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iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 15 Pro: Which One Should You Choose?

Are you torn between the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro? With the release of the iPhone 15 Pro on the horizon, many tech enthusiasts are eager to see how it stacks up against its predecessor, the iPhone 14 Pro. These two Apple flagship models offer some intriguing features, and choosing the right one for you can be a tough decision. Let's dive into the key differences and improvements you can expect between iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro (Max) models.

iPhone 14 pro vs 15 pro max
iPhone 14 Pro vs 15 Pro

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iPhone Pro 15 (Max) vs iPhone 14 Pro (Max) Differences at A Glance

‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌ Max

‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ and ‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max

Surgical-grade stainless steel chassis with 90° edges

Lightweight titanium chassis with slightly curved edges

6.1/6.7-inch OLED, 1290 x 2796 pixels

6.1/6.7-inch OLED, 1290 x 2796 pixels

2.17mm display bezels, 7.85mm thick

1.55mm display bezels, 8.25mm thick

Lightning port (480Mb/s)

USB-C port (20Gb/s to 40Gb/s)

Telephoto camera with up to 3x optical zoom, ƒ/1.79 wide camera

Periscope telephoto camera with up to 6x optical zoom (‌iPhone 15 Pro‌ Max only), ƒ/1.7 wide camera

A16 Bionic chip (5nm)

A17 Bionic chip (3nm)

OLED display driver chip (40nm)

More power-efficient OLED display driver chip (28nm)

6GB memory

8GB memory

U1 chip (90nm)

Next-generation ultra-wideband chip (7nm)

Qualcomm X65 modem

Qualcomm X70 modem

Wi-Fi 6 connectivity

Wi-Fi 6E connectivity

3,200 mAh/4,323mAh

3,650 mAh/4,852mAh

Support for Qi wireless charging, 7.5W wireless charging with third-party accessories, ~27W wired charging

Support for Qi2 wireless charging, 15W wireless charging with third-party accessories, 35W wired charging

128GB, 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB storage options

256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB storage options

Available in silver, gold, space black, and deep purple

Available in silver, space black, gray, and dark blue

White 1m USB-C to Lightning charging cable

Color-matched 1.5m USB-C to USB-C braided charging cable

Starts at $999 and $1,099

Starts at $1,099 and $1,199

iPhone Pro 15 vs iPhone 14 Pro: Design and Display

Both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro sport premium designs, with surgical-grade stainless steel chassis featuring 90° edges, making them feel solid and luxurious in your hand. The iPhone 14 Pro has a 2.17mm display bezel and is 7.85mm thick, while the iPhone 15 Pro's dimensions are expected to be quite similar.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro may feature curved edges on the back glass, possibly making it easier to handle and more comfortable to hold. Additionally, there's talk of titanium side rails for a more premium finish and the introduction of a new Action button in place of the mute switch.

In terms of colors, while both models offer classic choices like silver and space black, the iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to bring new exclusive color options to the table, including Dark Red, Silver, Gold, and potentially Graphite or Space Gray, whereas the deep purple hue from the iPhone 14 Pro may be retired.

The displays of iPhone 15 Pro Max and 14 Pro Max are expected to be similar, with both likely featuring a 6.1-inch OLED panel/6.7-inch for the Pro Max models, with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate, ensuring smooth visuals and an always-on display option. However, rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro may have improved OLED technology, resulting in longer-lasting displays and smaller bezels for more screen real estate.

Compare iPhone 15 Pro and 14 Pro
iPhone 15 Pro vs 14 Pro Display

iPhone Pro 15 Max vs 14 Pro Max: Cameras

The iPhone 14 Pro introduced significant camera improvements, and while the iPhone 15 Pro is not expected to bring major changes, it's worth noting the enhancements. First difference between iPhone 14 Pro and 15 Pro is the telephoto snappers, as iPhone 15 Pro might feature a periscope telephoto lens, potentially offering 6x or even 10x optical zoom, a substantial upgrade from the 3x optical zoom in the iPhone 14 Pro.

One potential upgrade is the use of new Sony camera sensors instead of Samsung-made ones, promising better exposure control and improved performance in challenging lighting conditions. However, the most exciting camera enhancements, such as a more powerful periscope telephoto camera and dual front cameras, are rumored to be exclusive to the Pro Max model.

iPhone 15 Pro and 14 Pro camera differences
iPhone 15 Pro Max vs 14 Pro Max Camera

iPhone Pro 15 Max vs 14 Pro Max: Performance

The iPhone 14 Pro already boasts the powerful A16 Bionic chip, but the iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to step up the game with a more efficient 3-nanometer A17 Bionic chip. While details about the exact performance improvements are not clear, it's expected that the iPhone 15 Pro will offer even faster performance.

Both iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro may come with 6GB of RAM, although some sources suggest that RAM capacity could vary depending on the storage option you choose. The base storage is expected to remain at 128GB, with 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB options available, catering to users with different storage needs. There are even rumors of a 2TB edition for those who demand extensive storage capacity.

iPhone 15 Pro vs 14 Pro performance
iPhone 15 Pro vs 14 Pro Performance

iPhone Pro 15 vs iPhone 14 Pro: Battery and Charging

One area where the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to outshine the iPhone 14 Pro is in battery life. Leaks suggest that the iPhone 15 Pro may feature a substantially larger battery, potentially a 3,650 mAh cell in iPhone 15 Pro compared to the iPhone 14 Pro's 3,200 mAh battery, and 4,852mAh in iPhone 15 Pro Max compared to the iPhone 14 Pro Max's 4,323mAh. This boost in battery capacity, combined with the more efficient chipset, could result in significantly improved battery life for the iPhone 15 Pro.

Furthermore, the iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to adopt a USB-C port, replacing the Lightning port used in the iPhone 14 Pro. This change not only provides more convenient charging and faster data transfer but also aligns with EU legislation making USB-C mandatory on mobile devices by 2024.

iPhone 15 Pro might support 35W charging, a notable increase from the iPhone 14 Pro's 20W charging capabilities. And there are also hints that the iPhone 15 Pro might support reverse wireless charging, allowing it to charge other devices wirelessly.

iPhone 15 Pro vs 14 Pro which to buy
iPhone 15 Pro vs iPhone 14 Pro Battery

iPhone Pro 15 vs iPhone 14 Pro: Price and Availability

As for pricing, the iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to start at $1,099, potentially slightly higher than the iPhone 14 Pro's starting price of $999. While Apple has maintained the same prices for its Pro iPhones in the U.S. for several years, it's worth considering potential price increases, especially for international markets.

The iPhone 14 Pro has been available since September 2023, but once the iPhone 15 Pro arrives, it may become harder to find through official channels. However, there could be discounts on the iPhone 14 Pro's price, making it a more enticing option for budget-conscious shoppers.

In conclusion, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to offer improvements in various aspects, including performance, battery life, and potentially camera technology. However, the iPhone 14 Pro still remains a powerful and capable device, and if budget constraints are a concern, it may offer a more cost-effective solution. Ultimately, your choice between these two models should depend on your specific needs and preferences.


When considering whether to buy the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) or stick with the iPhone 14 Pro (Max), it's important to weigh the upgrades against your current needs and budget. The iPhone 15 Pro boasts several enticing features, including a new-generation chip, a sleeker design with titanium sides and thinner bezels, a larger battery, and slightly improved camera sensors. However, these enhancements may not be game-changing for those already enjoying the iPhone 14 Pro, which was hailed as close to "the perfect iPhone." The real excitement seems to be reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with its potential to redefine smartphone photography. Moreover, the rumored higher starting price for the iPhone 15 Pro could be a deciding factor. If you're coming from an older device, the iPhone 15 Pro is worth considering, but for current iPhone 14 Pro owners, the decision may not be urgent.  


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