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Top 10 Free Movie Sites to Download Movies Legally and Freely

If you are at a loss of this subject and looking for somewhere to download movies legally without getting involved into lawsuit, look no further. Here we are guiding you the best and free movie download sites that are completely legal. Just click the links below to jump to the specific part you are interested in.

Part 1: How to Download Movies Legally and Freely with App [100% Safe and Legal]

MacX YouTube Downloader - Legally Download Free Movies from YouTube and alike Sites

You will get into legal trouble when downloading movies from illegal source like torrent websites. But MacX YouTube Downloader offers an alternative to download movies legally. It's a 100% safe and free movie downloader that is completely free and legal to download movies in MP4 or so within a simple clicks. With 7 years of unremitted video download experience, the tool can safeguard an easy, fast and high-quality movie download in a way more legally and make the downloaded movies playable on any mobile screens offline, with no infringement of copyright laws.

Why Choose the Free Legal Movie Downloader:
Free Download movies from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and 1000+ legal movie sites.
Download videos in any resolution, from 8k/5k/4k UHD, 1080p/720p HD to 3D blu ray, 360-degree VR videos.
Output downloaded movies in MP4, FLV, WebM, 3GP so that you can save the movie downloads and watch them on any display you want.
100% Free, Clean, and free of ads, malware or spyware.

How to Download Movies Legally and Safely with MacX YouTube Downloader

Prior to the legal movie download process, just feel free to download and install MacX YouTube Downloader on your computer. And follow the tutorial below to download movies legally for fair use (no distribution allowed).

Step 1: Click the + link shaped icon on the main interface of the free movie downloader, search the movie you want to download legally from YouTube or other free movie sites, copy and paste the URL to the address bar. Click Analyze and then let the legal movie downloader analyze the movie information.

Step 2: Choose the output format, resolution, code and size you desire.

Step 3: Click Download button to start downloading movies legally for fair use.

Free Legal movie downloader

Part 2: Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites That are Sheer Legal

Lawsuit over the legality of movie download sites has been existed for years. What are legal sites for movie download? Don't be nervous anymore. Here are the top 10 best legal sources where you can download free movies and TV shows legally and safely and keep you safe against a victim of illegal movie download websites.

1. Internet Archive

legal movie download site - internet archive

The Internet Archive is a non-profit goldmine for fans of movies, tv shows, videos, music, books, and more. The Moving Image Archive includes more than 3 million free full-length movies you can download legally, in the form of torrents. It is one of the best free movie download sites where you can legally download movies categorized in feature films, stock footage, sci-fi, comedy films, silent films, and more.

2. YouTube

legal movie download site -  youtube

YouTube is the world's most famous online video streaming repository for all sorts of videos, including funny cat video, baby clips, and also free-to-watch movies and TV shows. With the appearance of YouTube Red, there are many YouTube originals via Creative Commons or shared in the public domain disappear. But you can still subscribe to the likes The Paramount Vault Channel to download free movies, legally. YouTube is generally bundled with YouTube problems like not loading, black screen, videos won't play, full of ads, you can choose to download YouTube videos freely with some famous YouTube downloader like MacX YouTube Downloader.

3. Crackle

legal movie download site - crackle

Crackle is a free movie download service from Sony which offers free classic movies, series and original content that you cannot find for free or download legally on other movie websites. You can also download movies legally via the free movie download source and then watch full-length movies on iPhone, iPad, or smart TVs, streaming media player and gaming consoles.

4. Open Culture

legal movie download site - open culture

Open Culture is the melting pot for free movies, high-quality videos, online courses, languages, textbooks, audiobooks, etc. There are altogether 1150 free movies for download, covering classics, indies, film noir, Oscar-winning movies, Charlie Chaplin films, etc.

5. Public Domain Torrents

legal movie download site - publick domain torrents

If you prefer to download movies legally rather than streaming online, Public Doman Torrents caters to your needs. It's one of the famous torrent sites for legal movie download, including old and classic out-of-copyright movies, in various formats for specific mobile device. So you can get the high-quality movie download or a fast movie encoding by yourself.

6. Classic Cinema Online: A great free movie download website where you can legally download classic movies such as Moby Dick, Lone ranger and sort the old and classics by category.

7. MovieFoundOnline: This is a free movie streaming site that is sorted by movies, short films, documentaries, animations, series & shows, comedy, viral videos, etc. You are free to watch movies but won't find any films involved in copyright infringement as they are deleted actively.

8. PopcornFlix: A best free alternative to Netflix that facilitates you with public domain movies in genres of drama, action, comedy, horror, to name a few. You can freely stream movies on mobile devices, smart tvs, streaming players, game consoles, etc.

9. TopDocumentaryFilms: Over 3000 documentaries are offered in the free movie streaming site. There are 25 categories including Crime, Comedy, Sports, Sexuality, Technology, etc. It's completely legal to download free movies as they are donated from YouTube, Vimeo and other famous video-hosting sites.

10. WatchDocumentary.org: There is a great place that performs free movie downloads legally if you want some thoughtful movies. There is an Android app that features the ability to download movies from legal sources like YouTube.

Part 3: How to Avoid Being illegal for Movie Downloads

Copyright law is enforced to protect the author, composer or other creator's work against any piracy and allows for limited uses of copyrighted material by others. So if you download movies for redistribution or in terms of sales and public views, without the creator's permission, it's completely illegal. But if you download movies for non-profit educational purpose, you can enjoy the privileges of fair use. So just follow the 3 tips and download movies legally without involving in copyright infringement trouble.

1. Download movies with the consent of its copyright holder. Or else, it is liable to illegality and leads to heavy legal consequences.
2. You will find yourself in the legal situation if you download movie or video that isn't yours.
3. You are in trouble with illegality when you are downloading movies using torrent client, because the nature of torrents is that you are sharing parts of the movie while you down. So don't rely on torrent sites for free movie download.
4. Download movies just for educational, research or other non-profit purposes.

Note 1: There are many cases that US families are sued for free movie download from websites and apps, such as Popcorn Time. This is because it is using the BitTorrent protocol to download movies, thus creating legal trouble. So we highly recommend you to download movies legally with some software instead of these torrent sites.

Note 2: MacXDVD Software doesn't advocate any reproduce, distribute,or sell any content without prior written permission of creator or the respective licensors of the content. Please refer to the local country law before you use this legal movie downloader freeware to download movies legally.