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[Solved] Why & How to Fix MKV No Sound in QuickTime

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Why MKV Has No Sound in QuickTime? How to Play MKV Files in QuickTime without Error

MKV is an open and free video container format, which can contain several aduio and subtitle tracks in one file, making it a preferred format to save videos with multile tracks, such as videos converted from DVDs, or movie resource files from online. However, Apple users find they cannot play MKV files in QuickTime Player on Mac, getting an error message "QuickTime Player can't open xxx.mkv". Even if they opened MKV files after Perian installed, the MKV video plays but no sound in QuickTime.

Can't hear any sound when playing MKV files in QuickTime

Generally, QuickTime itself has never supported opening MKV files let alone playing it. You need install a QuickTime plugin like Perian to make QuickTime available to convert MKV to MP4, MOV for limitless playback. But the truth is, this only works for video format instead of audio codec. Most MKV files come from DVD videos, the audio streams are most likely encoded in Dolby-AC3 or DTS format, which is not supported in most players, including QuickTime. Thus it will refuse to play the MKV file or just play the video without audio. Even those MKV files with both supported or unsupported audio streams, QuickTime may automatically select an unsupported audio steam by accident, causing no sound in QuickTime.

How to Fix No Sound with MKV Files in QuickTime Player? Convert MKV to QuickTime Supported MP4/MOV Format Encoded with MP3 or AAC Audio.The Easiest Solution

Analysis: Exclude Mac computer and QuickTime volume causes, Dolby-AC3 or DTS is absolutely the primary cause for MKV no sound in QuickTime. Obviously, Perian plugin only makes it possible to access MKV files even if with slow loading speed, while not guarantee a smooth MKV playback with sound. That is to say, even you installed Perian plugin, and QuickTime opens MKV files by transcoding MKV to QuickTime supported video formats, you may also hear no sound in MKV files, owing to the stubborn Dolby-AC3 or DTS audio stream. Therefore, why not turn to MacX Video Converter Pro to convert MKV to QuickTime MOV/MP4 with MP3 or AAC audio to play MKV on Mac flawlessly?

MacX Video Converter Pro - Convert MKV to QuickTime with MP3/AAC Audio Encoded

  • Transcode MKV to MP4/MOV, Dolby-AC3/DTS to MP3 or AAC auido, as well as 420+ profiles.
  • Compress 4K/HD MKV to smaller size by up to 90% reduction, without any quality loss.
  • Strip unwanted audio, subtitle streams from MKV, such as DTS audio, non-English subtitles etc.
  • 5 times faster speed to convert MKV videos when GPU acceleration is enabled.

Download MacX Video Converter Pro macOS version to convert MKV files to QuickTime

Download MacX Video Converter Pro Windows version to convert MKV to MP4, MOV etc.

As you downloaded the MKV video converter, launch it and follow the steps to convert MKV to QuickTime supported formats for playing MKV on MacBook Pro/Air, iMac without any error.

Step 1. Click on +Video button to load your QuickTime unsupported MKV video to the program. You're able to import multiple videos to convert them in batch.

Step 2. After MKV video loaded, an output format window pops up automatically, which contains 420+ preset profiles. Choose Mac General Video > MP4 Video (H.264) or MOV Video (MPEG)  > Done to convert MKV to QuickTime. This not only converts MKV to MOV/MP4, but also encodes your video in aac audio.

Convert MKV to MP4 for playback in QuickTime on Mac

Step 3. If your MKV contains multiple audio and subtitle streams, remember to select the your desired aduio and subtitle tracks on the main interface. Or you can also add .srt subtitle to MKV if the original file doesn't contain your favored subtitle.

Select MKV audio and subtitle tracks

Step 4. Click Browse button to specify the output folder path. Then tap RUN button to start converting MKV to MP4, or other QuickTime accessible formats immediately. If your Mac computer is configured with GPU hardware acceleration, you'll experience a blazing faster speed, up to 5 times faster, for MKV video conversion when Intel/AMD/Nvidia hardware encoder box is ticked on.

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