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if you have any problems or suggestions regarding our products please feel free to contact us with detailed information provided . The better you describe the problem the sooner we will be able to solve it. For registered users, they will enjoy the priority of support service. For unregistered users, they can enjoy our effective email support as well.

FREE Technical Support

Anything regarding sales issues is also welcome. Before emailing us your concerns, you may browse the most commonly asked questions below. We're gathering more questions and answers on this page and upgrading them continuously.



Balance the Audio/Video Quality with MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Rip DVD to AVI, MOV, MP4, FLV, MPEG, iPhone, iPad, iPod

What software I need to extract video and audio from DVD movies on Mac?

  1. You need a DVD ripping software to rip DVD to popular video and audio formats. MacX DVD Ripper Pro would be the best choice to do this job for you. It allows you to rip both homemade and commercial DVDs to various video and audio formats, like MP4, MOV, FLV, MPEG, AVI to Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, etc.

What tool can help me to convert HD videos to my iPhone 4?

  1. A comprehensive video converter software would be your answer. MacX Video Converter Pro provides all-in-one solution for you to convert both HD and SD videos, AVCHD, M2TS, MKV, MTS, MOD, FLV, WMV, AVI, MP4 to Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, PSP, mobile phone, QuickTime, iMovie, etc, with extremely fast speed and high quality.

The AVCHD footage will not load in the application. How to I get it to load in to the application?

  1. The AVCHD is actually a folder, please simply do as follows to add the MTS file to your program:
  2. 1. Right Click the AVCHD and select Show Package Contents:
  3. 2. Right Click BDMV and Select Show Package Contents:
  4. 3. Go to Folder STREAM and drag the inside MTS file to our program for converting.
  5. Note: Please click here for more specific AVCHD loading and converting tips >>.

Does MacX DVD Ripper Pro support ripping the latest copy protected DVD?

  1. MacX DVD Ripper Pro continuously updates to support the latest DVD copy protection (CSS encryption, region protection, Sony ARccOS, APS, UOPs and Disney new copy protection), please see the "How to Rip Copy-Protected DVD" and "What's Disney New 99 Titles New Copy-Protected DVD".

Can I copy DVD to a single MPEG2 file with original Video and 5.1 channels Dolby AC3 audio?

  1. "Copy" feature in the output panel of MacX DVD Ripper Pro lets you choose the copy method to back up the whole content of DVD with original video, audio in few minutes. It will keep original video and original 5.1 channels Dolby AC3 or DTS audio. Other more, this method is the best way to backup your DVD without Audio Video quality lost on today’s Mac; it will produce a single 3 GB size MPEG2 file. You did not need burn it to disc, just keep it on your computer and you can play it anywhere on your Mac with VLC player or QuickTime Player Pro.

How to cut off a especial clip or segment from DVD or video?

  1. If you'd like to convert a segment of the DVD movie or video files, you can trim the clips by dragging the left or right bar under the video preview windows or by choosing the "Start Time" and "End Time" in the Output Setting area.

How to convert if my source video has multiple audio language tracks?

  1. A. Multi-track HD video refers to a video file that contains multiple audio language track and video track. Usually, users choose their preferred language when watching movie videos. MacX Video Converter Pro works perfectly on converting Multi-track HD video M2TS, MKV, AVCHD, HDTV BDAV and MPEG-TS video movies and the operation is quite simple. After importing the source video, select the specific audio track as you need as the following image shows. Then the steps are the same as converting general videos.

User Guide & FAQ of Hot Products

  1. For any questions regarding our hot products, please check out the following user guides:
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    MacX iPhone Video Converter
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    MacX iPod DVD Ripper
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    MacX iPod Video Converter
    How to convert iPod on Mac OS from HD and SD videos, AVI, FLV, MPEG, MOV, MP4, M2TS, MKV?

    MacX iPad DVD Ripper
    How to convert DVD to iPad compatible video and audio format on Mac?

    MacX iPad Video Converter
    How to transform HD and SD video to iPad, MP4, MOV, YouTube FLV with Mac iPad converter?

    MacX iTunes DVD Ripper
    How to backup DVD movies on Mac OS in iTunes video and audio formats for Apple devices?

    MacX iTunes Video Converter
    How to convert video to iTunes on Mac with MacX iTunes Video Converter?

Is Your Program 100% clean?

  1. Our software is 100% clean. No virus, no Trojan, no malware and spyware. There are always strict tests before we release our program. It is definitely a safe program.
  2. If your antivirus/security program reports it as a virus or harm to your computer, it should be a false detection. You can temporarily close your antivirus/security program or contact us with the following information:

  3. *Virus report (Important)
  4. *Operating system?
  5. *Version of the program you have?
  6. *Version of your antivirus program and is it the latest version or is it updated to the latest virus database.

How Can I speed up the ripping process?

  1. There are quite a few factors that influence the duration of conversion:
    1. The length and size of the original file.
    2. Output file’s properties such as resolution, video quality.
    3. Computer hardware level.
    4. Safe Mode or other Advanced Settings are run.
  2. And there are some tips that may be useful for speeding up the conversion:

  3. 1. The higher parameter the source video has, resolution, frame rate, etc., the longer it takes to convert the video.
  4. 2. Take full advantage of CPU Core use. Our program supports up to 8 CPU Core which dramatically improves the video converting speed. Please set the "CPU Core Use" in "Advanced Setting" area.
  5. 3. Take advantage of DVD backup function: Main Title Copy and Full Title Copy.

Can I copy DVD with 5.1 channel audio?

  1. With the latest release of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, Digiarty supports more video format with 5.1 channel audios, they are:
  2. General PC Video:

  3. AVI Video (Origin AC3/DTS Audio)
  4. MPEG Video (Origin AC3/DTS Audio)
  5. MP4 Video (H264/MPEG4) with AC3 6CH
  6. MOV Video (H264/MPEG4) with AC3 6CH
  7. DVD Backup:

  8. Main Title Copy
  9. Full Title Copy
  10. Clone DVD to ISO Image
  11. Clone DVD to Folder
  12. Apple Device:

  13. Apple TV Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  14. Sony Device:

  15. PS3 Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  16. General Mac Video:

  17. MP4 Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  18. MOV Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  19. M4V Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  20. TS Video

  21. TS Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  22. MTS Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH
  23. M2TS Video (H264/MPEG4) with AAC 6CH

What can I do if I come across any error when ripping?

  1. Make sure you have the latest version:
  2. The below suggestions may help:
  3. 1) Choose “Safe Mode” option in the main interface to have a try.
  4. 2) Close other programs when running the product.

The ripping goes flawlessly, however I got only part of the entire DVD, what I am supposed to do?

  1. Please check your DVD is scratched or not or whether the DVD plays properly. Also, below suggestions may help a lot:
  2. 1. Choose "Safe Mode" option in the main interface to have a try.
  3. 2. There might be bad sections or data damage in the movie, please adjust the "start time" to be a couple of seconds/minutes after the point where the ripping ends to have a try.
  4. 3. It may be that the DVD's information is not intact, or our product can't read the full information of it. Please use "DVD Backup" feature to have a try.

How can I rip the entire DVD? Do I select Merge titles? Do I check all 99 titles before selecting Run?

  1. Generally, the main title contains the whole movie and it is not recommended to merge. And, you cannot merge titles if the aspect ratio is different or there is no audio/time.
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