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[Fixed] Handbrake Error - How to Skip Bad Sector When Ripping DVD

I have some brand new DVDs and when I try to rip them with Handbrake (for LEGAL use, I OWN them) I keep getting told they ALL have bad sectors. What to do?

I'm trying to rip the final disc of Dexter Season 1 (disc 4), which contains only the final episode and mostly bonus content. I'm getting bad sector errors that prevent me from completing this season using Handbrake. Are there any work around for this problem?

There are times you want to make a backup of your kids' DVDs to avoid having to buy them again, but the chances are these physical discs are mastered with lots of bad sectors. Even you've tried Handbrake, you may end up with bad sector error, and the rips came out all scrambled after the encoding. Why does this happen?


The Causes and Solutions of Handbrake Bad Sectors Error

1. One obvious cause is the DVD disc is damaged or scratched. Just check your physical movie with a DVD player. If there are corrupted sectors on the DVD, Handbrake will result in a catastrophic ripping failure and pop up messages of bad sector error.

To fix the scratched DVD with bad sectors, you can firstly clean the disc with toothpaste or so and then try to use Handbrake to rip DVD to skip the bad sector. (see how to fix a scratched DVD >>)

2.Some physical discs use things like bad sectors, a type of copy protection scheme deliberately mixing bad sectors into the data with ARccOS coding and thereby confusing Handbrake or other common ripping software, if the discs are in good condition. These discs are generally produced by Sony. So even Handbrake finishes the ripping, it will produce unusable copies. You need to download and install libdvdcss for Handbrake to remove the copy protections.

To rip protected DVD with bad sector successfully using Handbrake, you will need to find which title is the actual movie. Just play the DVD in VLC or other DVD players, check which title is playing. And then use Handbrake to start encoding the title. Please note that this won't guarantee 100% successful rate since some players will encounter failure when playing copyrighted DVDs.

DVD Ripping is Not Affected by Bad Sectors Any More

Your DVD ripping is severely affected by bad sectors in Handbrake. But it's not the case with the best handbrake alternative MacX DVD Ripper Pro, a professional DVD backup and ripping tool with good support for any DVD copy protection scheme, including Sony ARccOS, CSS, region code enhanced, Disney X-project, and more.

By intelligently skipping the corrupted areas of the DVD, it's able to correctly scan the right title and rip DVD to MP4, MOV, AVI, MKV, H.264, HEVC, VOB and more within a few clicks without DVD ripping stops/hangs error caused by bad section. You can even make a backup of your DVD library and save them in MKV, ISO image or MPG with multiple audio/subtitle tracks. Check the steps below and learn how to use it to rip DVD with bad sector all on its own.

Step 1: Free download the DVD ripper, launch it. Load the DVD disc by click the DVD icon. You can also convert ISO image or DVD folder as you want.

Step 2: Choose the output format. For the widest compatibility with media players, mobile devices, computers, TVs, gaming systems, you can directly go to Common Video Profile and choose MP4 H.264 as the output format. It will ensure the perfect balance between quality and size. You can also choose the specific device profiles according to your needs. Hit Done to complete the format selection.

Step 3: Press RUN to start to rip damaged DVD with corrupted sectors.

 MacX DVD Ripper Pro

External reading:

ARccOS: It's a copy protection measure produced by Sony that purposely crafted sectors with improper EDC/ECC fields during manufacture. These corrupted sectors are inaccessible by most DVD players and rippers. Therefore, errors are produced in the ripping process.

Note: The copyright protected DVDs from Sony are designed to prevent against any illegal copying. The legality of DVD ripping varies based on the countries. MacXDVD Software respects all and advocates ripping DVD for fair use only.

Still have any problem on rip DVD with bad sector using Handbrake alternative, just email us >>

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