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Problems with YouTube Loading and Buffering Resolved!

Find your YouTube videos keeps loading and buffering when you're playing videos? Never mind. Here, in this article you can find what lead to YouTube loading problems and easy tips to fix YouTube loading and buffering issue.

By Bertha Miller to YouTube, YouTube Problems|Last updated on Nov 30, 2018

Whenever I am on YouTube, a video can suddenly stop loading for no reason. Sometimes, a 5 minute video will load fully, but a 30-second video barely loads. As well, a video may start showing the spinning wheel, despite the red bar saying it has loaded. Does anyone know the cause of this problem? And how do I fix this YouTube loading problem - Yahoo Answers
So for about a week and a half I've been having the issue that most videos on YouTube don't load completely, load very slowly or keep on buffering. If I pause the video to try and let it play smoothly, it will stop its load progress. Is there anything I can do to fix these issues? - Google Product Forums

Recently, many people reported that videos on YouTube took a moment to start and YouTube videos won't play or take forever to load after a few seconds running. For example, Youtube is having issues since 9:16 PM EDT Oct 16 with a problem of 503 Internet connection error, cuasing YouTube video never loading. For many YouTube buffs, the problem with YouTube videos not loading or keeps buffering is really irritating. Here in this article, we've compiled the specific solutions about how to fix the issue and recommend you the trustworthy video downloader software for you to watch YouTube videos without loading or buffering error.

YouTube Loading Problems Fixed: Play YouTube Videos Smoothly

Feel Free to download MacX YouTube Downloader, an ultimate tool to fix YouTube loading problems. It can download videos in MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV etc. of any resolution (SD, 720p/1080p HD, or 4K UHD) on your Mac/PC to get smooth offline video playback.

Why YouTube Keeps Loading & How to Fix the Issue

Generally, the sluggish loading or buffering you may get when watching videos on YouTube can be partly put down to the certain update of YouTube which shuts down some of their servers, resulting in transmitting from YouTube to your computer in multiple tiny packets of data and flash at a time. If the situation is the one you cannot tolerate it anymore and you don't want your YouTube videos load, here is how to fix the slow youtube video watching experience.

1. Dump, uninstall and get rid of Google Web Accelerator (if you've got it ) or software similar to it since such kindle of software conflicts with YouTube.
2. For longer-running videos, both "Flash" and "Shockwave" are required to play smoothly.
3. Google suggests you upgrading your flash player to the latest version. But the end result is unsatisfactory. The new version of Flash player is causing many YouTube fans a whole lot of grief, especially when it comes to 8 versions of Flash 10. Updates sometimes mean more software conflicts. So you can swear by 9.47 and 9.45. But if your YouTube videos turn black screen, YouTube videos have lag, you are suggested to update to the latest version or even change to the default HTML5 player.
4. Check your browser and upgrade it to the most recent version, which is also one recommended solution in case you are encountering no sound on YouTube videos.
5. Clear cache and cookies and restart your browser before accessing your YouTube video again, which is maily responsible for YouTube playback errors.
6. Enable Javascript in your browser.
7. Change your video's quality to a lower setting.

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Download YouTube Video to Solve YouTube Loading & Buffering Problem

If you are fed up with resolving the YouTube loading and buffering problems one after one, why not find a one-stop solution rather than undyingly putting up with these YouTube issues. MacX YouTube Downloader is highly recommended for you to get rid of the problem by downloading video freely, such that you can play and watch video on your mobile devices offline with no loading, buffering, ads, and even without degrading your video quality. The latest version of this free downloader for Mac helps you download HD video and even 4K/8K 4096p, 2160p with no quality loss. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to fix YouTube loading problem.

[Guide] How to Fast Download Video on macOS with High Quality

Step 1: Free download and install MacX YouTube Downloader, find a video you'd like to download, then copy and paste the URL of the video page. Or click "paste & analyze" button to automatically detect the video opened in browse.

Step 2: Choose video format, resolution and file size you desire. click "Done" button after you've finished.

Download YouTube Video HD Mac

Step 3: Click "Browse" button to specify an output folder on your computer to save the output files.

Step 4: Click "Download Now" to start freely downloading video on Mac to get rid of videos not playing issue.

Tips: Attributing to its Video Download Engine, this free downloader for Mac is able to download a MV in 5 minutes only. So you don't worry about the downloading speed and can watch any videos offline without any YouTube loading beforehand.

For unbounded video enjoyment on more devices like iPhone 12 , iPad Pro 2, Samsung Galaxy S21, HTC One M9, etc, its advanced edition MacX Video Converter Pro will be a lifesaver. It works as the best-in-class video downloader and converter, capable of download video and converting video to a crop of Apple, Android, Microsoft, Google and other mobiles and tablets up to 16x faster than before.

MacXDVD Software doesn't advocate any reproduce, distribute, transmit, broadcast or sell any content for any other purposes without prior written permission of YouTube or the respective licensors of the content. Please refer to YouTube terms of service before doing so. Still have any problem on how to fix YouTube loading problem, please email us >>

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