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Best Free 4K Video Streaming/Downloading Sites List

Watch 4K Movies from Streaming Sites or Download Sites?

4K movie resources can be found on 4K streaming sites and 4K movie download sites. That being said, when you watch 4K streaming movies online (be it Netflix), it has a high demand on your bandwich, up to 15.6Mbps bit rate. How about 4K movie download from 4K download sites? Not optimistic. The Ultra HD resolution up to 3840 pixels × 2160 lines or 7680 pixels × 4320 lines leads to a comparatively larger file size for downloading, more time and network traffic needed.

In such case, watching 4K movies on 4K streaming sites or 4K download sites online is seemingly not the most sensible choice. A better choice is to resort to a super fast yet lightweight 4K video downloader like MacX Video Converter Pro to get 4K movies download for offline enjoyment. As the world's first video downloader with Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD GPU acceleration tech, it speeds up 4K Ultra HD movie download with 5X faster than any other 4K downloaders. And during the whole 4K download process, it doesn't cause any burden on your network traffic; do what you wanna do (surf Internet, send E-mail, online chat/shopping, etc.) without any traffic jam.

Top 8 4K Video Streaming and Downloading Sites

Sony Ultra - Sony launched 4K Ultra HD movie streaming site named Ultra on April 4, 2016, adding more 4K movies to 4K resources pool. By far about 50 movie titles in 4K UHD are provided by the 4K movie site. Note: you need a Sony 4K TV to watch 4K movies from 4K video site Sony Ultra. The UHD movie is quite pricy, each costs $30. If you happen to have no Sony Ultra HD TV, think about other 4K content providers.

YouTube - YouTube is the largest 4K 2160p video sites embracing tons of ultra high quality videos. We are free to stream 4K UHD clips, sports videos, TV shows, movie trailers for free. With the help of 4K video downloader, it's a cinch to download 4K video from 4K video streaming sites for offline playback on Android Samsung , Apple iPhone iPad and further editing in iMovie, FCP.

Vimeo - Vimeo gave 4K video streaming and uploading at the end of 2015 and helped itself edge into top 4K video sites. Vimeo creates a 4K channel with more than 30 thousands 4K 2160p videos clips. As one of the best websites for 4K video streaming, it also offers 4K VR video for technology enthusiasts. Network speed sucks? We have several ways to download Vimeo videos in 4K with blazing speed.

Netflix - Netflix is other great 4K movie site with reasonable price to rent 4K movie, $ 9.99 - Netflix standard service bills will increase from $7.99 to $9.99 next month. It embraces quite a wide list of good Netflix 4K movies to watch. The best website for 4K video movie streaming also lets subscribers to download 1080p 3D Blu-ray movies, like Animen: The Galactic Battle, The Art of Flight, though only a few choices. If you are not interested in this 4K streaming site, scroll down to find more 4K video sites, also good Netflix alternatives.

Metacafe - Metacafe is a good 4K video site, next to YouTube. Members can live stream as well as upload 4K videos clips to Metacafe. As one of the best websites for 4K video streaming, it includes tons of videos and clips in 4K Ultra HD encoded in HEVC (H.265), which makes it possible to stream 4K UHD videos at much lower bit rate. Pop up ads are annoying, though.

Amazon Instant Video - If you live in US, UK and Canada, Amazon Instant Video is other great 4K live streaming service you can resort to watch 4K live stream on 4K TV, iPhone, iPad etc. mobile devices without cable. Only prime users have access to 4K resources, $99 per year, but Amazon offers 30-day free trial. 4K movie titles included in the 4K UHD streaming site are The Amazing Spider Man, The Martian, and more will be added.

UltraFlix - UltraFlix, labeled as the king of 4K video sites for streaming 4K UltraHD content, gives a wide range of free 4K movies, covering Hollywood blockbusters movies in 4K Ultra HD, comedies, family movies in 4K UHD from Disney. As the top 4K movie site, UltraFlix enables subscribers to stream movies in various categories, Oscar winners, horror, history, war, drama, science fiction, etc. The 4K streaming site has quite clean design, no ads, no redirects.

DivX Crawler - It's a 4K video site that can be used for both live streaming and downloading. Better than other HD movie download sites, the site is clean. Users can free download 4K full movies, trailers and live stream Vevo music. Many 4K movies or videos from the UHD movie video sites are downloaded in MKV, DivX format that not accepted by mobile devices, media player, so a robust 4K video converter is needed.

Tutorial: How to Download 4K Movies from Online Sites

Here you have two choices for watching 4K videos: online streaming and download for offline. If you have paid and subscribed for 4k videos on 4K content providers like Amazon, Netflix, and there is a good condition network, you can stream 4K videos for watching online. Otherwise, you'd better download 4K videos with a HD video downloader for offline playback on 4K TVs, Mac/Windows, iOS Android devices.

how to download videos from 4K video sites
how to download videos from 4K video sites

Step 1: Free download the 4K video downloader for Mac or for Windows; run it. Click "YouTube" icon and then "Add Link" icon to enter 4K UHD video download interface.

Step 2: Open UHD video on 4K video sites, copy and paste the Ultra HD video URL to the box frame, click "Analyze" button to load the video info.

Step 3: Click "Download Now" button to start downloading videos from 4K Ultra HD streaming sites.

You can choose "Auto add to convert list" if the video format is not what you want, and it'll directly lead you to 4K UHD video conversion page.

Other useful tips: the feature-rich 4K video downloader also lets you convert 4K videos to MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MP3 and many other format with original UHD quality kept, as well as compress 4K video to 1080p HD, reduce 4K video file site a bit by changing video frame rate, bit rate, etc. at a super fast speed.

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After you have downloaded 4K videos on your Mac or Windows PCs, playing them comes to next step. And you may find that you cannot watch your 4k videos on some normal media players. Given that you need a professional 4K video player for a sharp resolution, clear image etc. 5KPlayer is what you are searching for. It's a 100% free 4K video player for Windows 10/8/7 and MacBook/iMac Retina (macOS Big Sur incl.) to play 4K video/movies with 3840× 2160 or 7680× 4320 resolution.
Free download 5KPlayer on Windows PCs
Free download 5KPlayer on Mac Computers

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