4K 8K Tips: Download 4K/8K UHD Video on PC and Mac

What is 4K UHD? Get down to picking a 4k TV? Want to play UHD videos/movies at home freely? Run up against annoying problems during 8K or 4K video download? Read on and find the helpful tips to download 4K Ultra HD video.

When referring to the hottest tech buzzword in 2016-2018, 4k deserves the title, not at all surprising Apple jumped on the UHD bandwagon and launched a brand new iMac with a gorgeous 4K retina screen in late 2015. Alas, many users yearning for 4K ultra HD video download don't have a clear understanding of 4K. So what is 4K UHD? 4K is four times the picture resolution of Full HD 1080p. It means more pixels on screen, offering 3840 pixels horizontally and 2160 pixels vertically. The increased number of pixels indicate more info and crisper image, making everything you look lifelike. That's why 4K becomes the next big step in HDTV resolution. While 4K technology is still under popularization, YouTube announces its support for 8K video dubbed Ghost Towns in June 2015. Then what's 8K? Technically, 8K is the successor of 4K, which has a resolution of 7,680x4,320 pixels that is 16 times the resolution of Full HD 1080p and 4 times as many as 4K Ultra HD. In other words, you'll need a really robust internet to stream 4K/8K videos online, or you'd better get the 2160P UHD videos/movies download 60fps and watch on the UHD TVs or 4K video player Android/iOS/computers.

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How to Download 4K/8K UHD Video on PC/Mac

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Top 4K Movies to Download and Watch

The availability of mushrooming 4K hindi/english movies on Vimeo, Amazon, Netflix and other streaming providers fuels the growth of 4K movie download among those wishing to experience the lifelike detail and color on 2160P ultra HD TVs or UHD players Android/iOS. But which films shot and projected in 4K are the best now? Check the list of the top 4K movies with most downloads and views so far in 2016. Check more 4k movies list in 2016 >>.

Zion National Park. Autumn - 4K Nature Documentary Film

Justice League Trailer 3 4k ultra HD

Serengeti - Nature's Greatest Journey

Cast: Nicolas Cage
Director: Alex Proyas
Run-time: 2 hrs 1 min
District 9
Cast: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope
Director: Neill Blomkamp
Run-time: 1 hr 53 mins
America-The Beautiful Country
Cast: -
Director: George Palmer
Run-time: 1 hr 30 min
The Social Network
Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield
Director: David Fincher
Run-time: 2 hrs
Cast: Brad Pitt, Robin Wright
Director: Bennett Miller
Run-time: 2 hrs 13 min
Hawaii-The Magical Volcano Islands
Cast: -
Director: Charles Bowers
Run-time: 1 hr

2015 - 2016 Best 4K UHD TVs List

4K TVs, a.k.a, Utra HD TVs are hurtling towards prosperity, which are said to overtake 1080p resolution TVs over the next few years. But some of the so-called 4K TVs are almost content-less gimmicks. More importantly, 15 Mbps is the minimum necessary for ultra HD streaming (25mb/s is preferred), but most families don't have. But if you want some true TVs with 4K resolution so that you can play UHD videos/movies downloaded with no qualtiy issue? Here are our list of best 2160P 4K UHD TVs, taking into account design, features, value and picture quality. Whether you want to watch 4K movie, play 2160p UHD video downloaded from Vimeo or just upscale HD content into something more impressive, there will be something right for you.

Samsung UE65JS9500

Top-of-the-line flagship UHD 4K TV of the entire Samsung collection, it is one of the best 4K ultra hd TVs in 2016 that leverages new brightness and color technologies to take LCD picture quality to a new level. The 65-inch curved screen, new Tizen feature, upgradable connectivity, smart TV platform and crisp image quality allows you to have a superb, wider field of 4K viewing experience and make watching TV a great family bonding.

Screen size: 65-inch

Dimensions: 917x1450x379mm

Panel Technology/Screen Technology:
LED Backlit

Resolution: UHD 4K

Sharp LC-70UH30U

As one of Sharp's Aquos line of 4K TVs, LC-70UH30U features a SPECTROS Rich Color Display that gives you a 21% wider color spectrum compared with the conventional LED, thus delivering more image sharpness. Everything you view look amazing, including 4K video streaming. Regarding to HD videos, contents are upscaled to near-4k resolution, thus you can experience more realistic landscapes and natural skin tones.

Screen size: 70-inch

Dimensions: 917x1450x379mm

Panel Technology/Screen Technology:

Resolution: 4K Ultra HD

Sony KD-75X9405C

It features a new Android TV platform, a direct LED lighting system, new X1 video processing system and delivers a spectacular color & fantastic video/audio quality. The model represents the zenith of the development of LCD technology and the very peak of Sony's 2016 range of 4K UHD TVs. With price tag set under $10,000, The Sony KD-75X9405C definitely gives Samsung 9500 models a run for its money in overall 4k quality.

Screen size: 75-inch

Dimensions: 1041x1929x322mm

Panel Technology/Screen Technology:

Resolution: 4K

LG 65EC970V

LG 65EC970V is also a 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV with a curved screen. Rather than a 4K LCD TV, we'd like to call it the best 4K OLED TV praised for its jaw-dropping design, unprecedented black level response, spectacular 3D and fantastic WebOS that remains a great smart interface. Despite the 65-inch LG 65EC970V is a bit expensive, the absolute outstanding viewings make it highly recommended.

Screen size: 65-inch

Dimensions: 880x1447x257mm

Panel Technology/Screen Technology:

Resolution: UHD 4K

Panasonic TX-50CX802B

Despite some users blame for its blur motion and occasional backlight flaws, the 50CX802, Panasonic's current top tier offering, is still worthy of its best LCD 4K TV title, thanks to its strong 4k performance, upscale of Full HD content, gorgeous interface and satisfying sound. So if you want to enjoy stunning detail in your living room, TX-50CX802B will be your nice choice to play the 4k video downloads, be it from YouTube or Vimeo.

Screen size: 50-inch

Dimensions: 687x1121x211mm

Panel Technology/Screen Technology:

Resolution: 3840X2160


Dig Deeper into 4K Video Download You May Misunderstand

While the mushrooming of 4k contents and 4k ultra HD TVs/4K UHD players leads to a 4k video watching bandwagon, blaming for the massive bandwidth consumption when viewing 4K H.264 video gives rise to 4K UHD video download. So except for the information of 4K movies, TV shows, codec and resolution we've already had a crack at, more tips about 4k ultra HD video download for playback on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad are explained here.

1. Where to get UHD content to download or watch

So you got a new 4K TV/4K UHD player Android/iOS in hand. What to do next? Searching for 4K contents to watch becomes inevitable. Despite 4K videos don't hurtle toward mainstream sources, you can still get them from the 4K content providers, such as Vimeo, Netflix, Amazon online video, Sony Video Unlimited 4K, Samsung M-Go, Comcast, Direc TV, etc. The sad news is you have to pay much for the limited UHD sources, ranging from $9.99 to rent to $99/year subscription. YouTubers need to tweak quality settings to 2160p before they play it. And for further 4k video editing or burning, please download 4K UHD video with a downloader.

2. 4k video download errors and FAQ

Have you ever faced any error when downloading 4K ultra HD videos, like 4K video downloader frequently crashes or fails to parse video links? Can't stand with virus or malware bundled with online downloader or 4k video download sites? Actually, these are the frequently asked questions among users when processing 4k ultra HD video download task. To get rid of the errors, you can check the firewall and antivirus settings, reset the safe mode in case of YouTube IP ban, increase RAM capability, remove redundant programs, make sure to install VP9/8/H.264/H.265 codec pack that supports HD video download and utilize clean and virus-free online tool, etc.

>> Click to slove the possible 4k video downloader errors

3. How to download 2160p 4k Ultra HD video

Sounds a little bit complicated? If you need a once-and-for-all solution to solve the 4k video download error and get downloads of 4k video freely, you can try and download MacX YouTube Downloader. It's a 100% clean, intuitive and free 4k UHD 60fps video downloader which is able to download any 8k/4K ultra HD video (7680x4320, 4096x2160, 3840x2160),1080p/720p HD and 3D blu ray movie from Facebook, Vimeo, and other 1000+ video download sites. Just copy and paste the video URL, choose the video format and click the Download button to kick it off. Especially, the freeware can save videos in MP4 so that you can directly connect PC or Mac to a 4k TV to watch with a HDMI, or watch on your 4K video player Android/iOS.

>> Click to see how to download 4K Video freely

4. Why my iPhone iPad won't play downloaded 4k video

It depends. Reports from Cult of Mac confirms both iPhone and iPad Air 2 support UHD video playback, thanks to Apple's A8 processing chip. Does this mean you download 2160p video and then you play it well on your iPhone? Probably not. Our test show the 4k video plays smoothly as long as we use the H.264 codec, but for the video files formatted in MOV or AVI, some slight glitches happen. So to convert the downloaded video to H.264 for a smooth playback with a 4K video converter is a must-have.

5. 4k video is large to store, compressing 4K video to 1080p HD makes necessary

According to Apple, a 3-minute video in 4K can eat up your storage space up to 1GB. So, if you don't have a 128GB iPhone and are in the habit of downloading 4k video files or putting some downloaded 4k videos from your computer to iPhone/Android 4K video player, you'd better compress 4K to 1080p HD for better viewing. Why? Firstly, iTunes doesn't support video syncing to iPhone iPad. Secondly, it seems useless for many Apple users as the devices' 1334x750 and 1920x1080 resolutions cannot depict every detail of 4k video files, even though the iOS devices claim to support 4k video playback. But after shrinking, the downloaded 4k video can be played on iPhone 6S/iPad Air with no issue.

>> Click to see how to compress 4k to 1080p HD

Must-Have Freeware for 4K Video Download & Play


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