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MacX DVD Ripper Pro is world's first DVD ripper for Mac that truly applies VideoToolBox tech to dramatically speed up DVD ripping 2X faster than before. It outperforms other competitors to be the fastest DVD ripper for Mac by having hardware encoder accessible on machines configured with QSV Intel processor. Just 5 minutes to rip DVD on Mac hard drive. Additionally, the Mac DVD ripper reinforces the leadership in the converting field by affirmatively and timely triumphing over all knotty DVDs, including AV DVDs, workout DVDs, TV series DVDs, and even the new and 99-title DVDs.

Version: 5.7.0    File Size:31.4M    Released on: 2018-01-04

Fast DVD ripping speed is considered one of the crucial factors while digitizing a DVD. Although the ripping time is partially dependent on the size of DVD and the computer specs (mostly CPU and GPU), it has a lot to do with the DVD ripper itself. Averagely, a DVD ripper takes about 40 min for every single disc ripping. I bet you won't want to sitting around your Mac for the lengthy transcoding, especially when you have collected hundreds of extensive DVD discs and wish to build your DVD digital library one-off. If you want a fast DVD ripping solution to save your precious time, here we will review the fastest DVD ripper - MacX DVD Ripper Pro v5.7.0, along with the speed test and comparison with other top rated DVD rippers for Mac.

Part 1: H264 Encoding Speed Skyrocketed by up to 500%

MacX DVD Ripper Pro is built in a powerful transcoding engine at the heart. Specifically, it applies high-quality engine to ensure the highest possible quality after DVD ripping, and utilizes the innovative multi-core CPU tech (support up to 8 cores) and hyper-threading techology to make full use of CPU for instant DVD conversion.

Now the latest version V5.7.0 improves its advanced transcoding engine to dramatically increase the encoding speed - delivering up to 5x faster to rip DVD to H.264 than previous edition. Internal test shows that the latest version finish the DVD to H264 encoding within 13 minutes, five times quicker than the older version in 1 hour. Just check the performance chart below.

Latest Version vs Previous Version
5X faster for DVD to H.264 Encoding

Part 2: VideoToolBox Enabled Ripping VS Normal DVD Ripping

MacXDVD stays abreast of the latest high-tech multimedia developments so that you can, for example, make full use of your computer hardware. This DVD ripper for Mac takes advantages of the revolutionary VideoToolBox to ensure a significant DVD ripping performance gain by having the hardware decoder and encoder accessible.

This innovation transfers a large part of the DVD encoding to Intel Graphic chip, thus unburdening your CPU for other tasks and therefore boosting the ripping speed - up to 2x faster - for ripping DVD to MP4/MOV/M4V H.264. This accordingly delivers up to 2x quicker conversion for iPhone, iPad, Android and other portable devices, and freeze-free work on your computer during DVD ripping. Below is the side by side DVD conversion speed test between the VideoToolBox-support V5.7.0 and its previous edition.

VideoToolBox-Enabled conversion vs regular conversion
2X faster with Intel QSV Enabled DVD Ripper

Part 3: MacX DVD Ripper Pro VS Competitors - No.1 Fast

Part 3.1: Rip Homemade DVD to MP4 H.264

Owning to the revolutionary VideoToolBox engine, now the DVD ripping process is conducted more on Intel QSV GPU than on the computer's CPU. Therefore, the ripping time is greatly shortened and more CPU resources are spared for gaming, web browsing, etc. In our test, the average conversion frequency of MacX DVD Ripper Pro reaches to 320 FPS during DVD to MP4 H.264 transcoding. That's nearly 2-4X faster than the other rippers including Handbrake under the same test condition with the same settings, leaving the competitors in the dust. Below is the side-by-side DVD to MP4 conversion speed test between the top-rated DVD rippers for Mac.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro VS Competitors
Rip a feature length DVD (2 hour) to MP4 H.264

Part 3.2: Rip Copy Protected DVD to MP4 H.264

So far, nearly 90% of DVD discs are encoded with copy protection schemes that are hard to crack with generally DVD ripper for Mac. These discs include the latest DVD movie releases such as I Am Wrath, Manchester By the Sea, Zootopia, the 99-title DVDs like workout discs, and some other DVDs with formatted dissimilarly to UDF like the AV DVDs that even VLC cannot play. So in our fast DVD ripper test, we also go ahead the speed test with I Am Wrath which is talked most regarding to DVD ripping. Just check the comparison below.

Speed Comparison on Ripping Protected DVD
Disc name: I Am Wrath; time: 01:30:37; size:4.7 GB
Wondershare Video
Converter Ultimate
Movavi Video Converter
Any Video
Converter Ultimate
5s 12min Cannot load DVD and indicate inability to rip DVD 10s(Take about 1 min time long to analyze DVD title one by one) 6s 1.5min
1.Cannot choose the right title.
2. Software crashes and unable to handle new DVD.
Cannot rip DVD with copy protections Cannot rip DVD with copy protections Rip only a few seconds and stop halfway
DVD to MP4
Speed 5.4min 22.7min
Avg FPS 285fps 87fps
Part 4: Full Comparison on Top DVD Rippers

Besides the speed test mentioned above, we also list other factors users concern most when selecting a right DVD ripper for Mac. Here is the side-by-side specs comparison among these most-favored Mac DVD ripping software.

Side-by-Side Comparison on the Best DVD Ripper Software
Wondershare Video
Converter Ultimate
Movavi Video Converter
Any Video
Converter Ultimate
Backup/copy DVD (Generally, DVD backup/copy is faster than DVD encoding)
Conquer All Types of DVD incl. AV DVD, Workout DVD, 99-Title DVD, TV Series DVD
Defeat All DRMs
Rip DVD to a wide range of formats/devices
Support Multi-Core CPU
Hyper-threading Tech
Part 5: Tutorial - How to Rip DVD on Mac at No.1 Fast Speed

Owning to the powerful transcoding engine, hyper-threading tech, multi-core CPU, coupled with the innovative VideoToolBox technology, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is marked as the fast DVD ripper for Mac, and its ripping speed reaches a new height. Additionally, its ability to support all types of DVDs and always the first to crack new DVD copy protections, conquer new discs, along with the intuitive interface, makes MacX the easiest, best and fastest DVD ripper for Mac. You can follow the step-by-step guide to learn how to fast rip DVD on Mac in 5 minutes.

Load the DVD by clicking Disc, ISO image or Folder. It will read and load any DVD quickly, be it homemade or copy protected DVD.
Choose the output format from drop-down window. Here we recommend you to choose MP4 H264 to fast rip DVD.
Check the QSV box at the lower right of the interface to enable hardware acceleration.
Hit the "Browser" button to save the output video and click "RUN" to start ripping.
1. You are advised to download the latest version MacX DVD Ripper Pro V5.0.0 or later to enable the VideoToolBox tech.
2. The VideoToolBox tech is available for H.264 codec only. So you can rip DVD to MP4, MOV, M4V and other H.264 encoded format to ensure the fast ripping experience.
3. The Intel QSV is only available in the second generation Intel Core Processor or later, so make sure your Mac is equipped with a Sandy Bridge CPU 2nd Gen Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 Processor or higher to conduct the hardware acceleration.
4. The newest driver is necessary for a fast DVD ripping.
5. The computer configuration and size of DVD have a lot to do with the ripping speed.
Version: 5.7.0    File Size:31.4M    Released on: 2018-01-04

Ultimate Solution for QSV-enabled DVD Ripping

Frequently Asked Questions about Intel Quick Sync Video

Q. How to Speed up DVD Ripping Performance on Mac

There are altogether 4 tips to make your DVD ripping process faster on Mac.
1. Choose the fastest DVD ripper.
A fast DVD ripper is a decisive factor in the quick conversion. You can choose the fast one according to the test performance mentioned above.
2. Upload your computer configuration.
Highly configured computer will give rise to faster ripping process. You're suggested to update OS X to macOS Sierra and higher your RAM up to 8GB.
3. Make full use of GPU and CPU encoding.
If your Mac has Intel processor, choose the DVD ripper supporting Intel hardware encoding/decoding tech. Generally, the speed will enhanced up to 5x faster, even on a slow computer. This makes the ripping process conducted more on GPU than CPU. Plus, if your DVD ripper makes full use of CPU cores, the ripping speed will be doubled and maximized as with both GPU and CPU encoding.
4. Backup or copy a DVD rather than encoding a DVD.
Generally, DVD backup is 4x faster than DVD encoding. So to prevent discs against any scratch or loss, backing up DVD is more favored than ripping disc.

Q. What is hardware acceleration?

In computing, hardware acceleration is the use of computer hardware to perform some functions faster than is possible in software running on a more general-purpose CPU.

Q. What is Intel Quick Sync Video?

Intel Quick Sync Video is the name given to Intel's hardware video encoding and decoding technology built right into 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processors. It uses the dedicated media processing capabilities of Intel® Graphics Technology to make media processing, and video creation and conversion fast and easy. Praised for its speed, Quick Sync allows decode and encode fast, while also enabling the processor to complete other tasks, providing excellent PC performance and responsiveness.

Q. What're advantages of Intel QSV Technology?

1. According to Intel, the QSV technology provides some dramatic performance gains when doing video encoding tasks like converting video from one format to another.

2. Using the Quick Sync tech, the DVD ripping can be switched over to the graphics unit, thus freeing up the processor to be used for other tasks.

Q. What can you benefit from Intel QSV-enabled MacX DVD Ripper Pro?

1. Less CPU usage: The load on CPU is significantly decreased, up to 2 times. That's to say, you can do other tasks like websites browsing, online movies watching and more much smoother and faster than ever.

2. No loss of quality: The output video remains the highest possible quality, because hardware encoding outputs videos with quality that is hardly noticeable on iPads/iPhones/iPods, Android phones, and the like.

3. Unbeatable conversion speed: By courtesy of Intel QSV technology, MacX DVD Ripper Pro delivers up to an twice increase in performance compared with the normal edition and proves to be 2-4 times faster than competitors regarding to DVD conversion. World's No.1 fast DVD Ripper for Mac.

Q. System requirements for Intel QSV-enabled DVD conversion

MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes full use of Intel Quick Sync Video technology to rip DVD on Mac as fast as possible. This option is selectable on Macs equipped with a Sandy Bridge CPU 2nd Gen Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 Processor or higher. And make sure you've upgraded your Intel processor driver to the latest version. You can find the newest version at Intel's official website here>>. We recommend only downloading drivers and other software from trusted sources.