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Easily Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing/Won't Load Issues

YouTube videos not playing

"Now, the place where the video would be playing is just one big black box and it is workable yesterday. What's going on and why are YouTube videos not playing? I've been trying to look for a solution but have been unsuccessful. Is there anyone can help me? Thanks in advance."

As one of the most popular video sharing and streaming sites, YouTube have many loyal fans all the time and it always brings much funny or important information for users. But, almost all of us have encountered the situation of YouTube not playing videos. And some people can figure out the right way to restart YouTube videos, while other can't. For making everyone painlessly solve YouTube videos not working problem, here we clearly list causes and solutions for YouTube playback issue.

Latest Problems at YouTube

In 16 July, Youtube is having issues since 10:18 PM EDT. Many users reports that they got an blank screen, 500 error, poor sound and even no sound on mobile YouTube app, subscription missing, error 504 after getting error 500, YouTube videos not showing or not playing at all, etc. Whatever, it gets in the way of our life indeed. As an user says that he has never realized how much he uses YouTube before the YouTube problems this time. To survive from the YouTube not working issue, an ultimate solution goes for you >>

Best Solution to Solve YouTube Videos Not Playing Problems

To avoid of any YouTube videos not playing/loading/showing issues, you can use MacX YouTube Downloader to free download YouTube videos of different resolution and format including 4K Ultra HD, 1080P, 720P, MP4, 3GP, MOV, FLV and more. No virus, spam or malware.

Main Causes and Solutions for YouTube Videos Not Playing

YouTube videos not working

1. Browser is outdated.

No matter what kind of browser installed on your Mac/PC/iPad iPhone (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and more), you should consider whether your browser is outdated or not when YouTube videos not loading. It is right that YouTube video black box will not give you a technology notice like: Old Firefox version detected, please update your Firefox to 38.0 or higher.

Solution: Check your browser's version and compare it to the latest one. If it is not the latest version, then you should upgrade it following the browser update instruction.

YouTube videos failed to play

2. Haven't installed Adobe Flash Player.

As experienced YouTube users, they know it is a must to install Adobe Flash Player which is a plug in used by YouTube web browser. And Adobe Flash Player streams most of YouTube videos. For someone first came to YouTube, he/she will ignore Adobe Player installation note because they believe this is an unsafe download. And for some inexperienced YouTube users, they probably will encounter YouTube videos not playing too since they are unaware of the importance of constantly updating Adobe Flash Player plug-in.
By the way, sometimes even if you installed Adobe Flash Player, you can still encounter YouTube no sound/audio issue. Why? You might installed an outdated Adobe Flash Player or your Adobe Flash Player is broken with some missing data etc.

Solution: To fix YouTube error of videos not playing, install Adobe Flash Player plug-in when you came to YouTube site at the first time; update Adobe Flash Player according to its prompt.

YouTube videos get balck screen

3. Over-estimate video quality.

Certainly, everyone favors the high quality video. For making users having the best viewing experience, YouTube allows people to freely adjust video quality from low to high. Sometimes, it is feasible. But, YouTube videos won't play, such as YouTube black screen problem, burrly YouTube videos, YouTube videos not loading, YouTube blank screens, if your selected video quality is higher than its original upload quality. To be specific, some videos were recorded based on the standard definition so that they are not available in the high definition.

Solution: In this kind of case, it is wise for you to change the quality of the video. You can go to the gear icon and select the quality that you prefer. By the way, you'd better watch YouTube video with its default video quality for avoiding of YouTube videos not showing.

4. YouTube no longer supports 4K on Safari

YouTube no longer supports 4K on Safari

This YouTube not playing 4K problem actually is originated from a long ago announcement that YouTube began encoding uploaded videos into VP9. "VP9 is the most efficient video compression codec in widespread use today." YouTube seemed to be imminently announcing the launch of VP9 as their default 4K playback codec. However, Safari has no VP9 support, so YouTube errors occured when playing 4K YouTube videos on Safari.

Solution: To solve this YouTube not playing 4K videos on Safari probelm, there are 2 ways to go:
1. move to other browsers which supports VP9 codec like Chrome.
2. Or you can also get a Safari YouTube downloader to download YouTube 4K videos offline for palyback. The free MacX YouTube Downloader works like a charm on 4K videos free download from YouTube, and then you are able to watch them free on a YouTube 4K/8K video player.

5. Too many cache and cookies.

YouTube videos won't play

It is no doubt that too many cache and cookies will also lead to video not playing on YouTube. Therefore, users should pay the same attention to cache and cookies when your YouTube videos not playing Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.

Solution: Clear cache and cookies and then restart your browser to play YouTube videos again. Below is the detailed operating instruction about different browsers.
Firefox: Click Firefox Menu > History > Clear Recent History > Details > Cache > Clear Now;
Chrome: Click Chrome Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Empty the Cache/Delete Cookies;
Safari (for Mac OS X): Click Safari Menu > Empty Cache > Empty;
: Click Gear icon > Safety > Delete Browsing History > Temporary Internet Files/ Preserve Favorites Website Data > Delete.

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6. JavaScript is disabled.

Maybe many people don't know what JavaScript is. But, it doesn't matter; you just need to know JavaScript must be enabled in your browser for purpose of keeping away from YouTube videos not playing, or any likewise YouTube problems.

Solution: Enable JavaScript before you play YouTube videos.

Ultimate Tips to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing Problems

Common Tips to Fix YouTube Videos Not Working Issues

1. Check your internet connection and upload traffic.
2. Restart browser or refresh YouTube video streaming webpage.
3. Ensure the cache and cookies have been cleared.
4. Enable JavaScript;
5. Install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player or upgrade it to the latest one.

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Once-for-all Solution to Tackle YouTube Videos Won't Load Problems

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Download 4K UHD/HD YouTube Videos on Mac

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Step 4: Click "Download Now" to start downloading YouTube 4K UHD/HD videos.

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