Three Steps to Decode and Convert H265 (HEVC) to H264 for Easier Playback

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As Internet data usage investigation shows, majority of consumers use around 7269MB bandwidth on Internet video (play/stream/download) out of 7470MB in total per day. That's to say, you might consume 97% of all online traffic on video. This is an irresistible trend that video becomes more and more popular and will consume more bandwidth. Luckily, an advanced video compression codec called H265 (HEVC) is peeking over the horizon as the successor of H264 to let you watch video with less bandwidth consumption.

That's because HEVC/H265 offers almost twice higher compression ratio than H264 and applies less data to display an image without damaging its quality. In short, H265 is more efficient than H264. That being the case, why you guys still want to decode and convert H265/HEVC to H264 (MPEG-4/AVC)? I bet the major reason is H265 incompatibility issue.

Yes, HEVC (H265) is not perfect. Majority of PCs, mobile devices and players work well with H264, while equivalent hardware for decoding HEVC (H265) is dramatically less common. So, to ensure a smooth H265 video playback on your devices, you'd better convert H265 to H264.

decode H265 to H264

Convert HEVC/H265 to H264[Compress H264]

Try smart approach: MacX H265 Video Converter:
* 3 steps to decode and convert H265 to H264 with no visual quality change.
*Trim/crop features to remove unnecessary parts from video, along with parameter (resolution, bit rate) adjustment to further compress H264 files.
* With 320+ video codecs supported, you can convert H265/HEVC to MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, etc. 180+ video and 350+ mobile devices.
Secure Download
Secure Download

Convert H265 to H264 | Make H265 Playable on Most Platforms/Devices

To convert H265 to H264, MacX H265 video converter can provide you with an effortless solution: drag H265 files, select H264 and run. That's absolutely not the end. If you think the output H264 file is large in size, you can further shrink H264 size via its trim feature to get rid of unnecessary parts from video, crop feature to remove black borders and parameter settings to lower its resolution, bit rate, frame rate, etc. The compression ratio ranges from 10% to 90%, based on your actual operation (High Quality Engine helps to improve output quality).

For those who plan to directly play HEVC/H265 videos on mobile devices, you can choose to convert H265 to iPhone 7/Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 4/Air 2, Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, Motorola, Google Pixel, Surface Pro 4, Xbox One, PSP, PS4, etc. 350+ devices with H264 codec. Intel QSV hardware acceleration tech and multi-core CPU utility works together to offer you a 5X faster conversion speed than any other H265 decoder.

How to Decode and Convert HEVC/H265 to H264

To begin with, please free download this H265/HEVC decoder yet converter onto our Mac, or get the Windows version here. Then fire it up on your computer to begin converting HEVC H265 to H264.

convert H265 to H264

Step 1: Load H265 Files
Import H265 files via "Add Video" button or just drag and drop H265 files to this top HEVC video converter. Batch conversion is supported.

Step 2: Choose H264
Select H264 from "Mac General Video" profile. The most popular video MP4 MOV M4V are formatted with H264 or MPEG-4. Choose the one with H264 codec.

Step 3: Start to Convert H265 to H264
Press "RUN" button and this H265 video converter will begin to convert HEVC/H265 to H264 on computer.

Compress H264


1). When it compare H265 with H264, you can find that the H264 file is roughly twice larger than H265 in size if you encode the same video file using these two codecs. Hence, in case you think the converted H264 file is too large for you, you can compress it. To compress H264 files, click "Edit" icon to enter the video editing window, where you can enable "Trimming" feature to clear the unwanted clips off video and use "Crop" feature to get rid of the black borders from video.

2). On top of the above method, you can apply "Settings" to further reduce H264 files. As the picture is shown on the right side, you're allowed to lower video resolution from 1080p to 720p/480p, turn down frame rate, bit rate, etc. Of course, generally, the file size is proportional to video quality. So don't overly adjust parameters.

This H265 video converter also performs well as a H265 encoder to encode and convert H264 to H265 on your PC. Compared with Handbrake H265 HEVC encoding ability, this top video converter is superior to Handbrake in simplicity, speed and safety. 2X faster than Handbrake, thanks to the Intel QSV hardware acceleration and much safer than latest Handbrake 1.0.7, cuz if you download Handbrake 1.0.7 last week, your Mac computer will be infected by malware (Trojan included). This professional HEVC video converter is 100% safe and clean without any risk of malware.

H265 Encoder & Decoder: Convert H265 to H264, Vice Versa

Free download this top H265/HEVC video converter to easily convert H265 (HEVC) to H264 (MPEG-4/AVC) and convert H264 to H265 on Windows and macOS. Also support you to convert any video to MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, VP8, VP9, etc. 180+ video, 14+ audio formats.

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