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How to Free Convert AVCHD to MP4, Fast with Original Quality

Why is it so Hard to Transcode AVCHD?

  1. AVCHD is a format commonly used to store HD videos. In other words, AVCHD videos often contains more resolutions. Dealing with the larger data is an intensive task, and if the computer can offer enough power, it will cause problems like freezes, lags, etc.
  2. In addition to the HD video data, AVCHD supports uncompressd linear PCM audio. This audio format will maintain lossless audio quality while increase the file size and cause difficulty in transcoding.
  3. As mentioned above, AVCHD videos are in high-definition quality. No one would want to lose quality immediataly after they transfer the freshly shot footages from camera to computer. But transcoding is bound to cause quality loss, that's why so many users are asking for "the minimum loss of quality".

Free AVCHD to MP4 Converter- 100% Quality & 5X Faster Speed

The highly recommended buckshee AVCHD to MP4 video converter is macXvideo. Specially designed for HD and even 4K UHD videos, this program can free convert AVCHD to MP4 with superb performance that you can enjoy nowhere.

  • It supports interlaced and progressive AVCHD (mts, m2ts) videos from Panasonic, Sony, Canon camcorders, inclouding HD videos at 50fps, 60fps or others;
  • It will convert AVCHD videos freely to MP4 as well as HEVC, AVI, MOV, WMV and any other digital formats you need;
  • Its advanced compress engine is designed to reduce large size of high-definition AVCHD videos by more than 90%;
  • It has two unqiue modes:
  • --Auto Copy: this function will passthrough the AVCHD data to MP4 without re-encoding. It ensures 100% original quality and extemely fast speed. But this feature is appliable when both AVCHD and MP4 use the same H.264 codec.
  • --Hardware acceleration: this cost-free AVCHD to MP4 video converter fully support GPU acceleration (QSV, Cuda, AMD) in transcoding. This feature makes the program 5x faster converting videos from AVCHD to MP4 than any other freeware. 

How to Free Compress & Convert AVCHD (mts/m2ts) to MP4

Step 1: Download the free AVCHD to MP4 video converter on computer.

Free download Mac version

Free download Mac version

Step 2:  Launch the software and click "Add Video" button to import source video. Then pick up the Output Video Format: "General Video"→"to MP4 Video" from the formats menu at the bottom of the interface.

4K TV upscaler
4K TV upscaler

Step 3 (Optional): This best Mac AVCHD converter to MP4 can also compress the large file size of AVCHD videos. Frist, click the OPT button with a gear icon. There you can adjust the video/audio codecs, tweak video bit rate and resolution and more. Via the Cut and Crop featurs located below the video info, you can further remove any unwanted length and parts from the video.

Step 4: Press the "RUN" button start free converting AVCHD to MP4 on Mac.

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More info about AVCHD and MP4

AVCHD - this format is used to store large and long HD videos for its highly comrpessed HD recording. It uses extensoin M2TS, MTS and M2T. The format is now used by Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Hitachi and JVC cameras. You can burn the AVCHD videos to a DVD disc, or play it on HDTV via HDMI ports. The format is hamstrung by lack of support by video editors, players, mobiles and websites.

MP4 - Simply put, AVCHD has better video quality and large file size than MP4 while MP4 has better compatibility than AVCHD. MP4 is able to hold HD and 4K resolutions. Most often, users convert AVCHD to MP4 format as the latter for easier editing and distributing. For more detailed information on the two formats, check AVCHD vs MP4 review.