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Top 8 Free DVD Ripper for Mac - Rip DVD to MP4 for iPhone/X/8, iPad and Android

The page is in response to the urgent need for Mac DVD ripper to backup huge disc collection and rip DVDs (incl. protected DVDs) to MP4, MOV, H.264, iTunes, etc on Mac freely to make the investment safe & movable. For DVD collectors searching for a truly costless, effective, functionally complete DVD ripper for Mac freeware, keep reading on. - Last Updated on Dec 26, 2017 by Samantha

The birth of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime changes the way of entertaining from DVD to online streaming. In spite of this, DVD still reigns supreme. Latest statistics show that about $8.42 billion is spent on purchasing and renting DVDs in 2016, which is $1.8 billion more than spending on video-streaming services. I bet you've had a huge collection of movies and TV shows on DVD and enlarge your DVD library day after day, which you want to keep.

But with the prevalence of digital entertainment, to rip DVDs to digital formats seems to be in vogue and necessary. For instance, You just want a way to free up some room in your house because your DVD collection is cumbersome. You might attempt to achieve your movie library by genre, year or so without going to the shelf yourself. You sometimes need to protect your investment against any scratch, fingerprint or damage. Or You'd like to go a few steps further to extend your viewing options to your Mac laptops, phones, tablets & game consumes anywhere, without even dropping a disc in a tray or repurchasing the media from iTunes, Amazon or Google Play. Thanks to the advent of DVD ripper for Mac, ripping DVDs on Mac really doesn't have to be an hassle.

rip DVD free Mac

2018 Top-Rated FREE DVD Ripper for Mac - 100% Safe

Ultimate DVD toolkit to rip your DVD collection to virtually any video/audio/device.
* FREE rip DVD to Mac hard drive, MP4, MOV, MP3, iTunes, etc within 3 steps.
* Support almost all homemade and commercial DVDs (latest & classic DVDs).
* Compress a DVD (7.5 GB) to digital video(336 MB) with 98% quality reserved.
* Deliver lightning ripping speed, up to 16X faster. 100% FREE!

There are plenty of free DVD ripping software designed for Mac users, which claim to be able to rip any DVDs to the format of your choice, like DVD to MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, H.264, etc. But most often, you endure a whole day long sitting aside your Mac, trying to get the contents off DVDs yet find it crashes again and again or keep informing you messages like I/O error, no valid source found, no permission to access. Worse still, the movie you are watching is blurry or out of order, with file size reaching to 40 GB. To avoid the situations, you shall take "something" into consideration prior to download a Mac free DVD ripper, such as its basic features, UI, price, speed, OS compatibility, quality, etc. But which takes up the dominant position? The following part lists four decisive elements that make up the best free DVD ripper for Mac. These factors listed below are never groundless but based on users' feedbacks, editorial rating and our repeated software tests.

Part 1: How to Judge the Best DVD Ripper for Mac

free DVD Ripping performance

1. Ripping ability

Inability to handle commercial DVDs in common free DVD ripper for Mac usually leads to system crash. Supporting protected DVDs helps to step the tools into best list.

free DVD ripper for Mac with high quality

2. Quality

DVD ripping involves in degrading video/audio files. But good free DVD ripper for Mac manages to output file with almost imperceptible loss of quality.

fast yet free DVD ripper for Mac

3. Speed

Fast DVD ripper will make full use of CPU and GPU encoding without consuming much computer resources. It will let you tweak parameters to speed up ripping and lower file size.

easy-to-use DVD ripper for Mac

4. Easy to Use

An intuitive interface, readymade profiles for mobiles, and less than 3 steps are favorable among users, especially those beginners.

Part 2: Top 3 Free DVD Ripper for Mac OS X [Review & Guide]

With the elements taken into account, we've sought out 3 most welcomed tools from an overwhelming number of free DVD rippers for Mac. They are MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition, HandBrake and MakeMKV respectively. Many people may hear that Handbrake is an open source DVD ripping software and MakeMKV is a widely used free DVD ripper for Mac OS. Then what is MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition? Below is an overview for each of them, along with their respective test result about speed, quality, etc, for you to better know what they work as.

Note: This review is based on our hands-on test on 27" iMac with 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB1333 MHZDDR3 and AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB. You shall also have to note that the DVD ripping speed is greatly dependant on your computer configuration and DVD drive. Higher config will lead to greater performance. And make sure to spare some space to save the final rip.

Part 2.1: Full Review of Top 1 Free DVD Ripper for Mac: MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition

Our Rating:

Home Page: https://www.macxdvd.com/dvd-ripper-mac-free/
OS: macOS High Sierra, Sierra, El Capitan, and older

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition is a free DVD ripper for Mac (macOS High Sierra included). This free Mac DVD ripper will not only deal with most commercial DVDs, like free rip Disney DVDs and other protected discs on Mac, but also freely convert DVD on Mac to various formats that are compatible with iPhone (X/8/7/7Plus), iPad, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Windows mobiles, and various video players. Besides, a full range of DVD editing features are offered to make it one of the best free DVD ripping tools running on macOS High Sierra and earlier Mac OS X.

  • Pros
  • 1. Fast Mac DVD ripping speed and high output quality. It generates more detail and fewer artifacts than most Mac DVD freeware like Handbrake.
  • 2. Support any protections and updated with new measures.
  • 3. "Safe Mode" ensures to rip protected DVDs on Mac OS X smoothly.
  • Cons
  • 1. Free digitize DVD to limited output formats or devices.
  • 2. Relatively single features compared with paid rippers.
  • 3. For TV show DVDs, the free DVD ripper for Mac will keep on converting the next title automatically, and you need to manually stop the ripping.

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition makes it easy to get DVD rip on Mac for free into a more modern digital format you can preserve, stream or watch on new devices. It will sidestep the latest encryption and copy-protection schemes.

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition produces video of remarkably high quality, backing up DVDs with their original video and audio quality. This free Mac DVD ripping software is very fast; it can encode a two-hour DVD in 25 minutes.

With MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition, back up DVDs in multiple formats to ensure you don't lose precious memories or costly software, and you can even rip encrypted DVD on Mac freely to mobile devices in minutes without compromising quality.

[Tutorial] How to Rip DVD Movies on Mac Freely, Easily and Fast Using MacX DVD Ripper

To free rip DVD on Mac with MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition, first download the free DVD ripper on Mac. True to its claims, the latest DVD ripper Mac freeware version was quickly downloaded on my iMac, running on OS X 10.13 High Sierra. The DVD used here is a 1.6GB TV show named NCIS. This DVD is from Paramount, one of the studios that use intractable protection scheme on discs.

Free DVD ripper for Mac

The free DVD ripping on Mac OS X is simple. You can follow the steps below to freely decode and encode DVD on your Mac.

Step 1: Insert DVD and launch the DVD ripper Mac freeware.
Click DVD button to load the DVD and let it to scan. Unlike freeware Handbrake which has problem ripping protected DVD, MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition quickly finds the accurate main title.

This free Mac DVD ripper is claimed to rip all DVD sources on Mac, including homemade and commercial protected DVDs, DVD folder and ISO image files. In our test, we successfully open and rip new movie on DVD (The Jungle Book, Inside Out, Frozen) from Disney, Paramount etc. When we rip TV show DVD with several episodes, select the items and this free DVD ripper for Mac will decode the whole DVD in sequence.

how to free rip DVD on Mac

Step 2: Choose the output format you'd like to rip DVD to
You can rip DVD to MP4 as it works with all mobiles and video players with good output quality and file size. With one click and no further tweaking, we achieve an H.264 file with crisp picture. It also has options for DVD to MOV, FLV, iTunes videos, MP3 etc.

Step 3: Click "RUN" to start protected DVD ripping on Mac for free.
For tough protections that disable free Mac DVD rippers like Handbrake or MakeMKV, check "Safe Mode" and that has helped with many difficult discs. Flexible editing functions are offerd like clipping, trimming, external subtitles adding etc. We smoothly use it to cut the commercials during the movie and merge the useful parts.

Note: The free Mac DVD ripper meets nearly all your needs for protected DVDs. But if you are willing to rip the new movies on DVD such as Manchester By The Sea, Hacksaw Ridge, Moonlight, Finding Dory, Zootopia, etc, you can rely on the pro version of this DVD ripper for Mac freeware, which is so far the only Mac DVD ripper tool that supports conquering all types of discs, including the new DVDs, 99-title DVDs, TV series DVDs, workout DVDs and even damaged/unplayable DVDs and manages to rip a full DVD on Mac as short as 5 minutes at a conversion frequency reaching up to 300 fps, thanks to the full utilization of hardware acceleration tech. You would also be pleased with the latest version 5.6.0, if you've updated your OS to the latest High Sierra as it makes seamless compatibility with the latest macOS high sierra and better yet adds timely support for iPhone X, iPhone 8, Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei Mate 10 and other latest devices, which other Mac DVD rippers haven't been finalized.

Part 2.2: Full Review of Top 2 Free Mac DVD Ripper: HandBrake

Handbrake is an open-source free DVD ripper working under Mac, Windows and Linux, which can only convert DVDs to MP4 and MKV, with support for iPhone, iPods, PSPs, Apple TVs, PS3s. But Handbrake rip DVD that is homemade/unprotected only or can be played by your DVD player; Since the free DVD ripper for Mac v0.9.2 ditches libdvdcss, it cannot rip commercial DVDs if without the help of third party software, VLC, not to mention the Disney newer protections. In addition, the latest version Handbrake Mac 1.0.7, though overhauling its preset profiles and adding support for VP9 encoding, is reported to have infected your Mac with a trojan and unstable, sometimes even crash, especially when running on macOS High Sierra. And if you would like to upload a commercial or home-made DVD movie to youtube.com video sharing website or to your web page or blog, HandBrake can't help at all. MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition would be the HandBrake alternative to solve this problem.

  • Pros
  • 1. Fast Mac DVD ripping speed and high output quality.
  • 2. Support both DVD and video conversion.
  • 3. Open source free DVD ripper for Mac/Windows/Linux GUI.
  • Cons
  • 1. Needs to co-work with a third-party program to rip CSS encrypted DVDs.
  • 2. Limited output formats and devices.
  • 3. Complicated user interface.
  • 4. The latest version 1.0.7 is reportedly bundled with a Trojan OSX.PROTON that may infect your Mac during DVD ripping.

Handbrake is one of the best free Mac DVD ripper software, and it has an advanced parameter setting for fine-tuned control over video quality during conversion. This program can't cope with DVD protections by itself.

For those who wish to convert the DVDs they own for the purpose of archiving, carrying it on a laptop, or making it compatible with a device such as an iPod, iPhone, or Apple TV, HandBrake is a godsend.

[Tutorial] How to Rip DVDs Free on Mac with HandBrake

To free rip DVD on Mac OS X with HandBrake, first download the freeware from Handbrake's homepage, it's available for free download.

Handbrake rip DVD free Mac

Step 1: Insert the DVD and open Handbrake. Then click the Source button to load the DVD. It takes quite a long time to scan the disc in the test. If you want to rip protected DVD on Mac, libdvdcss is required.

Step 2: Click "Browse" to set where you want to save the ripped DVD on Mac.

Step 3: Click "Presets" to set the output formats. Here are MP4 (M4V) or MKV formats, and mobiles like iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, Android, Windows Phone 8.

Step 4: Now click "Start" to rip DVD free on Mac now. The ripping is also fast.

Having problems with free Mac DVD ripping and converting with Handbrake, check the full solutions to Handbrake DVD ripping errors on Mac OS:
* No valid source found when ripping DVD with Handbrake
* Cannot rip DVD with 99 titles using Handbrake? Fix it here
* Handbrake cann't rip protected DVD without libdvdcss
* Handbrake fails to rip DVD on Mac after installing VLC 2.0
* Handbrake won't rip DVD on Mac El Capitan with LibDVDCSS
* Handbrake won't work with Sierra, check the solution!
* Handbrake tutorial to Rip DVD to MP4 on Mac

Part 2.3: Full Review of Top 3 Free Mac DVD Ripper Software: MakeMKV

If you seek for a ripper that works with protected DVDs and Blu rays and outputs MKV format to preserve all video/audio tracks and subtitles with meta-information, there is no better Mac DVD ripper tools than MakeMKV, an easy free DVD/Blu ray ripper for Mac program with built-in decryption tool.

All you have to do is to insert a disc in Mac's disc drive, click the DVD while let MakeMKV analyze it, and hit Make MKV. A few minutes later, the ripped DVD movie will be saved to your hard drive. The output file is (ideally) about 40% smaller than the original DVD disc. Disappointedly, there is no option for output other than in MKV format, though it can be played on most media players like VLC or 5KPlayer. So if you want MP4 or other file format, you have to use other video transcoding tool to convert MKV to MP4, which is a little bit complex.

Note: when it comes to rip DVD on Mac, MakeMKV is available as a free DVD ripper for Mac software. But for Blu-ray ripping on OS X, it is only free in a beta version, which stops functions after 60 days.

  • Pros
  • 1. Extremely high video and audio output quality.
  • 2. MakeMKV rips DVD, Blu-Ray discs and any video.
  • 3. It includes its own decryption functions.
  • Cons
  • 1. The output MKV file is extremely large in size.
  • 2. It can output MKV file only.
  • 3. The Blu-ray ripping costs $50 after the trial period.

MakeMKV will scan the disc for real titles rather than fake ones that help protect the disc from copying. It's undoubtedly one of the simplest ripper freeware for Mac. Once it's the disc is ripped to a .mkv, it won't play natively on an iOS device.

MakeMKV is a quick, easy and free ripper to rip DVDs and Blu-ray discs. This free mac DVD ripper can create high quality MKV files and read Blu-ray discs protected with AACS and BD+.

[Tutorial] How to Free Rip DVDs on Mac Computer with MakeMKV

First free download MakeMKV on Mac. This free DVD ripper for Mac is completely free to rip DVD on Mac during the beta-testing phase, and after that, if you want to rip Blu-Ray disc, you will need to pay $50.

rip DVD free Mac with MakeMKV

Step 1: Open this free DVD ripping software on Mac and insert the disk into the hard drive. It accepts both DVD and Blu-Ray discs. Then click "Open Disc" to load in the information.

Step 2: MakeMKV will scan and identify the titles you can rip and return you a list of disk chapters. Choose the chapter you want to rip, normally the longest and biggest title.

Step 3: Now select the location to save the ripped MKV file on Mac computer and then click "Make MKV". MakeMKV shows a fast DVD ripping speed on Mac, with an average of 30 minutes to rip Blu-ray disc. The output MKV keeps high video and audio quality, but note that the size of the MKV file is enormous (1.66GB MKV file for the 1.6GB DVD in our test; and it's no surpise to have a DVD rip at 15GB and a Blu-Ray rip at 30GB).

Part 3: Side-by-side Performance Comparison Among the Top 3 Free Mac DVD Rippers

To better understand the ripping performance of the top 3 Mac DVD ripper freeware (MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition, HandBrake, MakeMKV), below is a detailed comparison in ripping speed, output quality and supported encryptions. All the data is based on our testing.

Note: This review is based on our hands-on test on 27" iMac with 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, 8GB1333 MHZDDR3 and AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB. You shall also have to note that the DVD ripping speed is greatly dependant on your computer configuration. Higher config will lead to great performance. And make sure to spare some space to save the final rip.

Free DVD Rippers for Mac


DVD Ripping Performance

Errors during the ripping

MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition

NCIS (7.75GB)

1. Loading time: immediately; ripping time: 15min; Average FPS: 100-150
2. Output file: 720x480, 469.2MB, Audio bit rate(128kbps)
AAC audio codec

1. You need to check "Safe Mode" to rip tough protections



1. Loading time: 4mins; ripping time: 18min; Average FPS:132-144.31
2. Output file: 720x480, 336.5MB, AAC audio, 128 bit rate

1. Handbrake quites unexpectly
2. Can't identify the right title
3. No response when clicking Start
4. Scrambled screen after slight tweaking



1. Loading time: immediately; ripping time: 16min; Average FPS: 2.0-3.7M/s
2. Output file: 720x480, 16.6GB

1. Requires manaually selecting title
2. No parameter setting or editing option
3. Big output file size

Free rip dvd on Mac with fast speed

Comparison on DVD Ripping Speed

According to the company of MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition, it uses Multi-core CPU technology that allows a CPU utilization to a maximum of 800%. That is, for a Mac with 8 cores or lower, full CPU will be utilized to rip DVD with full speed; for a high-end computer with more cores, multi tasks are allowed without affecting the ripping.

The DVD ripping is impressive on a high-end Mac (two 3.06GHz 6-core 16-Core Intel Xeon MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM, on Yosemite). It takes 9mins to convert the 43.5mins 1.6GB NCIS DVD to MP4 while we can still view web pages. While for my average iMac (mentioned above) on 10.12 Sierra, MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition ripped the 43.5mins DVD on Mac to MP4 with 128kpbs AAC audio codec in 15mins. Still minutes faster than freeware like Handbrake (DVD to MP4, 18mins) and MakeMKV (DVD to MKV, 16mins).

free rip dvd on Mac with high quality

Quality of Ripped DVD File, Who Wins?

For free DVD rippers which don't convert the source movie, like MacTheRipper (ISO, Video_TS:VOB/BUP/IFO) and RipIt(.dvdmedia), the quality will keep original. But if you convert DVD to videos, there will be quality loss.

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition created a MP4 file with 720x480(16:9) in 469.2MB from 1.6GB DVD. Testing this free DVD ripper for Mac with Handbrake under the same settings, it's hard to tell which Mac DVD freeware has better quality. Quality is stunning for a compressing ratio of 1:4 (1.6GB DVD into 469.2MB). But higher saturation of color can be noticed on MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition rip, with dark darker and white whiter.

MakeMKV has a 1.66GB MKV file for the 1.6GB DVD. MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition shows no obvious size increase with HQ rip, with the maximum size at 476.1MB for the highest settings and minimum 307.4MB for the lowest (with unexpectedly high quality).

free rip protected DVD on Mac

Which Free Mac DVD Ripper Supports the Widest Encryptions?

From the developer, MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition supports wide range of DVD protections, from CSS, Sony ARccOS, region code, UOPs, APS to Disney movies X-project. If this is true, it will sideline Handbrake, which requires third-party tool to bypass certain restrictions, or MakeMKV, which supports AACS and BD+ only, as well as much DVD ripper Mac freeware.

In our test, we have no problem with discs from Sony, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and commercial DVDs with MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition. Its "Safe Mode" is proved to be very useful with DVDs that disable most free Mac DVD rippers. The movies tested include Toy Story (Disney), Wall-E (Pixar), Star Trek (Paramount), Life of Brian (Sony), and newest releases (Frozen, Inside Out). However, we do not encourage you to rip commercial DVDs on Mac or PC for any illegal use and it's not allowed to legally copy commercial DVDs or Blu-ray discs in some countries.

Specs Comparison Among the Top Three Free DVD Rippers for Mac

Main Features

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition



Supported Input Formats
(DVD disc, ISO image and DVD folder)
Y Y N (DVD disc only)
Rip Proteced DVD
(Compatible with CSS, region code, Sony ARccOS, Disney X-project, and more)
Y N (Yes with libdvdcss installed) Y (AACS and BD+ only)
Copy Feature
(Backup main title DVD, copy full title DVD, clone DVD to ISO image, backup DVD to MKV)
N N Y (to MKV)
Supported Output Formats
(Rip DVD to digital formats like MP4, MOV etc)
MP4, MOV, M4V, MP3 Music, AAC, AC3 MP4, MKV, AC-3, DTS, DTS-HD, AAC, MP3 MKV only
Supported Devices
(Rip DVD movie to iPhone, iPad, Android etc)
Apple TV, iTunes, MP4/MOV for iOS & Android iPod,iPhone,ipad,apple tv, Android, Windows Phone N
Support the Latest Mac OS X
(El Capitan, macOS Sierra or above)
Y (Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.13) Y (Mac OS X 10.7 to 10.12) Y (Mac OS X 10.6 or later)
Edit Function
(Trim, crop, merge titles, rotate, add external subtitle, batch rip etc)
Setting Adjustment
(Adjust resolutions, frame rate, aspect ratio, bit rate, codec etc)

Part 4: Other Top 5 Free DVD Ripper for Mac OS X

Besides the above mentioned top 3 DVD ripper for Mac, here we also list other 5 dvd converting freeware Mac users fed back with high scores for DVD ripping. You can also scoll down and find the one you love most.

Other Top 4 Mac DVD Ripper Freeware: MacTheRipper

 MacTheRipper rip DVD free Mac

Mac The Ripper can break protection and rip DVD content for free for Mac users, but it doesn't encode its rips to other formats. It just rips the DVD menu and all to your hard drive in VOB file (see how to rip and copy DVD to hard drive). It also needs a third party software to convert VOB to MP4, AVI or other formats. So if you would like to rip DVD directly to the format you desire, you'd better to take a look at MacX DVD Ripper Free Edition.

Fast and reliable.
Select regions.

Does not convert DVD
Works on Mac OS X before Snow Leopard.
MTR can't handle newer protection schemes.

Top 5 DVD Ripper for Mac: RipIt

 RipIt rip DVD free Mac

RipIt is an intuitive DVD ripper for Mac shareware that is noted for its decrypting feature and easiness. Just like Mac The Ripper, RipIt enables to create a playable copy of the contents and save it in Video_TS folder onto your Mac's hard drive. Its Compress feature lets you compress DVDs to smaller video files, though the output formats are only limited to MP4, Apple TV and iPhone/iTouch, much less than those on MacX DVD Ripper and Handbrake.

If you'd like to conduct the DVD rips while ensure fast tasks on your Mac, RipIt is less favored. This is because there is a significant slowdown on your machine as it consumes a huge amount of CPU and resources while you rip DVD to Mac. Plus, it is unavailable for certain features such as editing.

Very easy to use.
Slick simple interface.
Fast speed.

Consumes a lot of CPU and other resources.
Conversions formats are limited.

Top 6 Free Mac DVD Ripper Software - FFmpeg

FFmpeg rip DVD free Mac

FFmpeg is another good free DVD ripper for Mac, though it is considered more as an open-source command-line utility for Linux based on popular libraries such as libavformat and libavcodec. FFmpeg stands for Fast Forward MPEG and now it can be complied under Mac and other operating systems, so when it comes to a fast DVD ripping on Mac, the free DVD converter won't let you down. However, this Mac DVD ripper freeware lacks of user-friendly interface and is complicated to operate, which may address only a few users. But if you are more experienced and spend hours on the DVD ripping tasks, FFmpeg comes to our top 10 free dvd ripping software for Mac list and is really worthy of your persistence.

Extensive list of formats supported.
Excellent streaming support.
Blazingly fast.

Command lines tend to be a pain to learn.

Top 7 Mac DVD Ripper Freeware - Any Video Converter

AVC rip DVD free Mac

Any Video Converter handles almost all video formats, including DVDs. Reviewed as "ridiculously easy to use", this tool can easily and freely rip DVD onto Mac hard drive and digitize DVD movie into the right format in its long list of options thanks to its intuitive GUI. Specifically, you can decode DVD to digital formats MP4, AVI, WMV, RMVB, MOV, etc and also extract audio from DVD in MP3, M4A, OGG, AAC and more.

Any Video Converter sometimes gets glitches and only rips part of the full-length movie, e.g. It only rips 40 mins of a 2 hrs DVD movie. This is probably because you are ripping a DVD with complicated protection measure. So DVDSmith Movie Backup or its pro version is needed to ensure a smooth DVD ripping on Mac.

Clear and well-structured interface.
A huge variety of input formats supported.

Asks to buy "AVC Pro" after every converting.
Unwanted browser and malware installation.
DVD burning feature is unavailable in free version.

Top 8 Free DVD Ripper for OS X - DVDFab HD Decrypter

DVDFab rip DVD free Mac

Another powerful but free DVD copy software Mac users cannot miss is DVDFab HD Decrypter. Though discontinued in 2014, it is still favored and works with many old DVDs that refuse to be copied with other free Mac DVD rippers, owning to its aculeate DVD decrypting ability. Like MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition, DVDFab offers options to freely copy full disc with all menus, trailer, extras, etc or just extract the actual movie from DVD onto Mac's hard drive, cracking many known DVD protections, like AACS, CSS, RC, UOPS, etc.

The DVD ripping speed is remarkably fast, averagely 10 min to 30 min for a fully disc ripping. But there are some minor drawbacks with this free DVD ripping tool for Mac, e.g. it freezes up computer, especially those with old processors, since the program applies heavy processing power and CPU resources to ensure a smooth DVD rip on iMac, Macbook or Mac Pro. Plus, it only copies protected DVD to hard drive rather than free rips DVD to Mac MP4 MOV or other formats, leaving you to digitize the VOB files with other video converter.

It is fast, easy to use.
Offers full quality rips.
Multiple settings.

Can't remove Cinavia encryption on most new DVDs.
Big output file size.

DVD ripper for mac

Best Free DVD Ripper for Mac

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition is able to freely rip protected DVDs on Mac to MP4, MOV, M4V, iTunes, etc. with fast speed and high quality.

• DVD ripping feature: Built in unique DVD analysis engine to support ripping normal DVDs, CSS DVDs, region 1-6, and commercial DVDs with Sony ARccOS, etc.
• Rip DVD to any format: Free rip DVD to MP4, MOV, iTunes, MP3, etc, so that you can play DVD on Mac QuickTime player, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and more.
• Perfect Mac OS compatibility: Support ripping DVDs to Macbook, iMac, Mac Mini even running on the latest El Capitan, macOS Sierra and High Sierra.
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Cult of Mac review

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the best DVD ripper for Mac which can freely backup any DVD disc, ISO image, DVD folder on Mac (MacBook Air/Pro, iMac etc) in 1:1 quality and rip DVD on Mac to various video formats (MP4, MOV, H.264, MPEG-4, MKV, AVI, FLV, etc) and portable devices with original quality.