If you've spent a couple of hours on the Web you understand the thing is choked with videos on YouTube, from news, funny clips, hot singles, TV shows to thought-provoking videos. In fact, it's hard to watch everything you want to when sitting down in front of your computer. As such it's not uncommon to seek ways to free download YouTube videos on Mac for later viewing on your mobile or when the internet connection is unavailable. However, many of you are still stumbling on the way of YouTube offline download, seeking a proper YouTube video downloader, meeting with YouTube to MP3 not working error using free YouTube downloader, fed up with the tardy YouTube to MP4 download process, etc. Never again if you get to know an overview of the best YouTube downloader in this article before you free download YouTube downloader. And now take a review of the statistic number showing how many people are sucked into the black hole of YouTube video.


On PC/MacOn Android/iOS devicesOn TVOn game consoles

Offline YouTube Download vs Online YouTube Viewing

It's not a hard choice for offline YouTube download or online YouTube viewing in the specific situation. For example, when sitting down in front of computer with well connected internet, you prefer to view YouTube videos online; while if there is no Wi-Fi, like on school bus, long-time flight, holiday cottage etc., offline YouTube downloader also brings you an enjoyment of videos on the premise of abide by Google's terms of service for YouTube. Usually you make a choice subconsciously. Actually both online and offline YouTube viewing have their own pros and cons, your final decision can be made after checking this online YouTube viewing vs offline YouTube download comparison.

Offline YouTube Download
Watch YouTube Video Anytime Anywhere

Once you save YouTube videos to MP3 MP4, you can have the downloaded YouTube videos played on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Chromecast, etc. even when you are on the way of driving or flight be it to a tourist resort, work place or college.

No Worry of Videos Being Deleted

YouTube videos are uploaded and shared by users. So there is a possibility that the video owners will delete their sources for various reasons. If you download the YouTube video as it's released, you will no longer worry that it might be deleted later.

Take up too much Space

The space of your devices is always limited. And you have to free up space constantly if you save too many YouTube videos, e.g. a set of TV series, movies or a pile of video clips, especially when you download YouTube videos on Mac in an uncompressed form.

No Bothering of Ads and Commercials

Popup ads perplex users when watching a YouTube video. If you are unwilling to spend money on its YouTube Red service, you can turn to YouTube video download option, then you will be survived from the case of being disturbed now and then.

Online YouTube Viewing
New Content all the Time

Some YouTubers follow an upload schedule to catch the latest videos they are interested in. So you are never short of content on YouTube. While only you downloaded YouTube videos offline on Mac or other devices can you watch them.

Good Connected Network/Wi-Fi Required

You are limited in YouTube videos viewing within network coverage. Or even if there is a network/Wi-Fi, you may still suffer from the slow internet connection, causing a long time wait of your desired YouTube video loading/buffering.

Problems of Playing Videos

There are possibilities of YouTube not working and other YouTube problems, such as black screen, video is choppy, video not available in my country, JavaScript or Flash Player error, poor video/audio quality, YouTube videos not playing, etc.

Online Streaming Means No Space Occupation

It's annoying that your storage is almost full. Whereas streaming YouTube videos online will never take your space of Mac/PC or mobile devices. You just stream to watch YouTube videos rather than downloading YouTube on your laptops or devices.

Top Ways to Download YouTube Videos

Well, no need to elaborate any further for online YouTube viewing since nothing is easier. But as for YouTube offline download, things are different. The answer of "How to download YouTube videos" can be various, namely download YouTube videos with desktop software, online service, plugin or torrent sites. But which is the best way to download YouTube to MP3 on Mac? Any fast tool to download YouTube to MP4 format? You can get a rough understanding after you check the 4 ways of YouTube HD videos downloading for users in detail.

Download YouTube with Desktop Software

Desktop software delivers the safest & most stable solution to download YouTube videos. It ensures fast download speed and offers many output options, e.g. batch download, download YouTube to MP3, YouTube to iPhone, etc. But it requires to install a third-party software first.

Download YouTube with Online Service

Online video downloader offers the easiest way for YouTube videos download as you don't install anything, thus disc space is saved. You have to download files one by one and a good network is required. There're defects like insecurity, limited output formats, nonsupport of 4K.

Save YouTube Offline via Plugin

If you wanna download YouTube videos using Safari, Firefox or Chrome browser, plugin is essential. You're not bound to things like system requirement or platform support for YouTube offline download without moving to another page. But you cannot rule out the possibility of being infected with adware or malware, slow speed, unexpected quit etc.

Download YouTube with Torrent Network

You can download YouTube videos with torrent network, such as bitTorrent, uTorrent etc. Usually you can get a series of videos, movies compressed together from torrent downloader. But we don't encourage the way to download YouTube videos since it's not safe enough and may get you in the copyright issue, especially when it comes to some copyrighted contents.

Common YouTube Download Errors and Problems

Obviously, offline YouTube download benefits you a lot, allowing you to watch YouTube offline without limits. But you may also get in trouble when downloading YouTube offline, namely there is no sound for downloaded MP4 video music with YTD Video Downloader; YouTube downloader like DownloadHelper or Clip converter stops working; the URL cannot be parse; you are unable to download YouTube MP3 at 320kbps; YouTube to mp3.org down due to copyright issue etc. To ensure a safe and smooth YouTube download, go over the particular YouTube download errors and problems below:

Note:Is it legal to download YouTube video and music for personal use? Actually it's pretty black and white as YouTube terms of service indicates that "You shall not download any Content unless you see a 'download' or similar link displayed by YouTube on the Service for that Content".

1. Unable to detect URL

2. No Sound Error

3. Copyright issue limit

4. Poor video quality

5. Slow speed

6. Can't download 4K/8K UHD

7. Unexpected interruptions

8. Get corrupted video files

9. Adware, malware, virus, trojan

10. Risk of getting malware

Top 5 Best Desktop and Online YouTube Downloader

What kind of YouTube downloading software can be regarded as the "best"? Technically, the tool shall be clutter free and intuitive that even greener can process the YouTube download as easy as possible. It will ensure a stable and fast YouTube download process without taking up much of Mac's CPU. Preferably, the support of 4k video download or other Ultra HD video sources in 5K, or even 8K can be the icing on the cake. Besides, the quality of the output file should be high with barely any image/sound degradation. Based on a series of rigorous tests and customers' reviews, here we list top 5 best YouTube downloader as below.

MacX Video Converter Pro
Rating: OS: Mac(up to 10.12)and Windows(10)

As a professional YouTube downloader, it will easily download videos, music, TV shows, movies, etc, from YouTube, Facebook and other 300+ sites. The downloading speed surpasses most other YouTube downloaders available, regardless of the YouTube formats, including VR 360, 4k, 1080p, 720p, and 3D Blu-ray videos & movies.

You're no longer restricted to watching favorite YouTube online with the whole YouTube channel and playlist being able to be downloaded in one click. It also allows to download YouTube video to MP3, MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV and most digital formats directly.

Easy, stable and fast.
400+ ready-made profiles
Single color on interface
It's not free
4K Video Downloader
Rating: OS: Mac 10.7 and later, PC, Linux

4K Video Downloaderfor is a free tool that will free download videos from YouTube (HD 1080p/720p/4K) for Mac, as well as Vimeo, SoundCloud, Flickr, Facebook and Dailymotion. The downloaded YouTube videos can be converted to MP4, MKV, M4A, MP3, FLV, 3GP for playback on mobiles when there is no connection available. The YouTube video downloader for Mac supportsdownloading YouTube playlists, channels and subtitles, or selected single YouTube videos.

In our test, the downloader is easy to use and will quickly download videos and extract the video/audio to the specific formats, with high quality reserved.

set up settings for all downloads
Support 3D video and 60 fps
Limited output formats
Various download errors on
YTD Video Downloader
Rating: OS:Mac, Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

If you're tired of the high requirements on bandwidth when playing HD YouTube videos online, YTD Video Downloader will help. This free YouTube downloader will free download HD 1080p/720p videos from YouTube, as well as 8K, 5K, 4K, 2K, and 3D videos, with reasonably fast speed, from 60 more major video sharing sites. Dozens output formats are also available with the free version, namely YouTube to MP3, WMV, AVI and iPhone.

To get batch YouTube download, boosted downloading speed and ad-free experience, you need to pay $30 for the pro version. Besides, many users using this software have faced some errors, like "Failed (2). The video you have requested is not available", "Failed (6). Site responded with an error. Please try again later".

Fast download speed
Easy to use
Virus, malware and plugin in browser
Free version is limited
Rating: OS: Web

Online YouTube video downloaders provide a more convenient way to get YouTube clips offline. ClipConverter, a popular and easy-to-use web-based url downloader, makes it extremely simple to download YouTube videos with URL only. Moreover, the free online tool is able to save the downloaded YouTube videos in various mainstream formats like FLV, MP4, MP3, AVI etc in different resolutions (720P, 1080P, 4K) and file sizes.

The YouTube downloading speed is fast but you have to wait for the conversion first. When we tried to download some music videos, it reminded that "ClipConverter is not available for videos containing music". Apparently, it is not a good YouTube downloader for music.

Stable and fast download
Clear interface and no ads
Extremely slow or stuck download
Redirects every single download
Rating: OS: Web/add-on(10)

SaveFrom.net is another well-known online site to free download videos from YouTube.com (up to 720P), FaceBook.com, Vimeo.com, Daylimotion.com, VK.com, Soundcloud and more than 40 others. The service tops other best video sites and actually offers 4 ways to get YouTube videos download, including extension YouTube downloader for Safari, Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, SSyoutube.com, sfrom.net/ and right from the website, all without an account required.

Claiming to be the fastest free YouTube downloader, Savefrom.net indeed downloads faster than many other tools. For example, it used 1 minute only to download a 6:23 720P video from YouTube, while ClipConverter took almost 4 minutes for the same job.

Various browser add-ons
Support many other sites
Do not support 4K videos
no audio error

Perhaps its most exciting feature is it is built in an excellent YouTube downloader for Mac that does the trick to download videos from YouTube directly, plus over 500 other video sites. The online video downloader even works with the latest 4K UHD video streams.

4k Video Downloader proves to be a decent tool that can help you free download YouTube video files for Mac offline quickly and easily. Thanks to its clean interface and overall simplicity, it can be mastered by beginners and experts alike.

YTD is a offers very useful features that will download YouTube videos offline and quickly converts your files to popular formats. Overall, YTD Video Downloader is an excellent Mac-based YouTube and video downloader that's easy to use, quick and efficient.

ClipConverter.cc takes a URL and lets you download the video hosted there in multiple formats, both video and audio. YouTube, Vimeo, and others are supported; it also offers browser add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

SaveFrom.net is an intuitive downloader that helps you download music and videos from the Internet. Its addon can be enabled on popular websites, such as YouTube.com, Vimeo.com, Facebook.com and Dailymotion.com.

Side by Side Comparison of the Best YouTube Downloader

Supported Sites

Inbound and Outbound Formats

Speed Comparison

Quality Comparison



How Many Sites Do These YouTube Downloader Tools Support
Which YouTube video downloader gives you more choices on the supported video streaming sites? Let's check it. MacX Video Converter Pro downloads videos from more than 300 sites, incl. hd movie sites, top anime sites, music sites, etc, 4K Video Downloader supports 6 major sites, YTD Video Downloader provides options for 60 more, ClipConverter supports only supports 9 and Savefrom.net 40 more.

All five YouTube video downloaders will perform the YouTube downloading well as intended. But obviously, if you want a video downloader to download videos from Facebook, Vimeo, or other sites other than YouTube, MacX Video Converter Pro is a better choice.

Gold Award2345
Supported Sites
MacX Video Converter Pro 100% safe
4K Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader
# of claimed supported sites 1000+ (popular major sites and adult resources included) 7 (No support for Twitch, Veoh, etc.) 60+ (No support for Vevo, Veoh, Crackle, etc.) 9 (No support for Liveleak, Break, Twitch, etc.) 40+ (No support for Veoh, Crackle, Myspace, etc)

Best YouTube Downlaoder Shall Have Rish Input and Output Options
Desktop YouTube downloaders have a couple of advantages over online helpers, and the first is that they provide more choices on the file types that you can save the downloaded YouTube videos to. Among the three YouTube download software, MacX Video Converter Pro has a genuine advantage by sheer numbers.

To be specific, MacX Video Converter Pro allows you to download YouTube videos in massive resolutions and formats, ones compatible with iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, or other mobiles for example. 4K Video Downloader supports 7 main digital formats and YTD Video Downloader offers several mainstream files. Besides, MacX Video Converter Pro, 4K Video Downloader and ClipConverter show the best compatibility with 4K UHD YouTube clips.

Gold Award2345
Input/Output Options
MacX Video Converter Pro 100% safe
4K Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader
Support for 4K/8K UHD Output to HD only Output to HD only
Input videos and audios Some formats without audio
Output videos and audios Support 180+ video and 40+ audio formats >Support 4 video and 3 audio formats WMV, AVI, MP3, FLV and several more Support 5 video and 3 audio formats >Support 4 video formats
Preset profiles for devices
410+ device profiles Incl. iPhone 7, iPad Pro, etc
iPhone and more

Which Tool Ensures the Fastest YouTube Download Speed
As to the speed, we tested on 720P, 1080P and 4K. For HD videos, all finish the job with fast speed except ClipConverter, which is slower due to the conversion. For a 720P 4min 26s MP4 video, MacX downloaded in 25s with an average speed of 1560.58kb/s, next come Savefrom (32s, 1219.2kb/s), YTD (48s 812.8kb/s) and 4k video downloader (50s), and the last is ClipConverter, which used 1min 20s to finish the job.

The speed differences expand with 4K videos. According to our test, there's no 4K output option with YTD and Savefrom supports 4K download without audio. MacX took an acceptable period of time (4.8 mins) to download a 5min 8s 4K 60fps video (675MB), while 4K Video Downloader used 4.9 mins and ClipConverter stuck in the middle.

Note: You should know that the YouTube video downloading speed relies heavily on your computer config & internet bandwidth.

Top Mac YouTube Downloader Speed Test

A Good YouTube Offline Downloader Gets Videos Downloaded the Same as Original
There is not much difference in the downloaded video quality for YouTube videos in SD or HD 720P. However, the crisper the YouTube source video is, the greater the differences are. To be specific, 4K Video Downloader provides up to 4K UHD; YTD Video Downloader can download 8K, 5K, 4K, 2K, and 3D videos, but can only output to 1080P videos; clipconverter.cc, set aside the downloading speed, offers 8K and 4K output options; Savefrom.net supports 720P video output, as well as 4K/1080P YouTube download without audio; MacX Video Converter Pro has the ability to download YouTube videos in 4K, 5K and full UHD 8K.

In this section, we list MacX as the top YouTube downloader, not only it manages to output file with crisper image but also it makes good compatibility with Mac's latest OS, including El Capitan and macOS Sierra.

Gold Award2345
MacX Video Converter Pro 100% safe
4K Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader
8K/5K/4K UHD Output to HD videos automatically Output to HD videos automatically
HD 1080P/720P
Errors / 1. Can't parse URL link.
2. Stuck at "retrieving information"
3. Stuck with "error cannot download".
1. No 4K output option.
2. YouTube downloading stutter.
3. Failed (2). The video you have requested is not available.
1. Stuck analyzing 4k url or downloading process.
2. Slow 4K YouTube videos download.
3. Slow 4K to 2K conversion (14 mins in test).
1. Convert 4K videos to HD videos automatically.
2. Download 4K/1080P videos without audio.

Is the Video Downloader Easy to Use
MacX Video Converter Pro has a simple and intuitive interface. It's recent UI update makes the YouTube downloader even more sleek and modernized. Its layout clearly indicates the YTB video download options, where to start and how to convert. Plus, it makes it easier with batch download and automatic detection ability; ClipConverter is easy to use and nice to look at. It pleasantly lists all the options that you can choose for the download.

The interface of 4K Video Downloader is quite plain; both YTD Video Downloader and Savefrom.net are easy to navigate, while the former comes with some ads and the buttons on the latter site is confusing and tricky.

Gold Award2345
MacX Video Converter Pro 100% safe
4K Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader
Interface Intuitive Plain Intuitive, but with ads Intuitive Click wrong buttons easily due to confusing layout
Automatically detect
Download in batch
Overall rating 8.9 8.1 8 8.7 8.3

Is Your YouTube Downloader Safe
Getting computer infected with unwanted virus or installs is the least thing users want when downloading videos from YouTube. Unfortunately, not all downloaders which claim to be 100% safe are that reliable. With the two online YouTube downloaders, you may get frustrated with the popups, redirects and some browsers addons, which however won't do substantial harm to computer.

YTD Video Downloader is said to contain virus and Trojan and has received many complaints about the virus and unwanted extensions that are hard to remove. Be careful to uncheck the box when install the software. 4K Video Downloader is overall safe in our test but the free version is ad-supported. The best software that's 100% clean is MacX Video Converter Pro. We quickly install and easily remove the YouTube downloader with no problem, except one fact, that its product website pops up when open the software.

Gold Award2345
Supported Sites
MacX Video Converter Pro 100% safe
4K Video Downloader
YTD Video Downloader
100% Clean

[Guide] How to Download Videos from YouTube

Here's how to download videos from YouTube simply with these go-to YouTube video ripping tools - MacX Video Converter Pro, 4K Video Downloader, YTD Video Downloader, Clipconverter.cc and Savefrom.net. But first, you shall be fully aware it breaches YouTube's terms of service, that is to say, it is illegal to download YouTube videos for personal use, non-commercial use or other use. We don't encourage any illegal YouTube content copy, distribution, and any other improper action without the prior written consent of YouTube or licensors of the content. If this won't change your mind, scroll down and start to learn the best free YouTube downloader user guide.

How to Download YouTube Videos with MacX Video Converter
Click "YouTube URL" icon on the top to navigate to YouTube video download interface.
Copy and paste YouTube video URL, click "analyze", and the video will be loaded immediately.
Check the box left of video res, format, size and codec you prefer.
Note: You can also choose to download YouTube to MP3 MP4 or other formats by checking its auto convert list.
Click "Download Now" to begin YouTube video downloading process on your Mac OS X.

Tutorials to Download YouTube Videos for Play/Upload/Edit/Burn

Play YouTube Videos on Mobiles
Edit YouTube Videos
Upload Videos to YouTube
Easily Download Youtube Video to iPhone 7/7 Plus/6S/5S

This guide article shows you how to download videos from YouTube to iPhone 7/7 Plus/6S/6/6 Plus with all-in-one YouTube downloader.

Download YouTube Free Movies for Android Mobile

The best YouTube downloader aid you to effortlessly download YouTube free movies for Android mobile like Samsung, Sony, HTC, Surface Pro, etc.

Easily Download YouTube on New 12-inch MacBook Air

The ultimate YouTube downloader to download YouTube 4K/1080P HD videos and rip YouTube video on computers and laptops.

Top 4 Solutions to Free Download 4K Ultra HD Video from YouTube

This is the ultimate destination for 4K YouTube download on Mac (El Capitan/macOS Sierra included) and Windows (10).

YouTube 8K/4K Video Download for Free Enjoyment

Best YouTube 4K video downloader to download YouTube videos/movies in 2160p/4096p, as well as some tips for 4k video download.

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP4 Format on Mac

The simplest way to convert YouTube video (4K UHD included) to MP4 format on Mac for replaying on different players like iPad, iPhone etc.

Put YouTube FLV Video to iMovie (V10.1.4 included)

Download and convert YouTube video to iMovie (iMovie 10.1.4 included) compatible format with the best YouTube downloader.

Reduce and Compress YouTube MP4 File with MP4 Compressor

MacX MP4 compressor allows users to compress YouTube MP4 file to a small-sized FLV, WMV, MOV, etc. to make your MP4 file smaller with no quality loss.

Rip Audio from YouTube with Original Audio Quality

Use the best YouTube audio extractor to download YouTube videos on Mac and rip audio from YouTube video with lossless audio quality.

Download and Edit YouTube Best Kids Movies

Learn the best kids movies on YouTube and steps to free download YouTube kids movie/songs/videos in HD via YouTube downloader.

3 Ways to Edit YouTube Videos for Uploading or Sharing

Easily edit YouTube videos using YouTube video editor and edit videos for YouTube on iPhone iPad Android with a free video editor app.

Best YouTube Supported Video Format for YouTube Uploading

Learn the best YouTube supported video format for better uploading the video files to YouTube without any error.

Video Size Reducer | Shrink Video File Size for YouTube Uploading

Fast and high quality video size reducer to compress/reduce video file size in MKV, MP4, AVI etc to a smaller file size for YouTube, mobiles, emails...

How to Upload QuickTime to YouTube

Learn how to compress & convert MOV QuickTime video to YouTube MP4, FLV or WMV before you go to upload QuickTime to YouTube.

Upload 4K Video to YouTube from Mac/PC/iPhone 6S/7

Learn top ways to easily fix YouTube 4K video uploading problems and the best 4K video editing software for YouTube video uploading.

Upload HD Video to YouTube without Quality Reduction

How to upload HD video to YouTube: use an easy Mac YouTube video downloader & converter to convert HD video to YouTube supported formats before uploading.

Make YouTube Video Size Suitable for Uploading to YouTube

This guidance explains YouTube video size limit and detailed tutorials to shrink video file size for successful uploading to YouTube.

Most Viewed Movies, Videos and Music on YouTube

In everyday life, thousands of SD/HD/4K videos are uploaded to YouTube by users worldwide. However, you may get dazzled by these YouTube clips. Here, we list the most-viewed YouTube videos, best Hollywood movies and music in below section. Plus, if you don't want to miss those funny kids videos, Sci-Fi movies, horror films, 4K contents, catoons, sexy clips, popular albums, singles, etc on YouTube. You can stream it on YouTube or download them for offline playback with the aforementioned paid or free YouTube downloader.

Spider-Man: Homecoming YouTube Movies
Beauty and the Beast YouTube Movies
Ghost in the Shell YouTube Movies
The Boss Baby YouTube Movies
Kong: Skull Island YouTube Movies
King Arthur: Legend of the Sword YouTube Movies
The Fate of the Furious YouTube Movies
Fifty Shades Darker YouTube Movies
Adele - Hello AdeleVEVO 1,871,061,896 views·3weeks ago
Justin Bieber - Sorry JustinBieberVEVO 2,239,188,158 views·3weeks ago
Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk MarkRonsonVEVO 2,188,967,423 views·3weeks ago
DJ Khaled - I'm the One DJKhaledVEVO 569,364,310 views·3months ago
PSY - GANGNAM STYLE M/V officialpsy 2,759,523,353 views·3weeks ago
Taylor Swift - Blank Space TaylorSwiftVEVO 1,952,828,866 views·3weeks ago
Taylor Swift - Shake It Off TaylorSwiftVEVO 1,900,199,293 views·3weeks ago
Wiz Khalifa - See You Again Wiz Khalifa 2,422,951,943 views·3weeks ago
Our Coffee Machine is Racist. Smosh 1,934,001 views·3days ago
Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen/PIKO-TARO Ultra Music 46,063,718 views·3weeks ago
The Best Top 6 AMAZING Auditions America's Got Talent 27,402,797 views·1month ago
Donald Trump Jr.Is His Own Deepthroat The Late Show with Stephen Colbert 3,933,828 views·3weeks ago
Nike Presents: The Switch Nike Football 59,900,120 views·3weeks ago
Lip Sync Battle - Channing Tatum II Comedy Central Latinoamerica 6,804,580 views·3weeks ago
Water Bottle Flip Edition Dude Perfect 50,029,384 views·3weeks ago
What's Inside a Rattlesnake Rattle? What's Inside? 63,455,244 views·3weeks ago

Download Videos from YouTube and 300+ Sites

MacX Video Converter Pro - 100% safe and easy-to-use YouTube downloader designed to fast download YouTube videos (4k/Full HD) and music just a click away. Support 300+ video sites and directly download YouTube to MP3/MP4 in batch.

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