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The Swiss Army Knife of iPod iPad iphone Management. Transfer music, videos and photos from iPhone iPad to Mac and reversely.

iPhone X/8 Tips and Tricks
Everything about iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus

The iPhone X, as the 10th anniversary iPhone, is the best iPhone ever, embracing lots of stunning features, for example, facial recognition, retro all-glass body, wireless charging. What are pros and cons of iPhone X? Is iPhone X really worth your money? iPhone X vs iPhone 8, iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8, which is the best phone to update? We get all the details covered here. Look at iPhone X/8 Plus tips below.

Top iPhone X Tips, Tricks and Guides that Make You Better Use of iPhone X

You need iPhone X tips and tricks to guide you how to set up Face ID, how to use TrueDepth camera for Augmented Reality, etc. Plus, more iPhone X hidden tips and hacks for you to use buttonless iPhone X on iOS 11.

Top 30 iPhone X Pros and Cons You Don't Know ~ Hot

The post includes top 30 iPhone X pros and cons you don't know when you are hesitate to buy or not buy the 10th anniversary iPhone. All about iPhone X/8 disadvantages, weaknesses, limits and errors.

Biggest Problems with iPhone X Users Need to Know and How to Fix Them

Collects the most common iPhone X problems, bugs and glitches. All-around fixes to the biggest complaints, issues and annoyances iPhone X owners might experience.

What's the Difference between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7/Plus

The specs comparison between iPhone 8 and iPhone 7/Plus shows the iPhone 8 with OLED display, edge-to-edge glass body against iPhone 7/Plus IPS LCD display, 3D Touch etc in detail.

iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 Comparison

Apple iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Galaxy S8 (Plus) comparison on displays, batteries, performances, prices, full specs will tell you how will iPhone X defeat Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

iPhone X vs iPhone 8/8 Plus, Which Should You Buy

Having problem transferring music from iPod to Mac without iTunes or jailbreak? Guide on how to transfer music from iPod to Mac (macOS Sierra) here offers an easy and fast way.

[iPhone X Tips] How to Set up Face ID on iPhone X

Learn how to set up Face ID on iPhone X for easier and safer iPhone unblock, Apple pay, iTunes & App store, and Safari Autofill.

[iPhone X Tips] How to Make Ringtones for iPhone X from Any Songs

Face it, no one want to pay for ringtone, especially when you have the whole song. So follow this quick guide to make ringtones for iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, iPhone 7/6/6S/SE/5 etc. even if iTunes fails to customize ringtones for iPhone.

[iPhone X] Wireless Charging Not Working on iPhone X/ iPhone 8/Plus Fixed

Wireless charging not working on iPhone X, iPhone 8 or Plus like charging paused repeatedly, overheating, slow charging, or AirPower not working etc? Find a fix here.

[iPhone X Problems] How to Fix Face ID Not Working on iPhone X

Face ID not working on iPhone X? First, make sure that you have iPhone Unblock enabled. Follow our troubleshooting tips and fix iPhone X Face ID not working problems.

Can't Fix iPhone 8 Problems? Solutions Are All Here

Various problems with iPhone 8/Plus are emerging, including iPhone 8 problems with sound, hissing, freezing, Wi-Fi, wireless charging and more. You need to learn iPhone 8 problems and solutions here.

iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8: Which One Would Be Worth Your Money?

If you are confused of buying Apple iPhone 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8, read the detailed iPhone 8 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison, covering specifics, features, display, camera and more. It will resolve all your doubts between iPhone 8 and Galaxy S8.

iOS 11 Screen Recording Not Working? Here Are People Doing it Right

iOS 11 screen recording doesn't work on iPad Air, iPad Mini 2 or iPhone 7/6s/6/5s? Calm down. Here are the solutions from people who hate this iOS 11 screen recording not working problems.

[iPhone X] How to Transfer Data to iPhone X/8/8 Plus

Wanna transfer data from your old phones to new released iPhone X? This post shares easy but effective ways to transfer data to iPhone X, not only from iPhone 6S/SE/6/5S/5C but also Sony Xperia, Xiaomi, Moto X, OnePlus X Android gadgets.

How to Transfer Music to iPhone X Easily But Effectively

Now that you switch to the latest iPhone X, why not enjoy your music on iPhone X? Follow this tutorial on how to transfer music to iPhone X easily without iTunes, and you'll be able to enjoy it freely.

How to Transfer Photos to iPhone X from Old iPhone and Mac

This article is going to show you an easy way to transfer photos to iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus from Mac computer or old iPhone, without iTunes problems of sync and iCloud space limit.

iPhone Manager
One-Stop iPhone Manager and iPhone Cleaner

Your iPhone is awash with loads of 4K photos and videos. Switching to a new iPhone but concerning about data loss? No space to save more HD media files? Wanna an iPhone cleaner to make more space on your iPhone? Longing for a powerful iPhone manager to take care of all your media files in case of a device crash? Look no further, whether you need the guides to transfer photos, videos and music from iPhone to Mac, the solutions of iPhone management, the all-round iPhone to Mac transfer tools, or anything else involved in iPhone tips, troubleshootings, apps, we have your needs covered.

7 Ways to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac ~ Hot

[Updated!] How to import photos from iPhone to Mac? Here are top 7 how-to guides for transferring 4K/Live photos from your iPhone to Mac, Macbook Air/Pro, iMac fast. Support the latest iPhone X/iPhone 8 (Plus).

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Mac

How to transfer songs from iPhone to Mac without iTunes? Here MacX MediaTrans can help you, letting you transfer music MP3 ringtones, voice memos from iPhone to Macbook 2016, iMac Retina and manage iPhone music library just a click away.

How to Update to iOS 11 and Fix iOS 11 Problems

iOS 11 upgrade guide shows you how to update to iOS 11 without data loss from iOS 10.3 and fix problems with iOS 11 update.

iOS 11 vs iOS 10: Advantages and Disadvantages

iOS 11 vs iOS 10 comparison guide shows you the detailed advantages and disadvantages of iOS 11 in all aspects including performance, new features, battery life and more.

Top Best iTunes Alternatives to Transfer & Manage iPhone iPad

Seeking for the best iTunes alternatives? List of top 10 alternatives to iTunes will transfer music, files, and manage iPhone iPad iPod files without iTunes.

Backup iPhone to Mac in A Way Much Easier than iTunes ~ Hot

One click and instantly backup music, movies, photos, iTunes purchases etc from iPhone X/8/7/6/6s/SE/5s etc to MacBook, iMac, Mac mini with an easier iTunes alternative.

How to Transfer Data to New iPhone X/iPhone 8 from Old iPhone

Ways on transferring data to new iPhone X/8/Plus from old iPhone 7/6/Plus/SE/5s, Android and Windows phones safely (contacts, messages, photos, calendars etc all incl.) will ensure no data loss and avoid any stuck problem.

Transfer Data from Old iPhone to iPhone X/8/Computer/Android

Transferring files from iPhone to new iPhone X/8/Plus, Android or computer is not a tough task once you get the best iPhone transfer software and all the problems get resolved.

iPad Transfer
One-Second for iPad to Mac Transfer

It's a common scene that your iPad covers scores of music, videos and photos. Meanwhile it's also an annoying thing when you spend a lot of time on finding an iPad transfer to move media files from iPad to Mac. Thankfully, you don't have to dive into the wide world of other ipad transfer tutorials. This part brings you the ultimate solutions to import and export music, iTunes top movies, TV shows, videos and photos between iPad and Mac, without the bother of iTunes or iCloud, no matter what trouble you have with your iPad to Mac transfer. Plus, other iPad solutions, interesting apps and professional reviews for your iPad are also shared here.

How to Make iPad Photo Transfer with No Sweat

iTunes aside, try on the top iPad photo transfer app to copy photos from iPad to Mac only 2 mouse clicks.

List of Five Best Picture Manager for iPhone iPad ~ Hot

Here collects the top five photo manager for iPhone iPad iPod users to manage iOS picture files on Mac.

How to Export Music from iPad to Mac for Management

How to transfer music from iPad to Mac computer? Best iTunes alternative gives you the answer.

How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Mac

A quick & easy way to transfer pphotos from Mac to iPad Pro/Air/Mini iOS 10/9/8 device without iTunes.

Quick-way to Backup iPad to Mac in Seconds

Transferring iPad music photos to Mac costs you seconds now as the world's fastest iPad backup tool comes out.

Review on the Top Photo Organizing Software ~Hot

What can the top photo organizer do for you? Can it transfer iPhone iOS photos? Read the review to get answers.

5 Ways to Transfer PDF to iPad Easily

Here're 5 ways to transfer PDF files folders to iPad Pro/Air/Mini running iOS 11 beta/iOS 10 or earlier. Follow our tutorial to transfer/import PDF documents to iPad using iTunes, email, dropbox or iCloud/iBooks.

Transfer Movies from iPad to Mac (macOS Sierra) ~Hot

MacX MediaTrans, the best iTunes alternative, is highly recommended to transfer movies from iPad to Mac (macOS Sierra/El Capitan), which your iTunes cannot do.

iPod Transfer
One-Click Import/Export iPod Music Photo Video, without iTunes

iTunes disallows you to transfer music from iPod to Mac computer out of copyright protection and privacy purposes, and complicates the music management process while leaving playlists, genres, ID3 tags, etc out of your control. In case of iPod data loss, a solid iTunes alternative appears to be of essence. Here's everything you should know about iPod, from the best iTunes alternative, to the tutorials to transfer iPod music to Mac, copy photos videos from iPod to Mac, manage music library, or other useful tips regarding to iPod. No need to fear the loss of your iPod videos, music and photos at all.

How to Transfer Music from Mac to iPod Touch 5

Transferring music from Mac to iPod is easily done with iTunes, but usually comes with data loss especially when it comes to the iTunes 12.2 version. Here is the best iPod music manager is shared for you to do the task.

Best Music Playlist Makers to Create Your Own Music Playlists ~ Hot

The best music playlist maker apps & websites will help you create your own music playlists on iPhone, Android, YouTube and online.

How to Copy Movies (1080p/4K UHD) to iPad Pro/Mini/Air without iTunes

This page is about how to transfer video to iPad series. You can read this article to resolve your iPad movie troubles easily. No iTunes sync anymore.

Tutorial to Get Music off iPod to Mac without iTunes, Fast and Easily

Having problem transferring music from iPod to Mac without iTunes or jailbreak? Guide on how to transfer music from iPod to Mac (macOS Sierra) here offers an easy and fast way.

Simple Guide to Import Photos from iPod to Mac

How to import iPod photos to Mac? If you are still puzzled by this problem, read on this guide to transfer photos from iPod to Mac (macOS Sierra) fast and simply.

How to Export iPod music to Mac for Backup

In case of iPod upgrade, you are willing to backup your cherished music library to Mac computer. So here is the guide to transfer iPod music to Mac with ease.

How to Backup iPhone to iCloud on Mac/Windows PCs

How do you make sure you don't lose your photos, message and other data? Make a backup to iCloud. But how to backup to iCloud? Read this tutorial and back up your iOS device to iCloud in about five minutes.

Best Alternatives to iTunes for Media Transfer/Download/Play ~ Hot

This post recommends you the best iTunes alternative for media transfer, download and playback. Just manage your photos, videos and music on iPhone iPad iPod without lengthy iTunes sync or data erasing anymore.

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