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How to Free Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac Fast with High Quality

Hi. After ripping a DVD to a Mac on MacTheRipper, how would I then convert the VOB. files into MP4. files on MacBook for free to make them compatible with iTunes so I can sync them onto my iPod. Thanks, Danny. - MacRumors

VOB is the container format in DVD-Video media, containing digital video, audio, subtitles, DVD menus and navigation contents. Files in VOB format are typically stored in VIDEO_TS folder at the root of a DVD and can be played on DVD player, VLC media player, and more, provided they are unencrypted. But if you want to play VOB files on iPhone Android, edit VOB in iMovie, or share VOB, etc, you need to covnert VOB to other formats like MP4. In this post, we will provide guidance on how to freely convert VOB videos or Video_TS folders to MP4 on Mac.

free Convert VOB videos to MP4 on Mac

Case 1: Freely Convert VOB Videos to MP4 with Fast Speed

MacX Video Converter Pro can freely convert VOB to MP4 H.264, H.265, MPEG4, MOV, M4V, QT, and other 370+ digital formats. 5x faster conversion speed accelerated by Nvidia, AMD, and AMD GPU. 420+ built-in presets for iPhone, iPad, iMovie, iTunes, Apple TV, YouTube, social media, etc. Compress large VOB to MP4 with 40%-90% smaller file size without quality loss.  Repair damaged/corrupted VOB files, rotate, crop, trim, add external subtitles, adjust parameters, and more.

How to Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac within Clicks

Step 1: Load VOB Files.

Free download this VOB to MP4 converter on Mac (macOS Monterey supported). Run it and click "Add File" button on the top left corner to import the VOB file you'd like to convert to MP4. Or you can drag and drop the VOB videos from Mac to it directly. Batch conversion is supported, so that you can load and freely decode multiple VOB videos a time.

free Convert VOB to MP4 on Mac

Step 2: Set VOB to MP4 Converting.

Once the VOB files are loaded, a window will pop up asking you to select the output format. Choose MP4 as the output video format. Besides vob to mp4 on Mac, you can convert any other videos to different formats freely.

Tips: Click the Edit button below the video info to compress and reduce vob file size. As the vob video ripped from a dvd can be very large in size, you can compress vob videos to smaller MP4 on Mac: trim the video to get the desired video clips or crop video to remove the unwanted parts to get your preferred segment, etc. And the built-in parameter settings lets you adjust the VOB/MP4 video codec, bit rate, frame rate, etc. to compress video to a large degree.

how to convert VOB to MP4 on Mac free

Step 3: Select the Output Folder.

Click Folder button to choose a folder on the Mac computer to save the exported mp4 files in. Enable the Hardware Accelerator to ensure the fastest VOB to MP4 converting speed.

Step 4: Start Converting VOB to MP4 on Mac.

With the above steps been finished, click the "RUN" button to start encoding video from VOB to MP4 on Mac computer freely with no watermark.

Case 2: Freely Convert VOB in Video_TS Folder to MP4 with High Quality

MacX DVD Ripper Pro can freely convert Video_TS folder VOB to MP4, MPEG4, HEVC, MOV, and any other formats you may need. It's able to remove copy protections like CSS, region code, UOPs, Sony ARccOS, Disney X-project protection, etc. on the Video_TS folder, ISO image, and any DVD discs. So you can convert encrypted VOB to MP4 freely on Mac without error. Both CPU and GPU are used to convert the Video_TS folder VOB to MP4 in 5-10 min without visually quality loss.

How to Convert Video_TS folder VOB to MP4 on Mac

Step 1: Load Video_TS VOB Files.

Free download the DVD folder on Mac (macOS Monetery supported). Run it and click the "Folder" button on the top menu to import the VOB file in the DVD folder. It will then start to remove the copy protections on the folder and import the source information.

free Convert DVD VOB to MP4 on Mac

Step 2: Choose the MP4 Format

Once the correct data of the DVD folder is loaded, it will pop up a window asking you to select the output format. To convert Video_TS VOB files to MP4 on Mac, go to general profiles and select MP4. There are also presets for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iMovie, and more. Similarily, you can also edit and customize the output MP4 video.

Step 3: Start Converting VOB to MP4 on Mac.

Click the Destination Folder button to set the output folder to save the exported mp4 files. Ensure you have checked the Hardware Accelerator for the fast converting. Then click the "RUN" button to convert DVD VOB to MP4 on Mac now.

free Convert DVD VOB to MP4 on Mac

No Problems with VOB to MP4 Conversion on Mac

Converting VOB to MP4 on Mac is anything but smooth. There are complains about the sound, subtitles, codecs, etc. converting using HandBrake or others. While free vob to mp4 converting on Mac can be loaded with problems, sad users can take solace in the fact that the VOB to MP4 converters above have fixed some common problems you may have experienced:

* VOB to MP4 sound problems

"When i try to free convert a vob to mp4 with Handbrake on mac, the sound of some files are horrible (distorted) after the conversion, but the vob plays with no problem." Most users who ran into sound problem will have an audio distortion or bad sound quality, while some even worse, get no sound after the conversion.

* Vob conversion error with sub

Another common problem with Mac freeware involves the video subtitles. For example, "I've converted the VOB files to MP4's, but the subtitles are gone! All I really need is a program that will keep the subs ON, after conversion from a VOB.", or "the subs are improperly synced with the audio in the exported MP4, while the vob file ripped from DVD was OK."

* Vob to mp4 conversion on mac finishes parts only

Sometimes the free tool won't convert the full VOB files without giving any reason. After an hour or so, the ended file gives about 1/3 the size and it only gets the first part finished in MP4 format.

* Corrupted vob file

Many users may have some corrupted vob files but can't get a solution to process them. "I need the last part of a vob file but there is a corruption approx half through the video. The error prevents me to free transcode VOB files to mp4 on mac." To be specific, this is not a converting problem.

* Incorrect aspect ratio

The output MP4 videos are different to the original vob files in the display screens. As a user complain that "the new mp4 file was about 50% of the original width and therefore the videos is distorted." For those who want the picture to fill the entire screen of the TV or computer, the distorted or out-of-shape image look really disappointing.

Free VOB to MP4 Converters Comparison: MacX vs Handbrake

It is understood that when the question "how to free convert video .vob to mp4 on mac" comes up, most users will think of Handbrake. Why is Handbrake not selected in this guide? Besides the well-known fact that Handbrake is very limited in output formats, for example, you can convert VOB, MKV, AVI, MOV to MP4 or MKV only, this conclusion is actually based on a series of tests against the performances of both video transcoder freeware. In comparison, MacX Video Converter Pro shows times faster than Handbrake, while the output quality is almost the same (it's very very hard to notice the differences and the quality depends on personal feeling). Check the test results below (Also note that the test results involves heavily the computer configuration, a higher confi will see better results):

Source video: a 720P VOB file of 5min 2s, 76.3MB, we converted the vob file to MP4 h.264


  • Conversion time: 3min 31s
  • encoding method: 2-pass encoding, Turbo first pass
  • Speed: around 35fps

MacX Video Converter Pro:

  • Conversion time: 49s
  • encoding method: GPU hardware acceleration, multi-core CPU utility, hyper-threading tech
  • Speed: around 180fps

VOB vs MP4: Basic Info on VOB to MP4 Converting

If you've started to free convert vob files to mp4 on Mac, maybe you don't need this part. Below is a brief comparison on the differences between vob and mp4. And with this part, we would like to show you why you need to convert vob into mp4 on macOS.

VOB: VOB is container format in DVD-Video media that contains audio, video, subtitles, dvd menus, and other contents. VOB can be played by a DVD player, and a few video players like Windows Media Player and VLC Media Player. However, vob is not supported by all mobile devices, editors like Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut Pro, iMovie, etc., video sharing sites. Good part is that VOB keeps very low compression.

MP4: MP4 is a digital multimedia container format most commonly used to store video, audio and subtitles. MP4 is the widest-supported format which is compatible with almost all the mobiles, players, websites, editors etc. Besides, mp4 is a format that well balances the quality and file size. If you change a VOB to MP4 for small screens, you can hardly notice any quality differences.

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