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MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free is the ace free DVD ripper for Mac users to liberate movies and TV shows from physical platters. It can free rip DVD on Mac
hard drive in digital format like MP4 that is much easier to preserve, archive, stream or watch on iPhone, iPad and HD TVs.
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Backup & Archive DVDs

Create a digital copy of DVD in hard drive as a safeguard against any scratch or damage. No more rebuying or battery-draining disc spinning. Unclutter your life with digital equivalents.

Rip DVD for Any Screens

Extend the use of DVD contents by freely converting DVD to MP4, MOV, H.264, iTunes to do more with them, like watch on iPhone, PSP, HTPC, Apple TV, upload to YouTube, edit or share with others.

Decrypt Locked DVDs

Stay abreast of current copy protections imposed on new and classic movies, TV shows, workouts and even damaged discs. Get you out of any locked discs from Sony, Disney and Warner Bros.

Rip DVD Discs of any Kind

Working with protected DVDs is a critical technology for competitive DVD rippers, and MacX is leading the way. This free DVD ripper for Mac cuts through the painstaking protection mechanisms and supports all knotty discs with CSS, UOP, RCE, region code, Sony ARccOS, for the sake of brevity, which common freeware cannot hold a candle to. It's a time-tested tool that frees you from constant DVD rip dilemmas like software stops/crashes halfway, no title found error, etc, makes it hassle-free to select the right title, and rips protected DVDs on Mac in MP4 or the like for playback effortlessly and seamlessly.

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Convert Any DVD to Any Format for Any Device If you just want a way to stream the DVD movies from NAS drive to your smart TV, watch the films on iPhone or iPad, or have your homemade DVDs shared on YouTube, etc, then you have it on tap. MacX extends the viewing options of DVD movies for the player-free future. The free DVD ripper for Mac bombards you with a slew of output formats like MP4, H.264, MPEG4, MOV, M4V, MP3, etc that the smartphones, tablets, TVs, gaming systems and sharing sites accept.

Turn DVD to Digital

Freely rip and convert DVD to MP4, H264, MPEG4, MOV, MP3, iTunes, Apple TV, and so on.

Put DVD to Any Displays

Convert DVD to fit, by and large, all kinds of screens, like Macbook, HD TV, iPhone, iPad, Android, PSP, etc.

Copy DVD to Hard Drive

Backup DVD collections to hard drive/USB/NAS to save space for room & safekeep your investment.

Upload and Share DVDs

Rip DVD to a media format that is editable in iMovie and sharable on YouTube and other online sites.

A Real Time Saver - 5X Faster DVD Ripping Speed Ripping DVD at peak performance and highest quality is what users care most, and MacX knows it. Our engineers push the boundaries to offer speeds you won't experience with any other free DVD rippers for Mac, backed up by a bevy of top-end techs, e.g. multi-core CPU, super encode engine and hyper-threading technology. Now, it has 5x faster conversion speed, that's no more than 10 minutes for ripping a full DVD movie (the computer configuration and disc drive speed matters). Plus, the free Mac DVD ripper presents you the rips with original quality kept maximally, without a single dropped frame.

No quality loss

rip a full DVD

faster than others

More than Just A Free Mac DVD Ripper To deliver world-class free DVD ripping experience, MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition goes a lot further than a free DVD ripper for Mac with a full set of exceptional bonus features tailored to support a variety of advanced DVD conversion. MacX is proud to offer users full control over the encoding process and takes a step further for the output content, all in the ripping task.

Edit- create stunning effects

An advanced video editor offers far-reaching options to use the ripped movie in a creative way. Remove the trailers and ads, cut favorite segments of the source movie, cut out black bars, crop video, merge titles together.

Easy to use interface

With the intuitive Mac-style interface, MacX dramatically eases the DVD ripping process and allow you to start a rip within 3 steps. No messing about or complex configuration. Just load DVD, choose format and go.

Resizer and quality optimizer

Advanced encode algorithm, De-interlacing and High-Quality Engine make MacX the go-to ripper for the best balance between audiovisual quality and file size. The 5-8X smaller outputs ensure the highest quality on any display.

Flexible parameter settings

Customize your DVD encoding. Simply change the video codec and resolution, adjust the frame rate and aspect ratio, up or lower the bitrate, set the audio codec, channels, etc to get the best possible result.

Support batch conversion

MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition is the most time-efficient and speedy method with batch processing support. It saves valuable time when multiple DVD files can be queued and converted without interaction from the user.

Add subtitles/select tracks

MacX makes easy work of removing, retaining and adding subtitles to the DVD rips. Before the DVD conversion, you can freely enable the preferred audio and subtitle tracks, and even add external subtitles, if there's a foreign film.

How to Rip DVD on Mac for Free in 3 Clicks ? MacX DVD Ripper Mac Free Edition makes even stubborn DVD rips a childsplay. You can freely rip DVD to Mac in a media format viewable on iPhone iPad in just a few clicks away. Ripping DVD to MP4, MOV is that easier and faster. No tech experience required.

Step 1: Load DVD.
Import DVD movie to your Mac by clicking "DVD Disc" button.

Step 2: Choose Output Format.
Select the targeted video format. You can effortlessly rip DVD to MP4 H.264, MOV, or convert DVD to iTunes, Apple TV, etc.

Step 3: RUN!

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Accidentally find the Mac DVD ripper freeware based on Tucows recommendation. It allows me to rip unencrypted and encrypted DVD movies to my hard drive. No crashes or quality loss even when ripping Disney DVDs on my Mac. The extracted files can be viewed on QuickTime or transferred to digital media devices. Comes with a comprehensive manual, it is very easy to use, even for my kids.


I took a try of this free DVD ripper for Mac because of recommendation from my friends. Well after using it for a while, I understood why they all suggest me to download it. It takes no more than half an hour to convert a DVD movie, yet the output quality is exactly the same as original. And it works as advertised with latest protected DVD movies supported.

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