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Is there a 4k video converter that can do 4k video processing all at once, such as convert, compress, edit and upload large 4k ultra HD videos without any problem? Check the answer here.

With the era of HD having been shifted to 4K Ultra HD, 4K videos finally rule the roost. Resolution of such video can be either 3840x2160 or 4096x2160p that allows for much more details than HD 720p/1080p. The great leap from HD to 4K Ultra HD makes everything clearer and crisper. This leads to widespread existence of 4K videos. They can be found everywhere, be it on YouTube, Netflix, 4K TVs, monitors and projectors, gaming systems, Blu-ray discs, or shot with iPhone, DJI drone, 4K camcorders such as Canon XC10, or action cameras like GoPro Hero 6.

Part 1: What is 4K Ultra HD and 4K Video Resolution?

4K, generally referred to as Ultra HD, is a professional production and cinema standard with a horizontal screen resolution in the order of 4000 pixels. 4K UHD quadruples the HD resolution of 1920x1080 to 3840x2160. In 2013, Sharp showcased world's first 8K TV at CES event. This means a wild leap taken from 4k to 8K, which forms the total image dimension of 7680x4320, twice the horizontal and vertical resolution of 4K UHD. However, 8k is still under development, and 4K is set to be the new standard of video format with a more sharply detailed image quality.

Part 2: How Can I Play, Edit, Upload HD Videos without Any Limitation

As more pixels are crammed in 4K compared to HD, images get sharper and clearer. So you want to show off 4k shootings, store more 4K videos in smartphones, enjoy 4k contents across all platforms, turn your 4k recordings into a film-like masterpiece. There are occasions you want to do more with 4k UHD videos.

You want to
play 4K UHD videos

You want to
reduce 4K video file size

You want to
edit 4k video records

You want to
upload 4k shootings to YouTube

However, there are pains with 4K and 8K. Both of them ask for high requirements on the computer hardware. Videos in 4k or 8k may pose problems such as crash during playback due to the video resolution issue or if on a computer with old graphics card. This is not the end, there are still many other problems and questions with 4K Ultra HD video files, when you go a step further with 4k UHD videos.

"Just want to keep all my 4K movie downloads in the same format that my Macbook recognizes, how to realize this?"
"Get an error Unable to play video because the file format is unsupported when playing the video on iPhone, how to fix it?"
"iMovie won't import the video from DJI Phantom 4 Pro? Always says it doesn't support file type. What am I missing?
"Get a pixilated result when watching 4k video on HD display? Any suggestion?".
"4K videos takes up too much space, how to reduce the file size to store them all?"
"Too slow to upload YouTube videos. What should I do?"

Don't worry, you can make the ideas into reality by 4k video processing, converting, compressing and editing. To realize the tasks, a 4K video converter is a must-have. Generally, the software will help you:

convert 4K video to any format

1. Convert 4K videos to fix format issues

Formats of 4K videos can be poles apart. For example, a YouTube 4k video can be formatted in either FLV, WebM or 3GP that your iPhone may not recognize. iPhone 4K video in hevc codec is still out of reach by Android phone. Camcorders videos are generally saved in AVCHD MTS that both Windows and Mac users will run into format issue. Some programs are nitpicks at video frame and resolution with the source 4k videos. These are good reasons why you need a good 4K video converter for Mac or Windows to fulfill the video process of converting 4K MP4, MKV, FLV, AVI, WebM, or other files into the format and resolution that your device recognizes.

compress 4K video to smaller size

2. Compress videos to store more 4K videos

Generally, a 1 min 4k resolution video at 30 fps steals over 375MB of free space, while 18-hour videos shot by DJI P4P will eat up Mac's 512GB hard drive space. If you want to store more 4K video files on a space-constrained smartphone or a cloud service, doing a 4k video size reduction for fear of occupying too much space is essential. Common 4K video converters involve the process of media processing, decompressing and compressing. H.264 is the best video compression standard that balances the file size and quality greatly. But now its successor HEVC promises 50% storage reduction while maintaining high quality. So we suggest you either change the video codec to H.264/H.265 or lower video resolution, bit rate, framerate to compress 4k videos on Mac and Windows PCs.

4K UHD videos editing

3. Edit Videos by cutting, trimming, merging and more

Shutterbugs are high on going extra miles with their recordings. They need to edit them into a masterpiece, such as cut unnecessary content like ads, split the video into smaller pieces to extract the favorite part, edit out the flawed or unwanted bits to reduce the 4K UHD video file size, merge multiple recordings into one, simply shorten the long video length, watermark the footage to make it personalized, add effects, graphics or music. Of course, doing the 4k video editing can be done with a computer, if configured with good CPU, GPU, RAM with at least 32 GB RAM, and more. But if you are budget-restrained, why not just seeking a 4k video converting tool with editing feature to make your shootings into a professional-looking home movie.

upload 4K video without limitation

4. Upload HD videos without any limitation

YouTubers or bloggers are bound up in uploading their funny videos, game videos, tutorials, vlog, etc on YouTube or their web sites for sharing. But these video hosting sites set up a barrier for each video upload. For example, video length is restricted within 15 minutes and formats in MP4, MOV, AVI, WebM, FLV and 3GP are supported only. But with a video converter for Mac or Windows, you can change the video format to YouTube supported ones and edit out the unwanted parts within allowed length. By the way, converting 4k UHD to lower 1080p or 720p video is helpful for faster YouTube uploading, and viewers will therefore consume less traffic and stream video smoothly.

Part 3: Common Problems with HD/4K Video Converting Software

Frankly, most 4K video converters are up to the jobs. Some can even upscale HD to 4K available for users who are unbearable to the pixilated HD/SD contents. But the end results vary greatly, or even daunting. Some tools output large files and blurry images. While some convert at a slow speed or even crash under the strain. This is because 4K video encodings are more CPU intensive and time consuming, and ask for higher demand on the computer hardware than HD conversion.

4K video processing problems

Part 4: How to Convert HD/4K Videos at Fastest Speed and High Quality

Is there any video processing tool to deal with 4K UHD videos without such problems? As stated, sorts of 4K UHD video transcoding issues keep intruding. Generally, users are unlikely to replace the hardware equipment specifically to get around such problems alone. So all their hope is that a 4K video processing tool could handle 4K Ultra HD resolution videos with no errors but fast. MacX Video Converter Pro is exactly what you want to hear about 4K UHD video converter, which processes 4K UHD videos to smaller size up to 70% compression ratio, without any loss of quality, in 5 times faster speed than any other converters. For example, to process a 4m29s 4K video, MacX merely calls for 1 minute to compress it from 4K to 1080p, while for Handbrake, 6m42s are needed to get it done.

Secure Download
Secure Download

How MacX Achieves Such a Fast 4K Video Transcoding Speed without Quality Loss

fast 4K video processing

The reason why MacX runs in a speed far ahead of Handbrake and other 4K converters lies in the hardware acceleration technology mostly. As you're processing 4K UHD videos with MacX, the Intel QSV tech built into Core i5/i7 Mac processors, or the NVIDIA® CUDA™ and AMD® GPU acceleration tech could accelerate 4K video processing as it runs on thousands of GPU cores in parallel, rather than the sequential part of the workload running on the CPU. Thus, to convert a 4K video to 1080p with the same settings, the hardware acceleration supported V6.3.0 runs 3-5 times faster than regular conversion.

As for other hardware acceleration enabled tools like Handbrake, AVC, Wondershare, and Movavi Video Converter, the test shows MacX still runs an incredible fast speed than all its competitors.

Test: Convert 4K MP4 to 1080p with Hardware Acceleration Enabled

Input: MP4 format, AVC codec, 497MB file size, 4m29s duration, 3846 × 2160 resolution

Output: MP4 format, H.264 codec, 1920 × 1080 resolution

4K UHD Converters

MacX Video Converter Pro


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Movavi Video Converter

Any Video Converter Ultimate

Processing time






Avg fps






CPU usage






File size






Make clear in beforehand, I'm running on my 27-inch iMac of 2013, with 3.2GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 16G 1600MHz memory, and NVIDIA GeForce GT755M 1GB graphics. Hardware encoding performance is greatly dependant on your computer configuration. The higher configuration your computer is, the faster speed the program performs.

Better yet, MacX drops absolutely no loss of your video quality. The exclusive High-Quality engine and deinterlacing features make the video processing away from pixilation problems and unwanted noise. Actually it's done without any quality loss with the MP4 converter on Mac and Windows, no matter you compress 4K ultra HD MP4, MKV to H.264, HEVC, MPEG-4 etc., downscale 4K ultra HD video to 1080p/ 720p HD, 640p/480p/360p SD, drop iPhone 4K 60fps video to 30fps, upscale HD 1080p video to 4K, or downsize 4K resolution video by editing.

How to Convert 4K UHD HD Video on Mac with MacX Video Converter Pro?

Now that MacX Video Converter wins the highest priority to convert 4K ultra HD videos fast without quality loss, why not free download the 4K video converter and give it a whirl? You can make 4K ultra HD video processing done in just a handful of steps.
Download Mac version (Mac OS X 10.5 or above)
Download Windows version (Windows 10/8/7/XP)

Step 1: Import the target 4K ultra HD video to the program.
Launch the program and click on + Video button in the top-left corner. Then navigate to the first video you want to convert, and click Open. You can import multiple 4K UHD videos in the same way to process 4K ultra HD videos in batch.

import video to 4K video converter

Step 2: Select output profile.
The program will ask you to choose the output profile from the pop-up window. It has dozens of ready-made profiles, covering all widely available models of iPhone iPad, general-purpose video formats and profiles for Windows PCs and many Android tablets and smartphones. Since different users have different demands for videos, here listed the most common demands and corresponding choice for output profiles.

1. To convert 4K ultra HD videos to mobiles.
Take iPhone as an example, just choose Mobile Video Profile > Apple Device > to iPhone Video, and select your own iPhone model in H.264 codec, so that the Intel QSV/AMD/Nvidia tech could accelerate 4K video processing to H.264 MP4 at fastest speed.

2. To reduce 4K ultra HD video file size to the hilt...
Scroll down to Mac General Video > MP4 Video (HEVC) > Done. Tap the , and here you're suggested to keep the original bit rate, change aspect ratio to 16:9, frame rate at 23.97 fps and 1280 × 720 resolution or even lower resolution in accordance with your needs. If your video is too long or oversized, you have at the very bottom of the tricks would be to trim the video length. Click on Edit > Trim to set the start and end time.

3. To upscale SD video to 4K UHD/HD resolution
You can choose General Profiles > 2K/4K MP4 Video > Done. It all depends on your needs, you can upscale SD to HD, 720p to 1080p, or 720p/1080p HD to 4K indeed.

4.To convert 4K ultra HD video at the top speed.
Choose General Profiles > HEVC Video > Done, then move the sliding roller to LQ and Fast (left side). If you care less about video quality, click on , lower the frame rate to 30fps from 60fps, downscale resolution to 1920 × 1080 or even lower, and change aspect ratio to 16:9.

5. To convert with highest quality reserved.
Likewise, choose General Profiles > HEVC video > Done, but move the sliding roller to HQ and Slow (right side). Tick the box Use High Quality Engine and Deinterlacing before video processing.

convert 4K Ultra video

Step 3: Start to convert video.
Optionally, you can specify the output folder path to save your converted video through Browse button. Then tap RUN, the 4K video processing is in progress, and the hardware acceleration is starting to work it out in minutes. Oops, you might say you haven't done any settings for H.264 and HEVC hardware acceleration. In fact, if your computer supports it, the program will automatically tick the box of Intel/AMD/Nvidia hardware acceleration tech.

By the way, the minimum hardware support for HEVC hardware acceleration transcoding and playback comes to Intel 6th-generation ‘Skylake’ Core processors, AMD 6th-generation ‘Carizzo’ APUs, AMD ‘Fiji’ GPUs, Nvidia GM206 GPUs, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805/615/410/208 SoCs, Nvidia Tegra X1 SoCs etc.

Part 5: How and Where to Get 4K Ultra HD Videos

1. Online Video Streaming Services and Hosting Sites. The high-definition video sources are on tap on YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Dailymotion, etc. They offer a video resolution from 480x360 to 3840x2160. Particularly, YouTube reaches out to 7,680×4320 pixels. But formats of 4K videos vary from MPEG, MOV, MKV, MP4, OGG, 3GP, to WebM.

2. Phones and Tablets. Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 took the lead in 4k video recording among smartphones. Apple first enabled 4k 30fps video recording in its iPhone 6S/+ in 2015 and introduced 40 60fps video support in the latest iPhone 8 last year. There are still windows phones also capturing 4k ultra HD videos on supported hardware. 4k recordings are mostly saved in MP4. But Apple makes MOV as its default format. HEVC codec has been adopted in iOS 11 to half the size of video.

4K UHD content sources

3. HD Camcorders and Drones. Camcorders and monitors also give you full access to shoot underwater excursions and extreme sports in 4k ultra HD, such as GoPro Hero 5, Canon, and Sony Camcorders, iBaby Monitor, to name a few. One more thing, there are aerial footages normally shot with 3840x2160 pixels, with DJI as the typical example. Most popular formats are H.264, MPEG4, AVCHD, DV, HDV, and MPEG2.

4. Others. Besides, 4k UHD videos have seeped into all aspects of our lives. You can either download 4k contents from torrent sites or get purchased copies from iTunes store or the like. People also save 4k videos from social platforms like Facebook, Whatsapp,or cloud services and more.

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