Video Downloader and Converter for 4K Ultra HD

Stay here to know what is 4K Ultra HD, what is the best 4K UHD player and best 4K video downloader converter to free download 4K video movies from YouTube, Dailymotion, Netflix, Vimeo, etc. Also the comparison among 4K, 1080P, 8K, 10K is also presented for you to wise you up to the real 4K Ultra HD video.

Must-Knows about YouTube Downloader for Mac | Errors, Solutions & YouTube Download Tutorials
This page rounds up the best YouTube downloader for Mac with rigorous tests on speed, safety, easiness, etc, and shares tutorials about how to download YouTube videos on Mac, convert YouTube to MP3, MP4, iPhone iPad, Android, etc. All about YouTube offline download on your Mac OS X.

GPU-Accelerated 4K HEVC Video Processing: Transcode, Edit, Resize and Play 4K HEVC
4K HEVC video processing is too burdensome for your computer hardware? Your problem easily gets solved with this GPU hardware accelerated video converter, which can transcode, edit, resize and compress 4K HEVC video mainly on your powerful GPU, not CPU, so as to improve speed up to 5-8X faster.

Top 3 Best 4K Video Players to Enjoy 4K UHD Videos And Movies on Mac
Here 3 top 4K video players are recommended for you to play 4K UHD videos and movies on Mac without any hassle. Also a simple guide on how to convert 4k videos is provided for free playback on mobile devices.

What is HEVC and Why Is It So Important for 4K 8K Video Encoding
What is HEVC codec and why does it matter a lot in 4K 8K Ultra HD video encoding? Any difference among HEVC, H264 and VP9? All your doubts will get answered here.

How to Download 4K Video Sample to Have A Taste of the Highest Video Quality
Wonder how 4K UHD video looks like? Several top 4k video samples as well as simple way to download 4k video samples are provided for you to experience the sharp and exquisite video quality now!

Don't Argue! 4K Is Different from 1080P Indeed
4K vs 1080P is a fight between ultra HD and full HD. Which one on earth is better, 4K or 1080P? Depends on your own need.

Download 4K YouTube to MP3: Extract Audio MP3 from YouTube 4K UHD
This guide centers on 4K YouTube to MP3 error, alternative tool, how to download 4K UHD video from YouTube to MP3 and other useful tips for 4K download.

4K Video Processing: How to Compress and Resize 4K Ultra HD Video with Intact Quality
4K 60FPS video file is too large to upload or share. To make 4K Ultra HD video more accessible to YouTube/Facebook or E-mail, you need to compress and reduce 4K 2160p video size by converting 4K to 1080p, changing 4K video from H264 to HEVC codec and cutting off unnecessary clips from 4K video, etc.

4K Upscaling - Do You Really Need to Upscale 1080P to 4K?
What is 4K upscaling and how does it work? Everything about 4K UHD video upscaling is here and you will know if you really need to upconvert 1080P, 720P or lower-quality videos to 4K.

How to Record & Watch iPhone 4K 60fps Video with Ease
iPhone 4K 60fps video is greater and sharper for fine details in close range, yet it's not as compatible as HD video. Here comes the tips to process 4K at 60fps for limitless playback, uploading, editing and storage.

How Much Quality Is Lost in 4K Video Compression? None with this 4K Video Compressor
Get the best 4K video compressor to compress 4K video with original quality reserved so as to free up the storage space of your devices as well as enjoy 4K videos on any screens.

Cannot Play 4K Video on Mac Smoothly? Solve It Right Now!
Failed to play 4K video on Mac? Never mind. This article will analyze the reasons and give you a solution on how to play 4K HEVC video on Macbook Pro/Air with choppy and stutter.

Where to Find 4K UHD Content to Watch on 4K Devices
4K UHD content is increasing. There're plenty of 4K Ultra HD movies, TV shows, videos, games etc. provided by Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Blu-ray discs, game consoles and more.

What You Need to Know About 4K HEVC
Video in 4K HEVC has the same quality but smaller size, but it can be a pain for 4K HEVC playback. Here comes everything you should know about 4K HEVC, namely what's 4K HEVC, the pros and cons of 4K HEVC, how to play 4K HEVC on Mac and Windows, and tips for watching 4K 60FPS HEVC on TVs.

Ultra HD vs 4K: What's the Differences
UHD and 4K are both used to describe video resolution nearly 4,000 pixels. But is UHD the same as 4K? Not really. You're able to get the 4K and UHD differences through this article.

2160p vs 4K, Are They the Same?
Is there any difference between 2160p and 4K? Why do we call the resolution 4K instead of 2160p? Find answers here.

How Much Space Does an iPhone 4K Video at 30/60FPS Use Per Minute/Hr?
1 minute of an iPhone 4K video at 30FPS will use 350MB storage space in H264 and 175MB in HEVC codec. How about 4K video at 60fps and 24fps? Read the article to know the details.

How Fast Is 4K Video Converter with GPU Acceleration?
GPU accelerated 4K video converter offers 5x faster performances. Here's our result and analysis.

Best 4K Content Providers /Top 4K UHD Streaming Video Service
Where to find 4K video resources? Find top 4K content providers here to streaming or download 4K Ultra HD content videos movies for your 4K TVs and players.

Handbrake Tutorial: How to Convert X265 to X264 as Fast as Possible
Learn how to use Handbrake to convert X265 to X264 and get the best Handbrake settings to speed up the X265 decoding and encoding processes. Additional, Handbrake alternatives is introduced if you cannot bear with the x265/x264 setting issues.

How to Convert 1080P to 4K in Real UHD Image Quality
How to convert 1080P to 4K uhd files with truly uhd quality? This best 1080p to 4k converter will give you the best quality and fastest speed.

Convert 720p to 4K - How to Upscale 720p to 4K Videos
If you are looking for a solution to convert 720p to 4k, you're in the right place here for upscaling 720p to 4K videos without any hassle.

Best 4K Downloader for macOS Sierra to Download 4K UHD Easily
Unable to download 4K video on macOS Sierra? Never mind! Best 4K downloader for macOS Sierra offers the easiest solution for 4K UHD videos downloading from YouTube, Facebook, Vevo etc.

What Are The Codecs of 4K Videos? - 4K Codec Explained
You watch 4K videos on your 4K TVs, or stream 4K videos on your computers. But do you know what's codec of your 4K videos? Here explained 4K codecs in details and how to encode 4K video to to H.264, VP9, AV1, HEVC 4K codec.

How to Transcode/Convert H264 to H265 (HEVC) with FFmpeg
Learn how to use FFmpeg to convert H.264 to H.265 and type the best command line to re-encode H264 videos to H.265/HEVC in fast speed with no quality loss. Besides, an alternative is also introduced to make H.264 to H.265 encoding easier.

3 Simple Steps to Convert MP4 to HEVC/H.265 in Fast Speed
How to convert MP4 to HEVC for replaying on iPhone iPad or Android devices? Learn the easiest way to transcode any codec MP4 video to HEVC/H.265 via best HEVC converter for Mac/Win.

4K VLC: How to Play 4K Videos Smoothly on VLC
Have you ever met 4K VLC choppy, stutter, lagging problems? This article offers top solutions to fix 4K VLC playback problem so as to play 4K on VLC smoothly.

Top HEVC Editor Makes You Edit HEVC 4K for YouTube Uploads
Smart HEVC editor with 4K 2160p supported is always badly needed. Cuz you need HEVC/H265 editor to adjust HEVC 1080p to HEVC 4K 2160p, convert HEVC AVI to HEVC MP4, reduce HEVC file size, change HEVC frame rate, etc.

4K Converter for TV Is Still Needed to Upconvert/Downscale Videos
4K converter for TV still deserves a place since some TVs don't come with a good built-in video scaler. Look at the best 4K UHD video converter for TVs that tops our chart and learn how to upconvert HD to 4K and downscale 4K to 2K, 1080P.

Netflix 4K: How To Watch Netflix 4k Ultra HD Movies & TV Shows
This article introduces Netflix 4K movie list 2017, as well as a simple guide to free download Netflix 4K so as to watch Netflix in 4K UHD offline.

Sony/Samsung/LG/TCL 4K TVs Supported Video Audio File Formats
The table describes best video audio file formats supported by 4K TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, TCL Roku, Vizio, Panasonic and more, including container format, filename extension, and codecs.

4K Video Downloader Review: Download UHD Video on Mac/Win with No Virus
The 4k video downloader review will list the most-favored MacX Video Converter Pro, 4k video downloader and ClipConverter and give the detailed review regarding to 4k video download speed, quality and 4096x2160 video compatibility as well.

Best 4K Converter for macOS Sierra to Convert 4K UHD Videos Easily
This 4K converter for macOS Sierra guide lists top 4 best macOS Sierra 4K video converters for users to fast convert & compress 4K UHD videos to 1080P/720P HD MP4, AVI, FLV, MOV, etc without losing quality.

H265 Video Download - How to Download HEVC H265 4K MKV MP4 Videos
HEVC H265 codec video is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. But how can you get H265 video download? This article tackles H265 4K video download in MKV MP4 within simple steps.

How to Fast Convert 4K H.264 to 4K H.265 to Save Space without Quality Loss
Converting 4k h.264 to 4k h.265 is abnormally lengthy. But this guide focuses on how to encode 4k video in H.265/HEVC at fast speed and reduce 4k video file size without lowering resolution or changing video format to sacrifice the image quality.

Top HEVC Recorder to Record HEVC 8/10 bit Video in MP4 MKV
Free download top H265 HEVC recorder to record screen video in hevc codec or capture daily life video to x265 codec with MP4, MKV or AVI format.

Best Free 4K HEVC Players to Give You Vivid Video Viewing
Here are the best free HEVC players for Mac, PC, Android and iDevices that can play 4K HEVC H.265 videos smoothly with superb quality.

Best HD to 4K Video Converter That You Definitely Have to Try
Are there times that you want to upscale HD to 4K but have no idea about which tool to use? Here the best HD to 4K video converter is shared so that you're able to upconvert 720p/1080p HD to 4K with clearer and sharper image.

4K Video Formats: What Supported Formats of 4K Resolution Video
Puzzled about 4K video formats? Never mind! This article elaborates on 4K super-hd video formats and means of converting videos to 4K file formats so as to play 4K videos on 4K UHD TVs smoothly and effortlessly.

Best 4K to HD Converter to Compress 4K to 1080p Up to A Quarter
Find your 4K videos won't play on Mac/PCs, iPhone iPad Android devices? The best 4K to 1080p converter helps you convert and downscale 4K to 1080p with excellent quality. Check out the best 4K to HD converter now.

4K Screen Recorder Mac: Screen Record 4K UHD at 60fps/30fps
Lagging recording 4K UHD screen video on Mac? Try MacX Video Converter Pro, the best 4K video recorder to screen record 4K UHD at 30fps/60fps on Mac.

How to Play 4K on Mac El Capitan Smoothly
Encountered problem in playing 4K UHD video on Mac El Capitan? Learn the best solution to play 4K on Mac El Capitan smoothly by converting 4K videos to MP4, M4V, MOV for playback on MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac etc. with OS X El Capitan.

How to Transcode and Convert H264 to H265 (x264 to x265)?
Thinking to convert H264 to H265 with virtually no quality loss and 50% smaller file size (than H264) for faster streaming? Try this HEVC (H265) video converter to transcode x264 to x265 with mimimal quality loss.

4K Video Sites to Watch & Download 4K UHD Video Movie
All 4K video sites available, like YouTube, Ultra Flix, Netflix, and other lesser-known 4K UHD sites, are gathered here for 4K video movie content online streaming and downloading.

How to Get 4K Video Downloader License Key for Free - Try Crack Version
If you want to get 4k video downloader key without any charge, follow this tutorial, where 4k video downloader crack with license key is provided. Meanwhile, you can also download 4k video without key serial in a more secure and faster way.

What is 4K (Ultra HD) Video?-Everything You Need is Here
What is 4K (Ultra HD)? Have no idea? Here I will tell you what is 4K (UHD) video and how to play 4K video wherever whenever you want.

Top 5 Best 4K TV 2018 for Movie and Gaming Experience
This guide focuses on the best 4K TV 2018 you can buy right now. Plus, it introduces the best app for 4K TV that aids you to watch 4K movie contents on the Ultra HD televisions with no issues.

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