YouTube downloader software, etc are shared in details. Just feel free to download full HD movies, 4K, 3D Blu ray movies, TV shows, MP3 songs, etc and play them on iPhone iPad without internet connection at all.

Follow the tutorial to free download videos from YouTube videos on Mac for free, no matter 4k UHD or HD 720P 1080P videos.

Free Download YouTube Videos >>

Wanna watch YouTube videos offline? Take a shot of MacX YouTube Downloader.

Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac >>

Follow the tutorial to download and convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac OS X.

Free Video Downloader for Mac >>

Here is the best free video downloader for Mac users to capture online videos for free.

YouTube tips and troubleshootings

Run up against YouTube download errors? Just follow the YouTube tips and troubleshootings to YouTube problems, such as YouTube not loading error, no sound on YouTube videos, YouTube black screen ,etc.

H265 HEVC Movie Download MKV[No Redirection]

Numerous sites say they can free download HEVC H265 movies in MKV 720p, 1080p, 4K in 100MB, 200MB or 300MB. Effective solution is here, helping you download H265 HEVC movies without any plug in or spam sites.

[iPhone 8] Best Free YouTube Downloader for iPhone 8

Free download YouTube videos in MP4 4k/1080p/720p on iPhone 8 with the best free YouTube video downloader for iPhone 8. Also troubleshoot the YouTube video playing errors so that you can watch popular YouTube videos/movies offline on iPhone 8 smoothly.

How to Convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac OS X

If you want to convert YouTube to MP3 on Mac as a ringtone or extract audio MP3 from YouTube video, this tutorial will show you how to convert Youtube (48 or 60fps) to MP3 on Mac (El Capitan) with a powerful free YouTube to MP3 converter.

Free Download 4320P 8K UHD Movie

Wanna to download 8K movie for fluently playback on Mac/PC or iPad iPhone Android? Good news: this article centers on how to easily get 8K movie download and also shows you some suitable 8K video players and 8K cameras.

Find the Best YouTube Downloader for mac So far

Want to find a hassle-free YouTube downloader for Mac to finish the tough work of downloading video when getting online video URL like YouTube? Helpful tips are here.

How to Download 8K UHD Videos Fast

The first 8K video downloader comes out. With the best 8K video downloader, you are free to download 8K UHD(7680×4320), 4K music videos movies free from YouTube and 300+sites in a matter of seconds and compress 8K videos with original quality kept.

Best Free Movie Download Sites to Download Movies

Top ten best movie download sites for you to free download any HD movie from Hollywood, bollywood.

Top Free YouTube to MP3 Converter for Mac

Strong desire for free downloading MP3 from YouTube? Well, the best YouTube to MP3 converter list is shared.

Top 10 Anime Sites for Cartoon movie download

2016 Top anime sites are listed here where you can easily watch anime episodes on iPhone iPad offline

Free Download 1080P 3D Bluray Movies

Learn how to free download 1080p Blu ray movies from Hollywood Bollywood Hindi Tamil Telugu in high quality and fast speed.

H.265 HEVC MKV Movies Free Download 4K 1080P 720P HD

Here's a list of top HEVC MKV movie you are properly looking for, and you are free to download HEVC MKV movies 4K/1080P/720P/480p, 100MB/300MB/200MB from Hollywood, Bollywood for mobile devices, PCs, TVs etc.

Best HEVC Mobile Movies Free Download [2017 Hollywood/Hindi]

2017 best HEVC mobile movies in HD 720P, 1080p, 4K; 100mb/300mb mkv Hollywood, Bollywood, Hindi dubbed H.265/HEVC mobiles movies free download for iPhone, iPad, Android devices.

HEVC South Movies Free Download | HD Hindi Dubbed MKV 100-300MB

List of 2017 best HEVC south movies Hindi dubbed in HD 1080P, 720P quality, and guide on Tamil, south Indian dual audio hevc movies free download in 100-300mb x265 mkv for your NAS, HD TV, mobiles.

How to Upload HEVC/H.265 Videos to YouTube Easily

Can't upload HEVC to YouTube for sharing with others? This guide shows you how to easily convert 4K 2160p/8K 4320p HEVC/H.265 to YouTube supported video formats (H.264, MPEG4, MP4, MOV, AVI, etc) before uploading HEVC to YouTube.

Best HEVC H.265 Hollywood Movies Free Download

Crying for the best HEVC Hollywood movies to watch? Here a list of top HEVC X265 Hollywood movies is shared, as well as the ultimate guide to free download HEVC x265 Hollywood movies in 100MB, 200MB smaller size for offline playing on iPhone iPad Android, Mac/Windows etc.

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Mac YouTube Downloader Guide

Run up against YouTube download errors on Mac? Just follow the review about best YouTube downloader for Mac to save online videos smoothly.

Recommended Product
Easy-to-use YouTube Downloader

100% clean and free to download videos, full movies & TV shows from YouTube, Facebook, etc.

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iPhone 8 Review: Everything about iPhone 8 Pros, Cons, Specs & Update Tips

With the coming of iPhone 8, wanna know more information about iPhone 8 or Wanna upgrade to iPhone 8? But don't know it's worth updating? Here is the latest iPhone 8 review, including iPhone8 pros, cons, specs, features, iPhone 8 comparison with Galaxy S8 or other gadgets, how to improve iphone 8 battery life, free movie apps for iphone 8, and iPhone 8 update tips & FAQs to make most of the new phone.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Which One Would Be Worth Your Money? >>

If you are confused of buying Apple iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, read the detailed iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison, covering specifics, display, camera and more. It will resolve all your doubts between iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7: What's the Difference, Upgrade or Not? >>

Redesigned iPhone 8 vs iPhone 7/Plus, what are the full differences? The specs comparison between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7/Plus shows the iPhone 8 with OLED display, faster A11, powerful A10, 3D Touch etc in detail.

Can't Fix iPhone 8 Problems? Solutions Are All Here >>

Various problems with iPhone 8/Plus are emerging, including iPhone 8 problems with sound, hissing, freezing, Wi-Fi, wireless charging and more. You need to learn iPhone 8 problems and solutions here.

iPhone 8 Review: iPhone 8/8 Plus Pros and Cons >>

What are the pros and cons of iPhone 8? Check out in-depth iPhone 8/8 Plus advantages and disadvantages review, including iPhone 8 OLED display, fast wireless charging, 3D Dual-lens camera, battery drain issues etc.

Best Free Music Apps for iPhone to Download Music Freely >>

Still listen to music on iPhone over data or Wi-Fi? Best free music download apps for iPhone (7/6s/se/6) will save your data traffic by free download music, mp3, songs, albums for you to listen to music on iPhone offline without internet.

How to Improve iPhone 8 Battery Life? Senior iPhone Fans Tell U >>

Follow this guide, you can see to save iPhone 8 battery life is not so hard. But the precondition is that you need to learn tips to maximize battery life on iPhone 8 iOS 11.

How to Transfer and Upgrade to New iPhone 8/Plus (iOS 11) from Old iPhone >>

How to upgrade to new iPhone 8/Plus from old iPhone 7/Plus/6S/6, Android and Windows Phone? Learn how to transfer data from old iPhone to new iPhone 8 (iOS 11), messasages everything fast and smoothly with iTunes, iCloud and 'Move to iOS'.

iPhone 8 Update Tips - Solve iPhone 8 Update Problems >>

When upgrading to iPhone 8, you need to face dozens of iPhone 8 update problems like files transfer, iPhone 8 activation, iOS 11 bugs, etc. No worries! This article gives you some useful iPhone 8 update tips to solve iPhone 8 iOS 11 update problems.

How to Soft/Hard Reset iPhone 8 to Factory Setting or Put iPhone 8 into DFU Mode >>

This is a tutorial about how to reset iPhone 8/7/6S/6/5S in ways of soft reset, factory settings and DFU mode to get your phone back to work if it is malfunctioning, crashed, locked, etc.

How to Backup & Restore Files to iPhone 8 from Old iPhone Android >>

Spend 1 min to learn how to backup files to iPhone 8/Plus iOS 11 from old iPhone 5s/6/6s/7/Plus, Android devices or your computer.

How to Download Movies to iPhone 8 for Free in HD Quality >>

This is a guide on free movie downloads for iPhone 8/Plus. You can free download movies to iPhone 8/Plus in full-length HD quality without jailbreak to watch offline later.

[Fixed] How to Solve iPhone Won't Restore Problems >>

Have you ever encountered iPhone won't restore issue such as iTunes cannot recognize iPhone in recovery mode, failed restoration after iOS 10.3.2/iOS 11 update, jailbreak errors? Don't worry. This article will fix iPhone won't restore problems.

81% Users Hate Using iTunes to Transfer Video to iPhone 8 from PC/Android >>

Hate iTunes? You need to transfer video to iPhone 8/8 Plus from computer or Android device with iTunes alternative to import video to iPhone 8/Plus without iTunes errors.

Top 3 Ways to Transfer Music to iPhone 8/Plus from Mac/PC >>

1 step to easily transfer music to iPhone 8/8 Plus with top 4 ways. They allows you to move music to iPhone 8/Plus from Mac/PC without using iTunes, wirelessly or via USB cable.

How to Transfer Photos to iPhone 8/Plus from Old iPhone/Android >>

Follow to learn how to transfer photos to iPhone 8/8 Plus from old iPhone or Android in 3 ways. Restore photos to iPhone 8 from iTunes backup, iCloud backup or use iPhone photo transfer app.

iPhone Ringtone Maker: Make Personalized Ringtone for Your iPhone 8/7/6S/SE >>

Four steps to make personalized ringtone for iPhone (iPhone 8/7/7/6s/6 Plus) and download iPhone ringtones with this top iPhone ringtone maker.

Tech and Entertainment Center

In this sector, we just share what's buzzing in the field of tech and entertainment. Whether you are Apple fans scoping for the latest news about iPhone 8 and iOS 11, dig more about macOS 10.13, or tech geeks looking for everything about 4K, VR, or movie goers after the top rated anime, superheroes, comedies or so, we've got your covered. No fluff, no fuss, just the trending stories that really matter to you.

iOS 11 Update: How to Update to iOS 11 and Fix iOS 11 Problems >>

iOS 11 upgrade guide shows you how to update to iOS 11 without data loss from iOS 10.3 and how to fix problems with iOS 11 update (iOS 11 gets stuck on Verifying/Apple logo, fails to download, fast battery drain and more) on iPhone iPad.

How to Downgrade from iOS 11 to iOS 10.3/10.2/10.1 >>

Wish you never updated to iOS 11 due to iOS 11 update problems or iOS 10 jailbreak rumor? This trick lets you downgrade iOS 11 to iOS 10. Check how to downgrade iOS 11 and reinstall iOS 10.3/10.2/10.1 below.

[Updated] Top 10 iOS 11 Problems and How to Solve Them >>

Here's a roundup of iOS 11 problems, like iOS 11 update failed problems, battery life issues, slow iOS 11 problems, app crashes bugs etc. and how to fix these iOS 11 update problems.

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: Advantages and Disadvantages of iOS 11 Over iOS 10 >>

iOS 11 vs iOS 10 comparison guide shows you the detailed advantages and disadvantages of iOS 11 in all aspects including performance, new features, battery life and more.

List of Best Kids Movies on DVD | Tips to Download/Rip Kids DVD Movies >>

Check out the list of best kids movies on DVD, along with our top picks of new kids movies releases in 2017 from Disney films, animated feature, etc. Learn the steps to copy DVD kids movies to MP4, hard drive or free download kids movie, etc in HD.

MacOS 10.13 VS macOS 10.12 Sierra Differences in Speed, Size, Performance >>

macOS 10.13 vs macOS 10.12 Sierra comparison has the differences between macOS 10.13 and 10.12 Sierra in speed, performance, size and new features to show you if you should upgrade to macOS 10.13 from Sierra or not.

MacOS 10.13 Update and Install Problems & Solutions >>

How to update Sierra to macOS 10.13 and solve macOS 10.13 update problems? Tips on 2017 macOS 10.13 upgrade and solutions to macOS 10.13 upgrade frozen, problems are all here.

macOS 10.13 Problems: How to Fix Common Issues about macOS 10.13 Update >>

A list of macOS 10.13 update problems and solutions, which will help you fix common macOS 10.13 update issues from Mac OS X 10.13 package downloading and installing to after installation.

How to Remove iTunes DRM Protection on Mac >>

This guide outlines the best tool on removing DRM protection from video and movie with no quality loss. Free your videos purchased from Apple's iTunes store with DRM protected and watch them on any devices with DRM removal software on Mac

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Video on Mac >>

To remove DRM from iTunes Video on Mac can be an easy task as long as you have a DRM removal tool. MacX Video Converter Pro is the ultimate solution for the removal of DRM.

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