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Top 10 Legal Music Download Sites for Legal MP3 Downloads

Many websites offers music for free or fee, legal or illegal. Relatively we'd like to choose free legal songs download sites to get music. But there are more music sites without rights or licenses for songs which may cause extra plug-ins, ads, even virus or with low audio quality. So if you want to be free from the troubles and obey the rules, you have nothing to worry about because you can get your songs for free via sites as below.

Best Legal Music Download Sites to Download Free Music

1. SoundCloud

Download Legal Music from SoundCloud
Download Legal Music from SoundCloud

SoundClound is totally free and offers the largest collection of songs both for online listening and downloading. As one of the best legal songs download websites, it's quite easy to save music from SoundCloud for free in MP3 formats if the music is allowed to download. But not all songs can be saved on this free legal song site. However, a legal SoundCloud downloader will allow you to get almost all songs from SoundCloud. MacX Video Converter Pro is a perfect example which delivers a super fast speed, which can be effortlessly added playlists of iPhone iPad or Android portable devices.

2. YouTube

YouTube Legal Music Download Site
YouTube Legal Music Download Site

We know that YouTube is the biggest movies and music database, surely the sites. But YouTube MP3 songs free download is not as simple as you think. It also can be illegal if you haven't set like this site. Click "Filters" to choose "Creative Commons" button after typing the song name, and then you can get legal YouTube songs with a plug-in or the professional YouTube program.

Apart from that, certain artists create mashups and cover of famous songs on YouTube and in the description they leave free download links. You can get these songs too, and it will be completely legal.

3. Jamendo

If you want to browse through a large collection of indie songs or cover songs performed by aspiring singers then Jamendo is the perfect place for you. Jamendo has more than 460,000 songs available, making it one of the largest music library in the world in multiple languages like English, French, Spanish, German etc. Many hit songs from top singers are also uploaded to this free legal music site and you can easily get any songs in a click.


QTRAX is a new free MP3 music download site with a catchword of "Free Now and Free Forever." It brings you all latest songs from your favorite singers for free with no catch, subscription for free music downloads legally. But generally QTRAX Player is required. If you do not mind install another music player, the website is a good choice.

5. Amazon MP3

If you'd like to add more songs to your collection, Amazon offers legal songs at a reasonable price or even free. The great thing about Amazon MP3 is their vast music library which makes it easy for music-lovers to find any song or album they are looking for. Amazon MP3 has more than 46,000 free songs available, which makes it one of the largest legal free music sites and repositories on the internet.

6. Vimeo

We know Vimeo is a video streaming website but that doesn't mean you can't get amazing mp3 songs from the service. Likewise, Vimeo is not so legal if you did not set "Creative Commons" on advanced settings. But if this is set, you can download all Vimeo free songs to MP4, MP3 with a single click to your device but you will have to sign-up on the site first.

7. SoundOwl

Similarly, large music collections from very popular artists and newer artists as well are provided on SoundOwl and you can browse it at any time while the music is still playing. You can save the desired song just by clicking on the song name, something that makes the process a lot easier and fun indeed. Besides, The shuffle feature on the free mp3 music download website lets you discover amazing new music automatically.

8. NoiseTrade

Thousands of songs performed by great artists are available for free on NoiseTrade. Not only for music lovers, it's also a glad tiding for book enthusiasts, because it provides all kinds of music and book on this site. Moreover, music fans can save the songs without having to pay a single dime only if create a free fan account. And you can start downloading any song you want on NosieTrade, one of the best free music download sites , with just a single click.

9. eMusic

eMusic, as a legal song site, offers legal music and audiobooks in DRM-free digital format. Their vast music catalog makes it possible to find any song or artist that you are looking for; both established and indie. It's compatible with various digital audio devices such as the iPod and Zune, as well as MP3 capable mobile phones such as the iPhone. Yet the downside of the site is that it's not free, costing differently as different number of songs.

10. MP3.com

Mp3.com might be the oldest MP3 music site on the internet with a great source for various music genres and numerous songs. Yes, you might not be able to save albums, but you can get individual songs, which are a great way to preview a certain album and see if it's worth buying. Only one deficiency of the free site, you will certainly be presented with a limited choice of free MP3 tracks compared to other music libraries.

Best Music Downloader for Legal Music Download Sites Music

  • Download MP3 music from Pandora, SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo and 1000+ sites.
  • Grab music videos, movies trailers, full movies in MP4, FLV, MKV, 720P, 1080P HD etc.
  • Super fast speed with 100% quality reserved.

How to Download Music from Legal Music Download Sites

Obviously, you can directly get free music legally on these sites. But not all sites allow free music download for Android, iPhone, iPad or desktop in a single click. Some of them like YouTube, Vimeo etc. require complex steps for MP3 music. And some songs from these best music sites are not available for straightway. But if you have a legal free program, MacX Video Converter Pro for example, you are able to solve the problems within a few steps.

Step 1: Free download the music downloader for Mac (and Windows version is available as well) and launch it. Click "Add Links" button to get ready. Click "paste & analyze" button to detect the music URL copied from the sites.

Legal Music Download Sites Songs Download
Legal Music Download Sites Songs Download

Step 2: Choose MP3 (AAC, FLAC etc.) as the output format for your song.

Step 3: Specify the output folder path to save the music.

Step 4: Hit "Download Now" to start the process.

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Please make sure all the music you grabbed from such sites are used for fair. Or else, you might be accused with copyright infringement.
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