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How to Convert Video_TS to MP4 Easily

Here are the scenarios:
I have a DVD folder of a series that I'd like to convert Video_TS to MP4, so that I may watch it on my Xbox 360. However, each video in the folder has 2 subtitle tracks. I'd like to change these and hardsub the second subtitle track. I'm running OSX 10.8.3 on a MacBook Air (1.8GHz Core i5 + 8GB RAM). 

Using Mac The Ripper I have ripped a number of my own DVDs onto my HD, now I'm trying to convert Video_TS folder but only get "CSS Encryption, Disc cannot be copied". AFAIK Mac The Ripper was supposed to remove CSS Encryption, but now I have 20+ Video_TS folders that are kind of useless. Is there any way to remove the encryption while it is still a Video_TS folder?

Part 1: Which One Can Truly Convert Video_TS to a Single MP4 File?

Like the scenarios mentioned above, the conversion from DVD Video_TS to MP4 may be done in vain for a variety of reasons. And here, we will give a thorough solution to convert Video_TS to MP4 with ease via a brilliant DVD ripper for Mac to meet your diverse needs. For example, you want to make your video accessible to portable devices like iPhone, iPad, PSP, Xbox 360, MP4 player, Android tablets and others. Or you have to edit the video using Final Cut Pro or iMovie.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

To change the format from DVD Video_TS to MP4, MacX DVD Ripper Pro fits the bill. It can truly make a perfect-quality backup of any DVD, ISO images and DVD Video_TS folders to MP4 single file (H264, MPEG-4, HEVC codec) or other mainstream formats like Video_TS to MKV, AVI, WMV, MOV, VOB, etc at 36X faster. You're allowed to rip Video_TS folder to MP4 H264 with best compatibility or choose MP4 HEVC as destination format with 50% smaller size if your playback device supports HEVC video playback.

These are just the tips of the iceberg. It can do more things.

  • Read VIDEO_TS.IFO and auto check the right title from 99-title DVD disc, Sony bad sector DVD, Region Code 1-6 DVDs, CSS protected DVDs. Even if your Video_TS folder is slightly damaged and IFO is out of work, it can auto fix it and read info from VIDEO_TS.BUP.
  • Provide 420+ profiles for you to copy Video_TS content to iPhone, iPad, Android, game consoles with original resolution and frame rate (480p 29.97fps/576p 25fps).
  • Allow users to crop Video_TS image size to adjust video aspect ratio to fit your display best, removing redundant black borders.

Part 2: Let's Convert DVD Video_TS to MP4 File Now!

Below given are the step by step instructions. Primarily, you need to free download and run MacX DVD Ripper Pro on your Mac or Windows PC. For those who do the DVD to video conversion task on MacBook or iMac, you ought to prepare an external DVD drive first, SuperDrive or other brands. When everything is ready, you can fire up this DVD ripper to call it begin.

Step 1: Load DVD Video_TS Folder

Load the Video_TS you'd like to convert by hitting the DVD Folder button on the main interface. Or you can simply drag and drop the Video_TS folder in the program from your computer. 

Note 1: For the Video_TS folder that is copy protected, the program can automatically choose the right title number from the 99 titles. As for the newly-released encrypted DVDs, it might take a little bit longer to analyze the right title. Alternatively, you can use VLC to play your DVD and remember the right title before loading the DVD disc into this tool if the instant analysis is what you care about.
Note 2: needless to download or install anything like libdvdcss library or VLC player, this DVD to MP4 converter is constantly upgraded to improve its DVD decryption power and DVD analysis algorithm so as to trouble-free handle any DVD (homemade & commercial DRM protected) on its own .

MacX DVD Ripper Pro
MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Step 2: Choose Output Format MP4

Select the format from the drop-down list. Go to the Output Profile Category -> Mac General Video -> MP4 Video. More profiles are available, DVD backup profile, mobile video profile, PC video profile, music audio formats, etc.

dvdmedia to MP4 Conversion
convert Video_TS to MP4

Step 3: Enhance Video Quality & Conversion Speed

Enable "High Quality Engine" if quality comes at first. Select as many as CPU cores if speed does matter a lot. Better still, Video_TS to MP4 conversion can be hardware accelerated to 5X faster if your computer supports these GPU HW accelerations: Intel QSV, Nvidia or AMD.

Step 4: Choose the Target Folder

Hit "Browse" to opt for an output DVD folder.

Step 5: Start Video_TS to MP4 Conversion

Tap "RUN" to begin to convert DVD to MP4 format at 250-320FPS conversion speed.

Part 3: Know More about Video_TS File

1. What is Video_TS?
The Video_TS folder is used for containing all the DVD's video data and playback information. A typical Video_TS folder contains 3 major files as follows:

  • VIDEO_TS.VOB: VOB is the main part of the data present in DVD, packaging video, audio data, subtitles and other information.
  • VIDEO_TS.IFO: The file stores control and playback information for the entire DVD, e.g info about subtitles, audio tracks, number of volumes, table of titles, etc.
  • VIDEO_TS.BUP: It is the backup copy of Video_TS.IFO file, part of Video Manager.

2 How to Play Video_TS File on Mac and Windows?
If you need to enjoy the Video_TS folder on your computer. Here are two ways for your reference.

  • Use Video_TS Player: there are many DVD players that enables to play DVD Video_TS folder on Windows and Mac easily. You can try 5KPlayer, KMPlayer, VLC, or so.
  • Convert Video_TS to Mac/PC Supported Format: besides utilizing media player to solve the Video_TS playback problem, you can also count on a DVD Ripper that can transcode Video_TS to MP4 or other format playable on Mac QuickTime player or Windows media player.