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Top 10 Most Popular Affiliate Programs All Webmasters Must Know

What is an Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an automated marketing program that involves a web advertiser/merchant giving a customized affiliate link to recruited webmasters. The webmasters, as affiliates, place the special referral link on their individually owned websites. When customers click on the link and make a purchase, webmasters will receive a commission. The most common types of affiliate programs include pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-sale.

Joining an affiliate program is a great way to earn some extra money for bloggers or other website owners, even social media sites. Below is a list of the top 10 most popular affiliate programs of 2014. If you've been thinking of trying affiliate marketing to monetize your website, learn the differences between these 10 best affiliate programs to see whether they fit your niche and audience and select the right one for your site to make good money while working from home on your computer.

List of the Top 10 most popular Affiliate programs of 2014

1. Amazon Associates

Amazon offers an excellent Affiliate (Associate) program, allowing the affiliate to market everything from big screen TV’s to books, compatible with almost every website and every topic. Although its commission rates are somewhat lower than others, the ease of use and massively broad product offering makes it very popular.

Amazon Associates is a pay-per-sale affiliate program. You can market through rotating banner ads, context link ads and links. Now it also has a good selection of widgets. Two of the most popular widgets enable the user to show movie previews and play mp3 clips, fueling it easy to sell movies and music.

2. iTunes Affiliate Program

iTunes Affiliate Program pays out a 4 or 5% commission on each sale. As an iTunes Affiliate, you can promote music, TV shows, movies, audio books, even applications with Apple-designed marketing materials on your blog or website generate easy commission from your site.

Note that the iTunes affiliate program is only valid for the U.S. iTunes store, so make sure most of the visitors to your blog or website are likely to make the purchases from the U.S. iTunes site before you spend the time to apply, insert your unique affiliate links or banner ads, and so on.

3. MacXDVD Software

MacXDVD Affiliate Program is one of the easiest and highest paying affiliate programs on the internet. The default commission for affiliates is 50%. By promoting MacXDVD's products, you will be provided with 50%-70% commission and possible discount exclusively for your customers. This is perfect for those who want to promote individual and small-business solutions directly to their customers or to their online audience. Affiliates can earn fast commissions. It is free to sign up. At present, all their products are available via two affiliate systems: Avangate and Regnow.

Avangate Vendor Information: Regnow Vendor Information:
Company Name: Digiarty Software, Inc. Company Name: Digiarty Software, Inc.
Vendor ID: MACXDVD Vendor ID: 13040

Sign up

Sign up

MacXDVD is a software company specialized in multimedia software solutions. To bring the most effective software to fully meet customers' real need, MacXDVD takes in a group of enthusiastic and creative IT professionals devoted to continuously providing first class multimedia programs for Mac and Windows users, including Blu-ray/DVD/Video converting and backup solution, as well as series of application for Apple devices iPhone, iPad, iPod and etc. Their product is extremely easy to market. The conversion rate on these products is very high. Start earn extra money today.


If you have a website, or even an e-mail account, you can sign up and start generating sales commissions almost immediately through this free affiliate program. Sell over 2,000 of the most popular magazine subscription titles at the lowest publisher-authorized prices online. Earn a 35% commission for subscriptions which are purchased from your web site or e-mail affiliate links to

5. Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans is America's #1 online mortgage lender. Quicken Loans Affiliate program offers over many different loan programs with a fast, simple process. Affiliates can earn money while helping Quicken become a success! Visitors to the affiliate's Web site will have the opportunity to get home financing at low rates, while receiving personalized attention.


HSBC's Affiliate Program has moved up the list recently because of the ease in marketing online savings accounts. People are looking for a safe place to put their money that will earn interest. Many people are opening savings counts now more than ever, so this affiliate program has become an easy sell.

7. Peer Fly

PeerFly is a PPA (pay-per-action) based affiliate program with its own proprietary software system, which is quickly becoming one of the most known PPA programs. PeerFly currently accepts publishers from all countries and offers thousands of merchant programs.

8. ClickBank

A well-known affiliate network, ClickBank features digital products, such as e-books, software, and membership sites. The program reportedly offers up to 75% commissions on its tens of thousands of products. Commissions are paid weekly, and direct deposit is available to its affiliates.

Over the years, this network has remained popular, though some have questioned a few of its practices. Despite this, the company enjoys an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

9. MaxBounty

MaxBounty offers people complex affiliate programs, along with many payment methods and a high reliability, so your business will become even bigger and it will improve over time. This program is popular among many top affiliate marketers and has received numerous positive reviews and writeups and critiques over the past several years. It pays affiliate commissions weekly, and the company appears to have a good reputation among its affiliates.


Neverblue is a pay-per-action affiliate program with hundreds of campaign options for affiliate marketers to choose from. It pays its affiliates for lead, download, and sale generation, as well as for new affiliate referrals. Also, it offers some really cool tools that you can use for more advanced tracking and monitoring your traffic, such as Pixel Manager, Banner Ad Rotator, Region Manager, etc.

Author: Bertha Miller | Updated on Dec 7, 2018

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