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How to Fix Handbrake Won't Rip DVD Movies Errors

Handbrake not ripping DVD movies

"First. It seems that the new macOS Sierra breaks Handbrake's capability to rip DVDs as Handbrake won't rip DVDs on my Mac since I upgrade the OS to the newest. Any clue to solve this?
Second. Handbrake 1.0.0 won't rip whole movie DVD. The longest and what should be the movie is title 1: 2 hours 28 minutes and 58 seconds. But it VERY quickly shows 0.01% and immediately says encode complete, and the resulting file is nothing. Having tried other DVDs but Handbrake only rips part of DVDs."

Handbrake is a high quality DVD ripper, but it seems to be temperamental. Handbrake not working, Handbrake crashes, Handbrake can't rip DVDs and similar problems are being asked due to different reasons. Those Handbrake won't rip DVD errors occur due to different causes. Check the Handbrake troubleshooting guide below.

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How to Fix Handbrake Can't Rip DVD Error Step by Step

Before everything, you must ensure that you have downloaded and installed a safe Handbrake, instead of a malicious one, such as V1.0.7 (downloaded before 10:30 a.m. EDT on May 2, 2017), with an unknown malicious file including the Trojan replaced the installation package.

Handbrake won't rip whole movie DVD

1. Handbrake won't rip whole movie

This is the most cried complaint about Handbrake. Just as the question first above mentioned, many users may have similar experience: Handbrake seems to rip copy protected DVD smoothly and quickly, but it completes in literally a few seconds, and the resulting video is nothing; or Handbrake only rips part of DVD and can't convert the entire movie... How to fix Handbrake won't rip DVD in full length:

Solution: The possible cause is that Handbrake selects the wrong title (it also works to solve Handbrake problem with 99 titles or Handbrake finds no title error). The Handbrake troubleshooting can be very simple: tell Handbrake the right title.

Play the DVD movie in DVD player. Go to the DVD Player's Go menu and find which title is checked. Then rip the DVD with Handbrake as the same and check the title you find from the DVD player.

But sometimes, the DVD may have different titles, which result in Handbrake only rips part of DVD not the entire movie. To check the right titles using DVD player can be confused and frustrated, so you may need a Handbrake alternative to solve the problem.

Handbrake not converting entire movie on El Capitan

2. Handbrake can't rip DVD with copy protection on El Capitan/macOS Sierra/Mojave

Many Mac users, after update to the latest macOS Sierra, are complaining that Handbrake 1.0.7 crashes when it rip DVDs with copy protections. El Capitan apparently breaks Handbrake's capability to rip copy-protected DVDs. To get rid of Handbrake not working with copy-protected DVDs:

Solution: This is because that the new security system of El Capitan "System Integrity Protection" removes some apps including libdvdcss which is required by Handbrake to rip copy-protected DVDs. So you may disable SIP and reinstall libdvdcss:

a. Create a new Finder window.
b. Use cmd-shift-G to go to /Library/SystemMigration/History/ and manually proceed on inside Migration-some-gibberish/QuarantineRoot/usr. Copy the libdvdcss.2.dylib file (Cmd-C).
c. Use cmd-shift-G to /usr/local/lib and use cmd-opt-V to move it to this location.

Another Handbrake troubleshooting is just install a copy of libdvdcss via homebrew. After reinstall the libdvdcss file, the Handbrake DVD ripping problem on El Capitan should be solved.

Handbrake doesn't convert DVD with copy protection

3. Handbrake crashes/won't rip DVD with latest copy protections

"Handbrake 1.0.0 has been working find with most DVD's I have ripped. But it seems that Handbrake doesn't rip a new DVD Inside Out. Handbrake crashes during the scan process. But it works find with older movies as usual. anyone solution?" - MacRumors
"Handbrake 1.0.7 crashed on Ice Age Collision Course." - Handbrake forum

Solution: Handbrake can't rip new movie DVD releases, or doesn't show the main title with copy protections without third-party software VLC. But even paired with VLC, it stops working with strong copy protections in the newest DVD movies. For Handbrake not working with 99 titles problem, try Solution No.1, or try the tips below:

a) Make sure you have installed the latest version of both Handbrake and VLC.
b) Try a DVD decrypter to remove the copy protection and then rip the Video-TS file with Handbrake. However a capable DVD decrypter may set the problem in one step without using Handbrake, like MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

Handbrake alternative ripper software

4. An once-and-for-all solution to Handbrake won't rip DVD problem with Handbrake alternative

Handbrake is free and most of time doing great. But it's far from being perfect for its long DVD ripping time, dependence on third party software and limited output formats. Together with the Handbrake can't rip DVD movies, Handbrake won't rip whole movie problems popping up from time to time, users are wondering if there is something better or faster than Handbrake.

Solution: MacX DVD Ripper Pro, an excellent Handbrake alternative ripper, providing an overall Handbrake troubleshooting solution:

a. Rip DVD to MP4, H.264, MOV, M4V, FLV, MPEG4, AVI, QT, MP3 and 350x profiles of new devices.
b. Remove all copy protections like DVD CSS, region code, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UOPs, Disney X-project protection, etc to support the latest-released DVDs.
c. Guarantee 5X faster DVD ripping speed with outstanding output quality.

Best Handbrake Alternative to Solve All Handbrake Not Working Errors- MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Smoothly rip any homemade/copy-protected DVD movies on Mac (Mojave) and Windows (10) to MKV, MP4, MOV, AVI, MTS etc for iPhone XS/XR/X/8/7/7 Plus/6S/6S Plus/6/6 Plus, iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4, Samsung Galaxy S9/X8/X7/S6/Note 9 and more, with 36x faster speed and no quality loss.

Other Handbrake Won't Rip DVD Movies Errors:

[Note] Here we are attempting to provide users with a comprehensive Handbrake troubleshooting solution to fix Handbrake 1.0.0 errors, and in no way encourage the illegal copy of DVDs. The legality of DVD copying varies based on different countries, and it's user's responsibility to understand and comply with the laws about whether it allowed to make a copy for friends or backup. So make sure you're using Handbrake or Handbrake alternative software to rip DVDs for your personal use only.

And after you rip DVD to MP4, AVI, MOV, etc. with the aid of Handbrake alternative, you can take advantage of MacX MediaTrans to transfer videos to iPhone iPad iPod for playback on the move. What's more, this iPhone file manager also can aid you to manage files on iDevices including music, photos, eBooks and more.

Note: The software developer calls for copying or ripping DVD under the concept of Fair Use and does not encourage any illegal reproduction or distribution of copyrighted content. Please abide by the local DVD copyright law before doing it.

Author: Bella Brown | Updated on Dec. 10, 2018

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