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Attention: Best Facebook Downloader Introduced to Download FB Short Videos

Sounds familiar? Perhaps you have encountered the same situation. What is your solution to fix this problem? Simple enough? Efficient enough? If not, keep reading and get my tips and tricks on this Facebook video download issue.

Facebook video downloader

How to Download FB Short Videos (Private or Public) with Best Free Facebook Video Downloader?

To download Facebook video offline, getting a superb free Facebook video downloader always goes first. But what's the best Facebook video downloader? The answer differs based on various platforms. But there is a versatile Facebook video downloading software, 5KPlayer that could download videos from Facebook on Mac/Windows computer in whatever formats. Get the Best Facebook video downloader now!

Besides the universal solution to get Facebook video download, I'd like to introduce you 3 specific solutions to get Facebook funny videos HD download for totally free. The first is to download FB video clips from Mac to iPhone iPad Adroid. The 2nd goes to resort to Apple app and Android app to save a video from Facebook. And the 3rd way relies on online video download sites to get FB videos download. Personally I prefer to rely on the below Facebook video downloader to get this job done. Why? Read on.

Part 1: Best Free Facebook Downloader to Download FB Videos from PC to iPhone iPad Android

Facebook is the one, on which you can follow up your friends' updates, share pictures around and even enjoy funny videos as long as you are surrounded with internet connection. Chances are that it's hard for you to guarantee you're always staying in the environment covered by Wi-Fi or network. So if you wanna watch Facebook videos without being bothered by network connection, downloading funny videos from Facebook is the sensible choice.

Download Facebook Videos on Mac

In a bid to promise FB videos download task finished easily and freely, you are required to seek for a professional video downloader for Facebook. For example, MacX Video Converter Pro, which works as a monster for Windows/Mac users to free download Facebook private and public videos within seconds, no matter Facebook videos in MP4, MKV, FLV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, WMV, or videos in 720P, 1080P, 4K 360 degree VR video; it's just a cakewalk for this Facebook video downloader program.

Download Facebook Videos in 3 Steps:
1. Paste & Analyze your target Facebook video URL
2. Choose output format, video size, resolution.
3. Press "Download Now" to start downloading the Facebook video.

The "Auto add to convert list" will help you convert compress Facebook video to MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, etc. smaller-sized file formats and extract MP3 from Facebook. It also enables you to free download video from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo, etc. 1000+ sites.

Part 2: Best Free Facebook Video Downloader App to Download FB Videos on iPhone iPad Android

There are some cases that you might comfortably lie in your sofa or bed to browse Facebook webpage on mobile device, and then you find some funny Facebook video clips like funny animal videos and wanna instantly share with your friends on different messaging services. Through you can give a direct link to the Facebook video through chat that can be viewed in a mobile browser, directly uploading the videos to the messages would be more ideal, for the majority of people are inclined to respond better to direct content rather than opening a third party link.

In the first place, sorry to tell you that currently I don't find a direct way to save a funny video from Facebook to your iOS iPhone iPad and Android device for convenient sharing. But the silver lining is that I find the practical free app to get FB videos download on iOS and Android.

iOS Users: Top Free FB Downloader App to Download Facebook Videos HD on iPhone iPad

iOS users attention, the efficient solution to directly download private facebook videos in high definition on iPhone iPad goes to a reliable Apple app- Free Video Downloader Plus Plus! ! Needless to waste time and energy on product explanation, we just go straightly to the FB download procedure to check if it really works.

download Facebook videos on iOS device

After free downloading this long-name iOS iPhone FB video download app from the App Store, fire it up and then open Facebook thereon. Next, log in with your account and browse Facebook to find out the video you desire to get it download.

When you are in demand to save a private or public video from Facebook, long tap to highlight and select Download. The app will ask you for a file name for the video and then download it. Once the video is downloaded you will have to save it to the camera roll by tapping the information button next to it. And then, job's done! Congratulations, you can eventually enjoy funny FB video clips with your friends at your finger tips.

Attention: This free app for Facebook video download cannot download video content that consist of restricted property rights, e.g., videos from Vemo etc. If you also have the urgency to download Vemo, Vimeo, Vevo Myspace videos, etc., the ultra powerful MacX YouTube Downloader is worth your consideration.

Android Users: Top Free FB Video Downloader App to Save Facebook Videos HD on Android Phone Tablets

Apple store puts a strict limitation on app usage for Apple iPhone iPad devices, everyone knows that. Comparatively speaking, Google Play is seemingly much more tolerant, providing more video apps for Android users. Does this mean you can download FB funny short video clips on Android handheld gadgets with more choices? Yes or No.

Have to say you do have more options on Facebook video downloaders to get FB videos downloaded on Android, but many a FB downloader claims to be tough enough to download FB videos, while ending with failure. In such case, Android users still meet the same dilemma as Apple users do. That's why this article is here! I will introduce you guys with a practical yet free FB download app-Facebook Video Free to faultlessly download FB funny videos on Android phone tablets with aplomb. Really work? Check it Now!

Tutorial of Facebook Short Video Clips Download on Android Phone Tablet

Step 1: Free download, install and run this Android device FB video download app.

Step 2: Hit on the FB video you intend to download. You should see the app in the action menu. And then press the red icon of Facebook Video Free and select Just Once.

download videos from Facebook on Android

Step 3: Find the destination folder to save the downloaded FB video files and also you can change the name of the FB video file.

Step 4: Click on OK, and it'll begin the Facebook HD video download, a glimpse of which you can see at the top. Need to remind you that it does not show any message stating the download is complete.

Note: There is an annoyance that when you tap on OK to commence FB video clips download, it redirects you to its 'Instructions' page, which is absolutely no need. You have to press the back button to go back to Facebook.

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Conclusion: Download short videos from Facebook to iPhone iPad Android, you have two options to choose from: download FB videos from Mac to phones tablets or directly save FB videos on iPhone iPad Android with the help of FB download app. Which one is your cup of tea might be decided after your personal trial. I feel sorry if the mentioned two methods are not suitable for you. Certainly, I still list out the third way to get FB short videos download-via FB video online download sites.

Part 3: Save a Video from Facebook via Online Video Download Sites

Online service is also a wide choice to download Facebook videos. The process is quite easy and you aren't required to download and install any third-party software or plugins for Facebook videos download. Besides, usually such online sites not only have an access of FB video download, but also other video sharing sites like Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc. Here we go to check out the popular online video downloader to save Facebook videos.

Facebook Video Online Download Sites







Support you to download facebook video on Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser and also empower you to convert FB video as you like.

Easy to use, download FB videos and also play FB videos

Download FB short videos with High Quality Video or Low Quality Video options to choose.

Two methods shown for you to get FB videos HD download

Free download Facebook videos to MP4, MP3, FLV, AVI, etc. for your specific needs. Other online video download like Vevo, Vimeo are supported as well.


Ask you to install iLivid and continue. Worse still, its downloading speed is quite unsatisfactory.

not sure if it can download videos that come with limited sharing with the same ease.

Sometimes fail to analyze Facebook video URL

Too many annoying commercial ads thereon

performs unstably in downloading long-length videos