Sounds familiar? Your DVD ripper absolutely can't access to DVD disc on Catalina; no disc found; the correct title skipped over while ripping Disney DVD. Even though the DVD ripper starts to rip and copy DVD movie, "DVD ripper hangs at 25% and fps starts a slow countdown to 0" is something of commonplace. That's not even the whole story, errors like I/O issue, A/V out of sync, incomplete DVD rip etc. cause a bad experience on DVD ripping. Luckily, this article covers all kinds of DVD ripping errors and detailed guide to fix them.

1. Errors during DVD Analyzing 2. Errors during DVD Ripping 3. Errors after DVD Transcoding
• No disc found or won't detect DVD
• Cannot open DVD/stuck on open DVD
• No title found or no valid source found
• Won't find main title/Can't rip 99-title DVDs
• Error reading DVD
• Cannot scan dvd or scan never completes
• Not showing all titles
• Playlist obfuscation
• Cannot open IFO or not recognizing IFO files
• Analyzing stops at 47%
• Won't rip whole movie
• DVD with bad sector
• Poor CPU utilization
• Software stuck/crashes
• Movie size is 40 GB+
• I/O error
• CRC error
• Out of memory error
• Cannot rip all episodes
• Mismatched region code error
• Audio out of sync
• Scrambled/pixilated rips
• Incomplete rips
• Ripped DVD shows black bars
• No sound or mixed up
• Jagged edges on final rip
• Ripped movie repeats on certain parts
• Subtitles do not appear after ripping
• Movies stops playing at the same place
• Output file is just several kb

Part 1 - DVD Errors Occur Before Ripping DVD?

Ripping DVD could be an empty talk if DVD disc cannot be loaded/scanned. But this does happen frequently with errors like "DVD disc not found", "DVD scan never completes", "failed to find the correct title" etc. Fortunately, all these can be solved here.

1.1 DVD is unaccessible in macOS Monterey

Many users reported that their DVD discs are no longer accessible to DVD ripping software after upgrading to macOS Monterey. This can be attributed to the Security enhancement on macOS Monterey. If DVD ripper isn't authorized when macOS Monterey checks you the permission of external volumes, it can't access the DVD info, cuasing errors like "Read DVD Structure Failed!"

Read DVD Structure failed

1) Click "OK" when you're asked to with a pop-up prompt: "MacX DVD Ripper" would like to access files on a removable volume. After then, DVD discs can be scanned and ripped to any formats you desired.

Access DVD movie info

2) If you accidently tap the "Don't Allow" button, you can also re-authorize this Mac DVD ripper to get an access of DVD disc within several clicks. Go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Files and Folders > Check Removable Volumes under MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Then you can load and rip DVDs as usual.

Enable permission of MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Note: This software permission only means an access to DVD disc content, which won't lead any privacy leakage on macOS Catalina.

1.2 No disc found? Can't open/read disc?

Some users reflect that their DVD ripper software says, "no disc found" when they rip DVD Roseann Season 4 Disc 2, DVD TV series or some adult DVDs. If you suffer from the troubles like "no valid source found" or "DVD ripper can't open/read disc", give the below solutions a whirl:


1). Check if your DVD disc is clear enough. Make sure there is no dust or dirt thereon. What's plus, clean your disc via a soft duster cloth to remove the contamination around the hub area).

2). Have a check on your disc to see if it's physically damaged or scratched. If so, read this troubleshooting guide to fix scratched DVD.

3). Use another computer to digitize your DVD movies or TV episodes.

4). Change a DVD drive or adjust DVD drive settings if DVD drive is not working in disc reading.

5). Resort to a more reliable DVD ripper like MacX DVD Ripper Pro to have a try if it's your DVD ripping software to be blamed.

1.3 Handbrake not scanning some titles or stuck on scanning?

Life is not a bed of roses. After you successfully solve the DVD loading issue, you would probably be trapped by the DVD scanning trouble, especially for Handbrake users. There are tons of Handbrake users complaints about DVD scanning skipping issues or scanning stuck trouble. Hence, you're not alone. Welcome to the club and find the solutions here provided by the experts and net friends.

Handbrake dvd ripping error

1.4 Playlist obfuscation: your DVD ripper can't find correct title?


1). There's higher probability for DVD discs that come from Lionsgate Films, Walt Disney Pictures or workout DVD Beachbody/Insanity to meet "failed to find correct title" or "unable to rip 99-title DVD" error due to the complex DVD protection schemes they adopt. If that's the case, store your current DVD ripping program away and use the powerful MacX DVD Ripper Pro to rip Disney DVD, Lionsgate DVD movies and workout DVDs.

Equipped with the advanced DVD decryption tech, this DVD decrypter has the ability to painlessly remove Disney X-project DRM, Lionsgate protection, CSS, UOPs, etc. from DVD, exclude the false titles and then auto copy Disney, Lionsgate and other commercial/homemade DVDs with the correct title.

2). As for rental DVD playlist obfuscation error, you can consider to use the above DVD ripping tool to rip rental DVD with the correct playlist auto selected. Or you're allowed to play rental DVD movie on your DVD player or VLC to find the correct playlist first and then take advantage of Makemkv to rip DVD Venom, Winchester, Eighth Grade and more 2019 hottest DVD movies.

Learn More: DVD Won't Play on Mac/TV Problem Fixed >>

1.5 The app had difficulty finding forced subtitles?

If things are not getting better after your own efforts on fixing forced subtitles issue, the following steps are needed:

Step 1: rip the subtitle track that has the forced subtitle as a normal subtitle from the MKV file by using mkvextract.

Step 2: apply the Tool BDsup2sub (Java) with GUI.

Step 3: Open the previously saved subtitle file in BD2sup2sub.

Step 4: Check the "Output Format" for "Sub/IDX".

Step 5: Tap "File" > Export > choose "Export forced only". Afterwards, rename it.

Step 6: Now you create a forced titles in an extra track.

Step 7: Utilize MergeMKV GUI (part of MkvToolNIX) to add the newly created forced subtitle track to the existing MKV file and move it to the correct position in the muxxing list.

Step 8: Remix the file and that's it!

If the above method is too complex to proceed, an easier way is available - MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which lets you freely select whatever subtitles after DVD scanning, forced subtitle, soft or hard subtitle under the subtitle option. Just 1 click to rip DVD on Mac or Windows with forced subtitle.

Part 2 - Have Ever Bothered by These Errors While Ripping DVD?

Usually a DVD has at least 90 minutes in length. Therefore, the DVD ripping task could be called a "journey". Could it be possible that this journey is plain sailing? Yes, it could be. But in most cases, there would be some sandstorms or ocean waves during the journey. In DVD backup journey, they're the DVD ripping errors.

2.1. DVD ripper conversion hangs/freezes

Do you feel impotent when DVD ripping hangs or freezes at 8% or so, FPS drops down to 0 but nothing you could do to reverse this situation? That's terrible, right? Luckily, it doesn't happen again if the below approaches happens to solve your DVD ripping hangs error.


1). It would be the DVD ripper you're using to be blamed. If you're using DVDFab to rip DVD Hotel Transylvania 3 and Goodbye Christopher Robin to ISO image, please disable pathplayer at the settings to see if the DVD ripper hangs error solved.

2). Upgrade your DVD backup software to the latest version and check the production company of your DVD disc since different production company adopts different copyright protection schemes to their discs. Then check if your DVD ripper supports these encrypted DVDs. If not, try other rippers.

3). In case you use DVD Decrypter to rip best workout DVD from Insanity or Beachbody and encounter with this DVD ripping error, follow these steps:

Step 1: Check DVD drive on your desktop > right click on your DVD drive > opt for "Properties" > "Hardware" > choose DVD drive. Note: a new window will pop up after selecting Properties, where you access to DVD Region and select language you need for your output DVD rips. Afterwards, click "OK".

Step 2: Download and install AnyDVD. Run both AnyDVD and DVD Decrypter.

Step 3: Navigate to "Tools" > tap "Settings… I/O" > choose "ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes" > go to "General" > select "Check for Structure Protection". Then it should auto enable "Hide Pack Header Warnings". Hit "OK" option.

2.2 DVD ripper crashes at half way while ripping DVD

You can't predict if or when your DVD ripper might crash while DVD ripping. If this does happen to you, keep calm. Cuz you have the silver bullet to get around the DVD ripper crashes error now:


1). Check if your graphics card has the latest driver update.

2). Update others on your computer if needed. Do a clean uninstall of the DVD ripper, launch a good registry cleaner and reinstall the program if you fire up the tool as administrator.

3). Try other DVD decrypter software, which has mighty power to cope with the latest DVD encryption tech like MacX DVD Ripper Pro, MacTheRipper, etc.

2.3 Failed to rip DVD due to oversized source files

Disney DVD ripping errors may present themselves in various ways. And chief among them might be the oversized file, up to 40GB or even 70GB. It's known to all that it's caused by Disney DRM protection to prevent your DVD ripper from making a digital copy of Disney DVD movie. In a bid to smoothly rip Disney DVD without oversized file error, a powerful DVD DRM removal tool is a must have.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is up to the mark. Constantly optimized to catch up with the latest DVD DRM tech, this application delivers strong performance in bypassing the Disney X-project DRM scheme and auto selects the correct title (with right length and file size) to digitize DVD content with aplomb. No any 3rd party apps or plug-ins needed!

2.4 I/O error while DVD ripping

It's hard to identify when the I/O error message would pop up. It might come when your DVD ripper scans disc. Or when you rip a Hollywood movie from DVD but the media region code is mismatched to logical unit region, this I/O error haunts you. Anyway, though it's unpredictable, you wouldn't feel panic, for you have the countermeasures.

DVD Shrink I/O error


1). Update your DVD ripper software to the latest version if available.

2). Download VLC or other DVD decrypter to remove DVD copyright protection techs if you're a Handbrake or DVD Shrink user.

3). Remove region code from DVD (MacX DVD Ripper Pro can do it) or change media region code to the one that is identical to the logical unit region code.

2.5 CRC error on ripping

A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error-detecting code commonly used in digital networks and storage devices to detect accidental changes to raw data (from wikipedia). When it appears during DVD ripping, it usually leads to DVD ripping failure. How to fix this CRC error to make DVD copy smoothly proceed? Do as follows:

DVD Shrink CRC error


1). Skirt the copyright protection scheme from DVD. In case the current DVD decrypter disappoints you, try others like DVDFab, Makemkv, MacX DVD Ripper Pro, MacTheRipper, etc.

2). Have a check on your hard disk and DVD driver. If something is wrong with them, decrypt your DVD on another desktop with sound hard disk and DVD driver.

3). Repair the slightly damaged/scratched DVD disc or purchase a new disc to backup, for most DVD copy program is vulnerable to a quick failure in terms of the severely damaged DVD disc.

2.6 Poor CPU utilization in Handbrake?

Handbrake is a qualified DVD ripper as an open source. It supports you to rip DVDs (unprotected) to MP4 or MKV format with multiple codecs to choose from. If you desire to know its shortcomings, there is one gripe users talk a lot - the poor CPU utilization in Handbrake. The poorer CPU utilization is, the slower ripping speed will be.

To speed up Handbrake in DVD ripping, most users change output profile from "fast" to "very fast" under Presets. But there is no distinct change between ripping speed and CPU utilization. In such case, you're highly recommended to have a shot on MacX DVD Ripper Pro, which sports with the advanced Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD/M1 (Pro/Max/Ultra) GPU hardware acceleration techs to improve DVD ripping speed up to 150-320FPS, 5X faster than any other competitors.

2.7 Can't rip all episodes?

Different types of DVD disc have their own distinct internal structures. As for TV series DVD, you'd better not treat it as a normal DVD disc. Or you have no idea why your tool can't rip all episodes or all main episodes show up as one title.

Generally, the TV series DVD is protected by encryption technique and in most cases, only part of TV episodes would be inserted with the encryption algorithm. This can well explain why some episodes can be well ripped while others are missing. In another case, one type of TV series DVD only contains one long title, which needs you to manually cut the long title into several titles with shorter duration. And keep in mind that each episode should start with 0:00 time display. Then begin to rip episodes from DVD.

Well, which program can easily remove such DVD encryption and allow you to cut long title to shorter ones? Here MacX DVD Ripper Pro is definitely worth your trial. It can beat off the DVD protection roadblock, as well as cut title into several parts to rip separate episodes from DVD. Since our recommendation is limited, you're warmly welcomed to share with us if you find or have used any wonderful DVD ripping program.

Part 3 - DVD Problematic Playback after DVD Ripping

It won't be called a successful DVD ripping if you only accomplish the above two phases. Only when you playback output DVD files without any error can you say it succeed. Unfortunately, roughly half of the users are stuck at the 3rd phase - ripped DVD playback. If you're subject to the DVD output file playback errors, scroll down to find the practical solutions below:

3.1 DVD conversion remains incomplete, only 4MB

After you backup a full disc to ISO image, you might be surprised to find that the output is only 4MB in size. You rip a DVD to MP4 with a 92-minute main title, but the output file has only 3 minutes. What's wrong? And what would you do? Read the below methods if you have no clue.


1). Adjust the cloud decryption setting and pathplay setting if you're using DVDFab.

2). For handbrake users, upgrade Handbrake to the latest version and try to choose chapter started with Chapter 2, not Chapter 1.

3). As for workout DVD, Disney/Sony/Marvel DVD, you'd better utilize a much stronger DVD decrypter to steer away from DVD bad sector DRM protection and choose the correct main title from fake 99 titles for ripping and backing up.

DVD output is incomplete

3.2 Audio doesn't match with the scene


1). Make sure that your DVD player software has hardware acceleration enabled.

2). Give up backing up some old DVD discs (e.g., DVDs released in 1990s) since they might be in letterbox format and don't correct for the dropped frames.

3). Use VLC media player to solve audio out of sync problem during playback.

4). Buy a professional Digital Audio Delay device if you have enough budget. It's a little bit expensive, around $200 - $300.

5). Re-rip your DVD with a better DVD ripper and adjust output video frame rate to 29.97FPS for NTSC DVD or 25FPS for PAL DVD before ripping disc.

3.3 The resulting video is distorted and garbled

Many a user complains at the forums about the distorted resulting video quality. The most likely reason goes to the DVD DRM protection tech CSS (Content Scrambling System). Supposed that your DVD ripper fails to get rid of CSS protection from DVD disc, it stands a high possibility that your DVD output is distorted and garbled. Certainly, if the de-interlacing feature of your application is still in its infancy, the jagged lines are visible on the edges of moving objects.

But no biggie. You can upgrade your VLC media player to work better with Handbrake to rip protected DVDs. If the output quality still doesn't reach your requirements, try cutting-edge DVD decrypter - MacX DVD Ripper Pro. It can work perfectly with any CSS protected DVDs and has the advanced De-interlacing tech to turn any interlaced DVD picture into de-interlaced resulting image, no pixelated or jagged lines thereon.

3.4 Ripping DVD's to PC playing as 4:3 not 16:9

It's unbearable that your widescreen DVD 16:9 is converted to 4:3 after DVD ripping using Makemkv or Handbrake. The output video might fill your widescreen TV but it's still distorted. How to fix this DVD conversion error? MacX DVD Ripper Pro can give you a hand.

Instead of wasting much time and energy to figure out the reasons and solutions, a more efficient way is to ditch away the faulty DVD rips and use this DVD ripper to rip your DVD disc with original 16:9 aspect ratio kept. No matter what output format you choose (MP4, MKV, MOV, M4V, AVI), you can get your desired DVD movie file with full screen/widescreen standards for normal playback on your smart phones, tablets, computers and smart TVs.

Part 4 - How to Rip New & Protected DVD with Nary an Error?

If the once-and-for-all solution is what you want, just forget your current DVD ripper and copy your DVD with MacX DVD Ripper Pro to free from the off-putting DVD ripping errors. Follow the below guide to decrypt and rip DVD disc (Hollywood DVD, workout DVD, TV series DVD, etc.) with no pain.

Step 1: Free download MacX DVD Ripper Pro on your computer (the latest macOS Catalina, Windows 10 supported). Afterwards, run it.

Step 2: Load your DVD source. It supports 3 types of inputs: DVD disc, DVD folder (Video_TS folder) and ISO image. Then it will auto detect and read your DVD source regardless of homemade DVD, workout DVD, AV DVD, damaged/unplayable DVD or Hollywood copyright protected DVD.

Note: If you're running on the latest macOS Catalina, please authorize it to access files on a removal volume first.

Step 3: The correct main title will be auto ticked only seconds later. Then you're asked to choose the output format on the pop-up output profile window. Its output formats list is pages long, including the most modern formats MP4, H264, H265, MOV, M4V, MKV, VOB, AVI, FLV, MPEG-2, as well as customized device profiles for Apple (iPhone Xs Max/Xs/XR/X/8/7/Plus, iPad, Apple TV, iMovie, iTunes, etc.), Android (HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Google, Amazon, Xiaomi...), Sony, Microsoft device and more.

auto detect title from DVD

Step 4: Select the audio and subtitle tracks. This Mac DVD ripper enables you to rip DVD with DTS or AC3 audio, alongside with whatever subtitle tracks (forced sub, soft/hard sub or external sub). Move your mouse to the main title area > opt for the audio track you need, AC3 English 6ch, AC3 French 6ch or AC3 Spanish 6ch > choose the subtitle tracks you need. Disable subtitle is the default setting. So don't skip this step.

select subtitles

Note: supposing that you need to rip DVD with forced subtitle, pick out "Forced Subtitle Only". Or you can load your downloaded or DIY SRT subtitles to your movie if necessary.

Step 5: Tap the settings icon (next to the output format icon) at the DVD video info bar. Afterwards, choose aspect ratio as 16:9 or "keep original". What's plus, one more option is helpful if you plan to convert PAL DVD to NTSC DVD or vice versa. Then you're required to select frame rate as 29.97 fps for NTSC and 25 fps for PAL.

keep aspect ratio as 16:9

Step 6: Click Edit with a scissor-shaped icon at the bottom of the main title. Then you're directed to the DVD video editing window, where you can cut and edit DVD movie to rip certain parts of your DVD movies at your willing.

[Optionally] Tick "De-interlacing" and "Use High Quality Engine" if output quality is your top concern. On top of this, DVD ripping speed also matters a lot. Freely choose the quantity of CPU core utilities you wanna use and see if Hardware encoder (Intel/AMD/Nvidia) is auto ticked. If your computer doesn't support hardware acceleration tech, turn to another one with higher hardware configurations.

speed up DVD ripping

Step 7: Click "Browse" button to choose the destination folder for output DVD file storage. Then hit "RUN" button to begin to decrypt and rip DVD on Mac/Windows without any freeze or half crash errors. And you can enjoy the 5 minute DVD ripping experience if your hardware configurations are powerful enough.

Still have any problem on how to solve DVD won't be ripped errors, just email us >>

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