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Best Hollywood Comedy Movies List Recently & of All Time

Comedy movies are always impressive for its humor so that less or more some comedy movies are carved in your mind. There is a survey about most popular movie genres to watch in 2016 that comedy movies are voted in proportion of 59%, ranking at the second place. It follows that how popular the comedy movies are. In light of Hollywood produces piles of movies, searching for the Best Hollywood movies in comedy genre almost becomes the most common way for Hollywood movies watching. Here will show you the best Hollywood comedy movies list all time and upcoming funny movies 2016 and a movie downloader.

Part 1: Best Hollywood Comedy Movies List Recently

1. Zootopia
Director: Byron Howard, Jared Bush, Rich Moore
Stars: Ginnifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman, Idris Elba
Rating(IMDB): 8.4/10

best Hollywood comedy movies- zootopia
best Hollywood comedy movies- zootopia

Overview: Zootopia is about an animal world where a cut rabbit becomes the first police officer and makes friends with a sly fox. Zootopia is filled with lovable characters and a heartfelt message for kids, also delightful story for adults. It tops the best 2016 Hollywood movies list, and if you are interested in it, you may get the best comedy animated Hollywood movies download with the downloader such as MacX Video Converter.

2. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Director: Matthew Vaughn
Stars: Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine
Rating(IMDB): 7.8/10

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Overview: Also a highly expected Hollywood Comedy movie 2015- 2016, telling a story of a spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.

3. The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Director: Guy Ritchie
Stars: Henry Cavill, Armie Hammer, Alicia Vikander, Elizabeth Debicki
Rating(IMDB): 7.6/10

The Man of U.N.C.L.E.

Overview: In the early 1960s, CIA agent Napoleon Solo and KGB operative Illya Kuryakin participate in a joint mission against a mysterious criminal organization, which is working to proliferate nuclear weapons.

4. Spy

Director: Guy Ritchie
Stars: Melissa McCarthy, Rose Byrne, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Jessica Chaffin
Rating(IMDB): 7.3/10


Overview: A desk-bound CIA analyst volunteers to go undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent diabolical global disaster. A totally different comedy Hollywood movie 2015- 2016, more like one of the superhero movies.

5. Trash

Director: Stephen Daldry, Christian Duurvoort
Stars: Rooney Mara, Wagner Moura, Martin Sheen
Rating(IMDB): 7.2/10


Overview: This Hollywood comedy film is set in the background of Brazil, telling a story of three kids who make a discovery in a garbage dump soon find themselves running from the cops and trying to right a terrible wrong.

6. Before We Go

Director: Chris Evans
Stars: Chris Evans, Alice Eve, Emma Fitzpatrick, Scott Evans
Rating(IMDB): 7.1/10

Before We Go

Overview: Two strangers stuck in Manhattan for the night grow into each other's most trusted confidants when an evening of unexpected adventure forces them to confront their fears and take control of their lives.

7. The Wedding Ringer

Director: Jeremy Garelick
Stars: Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Affion Crockett
Rating(IMDB): 6.7/10

The Wedding Ringer

Overview: Also one of the best Hollywood comedy love movies wrapped with perfect and rich romantic elements, Two weeks shy of his wedding, a socially awkward guy enters into a charade by hiring the owner of a company that provides best men for grooms in need.

8. Trainwreck

Director: Judd Apatow
Stars: Amy Schumer, Bill Hader, Brie Larson, Colin Quinn, Devin Fabry
Rating(IMDB): 6.7/10


Overview: Having thought that monogamy was never possible, a commitment-phobic career woman may have to face her fears when she meets a good guy. One of the best Hollywood comedy movies with romantic sense which is desired by every woman.

9. Pitch Perfect 2

Director: Elizabeth Banks
Stars: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow
Rating(IMDB): 6.7/10

Terminator Genisys

Overview: After a humiliating command performance at Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition that no American group has ever won in order to regain their status and right to perform. One of the list of best Hollywood movies 2015- 2016 for the youth. 

10. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Director: John Madden
Stars: Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Bill Nighy, Dev Patel
Rating(IMDB): 6.7/10

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Overview: As the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel has only a single remaining vacancy - posing a rooming predicament for two fresh arrivals - Sonny pursues his expansionist dream of opening a second hotel.

Part 2: Favorite Movie Genres for the Public

Of course, other than comedy movies, genres like adventure/action, drama, fantasy etc. are also priority selections for most of people. Various lists of best Hollywood movies as well as top Oscar movies, new Bollywood films are provided here to enlarge your movie library for spare time enjoying.

Movie Genre Survey 2013
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Part 3: Top 10 Best Hollywood Comedy Movies All Time

Not only the 2015 best Hollywood comedy movies are highly expected, but also the Hollywood comedy films before are worthy to watch all time. Well, here let's call back the highly evaluated list of best Hollywood comedies all time.

Movie Name

Released Date



Groundhog Day



A weatherman for whom the time stops, he keeps living the same day again and again




Fearless Anna teams up for an adventure journey to Everest like frozen conditions

Sliver Linings Playbook



A man tries to reconcile with his ex-wife and during this he meets a mysterious girl

The Hangover



Four best friends drink and enjoy Bachelor Party, waking up to find the groom missing without last night memory




With the whole town being trapped by Zombies, 4 people save themselves traveling across the whole Zombie occupied America.




The movie is about two co dependant high school seniors who have to deal with separation anxiety

Despicable Me



Criminal Mastermind uses 3 orphan girls for grand scheme. But the love among them changes the criminal mastermind for better

Crazy, Stupid, Love



Middle aged man's life suddenly changes since being divorced, seeking and rediscovering hid manhood with the help of friend Jacob

Dumb & Dumber



The movie is about two incredibly stupid men with hearts of gold and their adventure throughout country

Easy A



A high school student relies on a school rumour to get more social and financial standing and starting living the rumour