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Top 4K Video Converters That Make 2160P Video Conversion Fast

4K absolutely makes videos and movies in staggering vivid details, while many Mac users find 4K HEVC videos won't play on Mac, for example, 4K videos choppy on Macbook Pro, VLC stuttering playback with UHD 4K on iMac Pro, high CPU when playing 4K HEVC 10 bit HDR content on Mac etc. These all because of 4K UHD incompatibility issue on 4K video players and imperfect Mac computer hardware for 4K video playback.

Does this mean you cannot play 4K UHD on macOS? Nope. You can enjoy 4K movies/videos freely on Mac with a proper 4K video converter, which helps you convert 4K to 1080p, 720p and other more commonly-used formats or upconvert HD to UHD for higher image quality and better enjoyment on 4K TVs or so.

4K HEVC UHD videos not playing on Mac
4K HEVC UHD videos not playing on Mac

Part 1: Top 3 Best 4K Video Converter to Convert Large-sized 4K Video

There are many 4K video converters in the market, but we've selected the best ones, which behave excellent to convert 4K UHD videos. Here are three of the best.

No.1 MacX Video converter Pro

The internet is rife with many so-called 4k 2160p video converters, which could only handle 4K to 1080p downscaling instead of HD to 4K upscaling, let alone coping with HEVC codec in 4K UHD videos. It's also disappointed that such 4K video converters run in high CPU usage, leading to overheating, freezing and even crashing on your Macbook Pro/Air, iMac etc. Given speed, HEVC compatibility, and quality into full consideration, a 4K HEVC converter - MacX Video Converter Pro is highly recommended to convert and compress 4K videos into MKV, MP4, HEVC/H.265, H.264, AVI, MOV, FLV, WMV, etc for hassle-free playback on iPhone, iPad, Samsung, HDTV, Game console, and more with untouched video quality.

MacX Video Converter Pro - 5 Times Faster to Convert & Compress 4K HEVC Videos!

  • GPU accelerated speed to convert 4K video to H264/HEVC in 5-8X faster speed, up to 250-320FPS.
  • Convert 4K video from any formats to MP4, H264, HEVC, MOV, AVI, etc. 420+ profiles.
  • Compress 4K UHD to 2K, 1080p/720p HD, SD or upscale HD to 4K MP4 without quality loss.
  • Manually adjust 4K parameters like resolution, frame rate, bitrate etc. to perfectly fit any screens.
  • Edit 4K videos: merge/trim/crop/rotate videos, add subtitles, tweak 4K video volumes etc.

No.2 Xilisoft Video Converter

This HD video converter is also an easy-to-use 4K UHD video converter which allows users to convert various HD videos, including 4K UHD and other source files into many different video and audio formats beyond HD (high definition), including MP3, WMA, WAV, M4A, AAC, AC3, JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, SWF, etc. This 4K converter runs on both Mac and PC, for $60. But the stability and performance of this 4K video converter software does not live up to that price.


Support 2D to 3D conversion.


Expensive and too much CPU occupied; no support for HEVC codec, that means the file size of encoded 4K video will be 50% larger than with MacX Video Converter Pro.

Xilisoft Video Converter
Xilisoft Video Converter

No.3 Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is also among the most powerful and user-friendly video converters for Mac, which enables users to convert 4K ultra HD, HD and SD videos into other high definition or standard definition videos, including WMV, DV, MKV, FLV, AVI, MP4, DAT, MPG, NUT, MPEG, NSV, VOB, MOV etc. This is a very simple and professional 4K video converter & compressor, with fast speed and nice editing features. However, the Mac version is also priced at $60.


Support HEVC/H.265 codec as MacX does; offer preset profiles for VR headsets.


The batch converting feature has some limitations; sound is not perfectly in sync with the converted 4K video sometimes; the 4k video conversion is very slow. Test shows that Wondershare is 4X slower than MacX in 4K UHD hardware encoding test.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate
Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Part 2: How to Convert 4K Videos with the Best 4K Video Converter

Choose the right version of 4K video converter according to your computer system. Free download the big-league 4K video converter on Mac, or for windows users, just go to the windows version. Then launch it and follow the steps below to start converting 4K videos.

Downscale 4K: How to Convert 4K Video to 1080P MP4

Step 1. Click "+ Video" button to load the 4K UHD video files you want to convert. Batch conversion is also available when you imported multiple videos simultaneously in this panel.

Step 2. Select the output format and resolution you desire. You can freely convert 4K to 1080p, 720p or other resolution as you want by choosing the respective parameters or directly choosing the 2K MP4 as the output format. You can also adjust the aspect ratio to 16:9 for playback on 4K UHD TV.

Compress/Convert 4K Videos to 1080p
Compress/Convert 4K Videos to 1080p

Step 3. Click the output folder you want to save the output video by clicking "Browse" button. Then hit the "RUN" button to start to compress/convert 4K videos on your Mac.

Upscale 4K: How to Upconvert HD 1080P Video to 4K MP4

Step 1. Click "+ Video" button to load the source 1080p HD video.

Step 2. Select 4K profile. From the pop-up profile window, you can simply choose the 4K MP4 encoded with H.264 as the output format. To get smaller file size and better quality, you are advised to choose MP4 HEVC from the Mac General Video or MKV HEVC from the PC General Video, and then upscale the video resolution from 1080p to 3840x2160p or 4096x2160p from the video parameter settings.

Upconvert hd to 4k video
Upconvert hd to 4k video

Step 3. Click "Browse" button to save your output video where you like, and tap the "RUN" button to start to compress/convert 4K videos on your Mac. You can check the High-Quality engine and move the slide bar to HQ to enhance the output quality, if you are less care of the conversion speed.

Part 3: Where and How to Download 4K UHD Movies and Videos

Where to download 4K ultra HD contents?

Now you may have an idea of how to convert 4K video content into the formats or devices you need with the top 4K video converter, but where and how can you get those 4K contents? In addition to those taken by 4K-capable digital cameras or camcorders, are there any providers or video-sharing sites offering 4K movies or videos? Surely yes. We list three main 4K content providers here below to enable you get a quick sneak peek at those super vivid pictures labeled 4K.

  • Netflix: Netflix was one of the first services to provide 4K contents, starting with House of Cards. 4K contents that are now available including series like Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Breaking Bad, and The Blacklist, as well as a few 4K movies including Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II etc. And more contents in 4K are rolling out according to the company.
  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon also offered support for 4K Ultra HD streaming on the Amazon Instant Video in 2015 with some original contents in 4K UHD versions, including season 2 of Alpha House, Transparent, and the concert Tony Bennet and Lady Gaga: Cheek to Cheek Live! Many other 4K movies and originals will show up in 2015.
  • YouTube: As the largest video-sharing site, YouTube has announced the availability of 4K 60 fps videos since 2010. After more than 4 years' development in 4K videos, YouTube has built a 4K video library that is larger than you may think and now a channel labeled 4K is added to highlight the 4K 60fps contents.

Is is possible to download 4K video with 4K converter?

How to download 4K movies and videos on your devices? Any special tools needed? As a matter of fact, this best 4K UHD converter MacX Video Converter Pro also serves as a 4K UHD video downloader, which has a knack of 4k uhd video download, including YouTube 4K video samples, music videos, movies, clips, 4K torrents etc. free from YouTube and other video websites and convert them to your desired formats or devices.

Can I watch 4K video on Mac or Windows computers?

You have to bear in mind 4K UHD videos are nitpick over the computer configurations, such as resolution, graphic card, etc. If they are not highly configured, it may crash when playing 4K UHD videos. So far, MacBook Pro late 2013 and later, 27'' iMac late 2013 and later, Mac mini late 2014 support playing 4K videos. See the best 4K video player for Mac. While for Windows users, the computer with 8GB RAM is recommended with integrated graphics: 4th generation Intel Core processor and above version. If you fail to play 4K videos, it's suggested to downscale and convert 4K videos to lower-resolution video, e.g. in 1080p, 720p, which is so far the mainstream format nowadays.

What 4K TVs are available now?

4K TVs are popular nowadays. There are many tvs supporting 4K UHD resolution, ranging from manufacturers like Sony XBR49X850B 49, Samsung UN65HU8550, LG Electronics 55UB8500, etc. See the top list of 4K UHD TVs. You can upscale videos to 4K UHD and play them on the 4K TVs with better crisper image enjoyment experience.

What Kind of Qualities Should An Excellent 4K Video Converter Possess?

Before you seek to free download a 4K Ultra HD video converter, you shall know the prerequisite for the best 4k video converting software:

  • Feature the abilities to both downscale and upscale 4K UHD video, e.g. compress 4K to 1080p/720p or convert 720p to 4K UHD, or 1080p to 4K
  • Preset profile for 4K HEVC is much preferred, so that you won't tweak any video parameter settings and the 4K UHD video will be downsized up to 50% smaller than H.264. This is especially helpful if you need to upload 4K to video sharing sites or store the UHD videos in small-space iPhone like 16GB.
  • Quick converting process is King. Adobe forum indicates that a 3 minute 4K video takes 24 hours to export. This can be problematic, especially when you want to convert a 4K full movie.
  • The ability to preserve the quality the same as original is favored especially in 4k to HD/SD video converting.

Final Words

From the above we can see, MacX Video Converter Pro tops the list of best 4K converter software, which can cover all your needs, including 4K UHD video converting, compressing, upconverting, downloading, recording, and editing. Whether taken by professional camcorders, digital cameras, mobile phones or downloaded from 4K streaming sites like YouTube, Netflix, etc, it can easily convert 4K videos into MKV,MP4, MOV, AVI, etc in 1920x1080, 1280x720 and other resolutions, greatly extending the usage of 4K on computer, TV, smartphone, tablet, media player.