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720p to 4K | How to Convert 720p to 4K?

You finally get a new 4K TV, and get ready to enjoy your videos on it with crisp, sharp image and Hi-Fi audio. You know, 4K video has a higher quality than 720p, up to 9 times as many pixels as a 720p display and 4 times as many pixels as a Full HD 1080p display. But what a depression is that you find your 720p/1080p HD videos cannot be played perfectly on your 4K TVs!

Never mind. There is something you can do to make 720p videos available on 4K TVs. That is converting 720p to 4K. And all you need is just a 720p to 4K video converter, which can upscale 720p/1080p to 4K (3840×2160 or 4096×2304) with enhanced picture quality for viewing on 4K Ultra HD TVs or fit for other uses.

Download 720p to 4K Converter to Upscale 720p Videos to 4K

MacX Video Converter Pro is such a 720p to 4K converter allowing you to create 4K files from 720p. It has full support to convert 720p/1080p HD to 4K UHD video with several times pixels and clearer picture. Then, you can enjoy 720p/HD videos on 4K TV with 4K effects.

Convert 720p to 4k
  • Convert videos from lower resolution to higher resolution, like 720p to 4K, 720p to 1080p, or 1080p to 4K. This is absolutely a good news for those requiring a lot on video quality.
  • Transcode one format to another, like convert HEVC to H.264, H.264 to HEVC/H.265, VP9 to HEVC, MKV to MP4, MOV to MP4, etc.
  • Compress video to lower resolution and smaller size, such as 4K UHD to 1080p, 1080p to 720p, 720p to 480p/360p etc.
  • Speed up the video conversion with 5X faster speed and enhance the video quality, thanks to the multi-core CPU processing, hardware acceleration, high-quality engine and the HT tech.
  • Edit SD HD UHD videos as you like - trim/crop/merge, add watermark, add subtitles.

How to Convert 720p to 4K with MacX Video Converter Pro?

MacX Video Converter Pro is easy to use and it's both available on Mac and Windows platform. At the very beginning, you need free download the program according to your computer operating system.

Free download MacX Video Converter Pro for Mac OS X 10.5 and above

Free download MacX Video Converter Pro for Windows 10/8/7/XP

Step 1: Load 720p files.

Run this video converter and click + Video, select a source 720p HD video or multiple videos, then it will load the 720p source immediately.

Step 2: Choose an output format.

As most 4K UHD files are encoded with HEVC/H.264 codec for playback on 4K TVs or 4K video players, you're highly suggested to choose General Profiles > 4K MP4 Video > Done or PC General Video > HEVC Video > Done from the automatically popped up window. If you have no idea about which format to convert to, you can take 4K TV supported formats as a reference.

Tips: If you choose 4K MP4 Video, you don't have to adjust the parameters manually. The output video was automatically set to H.264+aac codec, 3840×2160 resolution, which is superior than other 4K video converters.

Convert 720p files to 4k
Convert 720p files to 4k

Step 3: Upscale 720p to 4K.

Click on the on the main interface. Select 3840×2160, 4096×2160 from the drop-down resolution window, so that you'll be able to upscale your 720p HD content to 4K resolution.

Step 4: Start the video upconverting process.

After the settings done, optionally you can click Browse button to specify a destination folder to save the converted 4K videos. Then hit the RUN icon to start upscaling 720p to 4K UHD. And finally you're able to play 4K on VLC, 4K media players or 4K TVs as you like with optimal quality. BTW, the same steps go for converting 720p to 1080p, 1080p to 4K and more.

Upscale 720p to 4K
Upscale 720p to 4K
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MacX Video Converter Pro also enables you to customize and edit your videos as well. No matter you wanna adjust Bit rate to downscale 4K video file size, tweak frame rate to improve 4K video quality after conversion, change aspect ratio (4:3 to 16:9), cut off the unwanted part of videos, add subtitles or watermark to 4K video, etc., this converter will do the trick.

Fast Upscale 720p to 4K Videos with Sharp Quality

MacX Video Converter Pro can quickly upconvert HD/720p to 4K for 4K UHD TVs and downscale 4K to 2K, 1080P, 720P for non-4K TVs with sharp image quality. Also, it can convert among video formats, HEVC to H.264, VP8 to VP9, H.264 to H.265, MKV to MP4, and so on.

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