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How to Rip DVD on Mac with VLC and DVD Ripper

From time to time, people would like to rip DVD movies on Mac computer instead of taking DVD in and out of DVD player repeatedly, for the purpose of protecting DVD against wear and tear or ensuring an on-the-go enjoyment on iPhone, iPad, PSP, etc. And such process is usually completed with the assistance of third-party software like the renowned VLC media player or a professional yet 100% free DVD ripper for Mac.

VLC Rips DVD Using 96% CPU? VLC Fails to Rip DVD? Try This

MacX DVD Ripper Free - the best free DVD ripper for Mac to rip copy-protected DVDs to MP4 MOV H264, HEVC and many more for iPhone, iPad, Android, etc at fast speed (hyper-threading tech & multi-core CPU utility), 50% CPU usage at most, no CPU high usage/overheating problems or "rip DVD only one title/first chapter", rip DVD no video/audio errors.

Part 1: How to Use Videolan VLC to Rip DVD Movie on macOS

Although VLC is more famous for playing DVDs and videos, but the version after 0.9.6 can rip movie from DVD on Mac and PC as well. Before following the guide below on how to rip DVD on Mac with VLC, go to VLC official site and free download VLC for Mac latest version and get it installed. It runs on 64-bit Mac running on OS X 10.6 or later. 49.6 MB is required to store the DMG file of VLC 3.0.11. Here we take converting DVD to MP4 on Mac with VLC as an example.

For Beginners:

Step 1: Insert the DVD you want to rip onto your Mac and launch VLC media player, click on "File" at the top left corner of the main window, then choose "Open Disc..." button.

Load DVD disc to VLC for ripping on Mac
Load DVD disc to VLC for ripping on Mac

Step 2: Click Disable DVD menus. This button is located at the upper right-hand of the window. For Windows, it's called "No disc menus". Why tap Disable DVD menus? VLC would occasionally crap out when it tries to convert a looping menu. So clicking this option will avoid such issue from happening.

Tap Disable DVD Menus on VLC
Tap Disable DVD Menus on VLC

Optional: to rip multiple episodes from DVD with VLC, you need to manually opt for the title and chapters. You can rip a DVD into individual episodes and save as single files by means of these two options.

Select title or chapter
Select title or chapter

Step 3: Hit "Open VIDEO_TS / BDMV folder" tab to load the movie file after the Open Source appears.

  • ISO Image or VIDEO_TS folder is also supported by VLC as the input format for further movie ripping.
  • To rip a commercial DVD on Mac OS, please make sure to set VLC to skip the DVD title, or else, it'll just keep recording the menu video over and over again, or turn to professional DVD decoder that can tackle the copy protected DVDs.

Step 4: Check the "Streaming/Saving" box to enable the Setting option.

rip DVD with VLC
rip DVD with VLC

Step 5: Click "Save as File" > hit "Browse" button to choose destination folder.

Step 6: Tap "OK" to start ripping DVD with Mac VLC player. After a few minutes, you can get the converted file and play on your mobile devices.

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Common problems with ripping DVD on Mac using VLC

  • VLC player crashes when ripping dvd.
  • VLC pops up error message "Your input can't be opened".
  • VLC has stopped working during DVD copy process on Mac.
  • VLC rip DVD only one title or VLC only converts first chapter.
  • VLC rips DVD with no sound.
  • VLC cannot cope with copy protected DVDs and it's advised to remove DVD copy protection beforehand.
  • VLC eats up your CPU usage up to 96% or even higher. That would retard your DVD ripping speed, as well as increase burden on other tasks running on your desktop. That's not the end. It would also ruin your CPU processor since the CPU temperature has been driven to 75C or even higher.

For Advanced Users:

For mid-pro or expert users, you might need more settings to reach your specific goals. Fortunately, VLC does possess some sophisticated settings for you to customize your DVD conversion quality, speed, size, etc. Go ahead if needed.

1. Adjust VLC Preferences Settings.

1.1. Video Deinterlace: the default setting of "Video Deinterlace" is off. If you wanna your output DVD file with progressive scanning, tap "Preference" > access to "Video" > manually change Deinterlace into "On". Plus, it also offers you with deinterlace mode e.g., Discard, Blend, Mean, Linear, Film NTSC(IVTC), etc.

1.2. Hardware Acceleration: It's officially claimed that VLC supports hardware decoding with "Video Decode Acceleration Framework (VDA)". However, its default setting is "Automatic", which actually doesn't go into action in real DVD ripping. Though the positive influence of hardware decoding is quite limited, it would be a little bit better to quicken your DVD conversion speed. After all, something is better than nothing. Hence, you're suggested to set up HW Accel. to VDA.

Preferences settings
Preferences settings

2. Edit Selected Profile.

2.1. Encapsulation: normally, MP4 might be your primary choice due to its wider compatibility. Yet, there are still other great video formats available if you know one or two about them. AVI wins a wide wave of popularity because of its high quality and multiple subtitles/audio tracks supported. OGG dwarfs others with high compression efficiency. MPEG 1 overshadows others thanks to its remarkably high quality. Hence, if you wanna keep as high quality as possible, AVI and MPEG 1 are worth your consideration (VLC can support them for playback on macOS). In case output video uploading is the target, OGG sounds great.

VLC transcoding options
VLC transcoding options

2.2. Video Codec:

  • Video: H264 is at the top of your priority list. The supported video codec list is not ended here, AVI, MPEG-4, MPEG-1, MPEG-TS, OGG, QuickTime also included.
  • Bit rate: it enables you to choose bit rate from 16kbps to 3072kbps. You can freely adjust it at your disposal.

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Part 2: Digitize Any DVD to MP4 MOV with VLC Alternative | ZERO Issue

Despite VLC provides us a free solution to rip DVD on macOS, VLC still lets down for its inability to automatically determine which file on the DVD contains the actual movie - right title. As a result, you have to take some time to load and preview each file in turn manually to get things started. Worse still, VLC seemingly takes forever to rip a DVD on macOS, eating up to 96% CPU usage and causes CPU overheating problems.

In consideration of settling these issues, VLC alternative MacX DVD Ripper Free is highly recommended here, owning to powerful DVD decryption ability, cover-all output format supported and advanced hyper-threading tech & multiple-CPU core (up to 8) utility. Thus, it can rip any DVD (homemade or DRM protected DVD) to MP4, H264, MOV, iTunes, etc. with only 50% CPU usage, no incomplete DVD rip issue. Below is the detailed on how to rip DVD on Mac with VLC alternative freely.

Step 1: Load DVD Movie or DVD Folder.
Free download DVD ripper for Mac, click "DVD Disc" to import the DVD movie you want to rip.

Step 2: Choose Output Video Format.
Select the output format as you desire from the pop-down box. Compared with VLC, the DVD ripper for Mac provides you direct output formats. You can choose to convert DVD to MP4, MOV, iTunes, etc.

vlc alternative for rip DVD on Mac
vlc alternative for rip DVD on Mac

Note: to relieve CPU burden from compute-intensive task, hyper-threading tech and multi-core CPU utility can render help, which are located at the lower right corner of the interface and auto ticked at most based on your CPU processor configuration.

Step 3: Press the "RUN" Button.
Click "RUN" to start ripping DVD on your Mac computer.

Tips: If you need to rip all copy protected DVDs from Disney, Sony or other publishers and even deal with the knotty discs, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is an excellent DVD decrypter, which is able to decrypt and copy DVDs without manually choosing the full content of DVD movie. It easily strips CSS, Disney copy protection, Sony ARccOS protection, etc off DVD and rips so that you can rip movie from copy protected DVD, including new movies on DVD with 99 titles on Mac, damaged DVDs, workout DVDs, Japanese DVDs easily, and fix VLC cannot rip DVD and VLC won't play DVDs errors.

Notice: We only advocate copying and ripping DVDs under the concept of Fair Use and don't encourage any illegal reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content. Please abide by the local DVD copyright law before doing it.