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MacX DVD Ripper Pro V5.5 Skyrockets to World's No.1 Fast and Conquers All Types of Discs

Mar. 23, 2017

MacX DVD Ripper Pro V5.5 is released! The upgraded DVD ripping software is by far the strongest program that overcomes all kinds of difficulties with any DVD types (TV series DVDs, 99-title movies, workout DVDs, Japanese discs, etc.). Meanwhile, the latest version is the only Mac-oriented ripper that equips with hardware acceleration tech and makes an epoch-making breakthrough in speed, drastically shortening the time-consuming ripping from several quarters to only 5 minutes.

MacXDVD today announced MacX DVD Ripper Pro V5.5, a milestone upgrade that goes beyond the market limits of supported DVD types and ripping speed. The latest version is now the world's first program that has penetrated into ticklish Japanese DVDs, latest DVDs, 99-title DVDs, TV series DVDs and workout discs, and the first and only Mac DVD ripper that applies hardware acceleration tech to reach the extreme ripping speeds.

The latest version is available for free upgrade and free trial at:

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is a reputable DVD ripper with massive users base and gets over 8,000,000 downloads per month. Its sophisticated features yet user-friendly operations have been highly acclaimed by Macworld, Softonic, Cnet, Macupdate and various other pundit sites. When it comes to disc with restrictions, MacX DVD Ripper Pro exceeds competitors for years in supported encryptions and outputs. The latest survey reveals that 90% of users have had happy DVD ripping experiences and 85% would prefer the company's solution to remove tough disc limits.

V5.5 upgrade opens up new frontiers. It firstly extends its reach to non-UDF discs and main title check mechanism that no other Mac DVD rippers have ever touched before. Furthermore, to response to users' equal expectation for a faster DVD ripping, the upgrade pioneers the advanced hardware acceleration tech to boost the transcoding speed to the world's fastest. Specifically, breakthroughs have been made in following aspects:

* Support for the All DVD Types
A new DVD disc file system(ISO) is added. MacX DVD Ripper Pro is the only DVD ripper that supports not only UDF format used by major movies studios, but more importantly, all DVDs in non-UDF ISO 9660 file format, like Japanese discs. Problems caused by non-udf discs like DVD not playing on VLC player, blank DVD, no disc content showing up, no valid source found, incomplete disc, etc. are all addressed in this upgrade. Any failed DVDs can be converted smoothly into digital formats for the players, mobiles or TVs.

* First to Support All Multiple-title DVDs
The mechanism to identify the main title is rebuilt. V5.5 now holds clear advantages over its rivals as it totally eliminates the long-term obstacles caused by multiple titles. No matter 99-title movies or other multiple-title TV shows DVDs or fitness/workout/Yoga discs, MacX DVD Ripper Pro can accurately identify the main title from the crowd of "fake" ones in seconds.

* World's Fastest Speed by Enabling QSV
The DVD processing speed reaches new heights. The DVD to H.264 converting time is slashed by up to 500% with the improved transcoding engine. Most importantly, V5.5 is the first and only DVD ripper for Mac that applies hardware acceleration tech. This allows it to access to the VideoToolBox on Mac with Intel QSV processors during the ripping. Together with the unique hyper-threading and multi-core processing tech, both CPU and GPU are fully used to rip DVDs at full throttle.

While traditional rippers take more than 1.5hr for extracting content from DVD, MacX DVD's solution needs only 5 minutes to rip DVD into MP4, MOV, M4V, etc., with a maximum speed up to 250-320 FPS, compared to 90-130 FPS using Handbrake.

* Most Output Formats Supported
New device profile is added. V5.5 is able to output DVD into MP4, MKV, MOV, MP3 and almost all the mainstream video/audio formats. Users are all covered whenever they need to play DVD on iPhone, iPad, Android, other mobiles, media players, TVs or upload soundtracks or favorite segments to YouTube, share with families, make a safe digital copy without quality compromise and do more.

* Improved: The function to rip audio from DVD is further improved and V5.5 now supports extracting lossless AC3 and DTS audio from music DVD for high-resolution audio players like Iriver Astell and Sony Music Player.

* Fixed: The "Damaged DVD" error is fixed and unplayable discs can be easily ripped for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

"This upgrade is the result of months of painstaking efforts of our development teams. It has undergone a series of thorough tests and is now ready for DVDs with any restrictions," said Jack Han, CEO of MacXDVD Software, "We're proudly to say that our product is the most comprehensive DVD ripping solution up to now which breaks all the disc barriers, and that, coupled with the No.1 fast ripping speed, will lead the market."

Price and Availability

The new version is available for free download without passing any additional costs on to customers. For new users, the latest version is now 50% off at $29.95 during the Spring promotion at

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