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We've polished MacX Video Converter Pro with a significant speed improvement by leveraging Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD hardware acceleration tech. Guess how long does it take to process (convert) a 4K video file, get free license. 100% chance to Win!
Guess & Win: How long does MacX take to process (convert) a 4k video?
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2. The giveaway version works the same as the full version, but it doesn't support upgrade.
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4 min 5 secs is the right answer. Did you guess it? Besides the unrivalled speed, MacX Video Converter Pro provides one-stop solution to compress, convert, repair, edit & record video at ease. Know more >>

Why Does MacX Process 4K Video So Fast?

This gives the credit to Intel QSV/Nvidia/AMD hardware acceleration techs that MacX Video Converter Pro supports. With these GPU hardware encoding techs, MacX can process video esp. large-sized 4K Ultra HD video at 250-320 FPS, much much faster than any video processing software. You can enjoy the No.1 fast experience it brings to you in 4K & HD video processing.
process 4K video

Convert 4K - convert 4K AVC video to H264 to make 4K Ultra HD video uploadable, playable and editable. Also support you to convert any video to H264, HEVC, MP4, etc. 200+ formats.

Compress 4K - compress large-sized 4K 2160p to 1080p, along with frame rate, bit rate adjustment to reduce 4K UHD video size with 34% compression ratio, greatly saving iPhone space for storing more stuff (movies, photos, music, etc).

Edit 4K - trim and cut off unnecessary clips to shorten 4K video duration so as to fast upload 4K camcorder video to YouTube.

You may wonder if the ultra fast speed comes at the expense of quality. The answer is No. MacX developer team constantly optimizes its High Quality Engine, video transcoding algorithm and Auto Copy mode to improve output quality virtually equal to the original one, 98% - 100% quality reserved.

How Does Hardware Acceleration Affect on the Speed

The general video converter mainly relies on its' built-in software decoding and encoding engines to convert 4K UHD videos at limited speed. Things are different to MacX 4K video processing software, for it makes good use of Intel QSV/AMD/NVIDIA (CUDA/NVENC) hardware accelerated processing techs to encode 4K videos to H264, 5X faster than before and 5-8X faster than Handbrake.

convert 4K video to H264

Here we take a 30fps 4K Ultra HD video source as an example. When the GPU hardware encoding is enabled on MacX, your 4K video processing will be running at 150fps and your video encoding on this is 5X real time faster than the disabled version. As for Handbrake, it encodes this input source at 18fps, 8X slower than MacX on account of QuickSync/GPU hardware encoding unsupported in Mac version.

4K video conversion speed test
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FAQs about Hardware Acceleration
What is Hardware Acceleration? Hardware acceleration, in a broad sense, means any computer hardware that it can improve video conversion speed, like change ordinary hard disk to solid state disk, expand memory bank from 4G to 12G, utilize CPU multiple cores instead of single core, etc. On narrow sense, hardware acceleration especially refers to GPU (Nvidia/Intel/AMD) and Apple M1 Max/M1 Ultra chip hardware acceleration. Generally, what we talk about most is GPU hardware acceleration.
What is Intel Quick Sync Video? Intel Quick Sync Video is one of the GPU hardware acceleration technologies, helping you to accelerate video decoding and encoding speed to 2-3X or even faster based on your computer configuration and Intel QSV supported software. It dramatically enhances the speed of video transcoding by using the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel® Graphics Technology and routing work to GPU. Thus, CPU processor can handle other tasks synchronously without slowness problem.
Any Requirements on Using Intel QSV hardware encoding tech?
1) Your computer CPU supports Intel QSV. In general, Quick Sync Video is built into some Sandy Bridge CPUs, Ivy Bridge, Haswell, Broadwell, Skylake, Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake CPUs. Visit Intel official website to check if your computer supports Intel QSV.
2) The integrated graphic is at least Intel® HD graphics GPU or Intel® Iris™ graphics GPU. As for transcoding 4K or 8K video, you'd better install discrete graphics.
3) Drivers are required to be updated to the latest version.
4) The software you're using must support Intel QSV hardware acceleration.
GPU encoding vs CPU encoding, any difference? GPU encoding offloads the compute-intensive task from CPU to GPU and still leaves the rest code task to run on CPU. CPU encoding uses the dedicated media processing capabilities of GPU to make video encoding faster by assigning video encoding task to the professional GPU to complete. If the workload exceeds what GPU can handle, CPU (limited graphics media processing power) will undertake the rest to ensure the mission being finished as soon as possible.
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How to compress large-sized 4K Ultra HD video? Video compression can be achieved by various methods. MacX optimizes its built-in video processing engine and program code to convert 4K video format and compress 4K video at 34% compression ratio with highest possible quality reserved. Beyond that, you can also shrink 4K file size by trimming unwanted video clips to shorten video length, no quality loss. Or, lower video resolution from 4K to 1080p and adjust video frame rate/bit rate to downsize video with lossy quality.

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"Keep concerning about iPhone 4K 60fps HEVC video since I found this handy tool. Glad that it supports converting 4k videos, and the speed is pretty fast. With the clean interface, even a layman can master it."

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